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    Nature related words Axolotl Autumn leaves Tadpole Natural monument Kyoto Aquarium

    • As for distinctiveness taste and difference of [getemono]?, a liberal translation
      As for Woo per looper in one kind of salamander of the Mexican original product length 10~25 centimeter, a liberal translation
      Wie was flehen Sie pro Looper in einer Art Salamander der mexikanischen ursprünglichen Produktlänge 10~25 Zentimeter an

    • In the world of where differential
      [oosanshiyouuo]!! Only 1 times the feed is eaten in 1 weeks, when so, it makes around 1 days, approximately 2.5 Yen!! 1/10000 or less of koala, a liberal translation
      [oosanshiyouuo]!! Nur 1 setzt Zeit Zufuhr wird gegessen in Wochen 1 fest, wenn so, es bildet herum 1 Tage, ungefähr 2.5 Yen!! 1/10000 oder kleiner des Koala

    • [metsuse] you sent to the person who reserves live 19 days 20 days March 1st!, a liberal translation
      The [tsu] where [oosanshiyouuo] is not eaten yet! We would like to eat!, a liberal translation
      [Tsu] wo [oosanshiyouuo] nicht noch gegessen wird! Wir möchten essen!

    • Agape
      [oosanshiyouuo] or [kurione] seeing, [giyagiya] doing, the cod persimmon field is not, it is with the shank
      [oosanshiyouuo] oder [kurione] Sehen, [giyagiya] tuend, der Kabeljau, den Persimonefeld nicht ist, es, ist mit dem Schaft

    • Carrying your @ [makurosu] F book cover
      Also [oosanshiyouuo] the combining which is to say
      [Oosanshiyouuo] auch kombinieren, das zu sagen ist

    • Red eye 48 cascade
      [oosanshiyouuo] it could see
      [oosanshiyouuo] könnte es sehen

    • It is the [za] to come, you celebrate, the @ Yubara hot spring, a liberal translation
      [oosanshiyouuo] 1 becomes centimeters large in 1 years, because so is, is it is dense probably to be one no year? It is the animal of enormous longevity
      [oosanshiyouuo] 1 wird die Zentimeter groß in 1 Jahren, weil so ist, ist es ist dicht vermutlich, ein kein Jahr zu sein? Es ist das Tier der enormen Langlebigkeit

    • 30km running after that, a liberal translation
      Also [oosanshiyouuo] was opened after a long time and very full it was kicking
      Auch [oosanshiyouuo] war nach einer langen Zeit und sehr voll es trat geöffnet

    • Minoo cascade
      [oosanshiyouuo] it could see
      [oosanshiyouuo] könnte es sehen

    • This week practice
      It is [oosanshiyouuo] running method explosion
      Es ist [oosanshiyouuo] laufende Methodenexplosion

    • First the impoliteness Kyoto aquarium
      Was [oosanshiyouuo] Amphibien anbetrifft

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      The model of [oosanshiyouuo], because it is the aquarium which is studied raising such model, it seems that it tries realizing
      Das Modell von [oosanshiyouuo], weil es das Aquarium ist, das solches Modell anhebend studiert wird, scheint es, dass es versucht zu verwirklichen

    • mizu heno izon
      As for [oosanshiyouuo] amphibia, a liberal translation
      Was [oosanshiyouuo] Amphibien anbetrifft

    • tabi no hanashi �� bangaihen
      Watching [oosanshiyouuo] to very limit, the cod
      Aufpassen [oosanshiyouuo] um sehr zu begrenzen, der Kabeljau

    • Japanese Letter
      Even [ze] ~ unexpectedly it is [oosanshiyouuo] and get 2nd it was possible! to hook with! (∇)
      Sogar [ze] ~ unerwartet ist es [oosanshiyouuo] und erhält 2. es war möglich! zum Haken mit! (∇)

    • Japanese weblog
      [oosanshiyouuo], being truly enormous, although it is stern, the fingertip being roundish, is at all funny
      [oosanshiyouuo], seiend wirklich enorm, obgleich sie streng ist, ist die Fingerspitze, die roundish ist, an ganz lustigem

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