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    Gold sparrow,

    Anime Manga related words Suigintou Young Jump Hina Ichigo Rock Star Midori Rozen Maiden Souseiseki 雪華綺晶

    • <[me]>
      The tearful voice where it takes 碧 it comes and connects the gold thread sparrow hand and through the canine which swims to the end sweetness dejection <[merouton]>

    • It is empty, is
      The fish it is returning, be able to renew also one time, the medium [tsu]…! Very, densely it is, even if it is just a little the way of is, but the [a] which is - tomorrow the celebration of area time rainy what which goes! After a long time it meets, also beginning, one… well, honest bashfulness me ^p^! The ←← [te] umbrella Adachi happybirthday which is said! However one day it was late! otlotlotl empty [tsu] it is less crowded recently and the shelf - that one of what the [ge] which also groovy news item does - it is funny and well… you have not drawn -… the gold thread sparrow scratching are not also two people see (laughing) handle today already! The [u] it is you see! Don't you think? so the [mu] be and (psp dry to be - the [u] - it is the [u] - it is the quarrel school gang leader well the [a] which we would like to do cassette fungus to be able be able to obtain, the cassette [tsu] [te] you say kana? (Laughing) the handle, the perm [tsu] [te] everyone who is applied you say? But the oiler perm what which is applied… old calling to the can, the droppings calling which was said it is Showa fine the [ze]! When now the fine [tsu] [te] it does uninformed uninformed, the fish which the Joto [tsu] [te] comes coming out it is Tosimitu Telecom and Yamada! The ^∀^ bop we would like to read

    • Staying diary
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • orz
      The gold thread sparrow 2009/5/22 fri 07:17 orz tomato orz which is forgotten with special care cutting, although you inserted in the container,…The [u] [wa] well the [a] (the bean child in like parent and child amount tomato love) (every day/

    • As for [aho] or oneself
      erotic terrorism2009/05/2605: Oneself is different as [dokiri] it is [tsu] [te] expectation it is attached, it is you wanted to verify, that it is different, understanding, whether 26 [aho] feeling relieved, when so it does, don't you think? [aho] which cries strangely and it is, we [do] just it is it dances it is the [te] strangely, it is lonesome being lonesome, being lonesome, is not manner the [pi] [ru] [ru] [ru] [ru] [pi] [ru] [ru] [ru] [ru]… whichThe gold thread sparrow calling, the [ru] don't you think? [a] and the harmony 耶 sun, we as usual the slump and the [wa], with something and, it is the [te] photograph take the side [te], seriousness, the [wa] which it can cry taking, taking, although the vexatious [wa] where it does not become shape, there is a photograph which we would like to take being able to make wait directly directly, although the [ru] [a], truth the [wa] orz which would like to cry

    • Wedding preceding day
      Because 5/22 is wedding of the older brother, am8 of preceding day: While 00 time taking rest with triple starting pa, object. In Kamakura 15: When 00 time arrival it checks in directly and you put the baggage on the room, the next day it verifies the starting place in preliminary inspection at the Tsuruoka Yawata shrine which is done, to Kamakura sight-seeing…If you mention Kamakura, it is Kamakura Daibutsu, don't you think? (laughing)? Next, to purchase her amulet and the purchase we amulet the gift in the color difference, moving the place, when you hear in the person of Kamakura promenade local end, because “the potato coffee gold thread sparrow” the recommendation, with stocked the information which you say, you raise the price which promptly went a little, but if the case where you go to Kamakura which as for taste tastiness is highest and is, the foot please try carrying by all means the one it has been done to Kamakura, that it is to think whether you understand, but it is quick for your Kamakura [tsu] [te] store to close, it is, don't you think? (*^-^) b therefore, zzzz…. where that day eats the late boiled rice ahead of time, goes to bed

