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    Red Desire,

    Gamble related words Vodka ダノン Oka award Oken Bruce Lee Wide Sapphire Buena Vista Germinal danone bellver Rouge Bamboo Dear Geena Hashittehoshino Broad Street
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  • ○■ レッドディザイア

  • ○■ Last week “fall bloom p rize” was, but as written even with the article of yesterday, at first glance, being decided with the popularity superior 3 heads, whether “calmness safety” you thought and started and you became the result where allotment changes substantially and with landing of [buenabisuta] which “2 is done strongly” to actuality,

  • ○■ 個人的にも願って いない展開... It became the development which you have not asked even privately! … With you thought, but, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In former g� race/lace 10 game of this year 0 victories, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ワンダースピード (牡7・羽... [wandasupido] (male 7 feather month) Komaki it is thick jockey 58 kilometers

  • ○■ As for rose s you accepte d to the amount 2 arrivals which turn outside, but in order that it doubts, there is no Ouka prize & an Oaks 2 arrival and an ability

  • ○■ リーチザクラウン 勝でしたね... Don't you think? it was the [richizakuraun] overwhelming victory

  • ○■ It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ ナカヤマフェスタ 広いコース... As for [nakayamahuesuta] as for changing to wide course it probably is welcome

  • ○■ Also the horse connected entire sink from [derikitsutopisu] is stimulated, but there is no to here, probably will be, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ディープスカイの を埋められ... Because it is the existence which can bury the hole of the deep sky, emperor prize is the pleasure

  • ○■ Because [aiamukaminomago] assistant (the ramp) the 53.1−39.4−27.2−14.4 you see all the way, it was a in Baba state where it becomes rough but and, the impression which is not how to stop about of the number, it was the movement which is good to also compliment with it is inexpressible

  • ○■ というわけで、馬 的にはレッ... With being the case that it is said, horse ream to 2 heads which single victory of the lead-lead, from the lead-lead it chooses betting ticket in the partner and 3 reams which add [buena] single or the varieties the schedule which is bought

  • ○■ And, as for betting ticke t [katsuchikachi, a liberal translation

  • ○■ さて菊花賞は混戦 ード... Well as for chrysanthemum flower prize confound conflict mode

  • ○■ [avuenchiyura] 54.0 [anim eitobaio] 56.0 [apapane] 56.0 Italian lead 56.0 [erinkoto] 54.0 [oruzatsutojiyazu] 54.0 [kiyouwajiyannu] 54.0 [guruvueigu] 54.0 [santemirion] 56.0 [shinmeihuji] 56.0 [toshizamaki] 56.0 [huminoimajin] 56.0 broadcloth street 56.0 [hoerukiyapuchiya] 54.0 polka mazurka 56.0 rainbow dahlia 56.0 [retsudodeizaia] 56.0 ready alb Roosa 56.0 Loeve D sole 54.0 [warukiyure] 56.0 [sunohueari] 56.0 dancing lane 54.0

  • ○■ 今週の日曜日(9 20日)に... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ When fall of this year th e heaven ends, vis-a-vis [buenabisuta] which is easy victory as for me “perhaps, jc, also Arima pulls out the [bu] [tsu] densely,” that you wrote

  • ○■ 今の東京、京都の 場は前残り... Because as for current Tokyo and Kyoto Baba front remaining race/lace is many

  • ○■ * You read for [derikitsu topisu] which is struck, at the same time sort you became the highest race/lace development

  • ○■ △の2頭は、いず も馬体重が... 2 heads of the △, in each case with horse weight 450 kilometers or less, struck sign! As for [derikitsutopisu] in 2 game 2 victories, horse racing at before what it is possible is charm! Also the lineage, is the lineage which is latent energy very and, expectation!

  • ○■ NHK [mairukatsuhu] ゚ 1, 200 0 -1,200

  • ○■ 3連複取り逃しやし た... 3 daily doubles you take and let escape and the palm are

  • ○■ 1 framework 1st [u] DOTDT [ikutowarupisademuro] (55.0) 1 framework 2nd [neu] DOTDT [abushiyon] Goto Hiroshi shine (57.0) 2 framework 3rd [huogetsutaburu] Iwata healthy genuine (57.0) 2 framework 4th toe plug jaw Don Miura imperial forming (57.0) 3 framework 5th [rurashitsupurumeru] (55.0) 3 framework 6th rose kingdom Taketoyo (55.0) 4 framework 7th [buenabisutasumiyon] (55.0) 4 framework 8th [meishiyouberuga] Ebina justice (55.0) 5 framework 9th [danonshiyanteiberi] (55.0) 5 framework 10th thornback thin flash Uchida Hiroshi happiness (55.0) 6 framework 11th [touzaguroriuiriamuzu] (55.0) 6 framework 12th dream journey pondsAttachment Kenichi (57.0) model Hiro 7 framework 13th [oukenburusuri] Yokoyama (57.0) 7 framework 14th [perusa] Ando Masaru oneself (55.0) 8 framework 15th [retsudodeizaia] four rank ocean sentences (55.0) 8 framework 16th [jiyamiru] Hukunaga 祐 one (57.0)

  • ○■ 結果は、グロリア ノアが4着... As for the result, [guroriasunoa] 4, [rorerugereiro] 4, [buenabisuta] 2, [retsudodeizaia] 11 like is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Fall past of bloom prize the string trying solving 10 years, if 2 reams as for the horse which confronts, as for front running high prize if in each case in only mare limited game, in the man horse partner, conditional game when anyhow, harsh fight can be forced with high prize, it probably means that degree of consumption to the production is extreme?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 牝馬3冠最終戦と る秋華賞で... Gi first victory was listed with the fall bloom prize which becomes mare 3 crown last game, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Whether [buenabisuta] of Ouka prize horse &2 year queen favorite…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 展開も向いたけど ジョッキー... However also development faced, the horseman of the jockey also power looking at the flow of race/lace carefully, it was splendid

  • ○■ It runs well, after all w ith you made think

  • レッドディザイア

    Red Desire,

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