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    Dream Passport,

    Gamble related words Delta Blues Deep Impact Manhattan Satsuki Sho Japanese 2,000 Guineas Meishou samsung Seiun Wonder Reach the Crown Three Rolls
    0 .
  • ○■ ドリームパスポート

  • ○■ Running emperor fall befo re 1996 2 popularity 13 arrival bubble gum felloe 1 arrivals. Starting running it is not in breakdown chrysanthemum flower prize 4 arrival (0.7 second difference) 2009 5 popularity of after the chrysanthemum flower prize 7 arrival 2006 4 popularity 6 arrival May Shaw Samson Satuki 1 arrival Derby 1 arrival 1 running of after the chrysanthemum flower prize 3 arrival 2004 3 popularity 10 arrival [hatsukurai] Satuki 14 arrival Derby 2 arrival 1 running of after the chrysanthemum flower prize 1 arrival 2003 2 popularity 4 arrival [neoyunivuasu] Satuki 1 arrival Derby 1 arrival 2 running of after the chrysanthemum flower prize 5 arrival 2000 3 popularity 14 arrival air plain gauze cirque Satuki 1 arrival Derby 2 arrival 2 running of after 1997 4 popularity 5 arrival silk justice Derby 2 arrival 2 runningChrysanthemum flower prize 5 arrival of after 9 arrival [richizakuraun] Satuki 13 arrival Derby 2 arrival 1 running, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 皐月賞馬 オルフェ ーブル が登... Satuki prize horse [oruhueburu] appears, with the overwhelming victory of 3 horse body differences of Tokyo Satuki prize, Derby this, with before saying, reputation is high, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Next, if you say, to pull out king joy with the latest victory, reality. You became the prize queen of the obstacle horse

  • ○■ ★同名レース過去 年分の好... * Same name race/lace past within rising 3 rank within the good running pattern � father board r horses from forign country + field road chrysanthemum s connected anti- 4 angular 2 count of 6 years (above carrier 4 game) cosmopolitan phantom 1 arrival and difference 1 arrival above the lawn new horse 2 horse body above the Kay eye my skiing 3 arrival �1400<4 angular first>Rising most fast Taylor Barton 2 arrival, the Mickey pumpkin 1, [dantsukitsusui] 2 arrival, [husaichiohutora] 1 arrival �nd based ss based combination +1600 within 4 angular 2 count inside or more lawn high prize 4 arrivals +1600 or more lawn 1 arrival it rises and most fast markka Hannibal 2 arrival, inside of the difference 1 arrival 4 angular 3 count above the lawn 4 horse body running Kyoto 1600 or more of [husaichiohutora] 1 arrival � father mother father [tonibin] + fronts rises most fast Taylor Barton 2 arrival, dream passport 2%

  • ○■ 20061 arrival song of win dow 2 dream passports

  • ○■ 12.8 - 11.5 -... 12.8 - 1 1.5 - 11.1 - 11.6 - 11.7 -

  • ドリームパスポート

    Dream Passport,

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