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    Hiraoka Yuuta,

    Drama related words Fukuyama Masaharu Oizumi Yo Kaname Jun Kagawa Teruyuki namase katsuhisa Mizukawa Asami God Hand GODHAND TERU
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  • ○■ 平岡祐太

  • ○■ * Fukuyama “deep emotio n it is deep”,… “Riyuuma transmission” first Kochi location - the entertainment - from sanspo.com quotation… * the NHK big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” which is started on January 3rd of next year (after 8.0 the Sunday) photographing on the 19th, for the first time was done in Riyuuma's Sakamoto home & Kochi prefecture, the actor of starring, elegance Osamu Fukuyama (40) “deep emotion was deep also be embarrassed

  • ○■ * “Cloud 2nd story thou ght [rehi] ゙ [yu] Motoki Masahiro Abe Hiroshi Kagawa illumination with respect to special drama hill” 之 Miho Sugaya

  • ○■ * Kurokawa Satoshi flower “nude” first challenge! To photograph collection “snowflakes” sale!

  • ○■ * Fukuyama elegance Osamu starring NHK big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” * Big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” official sight

  • ○■ * Nao Oikawa Fukuyama in Riyuuma color setting up! In NHK big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” performance * Nao Oikawa Fukuyama in Riyuuma color setting up! Big river drama first performance: Entertainment: From sport information quotation… * Nao Oikawa of the talent (28), NHK big river drama “Riyuuma transmission” of January 3rd start performing on the 17th, you understood (the comprehensive television and Sunday rear 8 o'clock etc)

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ * Perfection is decorated in drama audience rating jin-仁-最終 time audience rating 25.3%! This year commercial broadcast connected gong highest audience rating * popularity drama 'jin-仁 -' last time, in this year commercial broadcast connected gong highest audience rating 25.3% perfection ([orikon]) - yahoo! From news quotation… * Osawa high the popularity drama 'jin-仁 which serves starring -' the last time (20 day broadcast tbs system) audience rating, 25.3% (Kanto area program average) with, recording the highest audience rating with the present term connected gong at present time on the 21st, it was understood with investigation of video research

  • ○■ jin-仁- dvd-box (2010/03 /17) Osawa it is high Miki Nakatani

  • ○■ It broadcasts from 2010 J anuary 9th

  • ○■ 1 (3 stories 26.0%/nhk sy nthesis) 2 (Last time 25.3%/tbs system) 3 (1 stories 24.8%/tbs system) 4 (23.1%/Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation) 5 (18 stories 21.7%/Asahi National Broadcasting Co. systems) 6 (2nd night 21.6%/Asahi National Broadcasting Co. systems) 7 (20.9%/Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation) 8 (End 20.7%/Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation) 9 (10 stories 20.6%/nhk synthesis) 10 (20.5%/Japanese television system) --------------------------------------------------------------- * With Kazuya & 柴 咲 [kou] stormy Ninomiya with the movie “shogunate harem” man and woman reversal shogunate harem Ninomiya the shogunate harem!? 柴 咲 in landlady troop!?

  • ○■ I see loving the program, “[hamonepu]”, when being broadcast, by all means, when (*^-^) you explain lightly, performs tune with just voice, decides victory in the tournament

  • ○■ Hiraoka 祐 thickness was performed to the guest, but it is the person who can talk well

  • ○■ As for… continuation wi th web…

  • ○■ ------------------------- -------------------------------------- * With Kazuya & 柴 咲 [kou] stormy Ninomiya with the movie “shogunate harem” man and woman reversal shogunate harem Ninomiya the shogunate harem!? 柴 咲 in landlady troop!?

  • ○■ [Casting introduction + i nterview] of luxurious actor position, [synopsis] of drama first half and [principal cast round table talk] [stage area introduction] [historical special edition] etc, 1 volumes of contents completeness

  • ○■ You think as the part she lf where the hurdle is high”, that you greet

  • 平岡祐太

    Hiraoka Yuuta,

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