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    • April 1st (day) [bu] and coming that 1
      01:45 from unintentionally “the cherry tree trade war [te] after Hanami revival 2 year” it met with topics of [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple [yahu], but it is, when so it tries being said, spring of last year society is faced to the direction of Hanami self-control the [tsu] [ke
      从无心地“樱桃树贸易战[te的] 01:45,在Hanami复兴2年”它与题目回面[tsu]之后[pu] [ru] /twipple [yahu],但是它是,当它如此设法说时,去年社会的春天面对对Hanami自我控制的方向[tsu] [ke

    • [bu] and coming March 3rd (Saturday) that 2, a liberal translation
      The uninformed [chi] where 01:55 from unintentionally it is [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple you put!!!!! 02:03 from unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple something the Heda collar of this time, don't you think? it is round, 02:04 from unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple [yokoya] true [tsu] white! [hukunaga] [ma] [ji] mushroom! Both love! w 02:06 from unintentionally with [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple bath harsh Chinese noodles!? wwww [do] [yu] thing!? 02:09 from unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple (re: @juuuntangum1) @juuuntangum1 so being -! By the way I it is not the Oizumi fan! If ←w first you do not overtake play where student discount is effective among this month, don't you think?! After to drink and assemble -! ^^ 02:10 from unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple [jiyanizu] even with this? About the [tsu] [te] it is [kiratsukira],… w 02:11 from unintentionally in such a night of [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple “that face seeing, like”? Extremely the luxurious shelf
      未接到通知[凯爱]从无心地它的01:55 [tsu]的地方[pu] [ru] /twipple您投入了!!!!! 从无心地的02:03 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple某事这时间Heda衣领,您是否不认为? 它是在周围,从无心地的02:04 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple [yokoya]配齐[tsu]白色! [hukunaga] [ma] [ji]蘑菇! 两爱! 从无心地的w 02:06与[tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple浴苛刻的中国面条! ? wwww [] [yu]事! ? 从无心地的02:09 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple (关于: 如此是的@juuuntangum1) @juuuntangum1 -! 顺便说一句我它不是Oizumi迷! 如果←w您首先不追上学生折扣在这个月之中是有效的戏剧,您不认为?! 以后喝和聚集-! 从无心地的^^ 02:10 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple [jiyanizu]甚而与此? 关于[tsu] [te]它[kiratsukira],…从无心地这样夜的w 02:11 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple “看见,象的那张面孔” ? 极端豪华架子

    • 2 de marzo (oro) [BU] y el venir
      01:43 from [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple you put away unintentionally, in addition the manicure it is not dropped, with as for the vigor which is dropped from now it does not remain, this regrettable woman power of what (shortage! ) 01:43 from unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple, the coming [yu] [u] [u] -, it is the [tsu], the [pi] [] 01:44 from which is done the schedule w which unintentionally [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple (from now so 3 becomes minutes later) can be completed cripes
      01:43从[tsu] [pu] [ru]您无心地投入的/twipple,另外它没有被投下的修指甲,与至于为从现在起下降的强健它不依然存在,什么的这遗憾的妇女力量(短缺! )从无心地的01:43 [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple,来临[yu] [u] [u] -,它是[tsu]的[pi] [] 01:44做日程表w无心地[tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple (so3后从现在起成为分钟)可以是完整cripes

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