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    Excellent cheeseburger,

    Food And Drinks related words MOS Burger Lotteria Quarter pounder Exquisite hamburger
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  • ○■ 絶品チーズバーガー

  • ○■ で、その日の夜にt vで「お願い... So, in night of that day with tv “request! There is a program, ranking gold”, the people who become the spicy beauty food house, severely criticize “the hamburger of the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear”, being something where,

  • ○■ With sa the middle 'parag on [chizubaga]' of the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear heart being taken in the commodity which becomes, don't you think? it is not perplexed and order… the [a] ~, the [u] is, the spy sea the hamburger and [tsu] [te] impression… two degrees the asking/depending imitation [e]! And [tsu] [pa] moth shelf! The [u] it is

  • ○■ 前回の絶品チーズ ーガーより... The exquisite hamburger is tastier than previous paragon [chizubaga, a liberal translation

  • ○■ That you thought whether the meat of thickness about of [hanbagu] has entered privately,

  • ○■ ロッテリアびいき 僕が、遅れ... Me of the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear [bi] going, tardy the “exquisite hamburger” was eaten

  • ○■ The [ro] which with the f ast food as for the hamburger which exceeds this paragon [chizubaga] does not come out for a while and is - - with you could think and it was impact

  • ○■ 「絶妙ハンバーガ 」をいただ... It received the “exquisite hamburger”!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 12/27 (month) as for weig ht of morning the boiled rice Choya greens bean milk juice of 56.8 kilometer preceding day, the coffee, the [po] it is from can Kyushu… [sutekibaga] and the coffee (the son paragon [chizubaga]) the Japanese radish with the good harvest, or with, Cub to soak the night parents' home shallow with the noon Lotte Co., Ltd. rear, after the cooked food of Japanese radish and [wakame] and the chicken, cod Chile, fry from cod, the beer Because 12/28 (the fire) weight of morning the boiled rice Choya greens bean milk juice of 56.2 kilometer preceding day, the coffee, the [po] is the cream croquette fixed food night 1 human rice at can 2 [ko] noon center, crab [shiyuumai] which is received, [supa] of salt burning [konbini] of the mackerel (the vegetable insufficient [a] it is to do) 12/29 (the water) as for weight of morning the boiled rice Choya greens bean milk juice of 56.7 kilometer preceding day, the coffee, apple 1/2 noon salmon brown to soak, see and pinch the night kim chee pot, %

  • ○■ というか、ほぼ回 してました... With you say, or evaded almost and increased

  • ○■ As for taste however the feeling which inserted the vegetable all the way in paragon [chizubaga] of the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear… the tomato it did not enter

  • ○■ おれの大好物の絶 チーズバー... Paragon [chizubaga] of my favorite food buying, it returned

  • ○■ The [a] ~ it is good, you applied, whether private “exquisiteness” compared to “the paragon” the favorite, the kana which this time, it will be possible inside the store and will eat raising

  • ○■ 絶品チーズバーガ セット、食... Paragon [chizubagasetsuto], you ate

  • ○■ First the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear it is to remove, is! Being fair, 1,500 Yen which eat the original menu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 絶品チーズバーガ ほんとに美味... The paragon [chizubaga] [ho] it is with it is tasty! Underground 1f [tsu] [te] something of the Lotte Co., Ltd. rear of the Harajuku Takeshita entrance bosom it forces, laughing

  • ○■ , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日はロッテリア 絶品チーズバ... May be linked to more detailed information..

  • 絶品チーズバーガー

    Excellent cheeseburger,

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