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    Matsumoto Yamaga,

    Sport related words Nakata Hidetoshi Playoff Kyoto Sanga Roasso Kumamoto Shunsuke Nakamura Shonan Bellmare Oita Trinita Kataller Toyama Montedio Yamagata Fagiano Okayama Tokyo Verdy Tsurumaki

    • May 2nd (water) [bu] and coming that 1, a liberal translation
      06:07 from twicca. @k_283 @hirotun85 cripes, you see and 06:08 rt from twicca [23 rt] the word, overwork death is translated karoshi that way, a liberal translation
      06:07 do twicca. cripes de @k_283 @hirotun85, você vê e o 06:08 rt do twicca [23 rt] a palavra, morte do excesso de trabalho é o karoshi traduzido que maneira

    • [bu] and coming April 28th (Saturday) that 1
      07:53 from twicca (re: @masamune_vega) @masamune_vega good morning it is, - it is game!! It makes today win!! 07:54 from twicca (re: @hic_sfc) @hic_sfc good morning it is!! 07:54 from twicca (re: @mike1739) @mike1739 the 08:11 rt from twicca which good morning is [3 rt] the Niigata daily report: The white star take from the Niigata premier position as for the system Uchida Tanaka 442 Yano “with forerunner thick Kurosaki supervision if front you can do the destroying, chance to be many “in Uchida in order length who is born” is quick not to become the too development which, Isao with being entwined, when it can make the game well,”, #albirex ([tsuito] of orangemayu) 12:06 from twicca obstruction!! rt @masamune_vega: With say, as for receiving the present victory 0.3 [begaruta] Sendai 12:09 rt from twicca [2 rt] j's goal | j's goal news | Report: Takes the “first 1 points” Ehime which to the latter half explosion, a liberal translation
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • March 19th (month) [bu] and coming that 1
      The kana 11:21 rt from twicca which shopping goes from the 11:20 from twicca noon we would like to become hateful, how bluffing, certainly, the unreasonable releasing (the love water | [tsuito] of unreciprocated love bot) 11:22 from twicca (re: @sts224) @sts224 [ke] [tsu]!! … 11:23 rt from twicca Sakai, as for ball touch with 62 team 1 rank
      O 11:21 rt do kana do twicca que a compra vai do 11:20 do meio-dia do twicca nós gostaria de tornar-se detestável, como blefando, certamente, a liberação ilógica (a água do amor | [tsuito] do 11:22 unreciprocated do bot do amor) do twicca (com referência a: @sts224) @sts224 [KE] [tsu]!! … 11:23 rt do twicca Sakai, quanto para ao toque da esfera com Rank de 62 equipes 1

    • April 8th (day) [bu] and coming that 2
      The 15:12 rt from twicca Mito vs Chiba 5,373 human Tochigi vs Kumamoto 2,999 human east vvs Tokushima 3,110 human Okayama vs Matsumoto 7,877 human Ehime vs Fukuoka 3,035 human north nine vs Tottori 3,230 people ([tsuito] of the [mu] [gi]) the 15:12 from twicca can star it has entered densely… 15:23 from twicca [kengo] is not when still seeing from the other team, that much threat kana? As for the tournament of last week however it is not seen, the air which as for present mountain elegance the mark does not go at least so hard does
      O 15:12 rt do twicca Mito contra o ser humano Tochigi de Chiba 5.373 contra o ser humano do leste humano Okayama de Tokushima 3.110 dos vvs de Kumamoto 2.999 contra o ser humano Ehime de Matsumoto 7.877 contra o ser humano nove nortes de Fukuoka 3.035 contra Tottori 3.230 povos ([tsuito] que do [MU] [soldado]) o 15:12 do twicca pode star o entrou densa… o 15:23 do twicca [kengo] não é ao ainda considerar da outra equipe, esse muito kana da ameaça? Quanto para ao competiam da semana passada entretanto não se vê, o ar que quanto para à elegância atual da montanha a marca não vai pelo menos assim que faz duramente

    • April 4th (water) [bu] and coming that 1
      The by noppon_ ON twitter which contract of 18:07 from twicca [sukapa] it changes and forgetting is not the [te] [nabisuko] seeing [re
      Perto o twitter de noppon_ que o contrato do 18:07 do twicca [sukapa] ele muda e o esquecimento não são [te] [nabisuko] vendo [com referência a

    • [bu] and coming February 27th (Monday) that 1, a liberal translation
      12:24 from twicca @k_283 following thank you
      o 12:24 do seguimento do twicca @k_283 agradece-lhe

    • February 25th (Saturday) [bu] and coming that 1
      08:06 from twicca the 08:31 rt from tgadget Orita teacher [kita] ━━━━ which good morning is (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ [tsu]!! twitpic.com/8o5ilk yfrog.com/h8zfnbcj yfrog.com/h4etonpj (in 迎 Satoru's [tsuito]) there is a 08:36 from tgadget and is -
      08:06 do twicca o 08:31 rt do ━━━━ do professor de Orita do tgadget [kita] que boa manhã é (━━━━ do ゚ do ∀ do ゚) [tsu]!! twitpic.com/8o5ilk yfrog.com/h8zfnbcj yfrog.com/h4etonpj (no 迎 Satoru [tsuito]) lá é um 08:36 do tgadget e é -

    Matsumoto Yamaga, Sport,

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