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    Provisional disposition,

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  • ○■ 仮処分申請

  • ○■ But as for present sm ent ertainment “east God. The concert was postponed with situation”

  • ○■ これにより、 sm側 東方神起... Because of this, that the earnings which sm side obtains with activity of east God happening are invalid, are excessive profit you expressed, 10 [okuuonshiku] 3,000,000,000 won it takes precedence provides to the member required

  • ○■ It was questioned by murd er and the like in the mother and child murder incident of product sutra news 2009.11.26 13:16 Yamaguchi prefecture optical city, the original boy Mitiko Masuda of the author (28) with was present and man defendant of the original boy who receives capital punishment decision (28) during = appealing centering on the [rupotajiyu] book which inscribes the actual name =, a time prohibiting of the publication and 1st oral proceedings of the lawsuit which requested the compensation for damage of 11,000,000 Yen on the 26th, were the Hiroshima district court “[inshidentsu]” of the publisher (Tokyo) vis-a-vis,

  • ○■ 2009年8月1日、韓国 ディ... 2009 August 1st, the Korean media announced 5 human group vocal group east God happening dispersion crises which are active in Asia, but this news is picked up simultaneously even with the Chinese each media, the domestic east God happening fan has received impact

  • ○■ When now, you look at the article which is written in Korea, dispersion or lawsuit of east God happening the contents which at all is not relationship is a large quantity

  • ○■ 一方smでは、メン ーたちが... On the one hand, with sm, that the members the latest provisional disposition application was done with the investment of cosmetics business, official standpoint was stated, but as for the members investing on cosmetics business as for the latest provisional disposition application completely there is no relationship

  • ○■ This day, sm side and 3 m ember sides in the point that the same standpoint was shown you do not desire the dispersion of everyone and east God happening,

  • ○■ 和解の方向となっ のは、フマ... As for becoming direction of reconciliation, the provisional disposition application which [humakira] causes in 2009 July, a liberal translation

  • ○■ sm, presently, has applie d focusing this plan lawsuit to the verification of existence of belonging exclusively contract

  • ○■ 2. 13年という専属 約期... 2. 13 years truth of the belonging exclusively period of contract which is said meant life contract

  • ○■ For the present as for th e courthouse the possibility of giving a decision from now on September 11th vis-a-vis belonging exclusively contract effect stop provisional disposition application is high, a liberal translation

  • ○■ だがsm側は三メン ーが相... But sm side it was not possible to narrow the difference of standpoint in the point that three members in the point that, as for three members you desire the fact that it is active as a phase not changing sm post singer, belonging to the other plan company, just the title, east God happening you ask the fact that it is active,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The development is observ ed attendant upon this in the future of these vis-a-vis activity radius

  • ○■ 「ひとまず専属契 効力停止... Because “belonging exclusively contract effect stop provisional disposition application was put out for the present, the following stage is to do the verification lawsuit of belonging exclusively contract non- existence, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Because either the part w hich east God happening appeals legally is not different from the part of that it is disadvantageous, you do not see”

  • ○■ 東方神起三メンバ とsmエン... East God happening [jiyunsu] (actual name [kimu] [jiyunsu]) where the east God happening three member and sm entertainment submit the last document to the October 12th courthouse, [jiejiyun] (actual name [kimu] [jiejiyun]), [yuchiyon] (actual name [paku] [yuchiyon]) and sm entertainment (sm

  • ○■ As for three member side defense counsels in order we would like to cancelling the contract with sm in question of the courthouse the party to combine the unjust point, whether we would like to correct for, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 東方神起(トンバ シンギ)のジ... East God happening ([tonbanshingi]) [jiejiyun] (the hero) [yuchiyon] (Mickey) [jiyunsu] (the shear) with post office sm entertainment on the 21st, with the new court trial for belonging exclusively contract effect stop provisional disposition application, verified the difference of mutual standpoint

  • ○■ As for sm entertainment v is-a-vis the successful lawsuit decision of this day “the east God happening 'spell which young people protective commission deliberates decides - the young people possession of mirotic'. When the basis medium decision for objective characteristic and propriety is insufficient the latest decision of the courthouse where it decides is thought that it becomes the opportunity which reconsiders the recognition for the creative category of originator

  • ○■ 東方神起を応援し いるお友達... To the friend who supports east God happening

  • 仮処分申請

    Provisional disposition,

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