    • Temporarily the rice reply!
      First because to the rice return gold thread sparrow ≫ [u] the ant professional lover - Sawayama stays around pleasant [ze] wwwwwww, truth pleasant [ze] wwwwww well “the ant professional? No that you eat, the [re] [ru]?”However the person several dozen times is many, don't you think?!!!!! 11 ((the sight the [ze] which it is possible -! But something [are] quality of feeling [u] [wa]! From carrying specially thank you! Waiting to obtaining, the [ru] [ze] - the [hi] [ya] [tsu] [ho] which loves also www [nomakapu] it is, but \ (^o^)/well with bl love!!!!! It is the decaying woman and the [ho] it is even with the ^^^ which is not seen with recently the girl [yabai] nl being too favorite, it may become strange, already becoming strange, however the [ru] don't you think? * [kotsuperia]. Me love!! The arrival [u] it is with full always hearing, with [ru] [ze] ^p^///!! Comment thank you!! The return vv [hi] [ya] [tsu] [ho] of [meruhuo] - it is from vvv densely [tsu]! To come to play, -!! \ (^o^)/well well at all [are] it is regrettable quality of feeling, (the ' - `) (to obtaining! The link inserting [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is the [ze]! However (the *´∀ `*) something most no permission [tsu] [po] to be! It does not make the air! ((! Thank you! Link please insert by all means wwww to tell the truth as for me already sight everyday of the gold thread sparrow it looks to the [ri] ・・・^p^ obtaining waiting, the [ru]* (With! Don't you think? the mail thank you! Love!!!! \ (^o^)/

    • Already immediately YJ
      Already, because it slips immediately with yj2009.06.09.tue previous two week continual publication, this week yj is the [rozenmeiden] publication number and the doll of 4 bodies which have existed assembles! When with you think, the gold thread sparrow which still the gold thread sparrow is now why the [ru] it is probably will be, nevertheless, this month with up-to-date publication increased your palpus [kiyara] on 5th, but don't you think? [rozenmeiden] two volume does not come out easily, it seems that the numbers of pages are few to a month 1 serialization because… there is your palpus [kiyara] and a zombie loan, there are also times when it is serious, probably will be, but that something the door picture color and the poster being many, the book. Whether probably there is no decrease [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], that, the thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the [ri] the yard of yj which was stacked just a little serious

    • Your wiping [yo] [wa] - it is - the ↑
      Gold thread sparrow ≫ as for we [kana] carrying back [i] [i] [i] [i] [i]!!! The ☆★ (the *´д `*) ([bokaro] it is good after all, don't you think?! The [wa] which you hear sometimes and grind - the wwwww^p^///core where [tsu] [te] heat rises it is good tune don't you think? -! As expected cosmop! It is good, ipod… we want [u] [u] [u] me! Well the [tsu] [chi] it does, inserting in the my lith, however the [ru] don't you think?! Also 2 tunes! \ (^o^)/[konchita] it is good, don't you think? -!! 姐 We like that [kiyara] than serious [panee] ・・・^p^ something, \ (^o^)/“. Don't you think? month” and “unchain” is! [hu] [mu] [hu] [mu]! “unchain” however you have heard ><>< where it is not this time tries hearing that you hear! And the [tsu] [ho] - it is! vvvv to be taught, don't you think?! And the [tsu] [hu] it is! The [ho] it is with the CHIKA CHIKA it does even with ze^p^//////I the gold thread sparrow and [bokarotoku] it may be possible to vv [u], it is da☆ \ (^p^)/

    • Story of songstress and traveler
      As for the songstress who is loved in songstress God of the bird cage while at the paradise where it is loved in God continuing to be loved in God is to do she who does the singing figure grace and the very kind pupil like the gold thread sparrow is isolated several centuries from the people and praises also today at the place where it becomes holy ---- We would like to draw those of the [tsu] [te] feeling,…! And it means that the traveler accidentally arrives to the bird cage! Him (the traveler) sound of the whistle (even with the piano which is in the bird cage yes) with her singing resounds in the lake or the mountain or such a place, it is with the shank! As for him color it is in her in the traveling which is to do story to come out, if view and the person who encounter and as for funny story her thing of the world outside the stripe which would like to know being completed itchy, the God way you envy it is with the shank [pu] it is the [pu] it is it is in this bird cage, you can praise how long Hurou immortal, because it is the 奪 [tsu] [chi] [ya] you bore cod your voice at outside, don't you think? even then her feeling does not change, another! Transferring coming out, it goes, therefore it is, don't you think?! <- You become aware in difference by the way as for him such a thing coming out of the bird cage together you do not know, what her voice not coming out and let flow the tear and therefore as for her who apologizes as for that desiring with you just shake the neck perhaps finally their traveling starts with that the God way, that the voice which after all comes out of that child is cute thinking, it returns voice, you think that it is, and performing with 2 people, the God way doing gratitude, happyend☆ ----- Because it is the transferring happy ended principle person, other than the happy end the [ze] which is not recognized (from Aikawa of theatre/playing word)

