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    Hiraoka Yuuta,

    Drama related words Fukuyama Masaharu Oizumi Yo Kaname Jun Kagawa Teruyuki namase katsuhisa Mizukawa Asami God Hand GODHAND TERU

    • Today when is
      Class it is trivial, \ (^o^)/especially macro \ (^o^)/the teacher, the head it is hard, therefore \ (^o^)/because fall to take the [ma] Good Heavens the ≡ (the/^^)/the teacher of micro we fear in [seme], although first macro and the [ro] - with you thought, if - compromise & the ^3 `no required it is not, although you do not take, because - (the `3 `) the [te] it is feeling, the circle finding quickly, when the [do] - we would like to enjoy campus life, thinking strongly, unless the [ma] - you throw away and the [yu] or so do doing, the [ke] increase it is already it makes 'the circle' folder in the mailbox, (^o^)/laughing Saturday, class insertingBecause it is not, tomorrow you go to bed and very tomorrow the hospital the perfection which goes, it is cold, (p_; The `) with, after that there is no topic which goes to the contact buying - the [a], with present class, the [hi] [ru] to have, to see, [sakasu] which the [re] is not sleeping, because the tomorrow which the [te] you forget to see branch with is like it comes out, if you do not see properly, the [nu] which is it is (^ω^) the [a], Hiraoka 祐 the God hand it starts from the laughing tomorrow which is thickly story being, now, the [ro] such a feeling everyone one campus life is enjoyed -?…(' The _ & the `) it ends and the [ri] [ri] - \ (^o^)/the [chi] and it is the [chi] and is (∀)

    • After all
      Don't you think? Siyunsuke Nakamura it is groovy with you think from time of groovy junior high school or high school as for the keto ゙ [a] as for being groovy it is good, you like even with the show biz celebrity, but as for Tatuya w Fujiwara griddle Hiraoka 祐 thickly Yousuke Siyunsuke and Eguti Nakamura it is, don't you think? - the [e

    • You did, it is
      Today school ~ personal computer [tsu] [te] feeling. ' Because the personal computer it was pleasant, oh with the [yu] - [ma] tomorrow the Chinese ~ [chi] [ya] to be, the [chi] [ya] to be, therefore the ~ 2 limit ~, because very easily [te] or zatoo there is no sign which comes, and others and others the [po] - with going, the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is calendar like size!? Good truly, stealing we would like to pinch also the parenthesis good interview the laughing receiving [ke] ~ gw which the person is you want showing to the [gu] [chi], - [u] truth it is groovy ~ [a] Hiraoka 祐 thickly - it is the [tsu] [te] feeling, well ~ laughing

    • <<God hand shine >> ☆03
      <<God hand shine >> 'shot. Accidental explosion!! Limit remaining 10 minute to death!! New rice heaven. Medicine. Layoff!? ' (Synopsis) the surgeon treetop which in famous high school sphere child Tosihiko (Sano harmony truth) being hospitalized becomes charge (the Mizukawa [a] to see,) in Tosihiko must cut off the thumb in the tissue sarcoma, that, in order in such it notiifies, also for shine (Hiraoka 祐 thickly) from Yasuda (Watabe Atsushi 郎) to become Tosihiko's charge, the treetop which the shine which is informed the rival apparent is done dissatisfaction is felt, furthermore, shine and the treetop unless the medical care which depends on the ***** intuition which is rubbed with Tosihiko's remedy method how, it recognizes no matter what declared in shine, the treetop mistaking, the shot gun of the father to explode accidentally, 182Is not the case that the patient where the thing shot remains to internal was carried and competes, but shine will finish and because only 1/3 of the treetops a quantity which is not taken has met, inserting the drain, it was the shine which you think that something it is different to the treetop which it tries to do, when you open the place where and the bill sent the danger signal and sewed, depending on intuition and luck in the treetop where in addition the ball comes out, and it was raised the stomach

    • God hand person of ham.
      The hammer [tsu] is foreboding the way does in God hand shine,… the [tsu] [te] say, or the hammer [tsu] pass gently and recognize! The Hiraoka 祐 thickness which is I it is it is [katsukoii], - ww what [kiina] you see the time, however just a little [katsukoii] - with you think! However!! (No w our? Me the [ge] - - “it is good densely”, how you say the dust it is unusual… with [katsukoii]! The [u] it is! <- ↓ example? The [hi] and others like this is the God hand shine 1,2 story straw raincoat is the red sandal wood, but vv where orz this week at last 3 stories were seen after so long a time more properly? If view it solves, the good ~; If (from 8 o'clock you saw and the [re] it is <- that outer space and while communicating the scene (the different/[tsu]) your w [chi] [yo] w [ma] ww which is blown you shouted, (in rice cake remaining overnight heart* The person of the rear ham coming out, the [tsu] which the seed ~ (cm [tsu] [te] of the ham you say and does it is and is affected and however the [ru], and others it obtains laughing after all the person of the ham (intently densely in laughing quiz show, (even the [e], “[do] [ru] [i] [i] [i] [i] [i] unreasonable [] of Sho's it is the [tsu] which is done! ” Becoming enormous from the last time, the [ru] air does,… the distant eye some ceremony where it is it is <- and after that the dance of puzzle (you blew in that!! With [tsutsukomi] it increased instantaneously, (the rice cake remaining overnight, in heart* Then often “the eye that above” of the [ru] (<-? ) Something the ☆← which the [tsu] [te] laughing [tsu] [chi] [ya] bears lovely the [a] [tsu] [te]! To cause also with news item, cartoon like this -! (Transcendence sawayaka☆

    • Celebration* 'God hand shine' audience rating U P!!
      Yesterday with tremendous gale, air temperature to be low being cold among such of the shank ~, we having gone to the point charge with the half-day outside, was before the giving up sun/size, (the @_@) and the night, in the celebration of audience rating up (?)The friend and the burning meat of the company the ~ which goes to eating!! Famous 'it is with the pig burning meat with the pig [teji]' Roppongi store directly before v [shiyuran] you do the canna three step rose which is like* Attaching the flap which the tastiness palpus [u] is, burning, placing the lettuce, becoming the grommet and being able to point and attaching to the mustard source it receives, winds in the line person garlic and eats, winds in the leaf [tsu] [pa] of [egoma] and eats, it is the variation abundant and 'God hand shine' 3rd story of the pig burning meat ♪ other day which stops wanting to eat at anything degree, Hiraoka 祐 thickness of starring it is in impassioned performance [dokidoki] it did* When it wears operation arrival, rise of the eye being many, it may be sucked by the serious look it became!! The hair long ~ which it waits it is, (the *^^*)

    • Being confounded
      Today when it approaches to halfway Lawson who 2 hours can return more quickly than the usual it is day of short duty [katsukoii] salesman discovery! Hiraoka 祐 thickly it was refreshing [ikemen] of being similar and however it comes across to the person who “oh can be thought [katsukoii]” after a long time instantaneously the better cartridge, is just that, don't you think? therefore however the [do] - densely - the fact that it does it is not, is, if current by his is the high school student, perhaps, it commutes to just a little that Lawson and has stuffed but (laughing) often it approaches it is recently, because there was no thing which goes to the ~ and such a time, today you saw for the first time, don't you think? it is probably will be, well, just a little shopping, the current time zone and the road which probably will return quickly being packed, the [ru] the ~

    • Dentist*
      Because went abhorrent to the dentist, with 10 minutes there is about not to be required, it is, but that atmosphere appealing puts out, therefore close can commute, you think reservation 診. The face of start, and [tsu] [pa] teacher most it enters to the eye, don't you think? Hiraoka 祐 being similar it is young thickly…Perhaps, when it does, the [a] it is to do, it is younger… It was [ikemen] teacher with also we would not like to show in the mouth, is, don't you think? with, that being another, it had remedying this securely, dislike it is painful you want it does and it is to have anesthetizing, but as been effective too much, being paralysed to the nose, increase certain, the fact that anesthesia is cut off perfectly was 5 hours later

    • Alone to be complete, omitting, day of human being full.
      Today during morning 2. Technical skill receiving, in the afternoon at one temporary. The one shot passing, Ibaraki being confused, when [maikaru] it goes, something older brother type 2 group being in the bench before [maikaru], looking at the woman who passes by there, that this saying don't you think? it is the [ru], w 'the well the [] current child good [wa] -, there is we type [tsu] [te] promising future, or how kana it is, don't you think? -' and others you obtain laughing desperately, densely accompanying and others pass by before when it does, 'as for the current child?' 'Now the huge [wa]' to obtain, something? Promising future? Face? Or entirely is? When the [tsu] [te] we would like to approach, and others obtaining densely, me who face to the station and going to hrc, putting out properly, because it was the feeling which would like to do to the Sinsai bridge it tried going* Going to nike, you probably will bite what nikeid to call, because it was feeling, air jaw Don of pink catching the [tsu] [te], somewhat, Hiraoka 祐 the salesman desired, thickly however you tried hearing, whether there is a stock, however there is no [wa] can, when the kana which is [tsu] [te] [] which it obtains - >< next, we would like to go, going into the hat house, the varieties seeing, the cod, this and the foppish type [ikemen] salesman coming, the varieties speaking, the byte doing with clarification w paradise hot water, and [maikaru] that it is the cod and the Ibaraki inhabitant, passing, the ww tomorrow which rose with the super local feeling which you say, purchased the super lively cap of pinkWhen [] which is training you see and master and the [tsu] [te] person can go official approval it receives that way, []*

