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    Flunk Punk Rumble,

    Manga related words Hayate the combat butler BLEACH Big Windup! NARUTO Hongo Kanata Black Butler FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Narumiya Hiroki Air Gear naka riisa Alumni Association Ace of Diamond Kaibutsu kun Tumbling For not honest Newcomer Absolute zero

    • トーハン週報10年2/5号
      You deliver to 01 you and as though (10) Shiina lightly head Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 02 heavens public (21) the large end maintaining human Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 03 vagabond (32) Inoue Katuhiko Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 04 [hueariteiru] (19) it is true island [hiro] Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 05 [hayate]! (22) A of the field health Jiro Shogakukan Inc. 06 diamond (19) end of the temple island Yutaka two Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 07 darkness 裔 (12) the groove of Matsushita Yoko white spring corporation 08 God [sekai] which is known (7) young tree people happy Shogakukan Inc. 09naruto (49) you sing the Kishimoto equal/history Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 10 star, (7) high house Nazuki white spring corporation 11giant killing (13) [tsujitomo] Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 12 good it is possible to finish, is

    • 10年1月コミックストーハンPOS調べ
      Opinion ,

    • 09年07月トーハンPOS調べ
      En japonais ,

    • トーハン週報09年7/31号
      As though they are 01 [hayate]! (20) Field health Jiro Shogakukan Inc. 02 cross game (15) empty [chi] being full Shogakukan Inc. 03 [hueariteiru] (16) strongest pupil [kenichi] in true island [hiro] Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 04 history (34) Matsue. The instant Shogakukan Inc. 05 angel heart (30) Hojo Osamu Shinchosha Company 06 without fail the cute chill drain (17) the Shiina Takashi Shogakukan Inc. 07 [a] [zu] cartoon Daio 2nd grade [a] [zu] firewood, the [hi] it is dense the Shogakukan Inc. 08 school Alice (19) Higuchi orange white spring corporation 09 tutor [hitsutomanribon]! (25) Amano discernment Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 10 cherry tree princess bloom transmission (2) the groove of kind village possession greens Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 11 God [sekai] which is known (5) young tree people happy Shogakukan Inc. 12 silver soul (29) Sorachi English fall the Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 13 [gutsudomoningu] kiss (4) Takasuka reason branch Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 14 pride (11) the Ichijo [yu] temporary Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 15pluto (8) it makes the Urasawa Naoki Shogakukan Inc. 16 tea

    • 09年04月トーハンPOS調べ
      81 naruto-[naruto] - 45 Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. jump comics 2009/02 Kishimoto equal/history 82 pocket monster special 31 Shogakukan Inc. [te] it is insect comics special 2009/03 Yamamoto [satoshi] 83 cheese suite foam/home 6 Kodansha publishers, Ltd. morning is questioned kcdx 2009/04 it is dense the common far side 84 tapir men

    Flunk Punk Rumble, Manga,

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