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    Takahashi Hirokazu,

    Business related words Ministry of Finance Buried treasure Kasumigaseki Nerima 警視庁練馬 Toyo University Takenaka Heizo 鳩山総理 Noda Yoshihiko Finance Financial crisis

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    • Black snake
      'Blast running Tracker corps 5 intense fighting! The Hong Kong [mahuia] vs woman Tracker' (94 Tracker project) color 83 minute (supervision) feldspar Taka man (script). . . Yutaka (photographing) river. Dragon Osamu (illumination) Yoichi Takahashi (the fine arts) Shibata Hiroshi England (sound recording) Inoue public two (compilation) Satoshi Anzai (scripter) black. Mika (steel) Dobashi. Even if 鷹 (plan) Koichi Ishida (the plan producer) Sato Akira one (performance) [jiyoni] Ookura, 彦 Maro, beat to come, the heaven. 揚 child, wide. Craftsman/teacher, Akira and valley mountain Ayako Hoshino, true our, Yukihide Dajima two, rice field. Even if circle and Yanagida it is high, Keiichi Ando. Pannus. Beijing, Jun valley Oka (judgment) Yokohama Giyuuzi [ru] Hong Kong [mahuia] “black snake” and [jiyoni] large. Straight of according to title contents are good, the Tracker corps which it leads confronts, but is, [shiyoboi] to do action as usual, the heaven of heroine part. Either amorousness service of the 揚 child without being enough at all, the tip as a series is not visible completely, (the point) 5 points

    • Even in regrettable Ina city warning board, the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries food indicatory incident random.
      With case of yesterday mother from Tatsuno in the return in Ina city when you looked at the bulletin board due to the hot spring, it is the photograph, it forces and Ina city which has warning it is to be town but you do not understand whether the bosom which it passed to my high school age the [ho] are with still Komagane which markedly is city and Iijima Cho and Minowa Cho how have become, but when this time going, in the mother whom to see you try with Aogashima and Mikura Jima on the car the key not using, it is good that and, you open the window and there is no worry even with the [tsu] releasing when story was done, former times as for such worry it was not even with this Kawasima, but is,Little by little, that it became affluent and it became dangerous from the time where difference of wealth and poverty appears, when thing very with one side rich life is achieved, already with one side poverty continues and differential spreads, it means that or, crime is likely to occur, as for this there is also consequence of politics, you think that there are also kind of times difference which had the parent like the parent and the long-horned grasshopper like the function bee there are also times when and, at the company the resentment which is not the clear and others [se] is exploded by the pressure which is received at the company, but probably will be, looking at every present trust which is something which is troubledWhen it was, that again Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries non had published 9 tenths of food indication violation of 08 years, when thing all violation is published, when because the damage of the trader is large, therefore with every thing trust as for judging the consumer, if the indication which is different from fact was verified we have assumed that everything should be published rapidly, but the tendency that such a thing it adds the hand heart among other things which you think that completely it is proper, there is adhesion of the bureaucracy and the trader, when the one which is wound, something respective company causing problem in long ones, somewhat,If in Yoichi's Takahashi of the Liberal Democratic Party brain which you think that it has engendered, theft incident, it is to think that it should inspect, whether a little more than you think normally, there is a crime, the residence searches and there is no stolen article but when it does not find fault critical planting grass one 秀 is in the Liberal Democratic Party, arresting, in case of the Ozawa Ichiro private secretary of the investigation Democratic party, ignoring is in the Liberal Democratic Party Assemblyman private secretary, with democracy. If the private secretary is snuzzled in arrest power, there is the eye dropping, but if so is not, with such a thing which the composition that has been clear it is hit thoroughly, there will continue to be crime from society, probably will be