    • Happy time
      impressions , for multilingual communication

    • P& CM of G [ho] ゙ [ruto] ゙
      Furthermore you knew with .hiraocafe [merumaka] ゙, it comes and Hiraoka of [chi] dotage 祐 thickly cm is 7/15~ broadcast, if (the *´∀ `*) offer program you did not see, the ♪ you saw quickly with the rear tie, - it is, \ (^o^)/

    • There is no title
      Soul [raji] you have heard to the [tsu] coming the ♪ and [tsu] [pa] Fukuyama to be less crowded, (; _;) Whatever year passing, the chair which is it comes, (; _;)Whenever year you take, depth appearing in voice, amorousness blotting, the fact that it becomes cute is one no what? The [a], story don't you think? the guest who can curve, Hiraoka 祐 it is to be thick was, but it is it is Fukuyama [tsu] [te] no person mountain p and the mel friend when, when the turtle pear is the guest, it was, don't you think?? Furthermore, therefore 'a lot of all knight Japan [tsu] [te] that the [ro] which as expected [jiyanizu] is out!'The mark thing making say, it increased, don't you think?? When their fans hear, it cries? However me there is no interest separately, <- the fearfully the [ru] should Fukuyama (^ω^) young boy killer* With Fukuyama and the shelf, now what to flow, [raruku] as for tierra which we have heard the rank which cannot be displayed truly in word it is cute, (; _;) Early l' As for those which surpass to arc you think that it is not, (; _;)Being fantastic, in the original lyric, perfect extent it pulls that and, the kind of melody which echoes directly in the heart which is raised being too clean, it stops wanting to cry, it is, while the [ho] it is with already a little soaking, may sleep cripes to NISSAN 1 weeks cutting, although the [ru] what you do transferring \ (^o^) whereabouts /l' of the/← wind; arc~en~ciel (the tune of ken it is less crowded too much)

    • Present soul [raji]. . . Blast!
      “The chicken crown passes”, (blast) the [a] -, the funny [a]!! “[hiyou]!”(Blast) ...... dryers?! (Blast) present broadcast, it was funny!! … So, calling also the thing of the article of example, the seed already every year from former times even with this “soul [raji]”…Although you speak, with something? After so long a time… [tsu] [te] (the [ho] it is with, wonder to put out, it was strange feeling, don't you think?) this time picking up with something, whether [ru] the latest picking up one seeing, with something? There is no such a thing? The [tsu] [te]… and the [ho] which is thought it is with so it is what, don't you think?, whether that article and kana it is, it is written for the wind which is different don't you think? coming out…Method of writing the like feeling which it does it has done to do, hiding separately or the [tsu]!!!! When it is the reporter, when writing, inspect properly, don't you think? perhaps imagines, last month, Miyake lifetime confessed the being bombed experience for the first time…Because with there was an article which is said, continuing to that,…The book it is with the like feeling and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is it is not [ikemen] which is too easy (?)Monthly last week Hiraoka 祐 it is thick with the guest ......Last week it was funny!! This week the guest it is not next week, the [tsu] where Koike Tetsu flat comes to the guest!!!! Coming to view in the arena, don't you think? it hurt, the [ro] which is Tetsu flat no day? Staying in the young boy corps where it was visible in the vip seat of arena last day…?

    • [kuokado
      From [amiyuzu]…[kuokado] it comes truly the kana [amiyuzu] way, card information [meado] flowing out, the fact that it can receive [kuokado] of 500 Yen in the apology is to be grateful, but…If you say desire,…Hiraoka 祐 thickly [kuokado] is good, because the [yu] [u] cartridge which is it is only the goods it is bought, you know someone the favorite don't you think? when going to the dvd debt which how does not come and is in 1 Takuo ~~~ and your this next door which are found…Now it goes to meeting, if Hiraoka who is 祐 thickly the corner however it was not, if you look at the work of the poster, says the desire which is the petite flat corner, Hiraoka 祐 we would like to find the corner thickly with the shelf of… dvd

    • Three consecutive holiday first days, Saturday?
      大量的日本當前主題 , Feel free to link

    • Being similar, increase it is? Series
      After a long time today when you watch at the television, being present after all, the people involved in politics such as story of formation of a cabinet personal affairs well, in that it increases you see, son of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi who the economized [ya] is, being visible in Yabe of Koizumi Sinzirou [nainai], there is no manner…Being useless, the shank… as for Koutarou of the older brother Hiraoka 祐 thickness it is to be visible, the [chi] [ya] [u] to do and “being similar to the father and others although also the reporter, [tsu] plain gauze now shank” to age, in me the point which after all observes the person who is not visible has slipped in the father, that it was the pear love which you think whether it is it is not,

    • The theme dividing it is the red sandal wood
      . There is no anything related to carrying [wa] massage which is the red sandal wood but it is, theme item making, it classified the theme dividing of [burogu], (the ´∀ `) the true [wa] more it is small as the paragraph way, you thought, but discernibly, that it becomes troublesome, don't you think? from the [ru] (laughing) past it did again to classify also once, because but is when perhaps it does, whether it is not divided properly, why XXINF many Hiraoka 祐 writing is little [wa] daily delusion or the [to] ゙ llama with thickly, from the [ru] also shelf [to] ゙ llama turn declaration has made [to] ゙ llama category, don't you think? the [te] it was the report which theme divided with reason (laughing)

    • Private use diary
      It is not completed, the deadline of topic of the thesis which the varieties it tries thinking approaching from that which almost is the diary of message, although the [ru] when (the sweat) I read certainly the novel, that, you think as for remembering, you think being that Tanaka 圭 and Mukai reason, then Hiraoka 祐 it is to be thick it is the person of the feeling which makes the eye small, as for that generality only it is image of the “good youth”, (it is in me!! When) reading the novel, the boy image which is thought vaguely being clear, with the problem which as for being understood, that melts and says type saying, but as for thing (laughing) it probably will have good impression, certain with… As for being in me, there is no image something of the brothers of [itoko], looking rather favor, adding Tumao wood and [odagirijiyo], the feeling which it divides with 2? The contour with the Tumao wood, feeling the eye is that [odagirijiyo] kana character is very kind, don't you think? (the ^^) perhaps it probably is the person of first love, (illumination) the person who by the way hits against the older sister of the [itoko] (well [itoko] whatever but, directly with my yearning shank neatness but being the [te], it is the true usual yearning and the little bit being big eye in the contour of the oval face, being similar to Sato Aiko, [ru] kana truth and the sibling [a] of yearning, story could curve the eye which was seen so entering, as for me, thinking, that it is kind of something which how is not type however mass, whether being some oak and others…You cannot know…Don't you think? the empty, just a little you try thinking already, because with, me time thinks that it starts from next year, now, while thinking, in order already for you not to depreciate by your, while by his to do, you try passing, being hasty too much, don't you think? the [ru] it is, although certainly also his own feeling it is uncertain, being hasty, guti [tsu] [te] true annoyance whether the [tsu], there is no mercy, me where it inhales and such a word [tsu] calls also and, am more wretched and am, the older sister we would like to see, the adult become don't you think? the [me] it is, now, inquiring about Rituko's the Okazaki “[serenade]”, when it becomes such a wind which it increases 夾 it is thinkingDon't you think?, [kore] it becomes transparent well, it is kana? The [se] it is not

    • Proposal large maneuvers
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • Effectiveness
      Just a little, just a little/(^o^) \ it is today it is quick, (`゚ д.)Normally, time it is not enough, while (t_t) with saying, at 1 o'clock you slept, (^o^) <- you do not know state of mind anymore, (- ω-) as for science…That teacher it is kind and, the [tsu] which is not dropped it does and the [yo] perhaps \ (^o^)/problem it is tomorrow, after (' the _ & the `) macro just you read in a general way (the ' Ω `), many [tsu] are not done, whether/(^o^) \ the [ma] [ji] your own foolish fool \ (^o^)/the [te] [yu], the present test 1 limit and 4 limits, empty time of 4 hour half \ (^o^)/the [ma] [ji] worst and it is \ (^o^)/being drowsy, although it does and the [yo] - is not (the ω- `) returning quickly, although when you want to take a nap, (- 3-) the [te] [yu]? The present hair [bo] [tsu] when the [te] it leaves/(^o^) \ without time, above expecting being terrible, and because it is the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] (`l ゚) <- furthermore the muffler it did not do, furthermore the [do] will not be feeling \ (^o^)/the [a] ~, the streetcar of 48 minute arrivals it rode after a long time, <- the fascine fascine! Now, [kiina] doing with re-broadcast, don't you think? the [ru] it is (^o^) Hiraoka 祐 the thickly suit (^ω^) go the [me] it is passing, can look straight even with the television crossing over, - it is ('; Ω; `) <- furthermore, in filial devotion family travelling or kindliness 3000 point rise \ (^o^) after the/←, yesterday straight man! Uno it is lovely, that (^ω^) there is no time being hasty, as for drama me who am seen in real time REPT (the ゚ ▽, ゚) the no it is in [ru] habit, to go, the ~ (^o^)/the [chi] and it is the [chi] and it is (∀)