    • 758.
      [rozenmeiden] tale17, 'past presently future' you read, if it is as for the door as for being the mercury lamp of the color however it is good, the 2nd doll [tsu] [te]… the extent which is wrong such, although it should have made the color of [kana], well, this silver, it is kind of to be the cover of comics 2 volume, but the gold thread sparrow it is lovely, because also canary junior high school [jiyun], is the very good combination, not being, don't you think? it does and settling, it increases [yo] oak oak junior high school [jiyun], - by the fact that you grumble present condition by your of former times, whether you cannot go something by your it was shut in with university student [jiyun] that you become aware,Kind of something where the 0th world breaks and scatters, find your own destination the face of university [jiyun] here having done [kirakira] haphazardly, with w this which just a little is laughed as for story of university student [jiyun] end? That, already just a little it may be, is, but it is visible in the feeling the protagonist may return to junior high school [jiyun], Saito's stage how became, but… it ends and well as for the next time with the yj45 number [tsu] lever of 10/8 sales, just a little being quicker than the usual, the shank [wa] - it is and information has already appeared at the various parts, but now [yanjiyan] and comics 2 volume to 45, gathering the ticket which is attached to the book of paintings from the number, it means kind of that the quantity of the necessary application ticket is different in each kind of prize where the plan “rose maiden fair” which you can apply to the present of the Ro-zen goods is held, butI whether you will apply to the amount equipment high-class duplication field picture of b prize, something do the air where this prize competition rate is highest, but… comics 2 volume & the book of paintings are tomorrow sale, but if 1 days being patient, whether on the 19th you probably will buy even with Nagoya [meito], that well, with especially benefit it does not solve, way (it is) the kana whose it is secure to buy with local end,… it does not sell out, (- the person -)

    • Month rose [reko] departure!
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • [suidorimu
      The 翠 star stone you scratched, - race/lace or the hair which stops wanting to scratch the clothes of such a [hirahira] periodically like this it is pleasant, don't you think? however (^ω^) the shoulder it is dense the [ru],… the enormous omission where… with we want the fog [tsu] [pa] pen tub… (the ´д `; ) As for me the gold thread sparrow is less crowded by the way!!! You do not know whether the 翠 star stone is chosen with something (laughing) [rozenmeiden] and would like to see - “, [rozamisuteika] of the star stone is not taken green and the [te] is not good, if is, the [u] where……… the 翠 star stone how is not accustomed to Alice and the [te] is good and is!”('; Ω; `)

    • Gold circumstances
      It runs facing toward Fuji of the dawn, our one day the rabbit which starts shakes here several days in angle and the art skilled person of technical high school graduate the warriors can repel frog both nations' festival young and flies, the [ri] where worth country (Yamanasi prefecture) small travelling dances with dj and sows the people of the visit which could be enjoyed with everyone who is warmed and sect you of both nations' festival superintendence, [besupa] of worth festival superintendence* When the [ku] [ma] [mero] lord, it came gratefully and at the worth which is happy the retro, barrel and “Showa” it associated the nude with the inn, (it entered into the hot spring, mind), the shogi king Sano flax of worth. Pear king and pointing hotly with the festival shed the photograph reference any which with memory deep Yamanasi are viewed to, recently, directing to the sponsorship event “harmony heart” with of Kagurazaka exp of Sunday, besides the fact that it did the practice which inserted the based drum, in addition at nights the single sky. To tell the truth condition of the throat being worst to last week when it trains festival, but the gold thread sparrow which forgets the 唄 (the canary) and the [u] the slump the [tsu] you want is, now the sea urchin voice whether soul is released from the entire body of and comes out and the sea urchin recovering, after having been surprised personally, on the second, new tune and quite would like to go, “harmony heart” well flap reservation the event everyone whose only Japanese-style band unit is funny to come at the entry or electronic letter waits, the battle where this day probably will start persevering*

