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    Hanikami prince,

    Sport related words Ichiro handkerchief Prince Ishikawa Ryo
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  • ○■ ハニカミ王子

  • ○■ Although > it was left to last selection, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 目が老眼かかって た感じで... The eye the presbyopia with the feeling which catches

  • ○■ November 8.9th was new da te, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「王子さま」が出 くる話だった... It was the story where “Oji” is present, it is with the shank, that (“the lake of certain swan” was)

  • ○■ As for [hanikami] Oji as for Liao and handkerchief Oji Ishikawa Saito 佑. What and Lotte Co., Ltd. decided 1 rank designation early

  • ○■ 卵って、いろいろ 名前があるの... Because the egg [tsu] [te], there are various names, the shank! [hanikami] egg! You did also w because yesterday, furthermore you become the person of topic, probably will be, but nowadays, the [hanikami] Oji [tsu] [te] as for the person who does the method of calling which is said it is not, don't you think?!? (^_^;)'It is large, you think that the = Yankee' is not, however is, the kind which bears this egg, the air speaking roughly, the combining which is thing? At the spirit meat store which w is, it is to think that name of [pakuri] was discovered, but you wrote and just were wrong and

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: Life most a s for memory of eye? While participating well well don't you think? it is and the [tsu] furthermore has increased in quantity - the Ishikawa player, the hole in one seeing [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is handkerchief Oji Ishikawa Liao professional it is different [hanikami] Oji? If it is from the [wa] Wakaouzi general manager, knowing, the [ru]. Oji? Thing of father? Rain it enters and declares and [chi] [ya] now does and the seed already, completely summer shelf summer however dislike it is not, directing to such a favorite summer, it loses weight, however - heat of the summer loses weight, don't you think? heat and, the stomach breaking, it produces the fat entirely at the rest room when with, as for your latest subject with life 1st memory? 1st shank we, unexpected and memory remaining from, from the [ru] even memory of time of the ~ preschool as for 100 or more a certain plane - the [ro] which is before that? Remembering about 10, the [ru], either one 1st is old, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ゴルフ界の ハニカ ミ王子... [hanikami] Oji of golf boundary

  • ○■ With being the case that it is said, although it accompanied safe [vuaipa], it meant that this is the human difference

  • ○■ でも土日はパチン 行った... So earth day went the pachinko

  • ○■ Don't you think? such a n umerical value, the [ku] [so] receive is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ そして、来年の事 ・・色々考... And, thing of next year… the varieties you think

  • ○■

  • ○■ 「絶対に許さない 」とか言っ... “You do not permit no matter what!”Word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te

  • ○■ The [hanikami] prince… the beautiful tip/chip in eagle deciding, don't you think? it was victory, the ~♪

  • ○■ ハニカミ王子(二 ... [hanikami] Oji (two worlds  )

  • ハニカミ王子

    Hanikami prince,

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