    • Don't you think? the [ya] it is in one with the bar relief!!
      (It is information from [puresuburogu],) Hiraoka 祐 thickness it is in cm 'pet telephone number!!'So in well-known one the [ya] it is the k tie which usually uses arrival by the fact that one more it has telephone number of 11 columns which start from the `050 `which is introduction of the bar, telephone number of the home, when the unlikely event important pet which can change connection, to the telephone number which such as phs that occasionally we would like to use becomes the lost child is stated in the pet tag [050] becomes the bridge of private number, because it is the convenient ~ which is even in addition you can use even the occasion where such as net shopping private information is entered and questionnaire, if shank ♪ now in relief, presenting the pet tag to the one which makes a contractYou give, it is to be able to choose from the lovely tag where so as for the one which becomes matter of concern which is there is also a ↓↓↓ 100 type but because immediately give want I who am do the prize and the point gathering even in the son who becomes the lost child, it is good after even when going out which is thought because it can correspond, this the tag which you think that it is truly convenient: The [ya] it is in one bar 050 ntt communication

    • Rainbow [yu] [u]?

    • Studio park
      The present [wa] >> Hiraoka 祐 thickness it is from the present << studio park with the guest to do, for the sake of the [wa] which is the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] lover and the article is written with [te] ゙ [kotenhu] ゚ [re] which tastes the same space securely

    • To castle H
      This weekend Hiraoka 祐 it is to be thick seeing the relative ukiyoe, seeing Moriyama not yet 來 transformation, SIME it was the Yokoyama you [kon] ♪* However it was pleasant entirely, SIME the meeting place of the you [kon] ♪ was castle h, but the ↑↑↑ Hanami customer it is the large batting for the sake of, it is to be, human & human & human ........................... … Zzz zzz which interest [natsusaburu] abundance of the Hanami customer believes oiler in the 櫻 and don't you think? viewing - the ↓↓↓↓↓ 3 days's amount collecting temporarily, becomes tired

    • TRICK
      In trick, there is trick and a [ikemen] framework in some [ge] where [ikemen] which I like comes out, it is, Hiraoka 祐 appearing to the ~ previous movie thickly, the [te], \ (^q^)/the saliva it cannot be prudent the Sato Ken in the latest movie* Of course, Ueda and Yamada's love! However is most only, don't you think? however in ~ me, it is, the Kanai trap it was in that message and glance just saw the gentle cousin of Ueda appearing in the place where you do not understand, in the theater edition 2 where message of the stump of theater edition 1 is the first pounding point, almost kiss scene what, [te] [kiyun] now when it solves, you look at theater edition 2, but it is if also Ishihara being present, the [ru] die throbbing it stops wanting to see so you say to the theater edition 1 where 1 stops wanting to see absurdly, also new work sp2 is broadcast to next month, it isDon't you think? the ~ [u] [u] ~~ it is, it enjoys too much, you think that (the ◎´∀ `) the no Kaminoyama should get married already gradually,

    • 05/106: 57AMAZON (Amazon)* New arrival information
      * The commodity below was registered to amazon.co.jp!! “Story Osawa Seizi [saitou] [kinen] orchestra of [yanachieku] opera clever woman fox” [dvd] Seizi Osawa, [saitou] [kinen] orchestra dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 7140 it blooms and this flower [dvd] the forming sea 璃 child and Hiraoka 祐 it is thick, a little more than Kimiko, Terada agriculture, Humio Sano dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 11970nhk [kurashikarurosutoropovuichi]/last Don [kihote] Osawa Seizi NHK symphony [doboruzaku] [dvd] Seizi Osawa, [saitou] [kinen] orchestra, [rosutoropovuichi] (cello performance), NHK symphony dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: The 逝 [tsu] it is in the wooden ~ cancer of 71,402 book the record ~ of married couple 815 day [dvd] benevolence Saemon Kataoka, Keiko Takeshita dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 3990nhk classical Osawa Seizi Boston symphony Beethoven “symphony 7th” [mara] “symphony 9th” [dvd] Seizi Osawa and the Boston symphony dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 4935nhk special edition Tokyo skies attacking [dvd] dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: The day when 3990nhk special pearl harbor Japanese-American destiny is decided [dvd] dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: Seizi 3990100 year interview Osawa [dvd] Seizi Osawa and possession working Yumiko dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: The testimony of shrine outer garden departure of students for the front 56th year of 3990nhk special rain [dvd] dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 3990nhk [kurashikarurosutoropovuichi]/last Don [kihote] Osawa Seizi NHK symphony [doboruzaku] [dvd] Seizi Osawa, [saitou] [kinen] orchestra, [rosutoropovuichi] (cello performance), NHK symphony dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: Truth of large war results Taiwan open sea aerial warfare of 4935nhk special vision [dvd] dvd/NHK enterprise/sale day: 2010-07-23/price: 3990

    • The phase military affairs & the groove edge chest [kiyun] as for fear “NECK” and the subject song which are done decision to attention new member MAGIC PARTY
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • <Taro dance castle king > mask writer book of Fukui graduate, in movie, stage and enshrining the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. one pushing
      Taro's mask writer dance castle king work, we refrain also the release of first filming work “neck neck” in August where it has become clear, from July for Kodansha publishers, Ltd. to publish with 3 month continuations, at the same company as “Taro dance castle king we enshrine and” we keep pushing powerfully The scene cutting dance castle of other image illustrations and the movie 73 year Fukui prefecture origin in 01 with being awarded [mehuisuto] prize “the smoke, or the earth or the food” you debutted, in 03 the “Asura girl” shone in Mishima Yukio prize, “favorite favorite love super loving, “the tree of 700 Daisaku animal where” the [ru]” became Akutagawa prize candidacy of 04 seniority half, commemorating the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 100th anniversary on July 6th, wrote this summer when “[bitsuchimagunetsuto]” you are arrested in the same candidacy, 09 junior half and lowered on sale same 15th, for the dance castle the first timeWith the stage conversion image conversion work, to stage the version where such as original version four differs and the original idea of the movie which are converted to be recorded in the library which publishes “the neck neck” of the story which designates “the neck” as motif at the library, the dance due to dance castle himself. As for the movie which also picture continuity and image illustration publish in large quantities the phase military affairs gossamer season of the actress the groove edge of the August 21st open actor 淳 flat you starred with starring, dvd of the stage edition which is performed in February was published to the liberal arts magazine “group image” of the same company on August 25th is sold on July 30th supplied, [ikirukisu]” “[patsukiyara] demon road” it depends on the writer Echizen demon Taro name which ““compilation (title undecided) even in sale schedule September appears shortly” in “neck”, “demon boundary detective Pluto o (o)” publication of the seriesWe have planned, as for part as for demon Taro Echizen which it is preceded is published with “[mehuisuto]” of July sale in movie edition Hiraoka 祐 thickness is plays besides the fact that, the work is published to “the group image” of July sale and “in☆pocket” August edition (everyday newspaper digital) from [yahuniyusu] quotation

    • Riyuuma transmission dictum collection 16th “victory Rintaro”
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Japan [tsu] plain gauze [a
      The Japanese victory! It had teaching to Hiraoka… It was and Hiraoka 祐 thickness it is with blog had supported in real time 祐 am to be thick I…The sleeping [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it increased, but… Victory, 祐 is to be thick empty 1st the article is written with [te] ゙ [kotenhu] ゚ [re] which it is possible to be able to hear (v^- ゚)

