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    Shibuya Public Hall,

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  • ○■ 渋谷公会堂

  • ○■ Making hear always, recei ving, however the [ru] it is, don't you think? so is, the guest Miyazaki [a] to be, just a little it is funny, whether it is it is not, because with you think, when you can call, that you think

  • ○■ ◆berryz工房版をお い... ◆berryz atelier edition the berryz atelier member solo sign poster, ℃-ute edition as for the customer who is purchase you give the ℃-ute member solo sign poster to the person who is purchase, with random, *, purchase berryz atelier edition, purchase receiving ℃-ute edition whichever, makes up to total 10 concerning one person one time, a liberal translation

  • ○■ So, after finishing singi ng, with mc, idling it seems, it is lovely, it puts out

  • ○■ 「待って、待って !」みたいに... “Waiting, waiting, -!”The [ku], it is concerning like going away the [tsu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Today the event @ Shibuya public hall which celebrates the comic story family raw 60th anniversaries of the song circular master

  • ○■ (今日は誤情報をu pしてし... (Today did up doing error information, the impoliteness very much

  • ○■ “Live, even the up-to-d ate article of category such as play and entertainment” be clover z × Tokyo women style single release… Room father @ Lucite gallery live: [oorutaichi] @ month you who are seen live you think: The greenery city child/the bear hill [ru] it is dense the @ west reed 窪 [sanjiyatsuku] “Miyazaki silver mirror kagura” @ national little theater, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 2012年4月14日(土) 新潟... 2012 April 14th (Saturday) Niigata prefecture Nagaoka city [shiteihorupurazaaore] Nagaoka 2012 April 20th (Friday) considerably the prefectural iichiko [guranshiata] 2012 April 22nd (Sunday) Nagasaki prefecture Nagasaki brick hole 2012 April 24th (Tuesday) Kagoshima prefecture Kagoshima citizen cultural hole 12,012th year April 28th (Saturday) Kochi prefecture Kochi prefectural prefectural people cultural hole [orenjihoru] 2012 April 30th (month celebration) Ehime prefecture [hi] [me] [gi] it is hole (Ehime prefecture prefectural people cultural center) 2012 May 5th (Saturday) Akita prefecture Akita prefecture people hall 2012 May 11th (Friday) Hokkaido The Tomakomai citizen hall large hole 2012 May 13th (Sunday) Hokkaido Kushiro citizen cultural center large hole 2012 May 19th (Saturday) Iwate prefecture Iwate prefecture people hall 2012 May 20th (Sunday) Aomori prefecture Aomori city cultural center 2012 May 26th (Saturday) Tottori prefecture Yonago convention center 2012 May 27th (Sunday) Okayama prefecture Kurashiki citizen

  • 渋谷公会堂

    Shibuya Public Hall,

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