    • In season of ◇◆ snow ・・・◆◇
      japanese means , Feel free to link

    • [mutsuha] (゜∀゜)
      It is dangerous!!!!!! [rozenmeiden] it is dangerous!!!!! [tsu] hanging [netabare] the [ze] which is done!!! It is green star stone revival [kita]-----(゜∀゜)--------!! It is green from the [te] or face to face paper star stone [te] ww, be too delightful ww all we joy www is dangerous, it is too lovely, is said 'lovely' the word which it is fixed being, green it seems that is because of the star stone, being too lovely, revival being too delightful, while [niyoniyo] to do, it may cry, ('; Ω; The `) the eye head is hot the [ze]… where('; Ω; `) - green child love!!!!! We like with [kiyara] of all cartoons!!! [jiyun] gj!!!!!!!!!!! It comes out directly, -!! Therefore the miso soup which does not have [rozenmeiden] or [dashi] where the green child where the mercury lamp is troubled unless [rozamisuteika] return it is quickly, does not come out, Calais where you forget to insert the spice, because return green green the star which is the star stone too favorite stone it came out, also the kana ww money thread sparrow which 1 volumes is already bought producing large participation, rise of the gold thread sparrow at random lovely w as expected the 2nd wife! It is green, the star stone it comes out to do, the gold thread. It participates and as for the [u] the [tera] we special ww [a] - green child… How much waits for revival and the [wa] [bi] is high…While serializing the drill being done in [kuso] 〇 [zu], with thin 8 volumes with the last time the transfer [tsu] [te] hearing in [yanjiyan], although chaos you rejoiced, 'it provides and [jiyun]' scratches and is green the star stone dyke or that!!!!! Therefore this time the appearance red sandal wood, don't you think? another, there is no delightful expectation!!!!! The [a] [a] - the hat taking, greeting it is the gentleman, also the green child the green child to see is dignified… From being possible we would like to become master of the green child, [jiyun], the just a little place change… orz which would like to become master to be involved, ('; Ω; `) green child -… The doll we want

    • 3/15
      The bath entering, the cup noodle eating, feeling renovated! [imakoko] -> the high-tension ⇔ not to be the ⇔ 鬱 normally, high①The ⇔ normally ⇔ 鬱 ⇔ high②<- Coconut!! Just a little it is different, it is the shelf - (∀) how to say, or already with how and simply with be accustomed height the negative [tsu] [te] [ru] compared to [mashi], don't you think? ~ [mashi] don't you think? the ~3/15 put out, just a little today the [pu] and others [pu] and others to die alone, because you heard that line densely there is a figure of the gold thread sparrow in ~ [norubesa], if it does not go to seeing, after so long a time? To doubt with the [tsu] [te] feeling, because half expectation half [norubesa] to tell the truth it has not done, the [a] where just a little it enjoys and - couple spot the [tsu] while the air occurring which the air keeps doing passes at point in time of that ferris wheel and says - the [a] - already the [do] - with - the [re

    • 'It is distant terribly to you'
      However the [me] [tsu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] before this after a long time the [paso] picture which the hand bath it tries raising the pleasant [wa] - the ^^* pen tub we want, when such it is yesterday which is not the room which is bought, the Osaka live of gold thread sparrow peace you did don't you think? the [a] - we would like to go, - line densely you have been troubled it is seriously - with honesty, stopping, correct answer [chike] which was done you have taken as, fare ww [repo] which does not have the gold which is paid searching, reading, it probably will enjoy, if so you say, and is live does in May, it is and [tsu] [ke] [wa] [] line coming, the [e] -! Don't you think? so go Tokyo with 1 people, [e] []/(^p^) \ and [repo] is searched, is, the ww [a], in addition it is the plain gauze which the novel yet is not bought - it is not, [kiritsukiri] and it is well separately from the escaping and the plug in the urgent cancer to burn, however the [e] recently being peace insufficient, whether you think what everyday license XXINF as for the truth which is seen halfway would like to see with the [be], it is the burn the [tsu]!! The brassiere you throw in the partner and it is you saw to be, the varieties inspecting, the cod, the pleasure where somehow this week the peaceful week it is found that it seems, goes does and the ^^* which increased the [tsu] densely and the [ma] -

