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    Waste disaster,

    Reportage related words radioactivity Ota District Asbestos 環境省 Environment Minister 福島市 SIRIUS HootSuite Fukushima nuclear plant Radioactive material Miyako city Becquerel Final disposal site

    • sweetmekath
      Earthquake: Magnitude 6.8 hits japan for the very last time. Tsunami alertissued. #prayforjapan.

    • ilwoostoryjapan
      RT @ilwoostoryjapan: [VOD] u2018u5efau7bc9u5b66u6982u8ad6u2019 VIPu8a66u5199u4f1au3001u30adu30e0u30fbu30b9u30d2u30e7u30f3-u30c1u30e7u30f3u30fbu30a4u30ebu306au3069u2018u592au967du62b1u6708u2019u4e3bu5f79u4e00u30f6u6240u306b(SSTVu52d5u753b) http://t.co/dLinLgao

    • March 8th (wood) [bu] and coming that 1
      19:34 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [10 rt] the way back from Megawa town, a liberal translation
      19:34从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [10 rt]方式从Megawa镇

    • March 13th (fire) [bu] and coming
      17:43 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp stiff shoulders being be tired, pool 18:41 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp 500 swimming, in [a] previous arrangement! 21:10 from web (re: @piroppiringring) Thank you! Always, in order 1000 to let flow slowly, it is to swim, but today there is no time, [te] 500
      17:43是从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp僵硬的肩膀疲乏,水池18:41从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp 500游泳,在[a]早先安排! 从网的21:10 (关于: @piroppiringring)感谢您! 总是,按顺序1000年慢慢地让流程的,它是游泳,但是今天没有时间, [te] 500

    • February 12th (day) [bu] and coming
      14:31 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp (re: @eventbank) Whether @eventbank tomorrow banana…(o^o^o) 14:35 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp (re: @ktgdy) Although 14:36 rt from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp @nasurie which @ktgdy may you ask it came to the point of urgently asking story, it did not relate, thank you truly, it was! “@honeywave3: 奈 須 [ri] obtaining Assemblyman of national assembly Assemblyman Ku Ota, tile from system viewpoint. Explanation of the problematical point of wide area processing, the point holding down at the time when it is limited, the [te], it is easy to understand
      14:31从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp (关于: @eventbank)是否@eventbank明天香蕉… (o^o^o) 14:35从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp (关于: @ktgdy),虽然14:36 rt @ktgdy愿您请求它的从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp @nasurie来了到点迫切要求故事,它没有关连,真实地谢谢,它是! “@honeywave3 : 得到国民大会议员Ku Ota,瓦片的议员的奈須[ri]从系统观点。 处理有问题的点广域,持续的点的解释,当它是有限的时候, [te],了解是容易的

    • February 24th (gold) [bu] and coming, a liberal translation
      12:54 from [mobatsui]/young blurring in maneuvers meeting of www.movatwi.jp @naonakadai 奈 cord “nuclear citizen of Tokyo poll”, expecting, it increases! Physical condition arranging, don't you think?
      从[mobatsui]弄脏在回旋会议的/young的12:54 www.movatwi.jp @naonakadai奈绳子“核公民东京民意测验”,期望,它增加! 安排的物理状态,您是否不认为?

    • February 8th (water) [bu] and coming
      15:34 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [3 rt] you must do the asbestos, not taking the scattering preventive measure problem
      15:34从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [3 rt]您必须做石棉,不采取驱散预防措施问题

    • February 11th (Saturday) [bu] and coming that 1
      14:50 from [mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [7 rt] disaster waste acceptance explanatory meeting @ Ota Ward Office of Miyagi prefecture Megawa town
      14:50宫城县Megawa镇从[mobatsui]/www.movatwi.jp [7 rt]灾害废物采纳说明会议@ Ota拘留所

    Waste disaster, Reportage,

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