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    Golden Week,

    japanese culture Leisure related words Senior Citizen's Day Pandemic Influenza Task Force Hanami GW Golden Week holidays Carp streamer Mothers Day 新緑 Day of Showa Children's Day Summer coming Barbecue Incentive swine influenza annular eclipse Silver Week

    • Society and large change. Staff of Nagaoka city large change!!!
      Up-to-date article “thought game” this “of diary” category is effective in the brain??? Don't you think? in Oobayasi director taking hat off!!! It continues in the ibis!!! Golden Week holidays please in Nagaoka!!! Noda Cabinet, General Staff Office state of former Japanese Army???
      最新文章“想法比赛”这“日志”类别是有效的在脑子? ? ? 您是否不认为? 在脱帽子的Oobayasi主任!!! 它在IBIS中继续!!! 金黄星期假日在长冈喜欢!!! 野田内阁,前日本军队总参谋部办公室状态? ? ?

    • Yesterday, in Osaka…, a liberal translation
      The [ya] it is [ko] you sleep in the up-to-date article “of diary” category? As for cool color and black hair rearrangement tomorrow Tokyo [tsurai
      [ya]它是[ko]您在最新文章“日志”类别的睡眠? 关于明天凉快的颜色和黑发重新整理东京[tsurai

    • Weeding
      “Faked” Tanaka of up-to-date article Golden Week holidays [a] “of diary” category - [a] new program barber, all right?
      “伪造了”最新文章金黄星期假日[a] “日志”类别的田中- [a]新的节目理发师,不错?

    • From carrying Hey!! Reed 窪 [tsu] ♪ (´θ `) no
      tri-tone than the drinking meeting personal computer morning 5 o'clock already it is brighter than achievement impression carrying which exceeds the mountain from [wa] carrying where it becomes fearful those where it rides in the car normally from the up-to-date article personal computer “of diary” category, don't you think? it is, the breast is more painful than carrying
      三口气比饮用的会议个人计算机的早晨5时已经它比成就超出从的印象运载[wa]明亮运载的山它变得可怕那些的地方它通常乘坐汽车从最新文章个人计算机的“日志”类别的地方,您不认为? 它比运载是,乳房痛苦

    • It got off in me
      The up-to-date article “of diary” category it is shy drawing it does well, the coffee already with halflength sleeve coffee home good fortune with the [ru] or the misfortune the [ru]?
      最新文章“日志”类别它很好的它是害羞的图画,咖啡已经与半身与[ru]或的不幸的袖子咖啡家好运[ru] ?

    • Eye of doubt, a liberal translation
      Weeding weeding Golden Week holidays [a] of up-to-date article yesterday “of diary” category - [a] new program
      除草除草的金黄星期假日[a]最新昨天文章“日志”类别- [a]新的节目

    • It went to the space world
      The up-to-date article bear “of diary” category yes 哀 phase side [tsu] stomach now stomach today of morning now stomach 2 of morning

    • New glasses
      −−− wallet −−− comic story meeting of lens sky of periodic medical examination glasses of up-to-date article hospital “of diary” category

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      If up-to-date article Japanese ginger valley ≪ pub “of diary” category if at ≫part-2 Asahikawa to exhibition returning bill & Asahikawa ≪ pub ≫, a liberal translation

    • Weeding of yesterday
      Up-to-date article weeding Golden Week holidays [a] “of diary” category - [a] new program barber “faked”
      最新文章除草的金黄星期假日[a] “日志”类别- [a]新的节目理发师“伪造了”

    • Completely
      Don't you think? here several day [hu] - 2011 also up-to-date article March “of diary” category is the latter half it was defeated, a liberal translation
      您是否不认为? 这里几天[hu] - 2011也最新文章3月“日志”类别是它被击败的后者一半

    • Summer season place official ranking list in professional sumo announcement. ☆゜
      Up-to-date article new beginning success announcement hand striking system “of Tokyo ф May” category, a liberal translation
      最新文章新的起点成功公告手醒目的系统“东京ф 5月”类别