    • Megumi Rika Heda [uedeingudoresu] form! Hiraoka 祐 it proposes thickly!? Web drama start of large multi Akira produces
      Megumi Rika Heda the original drama “oh which is produced as part of the new campaign “happy of Toyota machine iq project”! Hiraoka of the partner part where it becomes clear with my propose” to announce the [uedeingudoresu] form, 祐 is thick and also, the drama which plays the couple which refrained from wedding with period limitation gyao! With as for this work which is free transmitted by the portable telephone, however the woman who designates marriage as before it is small serious trouble in opportunity, drama “Tokyo love story” and large multi Akira Heda which manage the remuneration of movie '[amaruhui] goddess' although designating marriage as before, it cannot have the produce which is web drama of 1 story 10 parts which are developed centering on the proposal of the respective couple proposing very in the fiancee, the theme which is center of this work which plays the woman who is impatient “the distance of the cover [ri] it brings close”, with, this the concept which Toyota “iq” has that way wordThe story of the couple of thing 5 set which is done is unfolded at inside of car of car of each one iq and, you say that “happy proposal project of the [tsuitsuta] gearing plan also everyone,” regarding the proposal which is another theme collects the proposal of opening ideal, transmits the proposal which gathered many sympathies with [tsuitsuta] therefore important ones which remain in memory of the lifetime which is the attempt which is new very, we would like you to call proposal with the scene of two human [tsu] drills, that the woman who thinks of such a thing perhaps, in the many expectation car excessively it is not romantic, but as for there with showing romantic love drama of the arm of the man, romanticWhether it is possible to study the method of making the atmosphere? Drama “oh! As for my propose” from June 26th in all the 5 story transmission start personal computers image portal sight “gyao!”With the k tie “Fuji Telecasting Co. ♪ [hujimero]” being similar, the respective free transmission live kyat

    • It is lovely Sisido
      g.gray-man: 5667profbkmclaptop2009/05/1707: 20 it is lovely, in 1 Sisido is, don't you think? it sprouts, don't you think? Sisido <- [chiyota] [wa], present weather [wa] [ru] [ku]? Rainy putting out tension it goes down and, something which steel 錬 dubbing is not done single of [shido] you bought if and that which good kana yui is bought shine teacher of yesterday which is the range where you can sing also [atai] good Hiraoka 祐 thickly cartridge viewing roughly and is in the glasses (θ_θ) HKDRT Oji is visible in only happiness village, it is, don't you think? “the [a] where recently directly head so tennis sways -” with (laughing)

    • Japanese talking
      While the inside of Japan has boiled in woman figure skating of the Olympics, because as for me just a little work to be busy, the image which does not know the result does not see to the night of simply, as for the radio that night story of skating was many, the world was risen, don't you think? it is probably will be, when among such you inquire “all knight Japan of Nippon Broadcasting System about Yoshioka saintly blessing”, Yoshioka [niyankuba] had said Vancouver,… the girl [tsu] [po] to be, the becoming dim of expression… is, don't you think? because… as for Yoshioka [maji] to become dim doubtfully there is a cousin, (laughing) Hiraoka 祐 thickness was performed to the guest, but you can talkIt is the person, well Yoshioka being turned, there is no [ru] will be or, (laughing) you probably will be main personality (laughing) the paste light to make also calling and conversing, you think as the good guest shelf and there is an atmosphere which you think that better seed Yoshioka is [shimonetakiwado] where “the breast” is enormous, but pure group (the kana which is? Because) Yoshioka saintly blessing gives out, it is funny and just you think as the [shimo] shelf, as for “breast” extent with the nighttime radio there is no great [shimonetawado], however is, don't you think?

    • Japanese weblog
      When it is May, although you intend probably to apply immediately, after all 1 weeks slipping, because it made the basic pack of ♪e2 which reaches the point where from yesterday, [sukapa] it is seen, however considerably there are many channels, therefore month 3500 Yen or more don't you think?, whether the [zu] - the [tsu] the excessiveness even, temporarily, xiah junsu special service code “mtv making the video” preparation ok! Super it enjoys, -!!! The cstv performance information ♪ # from ♪ May 昴 - Subaru - (Sunday the Japanese painting theater) 2009 movie subject song “bolero” east God happening just a little just performance performance: Kurogi [meisa], ara, Hiraoka 祐 it is thick, pink well fragrance other things 5/09 (day) 22: 00 - 24: 10 [the Japanese movie special channel] the stand place fork village deluxe 26th night “boy of # hill promontory Konosuke's pop factory 09” [jiejiyun] & [yuchiyon] performance amount re-broadcast 5/11 (fire) 24: 00 - 24: 55 [Fuji Telecasting Co. next] # live2009 in seoul east God happening the 3rd asia tour concert “mirotic” 5/15 (Saturday) 24: 00 - 26: 00 [tbs channel] # mtv making the video: In xiah junsu “intoxication” [jiyunsu] pv photographing actual place close adhesion 5/18 (fire) 25: 30 - 26: 00 [mtv] 5/20 (wood) 16: 00 - 16: 30 [mtv] * repeat broadcast 5/21 (gold) 08: 30 - 09: 00 [mtv] * repeat broadcast 5/22 (Saturday) 17: 30 - 18: 00 [mtv] * repeat broadcast # 4th live tour 2009 - the secret codefinal in tokyo dome 5/22 (Saturday) 24: 00 - 26: 00 [tbs channel

    • original letters
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • original letters
      The groove edge of the junior boy is tossed about with small demoniac charm!? Movie 'love* [kon]' 'handsome* The staff of the suit' manages this summer when is released from the new work movie 'neck neck which', phase military affairs gossamer season of starring and the groove edge 淳 the kiss scene of flat is rescinded as for the movie 'neck neck' 'neck neck where', “is awarded 16th Mishima Yukio prize with the Asura girl” Taro popularity mask novelist dance castle king who designates image conversion as prerequisite in the new work original idea where, original setting feature movie 'love* [kon]' 'handsome* The Shirakawa loyal retainer director which carries out long piece movie debut with the producer and this work of the suit' phase military affairs gossamer season, the groove edge 淳 flat, Kuriyama Chigira, Hiraoka 祐 is thick and others the new impression of making the young capability group actor of decade collect. The true mountain cedar of the graduate student whom the picture which chest [kiyun] fear [entateinmentomubi] this time is rescinded the phase military affairs tries probably to create the ghost in the individual research which is played just a little changes 奈 with, Tomokazu university student Sudou who loves in such a cedar 奈 (the groove edge 淳 flat) the scene cedar 奈 which kisses with field stands on tiptoe a little, uses the hand on Sudou's shoulder quietly ......It is found that it gets near to junior Sudou from the cedar 奈 positively, “in order to prove the hypothesis that as for truth the ghost which does not exist is born by thinking of fearful thing,”, if, suddenly designating Sudou as the laboratory-table it is and the place where it becomes matter of concern rudder blade Higashi Eiji, two bright, warm water Yoichi Sato, this work fantastic notion where the board tail creation road and others individualist faction cast sets side exact in the story the movie 'neck neck which is attention in world view of the work which the staff cast creates whether in just the cedar greens which are not questioned, change of some frame of mind visits,' AugustFrom 21 days cinema sunshine Ikebukuro, Shinjuku Baltic 9 other nationwide releases

    • Fragrance 椎 Yuu automobile
      Four letter ripening languages were inspected, the “color same right sky” (the system [so] [ku] [ze] [ku] [u]): Physical ones there is no substance entirely, because the extent which becomes the Buddhism idea which we assume that it is vain existence, don't you think? it becomes already you grew tired of the ~ lunch and the rice ball in ~ study, because the menu is shy in doing our 炊 after a long time the majority “cooking” which is secret or Hiraoka 祐 as for your thickly partner Hiraoka 祐 getting fat, the bed or the futon either one is less crowded and it probably is what, don't you think? certainly it probably is bet, Hiraoka 祐 thickly commodity [tsu] [te] unexpected are few ~ Hiraoka 祐 Hiraoka who searches the thickly commodity with optimism 祐 thickly the related commodities are [kochira], from the [tsu] coming, the personal computerWith the feeling where the one whose operation is heavy strangely and restarts is appealing, as for the present place it is the kana recommendation commodity which we assume that it closes with this, -> the Hermes stall | Dunhill tiepin | hermes Osaka |

    • [te] leprosy
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • It is funny truly!
      Title became Galileo's Yugawa teacher wind but (laughing) to set aside that, there being some which are called to [amebaburogu] access analysis, in addition, here where it has in that search word, being like the one which with search word comes to this [burogu] in various ways comes, among those of shank (^-^) it introduces the funniest one, but that 'had peak radio Hiraoka nature' (laughing) (^o^) (laughing) before the [ma], the radio 'long 澤 [ma] of seeing you see and when with sweet hertz', the guest the [tsu] comes bitterly,Because story bitterly the [tsu] nature, Hiraoka 祐 spoke with incident thickly, don't you think? (laughing) the [tsu] [te] where the one which comes to seeing with such little word is it realized that you say (^-^) that it is most, the [ma] in connection with seeing, 'suite long 澤 [ma] to see,' was seeing, so probably will be, because agreed upon and, the image character is done, that is, many ones came to seeing, it is with the shank! When delightful thing is (^-^) and, there is a funny search word, this time when it introduces this being similar (^-^)

    • Day tele 'in [gon] which works' from NACS 3 people
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • 91
      Don't you think? today is day of prevention of disasters, ww today, as for being birthday Inazou the 盧 military affairs person and Nitobe of the… old 5000 Yen bill of former Republic of Korea president 鉉 Akira Tsuchida of the laughing talent 之 the laughing combination, willow field Tetuya Morishita thousand village Hiraoka 祐 thickness of of the American crawfish of woman idling actor it is you question with your death [me], it is!!