    • Google trend it is funny, the ~
      Appearing in on [ameburo], don't you think? the instantaneous everyone [gugu] [tsu] [te] [ru] where the word flowed with the television which knows the [ru] google trend public how 踊 and others is made the television, it is - entering into the zooming word of yesterday 4/26 by the way, as for the [ru] ↓, 7. ogre light 11. stone dragon child 16. gold thread sparrow you clearly q!! The intelligence entertainer vs. announcer team sees the w correct answer announcement, [ro] waits and is not cut off and the complicated Chinese character where it means that the hastiness which the [gugu] [tsu] [te] puts away unintentionally stays all the way, favorite the van gal was recognized everyone don't you think?? It appears in the lyric “of dejection of 25 o'clock” of the mook it does the ogre light, as for the “gold thread sparrow” that way there is the tune name of nogod if and, as for stone dragon child motif v system liking, it does, [yo] [te] or q of yesterday!! If fine you can play can shoot in rapid succession with v system and your Chinese shade you can read “it leans” normally even with difficult reading Chinese character of level 10 with Japanese “it leans”, however perhaps, one use frequency is high, with Chinese the “靠 [re] [ru]” <- this Chinese character you use and the China. Because it is in the midst of thermal re-arriving, the Echu inside. We want the dictionary!! There is no Nakagoe [tsu] [te] Niigata, Vietnam (Vietnam) is, Japan the kana which does not enter into the hand? China in the dictionary buying of the Vietnamese language the ~ which would like to go!!!! The simple communication generated by metagateway which starts with modifhi smart

    • Seal.
      Me of rumor to mania when [shirukonpu] which is converted it does kana it is also the my coming which is even in to be, the 翠 star stone was and to be too lovely Tetsu first the star stone coming out green, when intellectual village you did, although desired ones entered into the hand there where 翠 star stone dyke high and others it has exchanging without each other wastefulness, the poult. Lovely, the mercury lamp lovely and the crimson lovely, the star stone we want me after all green…Although with it became and if how the [se] which reaches to [konpu] when it should have made also the gold thread sparrow and the rose crystal, it sprouts well lovely

    • [bousoushitemashita
      As for the previous diary driving recklessly rather, better seed…When now you read and return it is shy, don't you think? is…As for stage truly performer cute! As for gackt chest origin…Chest origin…Correcting many degrees, you chased unintentionally with the eye, physical beauty!! Color white!! Because I directly become black, it is envious, in regard to the work which is doing the sunburn protection, falling, it finishes though and, what because attaching it is not possible, but it is troublesome simply [ri] house what,…Already every day being sunburned, because compared to became a little black (the ┳◇┳) gackt does not change the older sister whom, it increases truly we like, (the ≧∇≦) becoming favorite, it was 10 years or more, (the ^_^) now of v later the [bi] and what the chestnut it does thinking, Fukuyama [burogu] reading, comment when [te] tv you see, Jun doing, narration because the [te], 1 programs it ended, although it is different, when it did, in addition the [bi] and the chestnut it did with Jun's narration! Just a little the [tsu] [te] it is enormous accidentally! Accidentally, it is not and as for this the oak and others which is inevitability? ([horitsuku]…Today is healing with Fukuyama voice, calling, the thing oak and others? Oak and others? The oak and others which is -? (The by gold thread sparrow) as for the program, animal large picture book of Darwin's 2 these reams. It was Jun* The bear it is lovely! [tora] being less crowded! Animal being less crowded! The animal we would like to go, - the mother ranch it is good, but - with the feeling Jun and the voice tone raising shank…A little when you transform plus, in his her of the black steward…It stopped understanding, some story you had written, - while you think the [wa] which it tries putting together* (°□°;)When it collects, good finishing, it is the [tsu] [te] thing to which feeling does not change and keeps increasing! (It is not settled!! ww) Because gackt valley mountain Jun we love, - work it can persevere, it is! How, the ear there being a thing, although it is present how weekday, intense it starts being packed! The [tsu] [te] where the line extends to the pillar with show after just being what - (ρ_;)It perseveres with the [ku] which everyday is the sweat and increases! Working, also diet is possible! It is to be a stone two bird! Although is, the face riding is round, what thing -” (the no >

    • -? -?
      You the [ro] which is foolish! The [ro] which is foolish what! -? When the foolish [tsu] [te] just we would like to try saying, to put out! -?

