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    Ministry of Justice,

    Politics related words Cabinet Office Komeito Jury system Democratic administration 国籍法改正案 Tiba Keiko
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  • ○■ Capital punishment abolit ion group Chiba method phase “prudently”…Kasumigaseki ruinous earthquake, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 明日は前社長が店 来るらしく... Tomorrow front president comes to the store to seem, cleaning from before 1 weeks above, [te] today last inspection

  • ○■ The law regarding the cri minal facility and the treatment etc of the prisoner with the amendment of 2007 law 2005 (2005) on May 18th was formed at the National Diet, 2006 (2006) was enforced from May 24th, 2007 (2007), the law regarding the treatment of the criminal housing and the suffering accommodation person etc who are the same method revised law was enforced on June 1st

  • ○■ カルデロン・ノリ さんの両親... The parents of [karuderon] [noriko] because of the 13th night and return home it left the Narita Airport, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Of course, because there is a freedom which chooses principle in the person, however you think, that how various to think may be, because economic interchange advanced well, you think that the person who is thought in the wind that it stood in the standpoint where China is similar to Japan was many recently, but the shank, now dispute occurring with the person who with the Liu dawn wave person ahead receives the shank and Nobel Peace Prize from Norway now the shank

  • ○■ そんな折、野暮用 あり、前原... Such a time, there was an one for uncouthness, telephoned to Maehara, a liberal translation

  • ○■ This completely is the sa me as the how Ikeda Daisaku to think

  • ○■ こういう状態でも て、どうし... Having in such state, why truth, can make truth clear, probably is?

  • ○■ It is not << the ea r refuse thing to abolish the capital punishment system in voice of international society, to pamper the condemned criminal, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 毎日新聞(7/28)29 『... Everyday the newspaper (7/28) 'the editorial' empty and Chiba Keiko method phase of 29 becoming the Democratic party administration, new execution was ordered, 2 people were executed at Tokyo prison

  • ○■ As for the investigation authorities, recognition and the like of untrue statement oh advanced how elucidation high in Ozawa

  • ○■ 小沢一郎・民主党 事長の資金... Ozawa in the political financial readjustment method violation incident which is related to the land purchase of the financial management group “land mountain meeting” of Ichiro Democratic party Secretary General, it understood in the story of the authorized personnel that it had become the prospect that optional circumstance listening of Ozawa's with Tokyo area inspection special 捜 section is done on the 23rd, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2009 August 11th 16:57 Hi roshima area inspection on the 11th, the Hiroshima boy institute (Hiroshima prefecture Higashi Hiroshima city) with the former head special official, Mukai justice of the Nara boy institute assistant director (however) the suspect (47) = Nara city fall arrested 篠 town = in doubt of the special government employee assault mausoleum 虐, announced

  • ○■ 裁判員裁判の対象 件で全面可... It is unprecedented with entire country in the object incident of judgment member judgment for extensive visualization to have become clear,

  • ○■ In the final paper of Min istry of Justice, while recognizing the necessity of institutionalization of visualization, cost of sound recording video recording, from problem of reality, “as for the system which is required visualization of evenness all in incident it is not suitable”, that opinion is collected, but the chairman of day valve ream as “visualization of whole process opposes to this a principle”,

  • ○■ 民主支持者を説得 きないと言... Because as for the person that, knowledge is not enough in you the democracy supporter cannot be persuaded! Up-to-date information will be gathered! With the notion that where you say present news with click to continuation details of the article

  • ○■ So, now new goal was poss ible, it is

  • ○■ だが、裁判の本当 意味が分か... But, the person where true meaning of judgment does not understand is not present by his

  • ○■ As for the courthouse lik e the police and investigation it cannot apologize as organization

  • ○■ 法務省は27日午 、死刑執行が... Ministry of Justice 27th morning, released the punishment place where execution is done to the news media for the first time

  • ○■ To go out to Ministry of Justice, also very time catches and also the cost which does not become foolish requires, probably will be, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 法務大臣として職 が定められて... While consenting the fact that duty is decided as Minister of Justice, you pointed to Cabinet position,” that it emphasized

  • ○■ The death of the condemne d criminal, being unnatural, 絞 neck, furthermore it is the death which takes the shape of disgrace, therefore, from the death of the sickbed of the general person and that the death due to accident it is different he thinks

  • ○■ 死刑制度により、 犯人の発見が... With the capital punishment system, the sarcasm that it is story discovery of the true criminal stops impossible,

  • ○■ Letting flow over 10 minu te news, you don't think that the [depa] underground, the large family, the Chinese noodles, sport and the entertainment etc etc it is strange? Although the news which the Japanese citizen should know is Sawayama it does not try to announce

  • ○■ でも、たったの4 で辞めてし... So, it passed in 4 days it stopped, it is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Nevertheless, lag of corr espondence in the Mexican country stops 悔, a liberal translation

  • ○■ そして、車内販売 ありきたり... And, interior sale common ones, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Important law of the Mini stry of Justice jurisdiction is formed, is promulgated, is enforced, passing following kind of hand continuation,

  • ○■ 法務省は自治体共 のチェック... Ministry of Justice drawing up the self-governing community common check seat

  • 法務省

    Ministry of Justice,

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