    • Good just thing, with the following door will be knocked
      kanji character , for multilingual communication

    • Continuation of yesterday
      “His person her circumstance” yesterday is written in the person who and anew delusion…!! Miyazawa snow field: Souzi forming sea 璃 child Arima (young time): Hiraoka 祐 it is thick Arima 怜 Osamu: Don't you think? Mizusima [hiro] and the like and the like and - and as for the [tsu] [pa] snow field it does not stabilize - nevertheless, the cast luxurious shelf - 怜 as for Osamu however at point in time of yesterday it was Tamaki, however you thought, that [hiro] still it is young in [hiro], already they are 25 year old what, it is 怜 Osamu, go it may it is with thing this which is said, how long to continue, -?

    • As for Koike Tetsu flat and “benefactor” of entertainment world debut solder Chikarahito!? Successive [jiyunonboi] collection event beginning opening
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    • With three people stage appreciation.
      belief , please visit the following link

    • [enta] Fourth laughing road top decisive battle.
      issue , original meaning

    • DVD was seen in stress cancellation, April compilation 2
      Orion' 2009 Japanese screening time of part2 'midsummer of April compilation: 119 minute supervision: Shinohara Tetsuo original: Ikegami Osamu script: Yasuo Hasegawa/Ida Ken Saburo performance: Keiko Hiroshi Tamaki/Kitagawa/hall distinctiveness 嘉 邦/Hiraoka 祐 it is thick/rice field Masanari Kikawa/Taga/[te] ゙ [u] ゙ [itsuto] ゙ [uininku] ゙/Eisaku Yoshida/blowing surpassing full/Tetsu benefit Oka…Just a little, but the group image play which centers Hiroshi Tamaki who is regrettable captain the figure becoming blurred, clearly, but war ones which are not the sense of urgency applying on the reality not to be left over, whether the [ru] with…Approximately applying the money, however it probably is the [ru], description to be weak is what, whether cheaply the [tsu] [po] it is and the regrettable cinema which feeling does it would not like to see, the ★★☆☆☆ (1.5) 2nd appearance 'summer wars' 2009 Japanese performance time: 114 minute supervision: Hosoda. Script: Inner part temple Satoko music: Matsumoto Akihiko performance: God wooden Riyuunosuke/the cherry tree garden the common/Tanimura beauty month 'bean jam shelf and others… where it is possible'This time which returns to the work where one word of the [a] sticks to the chest and starts feeling the just a little reaching the limits…The viewpoint changes at all, with the circumstance which it makes the last time being flurried with equilibrium of return day, the feeling which you saw to do and then approximately 1 months seeing once more, to see don't you think? it is, the last time when it is possible to finish seeing with refreshing feeling, it can, even with the point which can and does not come as a tear story and as an image good!! It is and the [ma] ~ does also star 1up★★★★☆part3

    • “It blooms and this flower” 3rd time
      impressions , original meaning

    • Drama it blooms and this flower free animated picture
      Drama it blooms and loving this flower free animated picture television animated picture hundred human one neck, heroine it is dense of the expectation which it has been about to live not to be conspicuous plainly (the forming sea 璃 child) in “large Edo you drive, it is contest” to win, it advanced, kept becoming the cynosure in Edo, furthermore jobless man Yura which intends revenge (Hiraoka 祐 thickly) with while experiencing first love, large Edo springtime of life [gurahuitei] love, friendship, parent and child love, teacher and student love and all crying laughing which keep growing as a human closely it included, 30 minutes of impression! Forming sea, also Hiraoka period adventure drama first performance! 'Saturday the period adventure drama it blooms and this flower' (the [do] it is the maggot to be, as for [ge] frank and this), the period adventure drama air time which is broadcast with the NHK comprehensive television Saturday 19: 30 - From 20:002010 year January 9th the broadcast wikipedia drama official sight forming sea 璃 child photograph collection natural pure posted with amazlet at 10.01.13 Sugaya [pa] it is the Kadokawa media house sale ranking which is: 16454 males be completed average of degree: As for this time it was good, certainly [ero] nil [ero] 1st story round [a] [hi] [te] mega veoh search pandora pandora search drama viewing which looks at details with amazon.co.jp where we would like you to get angry to the nil forming sea 璃 child it blooms and this flower 2nd story you for the sake of mega veoh search pandora pandora search drama viewing it blooms while and at this flower 3rd story sighing, mega veoh search pandora pandora search drama viewing it blooms and this flower 4th story storm mega veoh search pandora pandora search drama viewing which is blown it blooms and this flower tag: It blooms and this flower Drama fate 1969-2010 free animated picture drama 0 Jiro long restoration transmission… New Year special drama last promise animated picture of customer free animated picture drama new 撰 group peace maker… [doramajirochiyo] Shimizu's of room -…

    • original letters
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • 「龍馬伝」いよいよ、中岡慎太郎が発表に!
      If you mention Riyuuma, as for after all privately having become matter of concern, you die lastly together, whether Sintarou alliance friend Nakaoka becoming someone, in addition as the fan where “the steed goes”, whether someone (Mutu) Younosuke is done that it is directly to have become matter of concern, but don't you think? Sintarou Nakaoka who finally is announced… Younosuke Mutu Takaya Mikawa (Munemitsu)… Hiraoka 祐 thickness is and Maruyama geisha in the former part Aoi Yutaka produced the enormous cast, Mikawa (by the way with “new selection group” in Riyuuma Eguti, Masuzawa gazing/hopingWhen the combination, Nakaoka was) you mention Mikawa, why big river in “achievement from the leading part of Tsuji”, son part of “Mouri original engaging in” still is impressive, but it may show super the way of sub in addition it is enormous, is when and the large cedar “of the upper ~ of Hiraoka's Munemitsu hill” passes and the tannin & is too rough you just wrote, but as for completely this cast agreement furthermore Aoi big river performance, well, [riniyuaru], has been upgraded also the luxurious luxurious big river “Riyuuma transmission” official sight in that sense

    • 福山雅治の「龍馬伝」面白かった…ですか?
      New Year opening, you over there to the message at the time of the poison person register which you question is with the [me] and “more adding that please renew,”! Being the case that it is unreasonable, because it starts renewing also this year slowly, well we ask please may, unintentionally, the [tsu] it came and 1st broadcast ended, “Riyuuma transmission” is, but everyone you saw? It was funny, is? The [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke], I was delicate, - it does and father next week sees the [chi] [ya] [u]! With there was no interest of the extent which is said, whether it is it is not, “benevolence - immediately after the broadcasting jin-” (Riyuuma whom infield saintly positive plays was deducting with the intense) [tsu] lever, the kind of air where Riyuuma's Fukuyama charm is thin does, it is, don't you think? the [e] infield does seems the way, being exciting, the core it is strong, also the mischievous [tsu] air plays certain Riyuuma fully, assuming, that it was not “please look at the delicate part of Riyuuma's” (you express) was the case that production of [tsu] [te] object in the turn declaration that which Fukuyama performance power at all is not enoughSimply with “weakness of the air so, with it does the old boy who does the clean face and” the [yo] is young it is not, the first number where either the symptom in the future may do the huge thing where the line is thin, is not visible suitable is good, probably will be, but this with just for elegance Osamu's Fukuyama degree of good impression to overcome Riyuuma of the exhausting which is not, as for 1 years you think that it is long, the movie which is ended in 2 hours (the self-sacrifice of suspect x) with even 喰 to crack in Taiko the embankment truth one and Matuyuki, because the [tsu] [te] which sows it is it is Fukuyama, in the last time “that? The [tsu] [ke] where this [tsu] [te] Kagawa illuminating 之 is starring?”The [tsu] [te] the fact that it has not meant especially is prayed, “Riyuuma transmission” (Sunday 8 o'clock NHK) elegance Osamu Fukuyama, Kagawa illumination 之, the temple island you endure, mowing Tamiyo, Satoru Sugimoto thickly, [maiko] and Omori south 朋, the inner part 貫 Kaoru, Riyouko Hirosue, Hiroyuki shrine Hasama, the Sato Ken, Tanaka 泯, the Oizumi ocean, main point Jun and [riri] Franki, Takaya Mikawa, the paulownia valley health thickly, Tetuya Takeda and raw shoal Katsuhisa, valley field chapter mediating/helping, Takahashi 克 actual Hiraoka 祐 thickly, the 貫 area valley to do and the [ho] [ri], Watanabe be and the [tsu] [ke] be, the Maki way the child, Aoi Yutaka, other things

