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    Rock Shooter,

    Music related words Hatsune Miku melt どろいど World is Mine Love is War Nuclear Fusion double lariat BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER
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  • ○■ ロックシューター

  • ○■ While becoming pregnant i n order to make the frequency of digestion many, to convert the food safely with the saliva, it is to try

  • ○■ 夫婦仲を良好にし いのなら、... We would like to make married couple relations satisfactory, if is, it is to refrain from the television and the newspaper to the utmost, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When doing sport, it cann ot speak as expected, but when even then sport ends, “the good sweat or it is speaking the seed ~” facing toward your your own stomach

  • ○■ ●自分だけでなく 児にとtっ... - Not only yourself in the fetus the t [tsu] [te] the safe meal, a liberal translation

  • ○■ - Talk quickly, in the ch ild where the thing understanding is good you are brought up

  • ○■ ●感謝をしている なら感謝の... - You appreciate, if is, the letter of appreciation is written

  • ○■ psp sale day: 2011/8/25 t itles: Black lock shooter the game official sight

  • ○■ manzoは溝ノ口太陽 と日... manzo was different however groove no oral solar family and the Japanese break industry the kana which is done - with you thought,

  • ○■ 14.imitaion black/mirror sound connected kaito God dignity is the [ku] [po] banana chair

  • ○■ 10.所詮人の真似事 と... 10. After all when it is imitation thing of the person, your ⇒ 11. my master is enormous the ⇒, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The 07:33 good morning it is

  • ○■ 01 残酷の天使のテ ゼ /... Thesis of the angel of 01 cruelty/angela + Ishikawa Satoshi crystal 02 spiral/angela 03 shangri-la/angela 04 f.d.d. /It is and the kana which is questioned D spare of 05 recollections/it is densely and the kana which is questioned densely the [medeisun] ~ [anisamabajiyon] ~ of 06 love/as for the pink well the [ru] densely 07 wonder momo-i ~world tour as for the version~/pink well the [ru] densely 08 my pace Daio/as for the pink well the [ru] it is dense + manzo 09 groove no oral solar family/manzo 10 continuation groove no oral solar family/manzo 11 endless tears… /彩 sound 12 complex image/彩 sound 13 wonder wind/elisa 14 ebullient future-[anisama] ver-/elisa 15 [kokoro]/the ♪ making the Shimoda Asami 16 seeing [ku] seeing [ku] /Hatune [miku] 17 black* Lock shooter/Hatune [miku] 18 help me and erinnnnnn!! /Beat ball 19 trance/granrodeo 20 modern strange cowboy/granrodeo 21 jet!! /Horie reason robe 22 vanilla salt/Horie reason robe 23 yahho!! /Horie reason robe 24 happy* Material/reason robe + saw grass field Minori Horie 25 first pain/Ishikawa Satoshi crystal 26 prototype/Ishikawa Satoshi crystal 27 j☆s/shrine field true Mori 28 discovery/shrine field true Mori 29 [kimishi] %

  • ○■ b★rs. 曽 Well is, \ ; (^o^)/something the varieties it does not inhale, (; If ∀) so you say, “black* It was the name which the lock shooter” [tsu] [te] properly is done, it is with s (ry animated picture - the ↓ to be enormous it is God tune, or DREPT (the *´∀ `*) the no continuously - the [se] which is made the [te] breaking, s (ry “seeker” is, DREPT (the *´∀ `*) the no again it is draft and also the orz phosphorus which is not and is the beginning drawing, (; k where also those which the ´∀ `) with you say, or draw the girl probably are after no mosquito month (([e] [a] Σ (; ゚ д ゚) the hand…Because ((you heard phosphorus ver for the first time, it is phosphorus, (; ∀) ([miku] ver seems the birthplace, is

  • ○■ 次はカレーでも食 よ... You eat next even in Calais,

  • ○■ It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ また来週、元気に お会いいた... In addition next week, the [tsu] which probably will meet vigorously!! (∀) no DOTDT

  • ○■ By the way ratio of white and yellow 5: It is 1 rank, but when yellow is made overplentiful and/or the adhesive several drops is inserted, it becomes firm quickly, so is!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あと、梶きゅん! わいすぎる... After, the rudder coming [yu] it is! It is too lovely

  • ○■ From first day it probabl y is spare time at spare time, but without being, Good Heavens, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日の学校帰りに 文房具買... Having tried the stationery probably to buy to the present school return, when it approaches to hundred equals, bgm becoming suddenly the “black lock shooter”, like after that there were no many things of, it returned to normal pops

  • ○■ This month, this month sp lash which was used too much, it bought on impulse the clothes for the first time with life

  • ○■ アニメ4期 が始ま 的情報... When it is the mark information where animation 4 period starts it is enormous, but it is, kana

  • ○■ So, this time you sang no n-commutative field after a long time,/it is the tune which is sung for the first time, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あと、キャラクタ コメンタ... After, the character commentary it is too funny, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 02:21 colorful end, a lib eral translation

  • ○■ 本日予約開始の「 レーディング... “The [toredeingurabasutoratsupu] [pu] [chi] of start of this day reservation it increases! Stage 01” and, activity of bicycle section!

  • ○■ From this day opening 4 d ays! “Tokyo international animation going fairly,” it returned, it is!

  • ○■ フィギュアーツは 人的に今後か... As for [huigiyuatsu] in the future respect we would like to keep doing privately rather,

  • ○■ The karaoke we would like to go, we would like to go being, this until it enters entirely, time it may be required well enough, don't you think? is…The next year when next year it probably will go

  • ロックシューター

    Rock Shooter,

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