    • Today Suzuki player!
      Today “cannot it be” that it is the Suzuki justice line player tournament from healing accident after the weighing which the partner who 4 months finally can appear in the Suzuki player Korakuen ring the Takahashi Yoichiro player of the Nitta gym to be the friend of the fielder's choice hand merely, we would like to expect the splendid tournament where the mutual all power which has also the fact that 1 years or more you practiced with former times [manabejimu] was exhausted as for the photograph which is immediately before “the [u], it is good”, that letting flow the tear to the meal which is done after a long time properly, the inside of the photograph which is the Suzuki player is 4 people who receive present protest, because (accidentally time became same, after you took), this 4When Shibuya you enter into the person, if you become examinee everyone so you say, in order not to be defeated to the participation of Takeda player and 2 fathers where as for Shibuya you student today of the original Nitta gym when the edge of the Nitta gym is felt, being the case that it is said, as for the result afterwards under the photograph which is you push also coming to an end and including the father ace and Song of [manabejimu] which is 2 people of the Takeda player and the father ace of the tournament on December 28th it approaches whether the lever it is what it is strong, strange rank, are strong and are, if it does not round off end! As for end student of tenderness of abnormal body. The body which of course the carrier of [ama] which the [tsu] [te] which uses the road your foot on the neck, is not the human industry and is 20 game is not Date and is making securely, we would like to debut,

    • Immediately before notification
      This day night from 8 o'clock, Yoichi Takahashi and together, Satoru Miyazaki 弥 with “the depth of Yumiko's Yokota news” (the bs Asahi new star) birth performing it does! “Yukio's Hatoyama politics science is done”, combining also the advertisement, the varieties from Yoichi schedule Takahashi who talks, some inside story springs out, Satoru Miyazaki from what kind of sharp question comes out 弥, 乞 [u] expectation!

    • Ozawa [huatsushiyo]!!?? It revives state expenditure throwing to road construction at high-speed price hike!!??
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • The gold which becomes warm use it becomes distantly greatly, (happy expectation)
      Finally spring to seem, don't you think? it became warm, because distantly the gold which becomes warm you heard the word that use it becomes greatly, in the merchant who has the veteran business, as for truth however it is unclear, as for the person it does not withstand economy forever, if it is spring, becoming warm, if the string of the wallet becomes loose is what is, is April, it sells, if so you mention trading which is, there being a supply side (feeder side enterprise) and a demand side (demand side consumer), either one the [ke] is pulling doing business first to business recovery? Don't you think? with there is the argument which is said, the egg ahead or the chicken ahead would like to bite at the person (as for this egg it seems being, the shank) old Liberal Democratic Party was supply side policy, but because presently, as for the Democratic party, kind of this which does the countercyclical measures of the demand side which treats directly in the consumer (child treatment and the like) to tell the truth there is there being a conclusion, with the nosewheel the supply side as it is called in the car, the demand side is the rear wheel, it is as for the rear wheel not to be possible and how to say to pass the nosewheel, (the kana which is Yoichi certain Takahashi? When) it is plugged, it is dense, sooner or later whether administration returns to the Liberal Democratic Party administration, whether the Democratic party directs some eye to the supply side, business (election? Whether) and it changes the citizen to be the consumer, it is the feeder who in addition belongs to a some organization because…

    • #2401 Yoichi
      Nihongo , Feel free to link

    • The book which was read recently
      Yoichi's this Takahashi who was read recently good-bye financial affairs ministry! - This person who read the confession of the man who designates bureaucratic everything as the enemy the [muchiyakuchiya] head is good! The small government [tsu] [te] the concept which is said compulsory problem [tsu] [te] truth well being understood is difficult, don't you think? only it keeps making the finish small government it is, don't you think?…

    • As for panic the large chance of Japan
      First we would like to display respect in the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. judgment which publishes Yoichi's Takahashi book

    • Hatoyama economy science is done
      菅 Vice-President, national strategy charge minister of state Naoto, financial affairs minister of state and Cabinet prefecture special life charge minister of state (economic fiscal policy charge) explained the title collapsing, Yoichi's Takahashi explanation