    • 龍馬伝
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • 上川隆也も『龍馬伝』に出るぞーーー!
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    • 福山“龍馬”に蒼井優「ハードルが高い」(サンスポ)
      The singer, the NHK big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” where elegance Osamu Fukuyama (40) stars with Sakamoto Riyuuma part (January 3rd of next year start, after 8.0 the Sunday) all it comes out and the orator continues on the 21st, the Nagasaki art which moves aside thinking to Riyuuma who is announced at the same bureau of Tokyo & Shibuya 妓 Aoi who performs to the big river for the first time with the former part as for Yutaka (24) “heart you have Fukuyama Riyuuma permit, to become the woman how it should have done, the hurdle is high”, that tension feeling and “(Kagawa illumination of Iwasaki Yatarou part) 之 from, circumstances on of site are goodWith you have heard”, when you say, Fukuyama which is Aoi and first meeting “Kagawa relations is good so with something? Jealousy is felt”, that in the alliance friend Nakaoka Sintarou part of Riyuuma's who can be amused niece spring of Takaya's Mikawa (44) and Riyuuma in boar (the [ru] to be,) part in Atuko the Maeda of akb48 (18) and after serves the foreign minister at Meiji government, Hiraoka 祐 as for Maeda who thickly (25) and others plays decisive Riyuuma and the scene which repels the samisen “Fukuyama the parenthesis was good”, that 2 people participate in crimson white song battle in a trance together in the Mutu Munemitsu part which makes the amendment of unequal treaty actualize, but as for Fukuyama “with crimson white the samisen? Don't you think? it is good, it makes ~akb everyone repel?”, that as for Mikawa which individual production plan the spots was lifted with the part which is assassinated in Riyuuma and simultaneous “Fukuyama and as for together being able to die one time shout sufficiently being able to put the word of blessing 19 year old junior former stage actresses (25) and this month you just got married in lifetime”, on the press corps, “thank you for”, that the Riyuuma transmission which floats the smile: The heroine of 4 public attention in Aoi Yutaka art 妓 the origin Takaya Mikawa, Hiraoka 祐 thickly performance (everyday jp) Maeda said, “new NHK drama, that hearing the big river, may be I the insecurity, kana as a Fukuyama niece [tsu] child all the way yes lovely, when with the scene of the samisen which would like to keep putting out sufficiently Fukuyama Riyuuma is designated as before the eye, the parenthesis being good truly, song being good, as for Fukuyama which designates the samisen immediately as his own ones the [ho] it is with it is enormous, you thought that is,” (* part excerpt)

    • キムタク木村拓哉「ヤマト」元日広告1億円発進!「SPACE BATTLESHIP ヤマト」
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    • 2010年1月 新ドラマ一覧

    • 秋山奈々二十歳の誕生日に写真集「dear」を発売
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    • ドラマ視聴率 月9ドラマ「東京DOGS」最終回視聴率は14.0%
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • 金曜プレステージ 2008年
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • さすが
      Also the inside of the first audience rating 24.8% as expected [tsu] shank ~ of Kimura Takuya mr.brain attention ahead. The stripe which looking is to do, the shelf it is [se] [me] [chi] [ya] [ike] you see rubbing, because it does, don't you think? laughing the thought which was seen to come out first and the orator be many and Tanaka thinking, don't you think? it depends and has come out as for that opposite the Shitara [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] superior tree greens also Mizusima [hiro] which does not need as for kana Ayase far ~ honesty still Kagawa next door is quick is good, far of [tsu] [hotarunohikari] we like, don't you think? in addition as for Riyouko Heda and Hirosue who real putting out laughing first are present when it comes out kana it is not, one laughing Ebizou of the too luxurious to be such using does too already to appear the criminal of the last time serving and the van van putting out feeling the [ru], the set [do]Just it is the gold you apply is, don't you think?, tbs is betting everything to this drama, the [ru] is, Hiraoka before 祐 [gatsukun] and to videotape pitiful next week thickly! (b^ - DEG)

    • ちゃんと3次元。
      The show biz celebrity baton not saying with the show biz celebrity baton which can be known the [tsu] [se]! ******************** love! The →◎ normally the favorite? Don't you think? the →○ [a] - such a person it was, after please keep attaching with such feeling hateful of the →× ********************* where [e] or you have seen - →△ [shirane] everyone's [koitsu] or it does not inhale, and, it finished answering entirely XXMAL, XXFEM each the respective one person please attach the person who is not in this item then start! - - - - XXMAL Ichihara Hayato * 瑛 thickly Sho * Matsuda thickly Takayuki * Yamada × Hiraoka 祐 thickly also △ Koike Tetsu flat ○ Yamamoto 祐 model * [uentsu] Eizi ○ Hayami is full ○ Nakao discernment celebration ○ Oguri decade △ Saito Keita △ Saito lucky occurrence thickly Kouzi △ Koide Megumi mediating/helping ○ Tsukamoto × funds ascent × stops obtaining densely and [zu] coming △ castle 咲 benevolence Hiroshi × Narumiya your * - - - - XXFEM Ishihara with sees, × Inoue Makoto middle * moat north Maki * [saeko] *Ichikawa joining robe the × long 澤 [ma] you see and Megumi Rika △ Heda * 沢 rear end Erika the × new fence joining robe the * Ayase far * Miyazaki [a] are * upper door 彩 ○ 榮 warehouse Nana △ 柴 promontory [kou] * Shinohara Riyouko ○ Itoh Misaki ○ Ueno Ziyuri * Suzuki smile △ south discernment 奈 *

    • 9/23水トモラ誕生日でした\^o^/
      Em japones , original japanese letters , translated

    • ジャニーズ以外のイケメン俳優所属事務所は…?
      日本語 , original meaning

    • タイトルなし
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon for multilingual communication

    • DVD鑑賞
      Because today is work from afternoon, spare time you appreciated dvd in time. 4 borrowing, but 1st you looked at 2 inside the [ru] came off 'sea urchin 煎 rice cake' season first furthermore Megumi Rika and Hiraoka romantic love movie Heda whose 45 minutes is short 祐 also the contents where thickly I whose also color is colorful with starring Hiraoka 祐 the [tsu] parenthesis which is favorite what thickly am good were good with the movie of the winter, after the [tsu], one 'were 252 survivors' wanted to see from before already and you saw, but it is, the scene being painful, was [dokidoki], unintentionally, power has entered into the hand after all, the Itoh Hideaki which cries, the [me] [chi] [ya] parenthesis was good and rescue party other than thatThe people seeing [i] of part are also the parenthesis good of course contents were impression at the place where the impression which you think that and, the work [tsu] [te] which applied your own life it is enormous truly, is received, eating the noon, to work in the night when it is going to work, buzzer beat waiting, the obstinate Hari [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] scared from the [ru] the [tsu] (☆▽☆)

    • ゴッドハンド輝 4話
      God hand shine 4th story “protect! Bond” cast of small life: Hiraoka 祐 it is thick, the Mizukawa [a], to see, village river Eri, the rough lumber Hiroshi sentence, main point Jun, Tetuya Bessho

    • ゴッドハンド輝 6話(最終話)
      God hand shine 6th story (last time) “factory explosion!! Miserable past of the hospital manager! Illness. Collapse” the cast where shine challenges to the operator of decision death before: Hiraoka 祐 it is thick, the Mizukawa [a], to see, village river Eri, the rough lumber Hiroshi sentence, main point Jun, Tetuya Bessho

    • 夏休みぃぃ
      At last, however summer vacation thrust [] (the ´∀ `*) the test result it does not come out yet,… [katsukatsu] thought the [yu] [u] it is lately and already [chi] wax teacher the [a] is dangerously and also the [yu] [tsu] [chi] where also the soccer of the laughing mushroom or the benevolence whose treatment of the child is good is funny is defeated to benevolence and the [ji] and the form which the soccer is done is groovy, (the ' ▽' *) When it is [niha] ゚ [tsu] ♪ benevolence location, true natural and it is not? Roundly - the [ji] [yu] it is the older brother of gymnastics, [tsu] one [a] end it does not set and seems and thrusts to benevolence and…… with puts out [rokun] of the laughing studio densely and [] where the girl is (д⊂) [ko] ゙ [shiko] ゙ [shi] laughing it is… that understanding, that… it is lovely, the [ru] it is with to do [tsu] that, the [yo] convinced offense useless [tsu] [chi] [ya] clean [ji] [yu] is also the hair just a little has become short, don't you think? prince smooth - with, the turtle it has and the [ya] and others [ku] [te] good [] (∀) summer is dies so the [ji] which may [yu] is densely the [chi] turtleIt comes out, after stopping, first story you saw, but it is, the finishing. You sleep both coral [me] - it is midway (the ' д `;) Persevering, the [ji] [yu] is the fugitive warrior sees, song of the turtle that [chi] turtle which is not overlooked, the arrival [u] it is you took densely, don't you think? it seems, the @ picking up [repo] [u] it is the turtle the [tsu] [tsu] which seems as for such a turtle solo which is done there is no 1582, the [te], becoming the original ballad, don't you think? the [tsu] [ru] it seems, the bullet it is and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] perhaps does also the guitar, it is influence of that one or, in the laughing better [ya] radio now during the [ikemen] month of midsummer, last week castle rice field superior, this week Hiraoka 祐 as for the turtle it is busy thickly or, ゚ (the no д `;)Don't you think? ゚ with, when being the castle rice field superior also the fan eye line doing, there is no [mote] [ru] or [mote], we would like to bite you did, it is, don't you think? castle rice field superior the [mote] [ru] it seems now the plain gauze the righteousness - counter - opposite - laughing after that with soul [riku], squall you sang together, it is the [tsu] [te] which is sung you say, or the guitar better [ya] like castle rice field superior song expert or the [tsu] pass and when the voice which the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] grandly it does the laughing [a] [a] which you did - coming to this time soul [raji] where we would like to hear also squall of the turtle before the oven plain gauze, the request stripe you do and to call in [yo] turtle bearing are with becoming nowThe coming [ge] it is with the way, the red west benevolence [tsu] [te] the television which is audible seeing, go, is something is what,… the [a] - the [ru] cup (`Ω ') yesterday shock thing there was today and, the [a] - absolute [repo] it does today when it will be healed with the [ru] cup!!!!!!!!

