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    Endangered species,

    Reportage Nature related words Honda mine Baton 環境省 Biodiversity Red List Natural monument
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  • ○■ As for the east valley mo untain which is the Nagoya city north eastern Seto city boundary at altitude 198 meters, the highest peak of Nagoya city

  • ○■ 2011-01-28 00:... 2011-01 - 2800: 00 nice! (3)

  • ○■ Either the human the [so] [u], do not protect by yourself by yourself with living, it cannot go

  • ○■ そういえば2年ほ 前,桔梗の... Don't you think? so if you say, about 2 years ago, eating also Kikiyou's flower, it is the insect which stays

  • ○■ Flower [kanzoutenchiya] o f up-to-date article extermination fear kind [hototogisu] indigo “of weblog” category , a liberal translation

  • ○■ 絶滅危惧種:日本 (japa... Extermination fear kind: The Japanese (japanese) fecundity quite is weak

  • ○■ Tag: To come the [pi] and others tuna and the [ro] [ro] bowl of tuna [renkon] it is 胡. Soy sauce dressing

  • ○■ 絶滅種、近いもの 絶滅危惧種... Extinct species and close ones are extermination fear kind

  • ○■ When trick and bashfulnes s of the paste like extermination fear kind (laughing) it is excessive carefulness depth, although it is giving with the structure cup, when there is good good finishing, because the [so] - also what you say is visible in merit, thinking also we fear being, various thing, the [te] to be given, if - either yuki does not make more important, don't you think? [a] punishment hits, [noroke] it was yuki of the [ri] which is sown from ~ morning, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Your article (A... Your a rticle (Africa needs more than latter-day Livingstones and 3 January) ignored the excellent work being conducted by Abta tour operators to ensure that their activities ensure fair and equitable benefits for local people. It is untrue that these activities merely line the pockets of tour operators and destination governments. We work with our members specifically in the area of responsible tourism and which has come ON in leaps and bounds. Tour operators and tourism in Africa create jobs, preserve biodiversity and culture by giving it an economic value and enhance local infrastructure. The benefits reach far beyond the game reserves and national parks. Almost every excursion programme in Africa now ensures that beneficial linkages are created into the local community and economy. If the above developments of the industry and consumer were mirrored by travel writers and we would be able to encourage greater participation in community engagement and benefit projects by visitors to countries all around the globe. Nicola WhiteAbta/FTO (Federation of Tour Operators)• Your article rightly highlights that more of the income from tourism needs to get to local people. But it fails to emphasise just how vital tourism is to the economy of many of Africa's poorest countries. Tourism brings much-needed income and employment and, unlike most other industries and it has the potential to benefit people in rural areas simply because of where it takes place. Done well, it can conserve endangered species and their habitats by raising awareness of just how special these animals and places are and while also providing an economic alternative to hunting. That's why the Travel Foundation is working with many travel companies. For example and in Kenya we have supported projects that enable Masai villag You the article (from Africa latter compared to January 3rd), the excellent work disregard day [rivuingusuton], with the Abta tour operator, the activity the people of local end fairness, a liberal translation

  • 絶滅危惧種

    Endangered species,

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