    • Yoichi that Takahashi, revival!?
      Discovering Yoichi's Takahashi whom you think that” it was erased” from the press with the doubt which steals the high-class clock at the bathroom new work book

    • (21.10.7) The strange justification of Yoichi's blurring in Takahashi of shadow of Koizumi reformation 
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • Mr. Mr. and heaven wooden Naoto secondary island Takahiko it is I.⑤
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • The animated picture which becomes matter of concern was taught.
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • Recent book-reading
      As usual, because, month 20 volume reading, this or which now when it increases you have borrowed temporarily the book which you buy is troublesome, only title will serve the long time staff part “of the thing original Akai Electric Co., Ltd. which fairness well three is thought to retirement age”, also the rear of the independence quitting work in North America will participate with the business consultant and probably will do is, but because well this age (1938 to be born) age are different from age at all, it does not become reference, but Yoichi Takahashi “good-bye the financial affairs ministry! - Causing incident, turning also the world to the enemy, stripe now it does and Hiro Ohashi 昌 with recent negotiation power is questioned “the negotiation technique work which is not defeated”, but “the one negotiation power of writing boar shoal Naoki short essay” it cries forever and as for the crying dropping of insect [uho] it does not pass and so, however the dissertation which is many a thing which explanatory power is questioned it is not necessary to write, when you think whether confession” theft of the man who designates bureaucratic everything as the enemy what it probably is seed conspiracy what, the short essay [tsu] [te] honestly it has not studied thinking that is, our Fujikawa thickly “the white-collar worker fails 2 times” 30~40 generation Riemann's housekeeping expenses unwittingBecoming [metabo] constitution, unless you think securely from inside the [te] and now, those which well, certainly now money and physical strength a little there is a room, 2 times fail in 50 generations and 70 generations, but this continues how long, it is it is from the [wa], as for “company but as for stopping Egaki hardness the fearful” author, at Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. after the large soldier/finishing 26 years serving, in 49 years old general manager early of the company announcing the novel to retirement lastly from during application holding office, after the [te], retirement at writing one becoming life, [ru] reason small 椋 Katsura likeIt is as for the colorful person it is good, is “Japanese side lever phosphorus” privately, the expression which cannot there be an honesty, the like [chiyo] Japanese [tsu] [po] to be, the mark

    • [bakayaro]! Economics
      As for the collaboration of Yoichi Takahashi, there to be also Takahashi's intention, but the publisher and in regard to conference, quite the unnatural which becomes the publication in a way, my single work, like this it should do, doing from contents of the book it reached to the conclusion there is no method of rescuing the manuscript, unless it puts out, before the electing as for truth of Takahashi's incident because there is no meaning, being still unclear, as for presumption of my appearance, as for the title which is the intention of writing on the postscript of the book according to schedule of beginning “[bakayaro]! Pattern last week becomes economics”, the urgent sewer, having helping in the k wife, when you insert necessary correction, presently, at the point where illustration other final adjustments are done with labor assistant of the editor originally, but the book of the expectation which has bursting into laughter in the reader, you become like this, you read the manuscript for correcting which only has receiving content rather “[maji]” that way have returned, it made [zotsu] in those which the nature, national power you cannot know it is what,

    • It is the viewpoint which it drilled
      Это мнение , for multilingual communication

    • You looked at real of the Democratic party politics
      Yukio's Kaoru Yoichi Takahashi Takeuchi/Hatoyama politics chemistry is done, if - the [bakayaro] economics which returns - you mention Yoichi ★★★★☆ Takahashi, the economic scholar who knows as the brain of the Takenaka flat warehouse