    • 今日の試写会☆
      Today test copying meeting* “Orion Tamaki Hiroshi Kitagawa Keiko hall distinctiveness of the movie midsummer which” goes 嘉 邦 Hiraoka 祐 it is thick the Yoshida Eisaku bell. How Hiraoka 祐 thickness it is “the Aegis “[rorerai]” stage greeting of clear Satoshi Mizuho blowing surpassing full benefit Oka Tetsu supervision dramatization Fukui in national ruin” to be, and others doing, meeting place surprise (- the ^*)/it comes and the [ya] - o which is the storm (^-^) o it is groovy…

    • 真夏のオリオン
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • ◆映画 真夏のオリオン◆
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • ぴらみっど。
      The limousine bus 23:23 hotel metropolitan arrival Ikebukuro departure 23:34 rode in the Wako city line in, reality stuck in 41 minutes it is, but “hand shine @ Hiraoka God 祐 thickly last story of starring” “the [kuizushiyou] @ 櫻 well Sho starring” looking at 5 & 6 stories, the [tsu] [chi] will not increasing in the cod time out. In m (_ _) m (reason, yesterday sees and is not the first “mr.brain@ Kimura Takuya starring & Mizusima [hiro] coaction” the [re] [te] and “the boss@ heaven sea 祐 6th story of the inside Yutaka rare starring & Takeno Tamayama iron two coaction” you see and the [re] [te] increase are (; ▽;) ). Inferior candy candy (?? ) The pyramid you saw, - the [tsu] [tsu]!!!! First day and in last day you stayed in [giza], but it is, it is visible from midst of the bus, “in [hutsu] the town (town? )” The pyramid (in you of access from carrying, picture of depth) which floats in “[hutsu]” there being truly [soko], also the sphinx according to [uwasa] staring “pizza hat & kfc,” impression it was the Egypt experience in [te] various sense, is, it is. Well temporarily, even with you worship first “[kao] of the monstrous beast after 10 days”?

    • 事務所
      The [amiyuzu] [tsu] [te] being able to sell, the [ru] person is many, don't you think? but Miura spring Hiraoka Ken Ueno Ziyuri horse Sato 祐 the adult plan where with Koide Megumi mediating/helping Yoshida high Yuriko Okada Yosinori God wooden Riyuunosuke Mizusawa [erenaateisuto], as for me Abe [sadawo] stays thickly even with Fukuyama elegance Osamu [porunopahuyumu] the favorite one (*^o^*) such a thing saying as for the impoliteness but as for plan the supporting actor is many, performer properly with personality, the favorite [ru] there*

    • 長--い←
      issue , please visit the following link

    • ◎。○。△。×。バトン
      Favorite show biz celebrity * favorite show biz celebrity ○ delicate show biz celebrity △ hateful show biz celebrity × Inside Yutaka Takeno… intellectual viewing red west benevolence ・・・△ medium circular Yuichi ・・・○ hill celebration Ichiro ・・・△ brocade door Akira ・・・○ inside Hiroshi your… intellectual viewing Koike Tetsu flat ・・・△ Yamamoto Yutaka model ・・・○ Tanaka 圭 ・・・△ [uentsu] ・・・△ Nakao discernment celebration ・・・△ Oguri decade ・・・△ Saito Keita ・・・○ Saito lucky occurrence thickly ・・・○ Tanaka saint… Koutarou intellectual viewing Tanaka… intellectual viewing Koide Megumi mediating/helping ・・・○ 瑛 thickly Sho ・・・△ Ichihara Hayato ・・・○ Matsuda thickly ・・・○ Tsukamoto Kouzi ・・・△ Hiraoka 祐 it is thick ・・・△ Narumiya Hiroshi your ・・・◎ Koizumi Koutarou ・・・△ main point Jun・・・△ Nagai large… intellectual viewing Okada associate one ・・・○ 櫻 well Sho ・・・◎①Akihito [n] being less crowded Matsuyama [kenichi] ・・・△ Okano… intellectual viewing Tamaki Hiroshi ・・・○ Oizumi ocean ・・・△ Domoto Koichi ・・・△ pes ・・・△ Ishihara with you see and the ・・・△ Otsuka love ・・・△ aiko ・・・△ moat north Maki ・・・○ [saeko] ・・・△ Ichikawa reason robe… intellectual viewing Inoue Makoto middle ・・・△ 沢 rear end Erika the △ long 澤 [ma] you see and… the △ new fence joining robe ・・・○ Miyazaki [a] are ・・・△ Wakatuki thousand summer the ・・・○ 柴 promontory [kou] ・・・△ ai ・・・△ Fukada Kiyouko ・・・○ Suzuki smile ・・・△ 倖 rice field 來 not yet ・・・○ Ito Misaki ・・・△ Kato [ro] - the [sa] ・・・△ Kato [miriya] ・・・○ Nakajima beauty 嘉 ・・・△ Heda Megumi Rika ・・・○ 榮 warehouse Nana ・・・○ Ueno Ziyuri ・・・△ Hamazaki walking ・・・○ Ebihara friend village ・・・○ Yasumuro Nami Megumi ・・・◎ 絢 fragrance… the ○ it persevered*

    • もう
      God hand. The end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is although it was the ~ God ~ hand ~, Akasaka bosom to force the earth 8 where the ~ well the pleasure of [a] every week [] all the 6 stories the [tsu] [pa] is short quickly, the [a], the vigorous kana will not -?! It is earth 8 setting [chi] [ya] [ike] from next week, -* In order Hiraoka 祐 the parenthesis it was good Orion of the ~ [a] midsummer to hit thickly, [namonamonamo] <- it is the [gu] [chi] wind

    • 【2009年春ドラマ】ドラマ視聴率ランキング/アタシんちの男子、ミスターブレイン、スマイル...
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • ごくせん 水嶋ヒロ
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • 三国志のキャンペーン★子育て
      Parenting support center,) pm12 such as park, garden garden opening, shopping and mother's friend house: After 00 noon boiled rice (making eat ahead going out, returning) pm1: 00 milk 80 pm1?? 2: 30 naps pm2: 30?? 4: 00 the [a] the house (1f) with pm3 which plays: 00 snacks (the banana furthermore with present “[sakasu]” “parenting struggle description of thousand foster children” you have designated parenting as before the program which was not done, the [ri] in [burogu] of the mother who is done, many “[pe] [ta]” doing, and many “[pe] [ta] it returned and” did (with from the [yu] [u] thing skin the Yuuko valley Momoko Japanese radish. Supervision * God hand. First thought Hiraoka 祐 it is thick the Mizukawa [a], you see, the village river Eri rough lumber Hiroshi sentence (d?? boys) Other things * Hiromasa Taguchi 圭 luck loyal retainer Makoto Osamu new drama “parenting play” first story thought Tanaka large. 謙 Sato Kimura [kaera] * to lead cliff part2-未来 as for hearing well the master saw the child saying, as for your that friend of word of the friend parenting serious?? With saying, it increased, when (laughing) by the way the former husband the [bebi] giving which is something related to sibling like you apply, the father inside already one person increasing, it probably is parenting serious - (laughing) [with this article as a parenting trouble, furthermore after all thousand performer [tsu] [te] it is the one like the Kanemoto player, because it is blockade victory after 6 years of willow pitcher under combining which is it is to decorate with [sayonarahomuran] which becomes with 7000 of club commemoration, as for the result at such place, is [yu] [ma] [nu] effort draws, don't you think? it is probably will be As for gw…? [tsu] [po] of beauty care [sukusuku]* Height of children [sapo]… [The discernment Yoshitaka's male be completed ardently] [new model [inhuruen]… Classmate parenting web site expert #20…