    • Work pottery spreading/displaying of the ceramic artist Tsune branch direct bean of Bizen burning starts from tomorrow.
      Event… around Kurashiki aesthetic area approximately of up-to-date article Golden Week holidays “of guide, notification and advertisement” category '32nd heartland Kurashiki' is held from May 2nd,… From this week Saturday at Tsune branch ceramic art preparation… of the Hokkaido Furano city residence 'as for 32nd heartland Kurashiki 2012' on May 2nd opening… From April 28th at Tsune branch ceramic art Bizen… of the Hokkaido Furano city residence
      事件…在近似仓敷审美地区最新文章金黄星期假日“指南、通知和广告”类别附近‘第32个中心区域仓敷’从5月2日举行,… 从在Tsune分支陶瓷艺术准备的这个星期星期六…北海道Furano市住所‘至于第32个中心区域的5月2日开头的仓敷2012年’… 从在Tsune分支陶瓷艺术Bizen的4月28日…北海道Furano市住所

    • Common usage - ♪・・・, a liberal translation
      The up-to-date article bud “of soliloquize” category you blow, - spring of the ♪・・・ refreshing - ♪・・・ [katakuri] - ♪・・・ hot spring - ♪・・・ food - the ♪
      最新文章芽“soliloquize”您吹的类别, - ♪ ・ ・ ・刷新的春天- ♪ ・ ・ ・ [katakuri] - ♪ ・ ・ ・温泉- ♪ ・ ・ ・食物- ♪

    • Distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012” 12.4.16-4.22
      “Distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012”” up-to-date article distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice of category “2012” 12.4.9-4.15 distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012” 12.4.2-4.8 distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012” 12.3.26-4.1 distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012” 12.3.19-3.25 distinctiveness thickly late boiled rice “2012” 12.3.12-3.18
      “特殊厚实地后煮沸了米“类别2012年””最新文章特殊厚实地后煮沸的米“2012年” 12.4.9-4.15特殊厚实地后煮沸的米“2012年” 12.4.2-4.8特殊厚实地后煮沸的米“2012年” 12.3.26-4.1特殊厚实地后煮沸的米“2012年” 12.3.19-3.25特殊厚实地后煮沸的米“2012年” 12.3.12-3.18

    • GW
      The up-to-date article stomachache “of life” category you go to bed and start electric generation gw
      最新文章stomachache “生活”类别您上床并且开始电世代千兆瓦

    • The cherry tree it bloomed,…
      Up-to-date article preparation “of living category of countryside” was possible, but… not to be cool… to clean… hot spring “[yu] [u] [yu] [u] plaza” before the applause station 12.4 today of the “grain rain”…, a liberal translation
      最新文章准备“乡下生存类别”是可能的,但是…不是凉快的…清洗…温泉“[yu] [u] [yu] [u]广场”在“五谷雨的”掌声驻地12.4今天之前…

    • Golden Week holidays, a liberal translation
      In the up-to-date article river crab supplement blossom plum “of countryside life” category the [u] post the firewood yard which is done, a liberal translation

    • Also the second events end
      Also up-to-date article safe end today “of diary” category hard one day Mary monarch 2012 and, becomes busy and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is, a liberal translation
      并且最新文章安全结尾今天“的日志”类别艰苦一个天玛丽国君2012年和,变得繁忙,并且[凯爱] [ya] [tsu]是

    • Edge 午
      Don't you think? the child and the rarity forgetfulness where up-to-date article no one “of diary” category stays it is dangerous, a liberal translation
      您是否不认为? 孩子和稀有丢头落尾哪里最新文章没人“日志”类别逗留是危险的

    • Weekend it is the pleasure., a liberal translation
      The cherry tree up-to-date article “of Higashi Dori side forest cherry tree” category is watched, a liberal translation
      樱桃树最新文章“Higashi Dori旁边森林樱桃树”类别观看

    • Man? Work? It does with ⇒ work, the [yo]?
      Up-to-date article “of life” category after a long time guitar school

    Golden Week, japanese culture, Leisure,

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