    • Regrettable!!
      Some days ago, looking at the newspaper article, it is famous as the person who discloses the buried deposit gold which is Yoichi's Takahashi whom it makes the [ku] way arrest article, but the fact that also one time meets for me, means that it is not, but you read that book as a master of monetary policy and searched there was literature which becomes very reference especially, concerning the investigation and future monetary policy etc of cause of depression criticism also the surface which it passes it was somewhat, vis-a-vis Bank of Japan you do not know, but that kind of point increased, thinking, that it is necessary, whether why, such a thing is done, butIt is regrettable

    • original letters
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • Japanese weblog
      japanese means , for multilingual communication

    • Both sides now
      * [The book] Yukio's [bakayaro] economics [ritanzu] 08:24 Hatoyama politics science is done, (the [bakayaro] economics which returns) the writer: Yoichi Takahashi, Takeuchi Kaoru publisher/manufacturer: In forest sale day: 2009/12/18 media: New book purchase: 5 human clicks: Oh according to the funny this book where you look at details with 46 amazon.co.jp, as for Prime Minister Hatoyama however perhaps to be very deep you have understood various thing, when you think that the typical science scholar who does not attach the story there logically by mistake it is not only that becoming unable to be visible, side doing, sweetly this person or who becomes 々 don't you think? it hurt, when you look at below, in addition, as an axis of the Democratic party you make a mistake the flow to House of Councillors selection at least, improbable bearing stratum: Autonomous labor (local autonomy we would not like to do) Nitukiyou group (the enemy of the literature course ministry) pachinko industry (we want the denizenship of the resident Korean) the enemy: The diplomatic relations ministry (we would like to lose family Assemblyman, but because local autonomy it does not do, it may become) Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (the agricultural cooperative we would like to crush the road after all entirely in the national highway) the thick labor ministry (with the enemy of long wife minister of state in the popularity taking the highest) literature course ministry (the enemy of Nitukiyou group) temporarily friend: Sizuka Kamei (we want the vote of the specific post office) Fukushima Mizuho (to House of Councillors selection? ) The financial affairs economical multipara ministry Ozawa's power is enormous nevertheless, don't you think? it is, as for analysis with game theory you do not know excessively whether something would like to do as a funny essential idea in order for the Liberal Democratic Party opposition only is done basically even, but in such manner which is visible [ho] time it just reached the point where the [bi] is visible well good thing net election is not rescinded there are no times when at a stroke it changes, but it is probably will be privately most as for having interest, it becomes in visualization judicial transaction and set of investigation as for Yoichi kana Takahashi for the time being as for this series like it does not put out just this is funnyBecause as for the person who can do political explanation it is not occasionally we want doing

    • Japanese weblog
      kanji , Feel free to link

    • Ministers Yajitsu with murder ... or answer or reject (Yomiuri Shimbun)
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • やらせ政治ショーだった「事業仕分け」?
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • いつも、なんでかなぁ。ミンス
      'The scientific' scar being lazy ips cell business and the scientific future mansion supercomputer and the spring 8 which bear “reduction” local end to the rally democracy religion economic organization and cooperation “reciprocity” does not take foreign carrot administration even in the permanent residence Chinese and democracy examination plan clarification democracy with legislation of house members the foreign carrot administration grant bill at extraordinary session of parliament the prime minister, current “Nago” does not adhere to submitting with Futenma transfer of facilities and as for the Japanese defense expanses reduction “is too sweet”, this way Chinese tributary--American think tank fanfare “business categorization” as for having divided the financial affairs bureaucracy? Yoichi's Takahashi Democratic party watch Democratic party is the business categorization which yields to the financial affairs ministry completely and also this time when temporarily, the beginning it increases to be too enormous is the shank usual, but it is what, the ~ [minsu] party, not only foreign carrot administration, suffering election right and being engaged to the government employee, makes k

