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    Kana Kobayashi,

    Entertainment related words Yonezawa Akimoto sayaka Ooshima Masako Kashiwagi Yuki Ono Erena Maeda Atsuko kitahara rie Itano Tomomi
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  • ○■ The Kozima positive green s” is dense the [ji], in the crying face kind of audience where the joy blended to the [ru] and confusion little bit gratitude

  • ○■ Inner part Manami, Kawani shi Satoshi beauty, the Kobayashi Kaori greens, Natuki Sato, Noro good generation and warehouse holding Asuka, it is close the field 莉 greens

  • ○■ Tada love it is good” t he p tail wooden ●● with the board appearance customer [za] [wa] laughing

  • ○■ Masuda possession bloom, you question with your birthday [me]!!!

  • ○■ Team a captain: The Takah ashi everyone seeing (the origin a) the Kozima positive greens, Mariko Sinoda, Atuko Maeda, the Nakata [chi] with, the Takajo sub- tree (the origin k) warehouse holding Asuka, Matsubara summer the sea, (the origin b) Tada love it is good, Katayama positive adding, relations valley Meika, relations river far fragrance, the finger field 莉 乃, (being promoted) expert will Tsu Kaori, Maeda sub- beauty, Misaki Iwasa, the Suzuki ball and

  • ○■ Temporarily, the [tsu] of transfer to stack from old team k, after - (Matsubara summer the sea), the [tsu] [chi] - (warehouse holding Asuka) being promoted being announced approximately 1 years it was made wait, the being promoted member from the research student still starting, increase it is, and you question with your first day [me] of the [tsu] [tsu] [tsu], it is!!! On the 27th, the curtain it rises… truly, don't you think????

  • ○■ Even ~~~ (∀)

  • ○■ () The inside Daruma colo r Iwasa Misaki ⇒ boar sudden dash (gold) Tada love good ⇒ room cleaning (purple) the expert will Tsu Kaori ⇒ heaven robe non sewing (color of the sea) Katayama positive adding ⇒ possession word execution (yellow) warehouse holding Asuka ⇒ gentle appearance and sturdy spirit (black) the Kozima positive greens ⇒ eight one beauty (pink) finger field 莉 乃 ⇒ this mind same strange (gold) the Sinoda Mariko ⇒ with utmost effort (gold) the Suzuki ball and ⇒ destruction face smile (pink) Takajo sub- tree ⇒ spirit high spirits (red) Getupo everyone seeing ⇒ Nisshin Takahashi (pink) relations river far fragrance ⇒ liveliness 溌Area (gold) the Nakata [chi] with Getupo ⇒ Nisshin (pink) ⇒ predecessor Mitou relations valley Meika (color of the sea) Maeda Atuko ⇒ systemic all spirit (white) Maeda sub- beauty ⇒ heart machine complete change (black) Matsubara summer sea ⇒ naive cute (silver)

  • ○■ Don't you think? 'you mak e the [ne] stating television expect', to further interest

  • ○■ As for Mariko Sinoda, one person of the akb48 member, as for height there are 168 centimeters

  • ○■ Kobayashi Kaori greens of ↑ picture [wa] akb* (The *^▽^*)/today and [retsugo] it did vigorously in [tsu] ↑ work, are to read the [ya] [ganbarinko] (^_-) -*

  • ○■ 13:00 ~13: 45 Sato sub- b eauty greens Fujie [re] it is, fall. Ability adding. Field Kaoru Tada love good Obara spring fragrance benevolence. . 乃 14:00 ~14: 45 Sato reason adding reasons high. Natuki sub- tree large moat blessing Kawanishi Satoshi beauty Sato field. . Generation inlet field one beauty

  • ○■ 小林香菜

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • 小林香菜

    Kana Kobayashi,

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