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    Hardware Business related words Canon Panasonic OLYMPUS Pentax Micro Four Thirds System LUMIX
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  • ○■ lumixdmc-tz20-... The mos t low price which looks at the appraisal of lumixdmc-tz20-s (silver): 23,382 Yen/average value: 31,378 Yen (11/06/17 point in time) manufacturer name: The Panasonic /panasonic brand name: lumix ([rumitsukusu]) 2011/02/25 olympus xz-1 (black) digital cameras & camera > [dejitarukamera] video camera > The digital camera it is bright, with image processing engine “truepic �” loading “for the i.zuiko digital” lens and one eye, actualizing high descriptive power

  • ○■ cx4 (black) the most low price which looks at appraisal: 19,990 Yen/average value: 31,135 Yen (11/01/27 point in time) manufacturer name: The Ricoh /ricoh brand name: 2010/09/03 cyber shots dsc-hx5v (b) (black) digital camera & camera > [dejitarukamera] video camera > With cooperation of digital camera cmos sensor “exmor r” and image processing engine “bionz”, it is more beautiful photographing to high speed

  • ○■ canonのものではな 、... It is not something of canon, you call “hakuba”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The child which this year comes, being serious, was lovely the child of the smiling face which the child seems

  • ○■ 2011年9月15日19時〜. .. O'clock of 2011 September 15th 19 o'clock - 21 (30 second × many _ relative discernment composite) Olympus e-3 (iso400 and raw) /zd12-60mmf2.8 wide angular edge Nikon d700 (iso1600 and raw) /zenitar16mmf2.8fisheye open contraction tripodal fixed @ city stand field west (it continues to the 2)

  • ○■ It is [oputeio] of pen ta x, but the body is dented and also the electric battery cover begins to come off increases

  • ○■ オリンパス株、い らで買いには... , a liberal translation

  • ○■ Don't you think? it is th e Olympus pen series or Panasonic

  • ○■ それにしても寒い です... It is nevertheless cold morning

  • ○■ Furthermore, scene mode a nd the camera of all the 11 types just are directed change to optimum setting, because “scene automatic mode” and “image sensor shift system blurring revision function” and so on, convenient function is prepared abundantly, even with the beginner you can take the clean photograph in the can tongue

  • ○■ 4月6日(水)~4月1 1日(月... April 6th (water) ~ April 11th (month) at [asupirato] of Yamaguchi prefecture, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Nikkei average: 8,655.51. . - 111.58. . ny Dow Jones: 12,170.18$+101.79$ Nasdaq: 2,727.49$+32.34$ Exchange $. .: 77.74 - 77.76. . (9th 0820 o'clock) the Chicago Nikkei futures: 8,765. . It receives the American high and may start high is, but it is attention it becomes some kind of development in problem accumulation circumstance such as ttp,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 写真は午前中の池 様子... As for photograph circumstances of pond during morning

  • ○■ Digital zoom (time) 4

  • ○■ サイバーショットd sc-hx... Cyber shot dsc-hx9v/b (black) the most low price which looks at appraisal: 27,400 Yen/average value: 37,250 Yen (11/11/04 point in time) manufacturer name: The SONY /sony brand name: cyber-shot (cyber shot) 2011/03/11 coolpix p300 (black) digital camera & camera > [dejitarukamera] video camera > Also the nikkor lens and the dark scene whose digital camera open f value 1.8 is bright are clean with connected copying synthetic technology

  • ○■ After all, attention is t he “fast af system”, don't you think?

  • ○■ このカメラならば 街ゆきにも... If it is this camera, it is ok even in the town going

  • ○■ Body case of each company camera such as nikon panasonic olympus sony, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2011年1月1日〜10月3. .. The prize prize which to 2011 January 1st - October 31st, contribution (release) from midst of the work which is done, the photo pass grand prix 2011 execution member member (professional photographer + photo pass executive office) examines to the photo gallery, is conferred to the excellent work: Grand prix (1 names) quasi- grand prix (1 names) 3 rank (1 names) winning a prize (4 names) last selection work (8 names) 15 total, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The ~ which has buying th e single-lens reflex camera

  • ○■ もちろん、pen イトで撮影... Of course, it photographs with the pen light/write

  • ○■ And, it is close to the p hotograph which is taken with the silver salt

  • ○■ このカメラはコン ジタイプのレ... Because as for this camera there is the meaning being agreeable that, attaches the way of the lens exchange type camera of [kondejitaipu], when it is business it does not have succeeding, it is troubled

  • ○■ ≫ edit 2011 November 04 th olympus xz-1 (black) olympus xz-1 (black) digital camera & camera > [dejitarukamera] video camera > The digital camera it is bright, with image processing engine “truepic �” loading “for the i.zuiko digital” lens and one eye, actualizing high descriptive power

  • ○■ 今回デビューした オリンパス... Mu tough of the Olympus camera which this time debuts,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When the ^^ pen tack/tuck which is Panasonic Leica 25mm it does and being 35mm and 50mm

  • ○■ オリンパスの高倍 コンパクト... High powered [konpakutodejikame] sz-20 of Olympus it touched

  • ○■ Of course, if cost is alr eady put out a little, the amount which can buy also one eye, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 【送料無料!・代 き手数料無... <<New item >> sony (SONY) α550 zoom lens kit dslra550l , a liberal translation

  • ○■ “Olympus pen “[pe] it is the [pe] it is the up-to-date article May of meeting”” category [pe] it is the [pe] it is the meeting “move” April [pe] it is the [pe] it is the March [pe] which “uses meeting art filter” it is the [pe] it is yellow & the green of the meeting “spring”

  • オリンパス


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