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    brew ,

    Anime Phrase related words Tales of Agriculture Nabari no Ou SOUL EATER
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  • ○■ かもすぞ

  • ○■ The [ya] it is & clearly spring the karaoke [tsu] [te], [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] gorgeousness it is not in [mao] is or, the [a] - y (≧▽≦*y) [kiya]* The [ya] it is in [mao], being good, the shank [tsu] (^-^) you want to meet to two people - it is and (*^o^*) the fruit which new tune of the spring, deviates clearly would like to hear, is! From morning, the [ya] it is in [mao] looking at [burogu], tension rising, it increases, () it designates also today as pleasant 1st! Smile* If smile lie and dispute expectation perplexity you became tired, returning here, it is and with it is temporary with soothing and it does not care, [shido]/the minute thermal ♪ it causes, -!!

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: 1,000,000 Y en it hit with the lottery! If now, how you use? While participating the [ru] which temporarily, according to title half (^-^) at half after, goes lively in the parent and sows! Because we would like to go to live of [shido] and lm.c (the *^▽^) b every year, it does not go without fail,…Therefore we would like to go without fail! If possible, when all performance it can go together, however the satisfied ♪ (laughing) it probably is unreasonable,…

  • ○■ Framework immortal legend ^o^ it causes, -

  • ○■ It is the main thing to d o also the bean sprouts, the [re] - the www [a] - … The next it probably will come out or. [gachiya

  • ○■ Oh! So, if you say, “go od-bye electric king” it is not seen yet and (the _) view it is not, is, (b^-゜) it causes, -!!

  • ○■ * Silver soul -> God d ignity and kagura silver [chi] [ya] n month 詠 Sacchan new 89 soldier Mamoru entire Sato Yamazaki cartridge [chi] [ya] n Tojo * monochrome factor -> it is not seen

  • ○■ Unless the ↑ it clicks, “it causes, the ~” (laughing)

  • ○■ * Hidden king -> it is not seen * The pocket monster -> boldly… [hiyouta] and [shirona] and Saturn and [satoshi] and water caltrop and [nejiki]… the [tsu] [te] with the master which is said saying it tries

  • ○■ * ■d.gray-man which is attached sweetly and -> is not seen -> allene and the rabbi

  • ○■ When (you do not understa nd, ×) the [hapusu] house we would like to do to adjust

  • ○■ The [ya] it is safely hap pening it was possible to [mao] to be cut off, o (^-^) the time when the o morning boiled rice you eat properly being like it is, it was good truly, (the *^_^*) clothes…It becomes the enormous air, (Ω) the [a] because, it cannot participate lively, you cannot verify, the ~ (t^t) regrettable

  • ○■ Also today will keep bein g enthusiastic 1 days to be pleasant, - o (^▽^) o smile* Smile last lie was kind lie and 2 people who are not forgotten ♪ now starts walking lie hearing, it increases morning,* It causes, -!!

  • ○■ This baton [kiyara] which likes that work “one person” is something which keeps answering

  • ○■ * Natume friend register The →×, the [ya] it is densely the teacher it is the person who is said?

  • ○■ * Movement soldier Gundam 00 -> it is not seen

  • ○■ Today and weather it will stop calling and ~o (^ω^) o today to be pleasant probably will keep being enthusiastic, (^o^) ♪ smile* Smile it causes, -!!

  • ○■ * [makurosu] f -> char acter intellectual viewing of [kiyara] song of [ranka] favorite w & [kodogiasu] -> Only name you understand, * the Seoul eater -> the camellia the ^^ which are thought lovely & movement soldier Gundam 00 which -> the Gundam series at all

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  • かもすぞ

    brew ,

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