    • 年度末 事件簿
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • ネットの中傷―表現の舞台を汚す卑劣さ。ネットでの攻撃を煽る人までいる
      The Asahi newspaper “don't you think? the aphasia 躁 鬱 as for the neat village people the neck hanging swiftly, the person” as for Yoichi Takahashi it is not and the [ku] palm is to densely the [tsu]…! Although fishing it was in only [ero] animated picture! The change ring, it was funny! Glan Torino from change ring! Glan Torino doing the how framework framework above the change ring, the [ku] [tsu]! happy birthday to me! Because ulrich schnauss although it is weekday, nighttime is to two o'clock, useless [wan]

    • びっくり
      Work of the collaboration of Yoichi Takahashi is being advanced, but is, news jumping some time ago, because startled are, details are not recognized sluggishly, presently, the place where it has scrambled a of the charge editor and communication

    • やはり変ですね、元政府高官窃盗事件は逮捕なしとは。
      Recently from 30th amount first time the south Shinshu sight-seeing calendar inquiry and event introduction the brain of Koizumi administration - the oriental large department of economics teaching of the original financial affairs bureaucracy. If the normal which means that at the Takahashi Yoichi suspect hot spring divestiture place with just document committing did not arrest even with theft suspicion”, a little more than doing also residence search, the escape which is about to should inspect whether there is no crime, you do not fear for the sake of it probably will put out, is, but the Ozawa Democratic party party. In case of the first private secretary, like driving which probably will be same. Arrest whoever how thinking, in case of this private secretary there to be a possibility and the like of escape, the way is not to be, because whether or not to that it becomes crime it is not to be recognized, when it is suspect Takahashi, because it is flagrant delict of theft, as done such a random thing which is different from the problem whether or not it becomes crime, giving the impression that to the citizen, it is the existence where the police and investigation are fearful in the local newspaper of the current morning perhaps whether probably will be, most that is the aim, as for opening-to-application ratio of Ida city where I have lived call lowest numerical value in history at 0.48 timesAlthough so it is necessary to take the move quickly, how doing partner with such as national policy investigation, while the questioning which it probably will take over without doing that it waited, recently from 30th you think that we want, amount first time the south Shinshu sight-seeing calendar inquiry and event introduction

    • 高橋洋一東洋大教授が窃盗容疑で逮捕
      As for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Nerima station assuming that March 30th (Monday), the wallet and the high-class watch were stolen from the divestiture place rocker of the hot spring facility, in doubt of theft as for Professor Takahashi who Professor Yoichi oriental large Takahashi the document is committed at the original financial affairs bureaucracy, uncommonness e.g., structural reconstruction such as the postal services commercialization which the Koizumi Cabinet advanced as a brain of Takenaka flat Kuramoto general affairs phase existence of propulsion “Kasumigaseki buried deposit gold” is pointed out “. As a bureaucracy” knowing,

    • 資本主義はなぜ自壊したのか
      By the fact that you call proposition to the Japanese playback Izu Nakatani “as for capitalism why disintegration doing?” before reading, Yoichi's Takahashi who was read “good-bye financial affairs ministry!”As with been the book of go/shogi, if you compared simply is thought, as for the introduction, the author who pushes structural reconstruction, largely with the contents which do direction conversion, as for the rear book, read both books which are something which writes the necessity of the thing which advanced structural reconstruction compared, that occasionally, importance and all phenomenon of politics where in addition after that unbiased changes in situation, as for going to the same direction realized simply, Yoichi Takahashi on March 30th the document that it is not, being committed after that, that was incorrect report with theft suspicion, that whether or not is, when it searches with the net, with April 20 date Orient largeWith this much knowledge and execution power of the fact being reprimanded and being discharged while it is regrettable, but, you think wretchedly