    • <8.0 hardness kind weapons>Heaven wolf pair
      Heaven. Pair Heaven. Pair Heaven. Pair Attack power 294 complacent ratio 0%s0 ice 160 reach: It is short the heaven. Pair Attack power 364 complacent ratio 10%s0 ice 270 reach: It is short on: Heaven. Pair Under: Heaven. Pair The __/\ the/─ ─ \ < cut taste [e]…/(-) (-) \ | u (_ _ human) | _________ \ `⌒´,/. | || No \. | || . /´ | || |l | || REPT - One - _~ and ⌒) ^), -. |_|_________| REPT __ and no γ⌒ REPT) [nininini] _|_||But the attack power attribute value complacent ratio which exceeds the pair sword “[rahuaru] = [daora]” of pair sword same ice attribute of _ hardness kind [orugaron] very attractive, the reach: Shortly cut with the pair sword where the reach whose trick of taste gauge is painful even excessively is short originally, the reach: It is short, when big demerit it shoulders, if the host is received or, we would like to use with the QUEST which it can stick to the partner does not attach the craftsman/teacher, if white purple occurs with the craftsman/teacher who becomes deterioration of the lava completely, case white purple which can obtain the thermal power of the highest peak occurs, the sword which is added with 8.0 it is short with +2, cut the ○8.0 hardness kind weapon link (incompletion) [huoruteperuhuetsuto] (large sword) flame king sword which we would like to try to supply taste (Sword) [huorutesorenne] (one hand) heaven. Pair(Pair) flame king 鎚<. Rock>(Hammer) [huorutesutorumento] (whistle) [neburakorumuna] (spear) [huorutepatsutsuia] (gun spear) true dance thunder gun (Lightly). King heavy artillery (Heavily) [huorutekureshiente] (bow) mhf [burogu

    • The buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is it is the [ze] which is! (DX crab disk)
      /::: :::::: :::::: :::: /:::: jl, /::: /:: /\::: \::: Tsuji - [ku] benevolence, i:::: i:: /`[mi] _∧ [ni]/{l:::: [re]. [ani], & [ini] and [he] _ [nore]' ゙: ” ' 込 The Soviet Union. 込 The Soviet Union i:: /The buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it does high, and others -! /∧ ¯r==┐¯ ∧ REPT, --{! `- REPT. ___[nome]' i}, ♪ /¯ -,”:: _: _: _-: i>┬

    • You ate too much?
      Tonight [wa] 'tofu [hanbagu]' ♡ caloric moderate it made? It is not,… (the source is dense, you applied,) with, [chiyo] being tasty, stomach eight minute [chiyo] even [wa] [shitsukoina] now it exceeds the stomach may be cut off the bee, is, but what? Furthermore (laughing) the photograph it raised you applied, the [ho] [ho] already in the stomach of [atashi] (laughing) (pain) you have known? The [kanariya] [tsu] [te] you read with the gold thread sparrow, it is even with the quiz program with tv you do the [wa] which becomes study don't you think? (' 艸 `) the canary? [kanariya]? With [a]…? When correctly word of heart you think and viewpoint, when the air [zu] it is something where also bad ones become because your own, heart is disordered conversely it is done in the truth that, the disorder of the heart which is visible in those whose those which are bad to those whose good ones are bad, are good is to be than war than what to be more fearful than the nucleus

    • Black pearl dress ♪
      However some days ago, it was not in time to opening, after the ☆・・・★・・・☆ black pearl dress ☆・・・★・・・☆ which with the Kyoto after approached to the return of work, is bought returning, promptly, wearing in the walnut, the ♪ walnut which you receive… very, it is infrequent change, because 綺 羅 with the walnut, the [zu] ~ [tsu] and recently, the gold thread sparrow, green it was the star stone and the rose maiden continuation, however (the main building with one time it is to change clothes, green it was star stone [kosupure] and… (; ^_^a) Remainder caring, because the [re] it was not, that it changes and… it is the [tsu] [te] feeling, (* ゚ - ゚) HKDRT this time, if preparing either the dress of the 綺 羅 gradually,… is, (* ゚ - ゚ *)