    • ドクター イースト
      It started to look, although the elbow coming of the [tsu] or the leash is not eaten the [a] excessively, although the foolish foolish foolish [a] elbow coming we love, the [i] [u] [e] - it is the vegetable soup [a] which soup all the way was made, true east like this can be less crowded, temple side which dies, it ended and well ended and Usa's thought (laughing) [a] Hiraoka 祐 thickly the refuse was - elbow coming

    • 「4月期新ドラマ」を検証~その4.
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • 心動く瞬間
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • BOSS、みたどーっっ!!!!
      Yesterday for the first time at “[atashi] it is 2nd you looked time already even with boy @ moat north Maki starring & the Mukai reason coaction @ of the [chi],” it is it was not bad, - Mukai of Sho part, being different from the time of May patience part, the human being ill-smelling, the interesting stripe, with this “smile @ Matsumoto Jun starring” and “婚 [katsu]! Masashi @ Nakai. If starring” similar timing is agreeable, the type kana which is seen (by the way, the first audience rating of 婚 [katsu] was 16.3%, because so “the [kuizushiyou] @ 櫻 well Sho starring” was 14.0%, the negative economized [ya] [tsu] passing in Nakai, but [hanashi] quiz Shaw would like to see decisively “and from 婚 [katsu]!” The large [tsu] it does, but) it is to be with, after so long a time, boss@ first audience rating 18.1%” now, the [tsu] it came and finished seeing you saw and to withstand, super you were funny! Says as, inside Yutaka Takeno was and became dim and entered the [ike] [te] [te] (such, [chi] [yo], with [otokomae] [kiyara] lover) also Tamayama iron two the parenthesis it was good and, the groove edge 淳 flat the [wa] [yu] to be it does, the taste whose also [kendokobayashi] and warm water Yoichi are good putting out, the [ru] it does, the heaven sea 祐 rare [otokomae] puts out, Megumi Rika Heda and the part which has the gap it matches and the [ru] does, sets side [ru] performer position cute produces, in addition “without fail” sees!!!! With you scratch now cool, this “boss@ Thursday” and “the [kuizushiyou] @ Saturday” and “mr.brain@ Kimura Takuya starring & Mizusima [hiro] coaction @ Saturday” (<- from 5/23! ) The mast being completed with feeling, after this “hand shine @ Hiraoka God 祐 it is thick starring & the Mizukawa [a], you see, coaction @ Saturday” kana -, [atashi] (↑ “smile @ Friday” and “婚 [katsu]! The degree which we would like to see from @ Monday” is high, it seems) in any case Thursday & Saturday is, (that? Thursday [tsu] [te] tomorrow?? ) Work the returning home section, perseveres with the fixed time being completed, - the [tsu] [tsu]!!!!

    • 《ゴッドハンド輝》☆02
      'It remains to limit of life, 10 minutes!! ' (Synopsis) shine of the failure continuation (Hiraoka 祐 thickly), man [takao] which steals the wallet in waiting room of the hospital (the Morioka dragon) with encounter while chasing, in such the big [ho] [ku] [ro] when heuristic that is the “[ho] [ku] [ro] cancer”, is perceived in neck muscle, the shine which the high school student who encounters to traffic accident is carried the patient compared to, trick of complexion of the friend who attends to become matter of concern, the ***** which becomes not be able to concentrate on disposal already, everyone's life would not like to lose to go out and when inquiring about the scream of the life which keeps, he to seek absolute heaven luck, God hand shineTo with it keeps changing >

    • 8ガミガミ★
      [gotsu] shine* Good ~ (^^)/Hiraoka 祐 thickly it is too dangerous and before the [ro] [ma] [ji] man and the [ro] it is too lovely or and the [ro] [tsu] [te] the handle and others pierced earring opening, the [ru] it is? Until now, the air [zu] can the [wa] which is applied - (゜д゜) the Mizukawa [a] you see and have the [yo] - the favorite! Roughly and it is [hetare] and, that part calling feeling of laughing! Doing, don't you think? it increases, eight God Oji wwww what where the instant laughing which was seen does not stop? As for that delicate feeling… Existence it is thin and laughing it may be normally and you see from also next week with there attention and what when the ~ (´∀ `) ticket which 2 weeks is cut densely to mistake chill tour [] which reaches furthermore God [kita] one (no - -) no ~ stage constitution before the arena with this castle hole becomes matter of concern, direction before the getting burnt and believing laughing d [sute] at tomorrow first day shank right would like to persevere densely densely even with fault!! Don't you think? today when the [ru] it changes, the spring of the aura doing, the [bo] you have seen in next door of the Kimura multi rivers - and… It is, the [tsu]! Don't you think? the [ma] - and it is it is to be [ke] [tsu] (゜-゜) what, it is! It became the [tsu] [te] feeling, - laughing just that many tomorrow

    • 四宮先生が女性ってか!?
      The seeking fattening/fertilizing rice cake it enters and finishes to knead and it is Hanami of the bean jam, it is! Sometimes, don't you think? also the harmony candy is good, it probably is why specially to change “four shrine Kei” of the tv drama 'God hand shine which starts from last week' into the woman? If Telecom part Hiraoka 祐 is thick, four shrine teachers are that it probably is everyone's what, although it had enjoyed, be disheartened, the Mizukawa [a] of cheerful cheerful image we do not dislike seeing, is, but…By any means simply after all as for four shrine teachers as for the rival which is wanted being the man according to the original the [ro] which is the man!!

    • 結局。
      Sol of yesterday little bit just just… After comment the [re] better seed, the plan corner - today when it is on air the ~ (*^^*) which looked at new drama '[ko] ゙ [tsuto] ゙ hunt ゙' finally Hiraoka 祐 are thick with starring shank ~ (' 艸 `) contents non realistic burn…The kana how [tsu] which next week will be seen passing, the supporting actor luxurious Watabe Atsushi in the 郎 Tetuya Bessho and!! The Mizukawa [a] 'appearing in 33 minute detectives' even in seeing night, the [ru] it does! Saturday the Mizukawa [a], you see, with day shank (laughing) as for Bessho…After a long time, it was the person of the ham which the air which was seen does don't you think?…Certain…(; ^-^) With part of long hair…Something image changing, Watabe whom it increases Atsushi the 郎 was the feeling which well enough this time when it is favorite performer from former times the tannin [me] excessively does not have [aku] with part tomorrow the thick [chi] [ya] ~ which is schedule of the friend and Hanami it is! Already, scattering considerably, the combining which it increases?

    • ゴッドハンド輝
      It starts from today and it is one of the cartoons which the better seed ~ I love, (^-^) as for the original when it starts reading, the continuation becomes matter of concern… Because is, it collected and bought…Because so, there are times when it is not bought yet, you do not buy, as for the [te]… So the intention drama start securely of videotaping forgetting completely from today, [te]… After all, (- the _-) the [a] ~ and the [tsu] [chi] [i] it waited in [hame] which is taken from the middle it is ~ [kurupoko] state, the ~. Part Hiraoka 祐 is to be thick (^-^) the fog [tsu] [pa], is different from the original in the ♪ because and, also the characters are different somewhat, strange feeling…So it increases②The next became matter of concern, the person who is not seen by all means②Next week please see as for the one which cartoon has interest by all means②Please read the ~ (^-^) v

    • ゴッドハンド輝(TBS)
      Completely when interest starts to look the medium [tsu] [tsu] is, the first time, the father who stops stopping to finish the operation in the surgeon and America which had the technology of the God hand, by the elementary school 1st about grade son and the airplane which returns to Japan, accident, somehow the father who is saved to assure the revival of the son, it dies but and, the son who has become the surgeon, true east shine, although you assumed a new post to the new hospital, normally shows the way of [doji], to die, when it becomes the actual place where it faces because miraculous power is shown why, as for the father and son story as for the original where the tear does not stop is cartoon, a little the cartoon [tsu], but the [po] it is and the air weakness which is impressed a little so Hiraoka 祐 it is thick persevering!

    • 第1話
      God hand shine, 1st story ended! Being different from “love shuffle”, also hinako that comes out, and you think that it was the kind of drama where with light feeling you see and is not the [re], knows the weight of life the orator Hiraoka 祐 is thick the Mizukawa [a], when it is seeing, while operating which probably is not to see the shine which was said “there is an obligation which is saved”, the [tsu] [te], it is enormous groovy word, don't you think? however the [e] to the last it is private opinion, after, the glasses the person who was applied it was it is not, is? That person, elegance Osamu's Fukuyama mono Manet the seeing [tsu] [chi] which is done - the [tsu] [ke] which is? The name you do not understand well, however it is, being similar, increase it is? To the last, however it is private opinion, after (laughing), it starts from Friday, “rule of the Matsuda Sho thickly name detective” (?)Just with you do the drama which the shank temporarily, now has been attached to the cool eye in the Friday night, because drama of Asahi National Broadcasting Co. series, with local end inside, broadcast is late in comparison with 1 hour Tokyo, in order not to sleep, we would like to persevere!

    • まだ出てこないねNEWS。
      Это мнение , original meaning

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