    • 高橋洋一教授、窃盗場面が防犯カメラに映っていた
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • 愛語の心
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • あの高橋洋一教授が!?
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • ブルガリ
      * Can let do to the samurai /20061227 we way “favorite it becomes the picture!” � -----------------------------------------------------------sportsphoto: The samurai /k-1 premium 2006 dynamite who becomes the vol.7316 picture!! 4 milanotoday which go to Sudou original… Saipan [edizione-b] the Saipan 4th day, being quick ones,… after a long time Fukuoka full enjoyment (the cannon Chinese noodles, Siyuugetu…) the uncle of the marimari s zimmer Bulgarian person having visited Japan in the Japanese performance, already immediately it meets to also the grandmother of the Sophia residence which is 90 years old and when the person who becomes… air the blood of the part16 green which it tries inspecting whether the bus which this day of last day eats breakfast with usual [warudobutsuhue] the [mu] (is, it dies…) National relations 30 road?…With it is [ojisan] feeling of the kindred, but if when (my one is junior but) with the [chi] [yu] national relations the mixed marriage Shinjuku bar remaining overnight of the stealing habit South Korean of Professor fee… Takahashi < the Takeda [ji] [yu] bears to be > Yoichi Takahashi oriental great professor (53) Tokyo Itabasi, uses the key of the rocker and others, high… d745■ unused & [burugari] □ shoulder bag □ bag □ [machi] of [burugari] it is not □ slanted per seat □ canvas □ pink * The picture many village rice fields of acne Cartier coming out hair [chie] [jinshiru] will not the picture large quantity

    • 人の性癖と評価
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 高橋洋一教授逮捕
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original japanese letters , translated

    • 4/29 メーデー80回
      Opinion , original meaning

    • 高橋洋一の逮捕
      Yoichi Takahashi who is the brain of Koizumi administration at the original financial affairs bureaucracy is arrested with the luggage thief with the bathhouse and the better shelf is also is wretched, furthermore cash which is shy story 50,000 Yen the clock of [burugari] was stolen, this benevolence which seems, [gatsupogatsupo] has gained with the royalty lecture charge this kind of makeshift imitation is done with, cannot understand in spite, of course, as for Takahashi's economic theory depending on in government note issue and the like, the [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] argument and the like of the buried deposit gold where no barrel of the management monetary system which is [popiyurisuto] does not understand, little. Don't you think? the 衒 [tsu] [te] it increases oddity, a certain meaning and such a destruction honor the false scholar is arrested and is the oriental university where the one which is banished from the academia is good and probably will be probably how to do? It has been troubled the Shiokawa Masa ten 郎 as a companion of the same Koizumi administration, probably will be

    • な、何だって…
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • おい!高橋洋一 なんだそりゃ! 
      Oriental great professor Yoichi Koizumi brain Takahashi with theft suspicion document committing March 30th 16:55 as for transmission Yomiuri Shimbun Company Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Nerima stations assuming that on the 30th, the wallet and the watch were stolen from the rocker of the hot spring facility, at the original financial affairs bureaucracy suspect Yoichi the Takahashi of oriental great professor (53) the document according to the same station staff which it commits with theft suspicion, high. As for the suspect 24th around 8 o'clock in the afternoon, at the divestiture place “of the hot water of the Tokyo Nerima Ku hot spring facility Toshima garden garden”, as for the doubt rocker which steals the wallet and several 100,000 Yen suitable watches where cash several tens of thousands of Yen enter from the rocker which the man office worker of 60 year old generations which live inside Ku used, at the point where the same office member who runs with information of the man that it was non locking, inspected, in the crime prevention camera high. Because the man where is similar to the suspect has been taken, it came out of the bathhouse, high. When inquires about circumstance in the suspect, vis-a-vis the investigation that, it recognized the fact that you steal high. That the suspect has testified “because it was the good clock, whether some person has there was an interest, stole” that, you say high. The suspect as the brain of economic public finance inquiry meeting postal services commercialization and the like with propulsion Abe administration drew the blueprint of government employee system reformation in Koizumi administration day as a Cabinet secretariat Councilor, but in 2008 March retirement “good-bye the financial affairs ministry! Designates bureaucratic everything as the enemy is the book of confession of the man who” and so on as for the oriental large public relations office which “circumstance not being understood,

    Takahashi Hirokazu, Business,

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