    • Feather character introduction of heaven 狗
      Shrewdly it is sweet being attached. When the coming [ya] open [ya] [a] which it makes ((it is the truth well… it is not to surpass in the d ash which that is, but it is attached sweetly and we love, ((with Pandora about the same favorite the way!! Because ((comics tend - with it is high, it is not to be bought excessively but… even then the protagonist which was made the name which temporarily is introduction: The gold thread sparrow (considerably the [a]) age: Many years living, the partner whom it increases: 梵 heaven. Name: Princess Suzuhiko the eye which was seen: The bell Sawayama having worn the clothes which are attached, as for the hair the setting which is the beauty of twin tail matchlessness of the red hair: It has become the voice where voice grows hoarse, (the reason it is unclear) it is, merely, reckless driving of the 妖 which knows her voice whether what you talk says weak point, with you stop just the 梵 heaven and there is a [re] [ru] strange power when it is delightful, the flower blooms in the body of the partner, (you take) the impression 梵 heaven of the partner -> we like, is, is to be,”, it is less crowded, is, the [tsu]! <- The gold thread sparrow empty five time child -> it is favorite of the 梵, largely, softly, <- the gold thread sparrow dew grass -> [mashi] character it overstrains excessively and [chi] [ya] [tsu], is, the [me] <- gold thread sparrow dark blue -> truly the ghost or the [a]? ; The [gu], our [tsu], it is terrible the [tsu] which is not the [wa] can <- the gold thread sparrow. The time -> it is lovely - vv [bo], 梵, the [tsu] which is the [tsu] which is no what, the wax ・・・← gold thread sparrow 朽 leaf -> properly talk the fool!! Because, the [tsu], is ・・・← gold thread sparrow silver red -> feeling played to night traveling, in a row the [te] which the shank is, is? <- Although gold thread sparrow flat eight -> it is the ghost, it was kind, the dew grass, the [do] [tsu], also? <- Because you have bought to the gold thread sparrow only still 4 volumes, the ghost the rear end increase it is excessively… orz once upon a time… once upon a time certainly! ((

    • Fox face angular eggplant nipple fruit
      Being cultivated in the vicinity of the house, it started becoming colored from around September which enters into the fall because excessively it is beautiful, when it tries inspecting, as… the fox face (the fox eggplant) or the canary has stopped from the fact that the fruit has been similar to the face of the fox, the canary eggplant, as for Japanese name as for the name, fox face which is called [tsunonasu] in harmony make English, as for English name it calls the nipple fruit from the fact that it is visible the projection where so the nipple which is means “the nipple”, attaches and can make the root just “the nipple (the papilla)” the way, from the fact that it is visible, as a flower material of the kind of flower arrangement and the like which is namedEither the using and the water without necessity, if you insert in the vase that way, the long period of time it can admire, it is the funny plant where, but because to tell the truth there is virulence, you cannot eat, so fox angular gold thread sparrow papillar makes associate is various types?

    • Roughly roughly it is rough and others the [a]!!
      Although the sleeping cell it does and the [chi] [tsu] is (the ' Ω `) before the 6:30 at the house the [ru], it occurred 6: 19 was, (((゜д゜;))))) 10 minutes! The feather in 10 minutes the eats, it changes clothes, flask the, boiled rice doing is inserted, other arrangements, [a] [tsu] which you showed!!!!!!!!!!!! It persevered! It persevered, when the [o] [o] [o] >< the [da] [tsu] [te]… you became aware, it was such a time, don't you think? it is those which are <- before the time of the science, you draw the picture the gold thread sparrow! When it does, “don't you think? the [tsu], it is good”, that saying, m of the science to exclude and the [tsu] it is the w [u] it is, k, to be praised,… [ke] - the [re] (^ω^) with, class ending about 5 minutes ago, “being possible with the desk doing, because the [te]” [tsu] [te] you said, it moved to coloration job, but it is while… something the upper body hiding with the w file which comes, however you have drawn, however something ww which comes [huri] which does not become aware it presumed, the file being taken in m of the seats before, [e]… In addition w which was seen seeing, “it is good, don't you think? don't you think? the [e]” [da] [tsu] [te] [ke] - [re] www it is good and it is, as for w you compared to it is good however! <- The [o], with you call to also k of the seat of rear to do, -* Although massage it is not good, (the ' Ω `) today it was birthday of the family, it is with, the chocolate cake you ate!! [chi] [so] [san] ♪

