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    Manga related words BLEACH Mayuri Kurosaki Ichigo Hitsugaya Toshiro Aizen Kyoraku Fon Bankai
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  • ○■ 剣八

  • ○■ Although after a little i t became 12 being lazy, as for w sitting straight being, as for the seat and type of blood b

  • ○■ “As for limited spirit sign captain case. . … Where the occasion where the gate is passed it is stamped automatically in portion of the body” “But to emergency is possible the fact that mechanism of that automatic hallmark is cancelled temporarily,” with the notion that “this time as for us there are no times when limited spirit sign is struck and have come to the world”, it seems that from first is released

  • ○■ “There was no face whic h is adjusted to everyone”, the [tsu] [te] you said or, you think that the one that “we feared to look at the face of everyone,” is correct but it is

  • ○■ Thinking with the title, “animal which is hungry” it increases

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • ○■ Just a little talking, ti me time

  • ○■ Kira [izuru] -> “[iz uru]”

  • ○■ “After in me you stop a nd as though sword eight is opposed or is, with the [tsu] [chi] [ya] about that it is what”, that you say

  • ○■ As for the review to the last time from below 230th story “the enemy which becomes new! 斬 soul sword substantial conversion” <- as for the detailed casting here 231st story “white 哉, with the cherry tree it goes out, [yu]” 232nd story “sleeve white snow vs [rukia]! “The 斬 month 234th story “love next astonishment which becomes puzzled” 233rd story enemy” of heart!? The snake's tail circular” 235th story “crash 2! 檜 佐 wooden vs wind dead” 236th story “shoot! The month fang heaven opposition” 237th story “砕 bee which becomes new, it encircles the 斬 soul sword!” 238th story “friendship? Detestation? The ash cat & flying plum” 239th story “to awake, the ice wheel circle! “White of day turn valley intense fighting” 240th story betrayal 哉” because of 241st story “pride! White 哉 vs love next” 242nd story “dead God & 斬 soul sword, entire combat mission!” 243rd story “one-on-one contest! One protection vs thousand these cherry tree” 244th stories “full keeping,… sword eight appearance!” Chase the 245th story “white 哉! Protection 廷 party” 246th story “special duty of confusion! Entire Captain Yamamoto you rescue!” 247th story “the dead God which is swindled! Dragon of crisis” 248th story “ice of worldwide collapse and dragon of flame! The strongest confrontation!” 249th story “thousand these cherry tree 卍 solutions! Offense and defense” 250th story “in the man of the world Kutsuki house reason…” history of 251st story “darkness! Dead God of the most misfortune, birth” 252nd story “white 哉, the truth 253rd story “emptiness flashing which is hidden in the betrayal”!? The village correct natural shape” 254th story “white which is revealed 哉 with the love next and sixth party again!” 255th story white “of end chapter 斬 soul sword anecdote compilation” 256th story “anger 哉! Kutsuki house collapse!” 257th story “new enemy! “Snake of natural shape” 258th story lost child of sword animal, monkey 259th story “fear of sufferings”! The monster which lies hidden on the underground”

  • ○■ Tag: Saiga Kentarou bleac h Itoh Rie animation picture Kugimiya you see and are attached the synopsis Morita forming one [kiyapu] 斬 soul sword anecdote volume snake's tail circle

  • ○■ “The pocket in the rain bow saw all the way”, the ~~

  • ○■ As for 卯 no flower one protection spirit. Of consumption is thought, you say that by himself runs before,

  • ○■ 40 volumes of bleach you read

  • ○■ 2010-03- 219: 36 nice! (1)

  • 剣八


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