    • Ram
      According to schedule one count of the section magazine was decorated to the first analog manuscript which is the manuscript which has been notified before the cultural festival* By your at the time of the [tsu] [te] which when the [u] [wa] well n is submitted well becomes aware in mediocrity mistake the millimeter pen you use in the ww background which is too, center line (the circular pen) being thicker, below crying, wasteful setting & name…[araragi] & image…Sheep + Japanese mythical something * color ring…As for the hair element color (#eae5e3, the [tsu] which is done extremely the light beige) as for the eye copper and gold alloy color (the #752100, red brown) as for angle gold thread sparrow color (#ebd842, a little light yellow) as for the clothes in the white ground the band of red, black tight something * remark…To be good the cloud of gold (to be good to the peaceful picture scroll the person a certain way) wanting the delicate color tone which has floated on back, because it chose harmony color, you understand rather, [zu] leprosy color scheme ...... Because it is the intention making of doing with this 仔 among those, as for the color even that time the analog manuscript we would like to scratch one time temporarily in month, - (the ' Ω `)

    • AA@ rose maiden
      [i]/~~~, _//¯ REPT} >> @ (从 _ 从))∥ [he] ∥ ゚ - ゚ no ∥∥ (i [mi] mediating/helping [mi] i) ∥≦ [nonoha] REPT ≧ [te] `- t [tsua] - ' [te] crimson i> |||[nonoiha])) |||[ri] ゚ - ゚ no|No|” (l mediating/helping”)| ≦ No REPT [nohe] ≧ [mi] [ku] 222 > [mi] 翠 star stone |¯¯¯|i two [nini] two i [nonono] REPT))) The w [ri] ゚-゚ paste ⊂) _ mediating/helping” οο <_l_> Χ it is green the star stone _ _ & the ∠ _ no REPT/the no/⌒⌒ REPT ∥y (the no \ the _@ & 丿 DREPT the [ri] ゚ [wa] ゚ no `- (koi∞i [mihu] (the _ ([i])) [ji] Soviet gold thread sparrow ≦@¯¯ `@≧ << |(从 从))>> >> [ha] ゚ - $ no << <</∧ [ni] @ [su] >> (([hi] (_ 爻 _)) Ζ It does. Ζ Rose crystal r@¯~@ REPT/the paste river [ha] river [hano] 从 [ri] @- ゚ no 从 no 从 with lξ_i the [hanori] 从 [ku] _ξ_> [ri] 从 ∪∪ snow bloom 綺 crystal or the [wa] [yu] it does, (the *´ω `*) aa one which can be made enormous o

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    • あなたのわたしわたしのあなた
      Spare time passing with end gratitude, the face of the education trainee seeing, it has been similar to the gold thread sparrow inside the cod (*^o^*) the schedule register of the neighbor cute (*´д `) it goes to the enormous closely head making making

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    • null
      Self introduction with it is the (Ω `-) The [hu] - it is) 1 name [do], - it is the cherry tree wooden 茉 莉 or as for 2 origins which are the gold thread sparrow?? Is name of [kiyara] of both cartoon, as for “strawberry better [ma] [ro]” “[rozenmeiden]” 3 ages?? The [ji] [yo] [a] which puts on airs it has and 仔 it is category “of daughter” completely, (laughing) 4 obtaining? With [ma] [ji]?! Even so probably will be, saying from my year, 5 favorite as for tv? [shirushirumishiru] (laughing) 6 [a], that super it is funny, don't you think? the ~!! * You have known some program? 7 favorite as for tune? Truth 8 favorite artist! Especially it is not 9 so the ~ which is what! The inside is the stormy fan…As for ♥ [jiyanitare] about only smap 10 where you do not know as for everyday be sure to doing? - It does with feeling good thing, (laughing) 11 your own characters five! 1 2 [ta] 314 5 [ji] 12 your own family constitution which are done, mother younger brother 13 favorite as for the entertainer sun? The w throbbing camp 14 [ma] [ji] it receives, don't you think? liking such an entertainer of the ~^^, you think that………………………… it is not completed truly, (laughing) 15 his person or her it is? If sexual desire processing person in charge to 16 [e] ~ [tsu]! Other than ((already the woman the by [kurauza] 3 world where is good being just the lower half body (laughing) 17 spirit…It believes? 18 where it cannot be so it is what…Well in rear of the hatchet…! Knowing, the [hu] - it is 19 already immediately some day, the [ru]? Day this month the money enters expense is many, is,… Don't you think? 20 so is*!” Someone raising with [himo]? (Laughing) 21 now, loving, are there some which do not stop?? 6th series time it is! Lovely time it is lovely! And the truth it is white! (Laughing) Don't you think? ~w 22 tired ways truly Name of the person who is turned 23 next please - (' the `)* Being free, please

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