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    • Bon Festival dance
      Today (already yesterday?)Don't you think? they were hot hot 1 days, inquiring about the radio, in order to compete the air temperature of every place, informing about up-to-date information briskly, now to do, the seed by the way, Kitami they were 37 degrees, it is with inhaling, don't you think? when - it is hot so, without being able to play at outside, it does Japan and China, don't you think? after with [tsu] [te] thing, evening being at 6 o'clock, it was held with [itoyokado] Because it is not the neighborhood where it does, doing to go out by the car, as for the beer however you deposited, don't you think? being enthusiastic as for Non-chan who dressed the bathrobe be able to use voice on the many people who come and go in Non-chan, because “[nikotsu] (*⌒▽⌒*)” you laugh at the meeting place every time, you were all the way praised in the person who does not know when - I want the bathrobe arrival, it is, but such a room, a liberal translation
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Event opening day decision!!
      The people of the fan which is accustomed to betting on the support of [chiyome] good fortune in the event at main Maki store of present [itoyokado], thank you!!, a liberal translation
      Les personnes du ventilateur qui est accoutumé au pari sur l'appui [de la bonne chance de chiyome] en cas au stock principal de Maki de présent [itoyokado], merci ! !

    • Yesterday, it is today, a liberal translation
      Today with [itoyokado] pre- opening, riding in the [wa] [tsu] [za] [wa] [za], went to seeing
      Aujourd'hui avec [itoyokado] l'ouverture pre-, l'équitation dans [wa] [tsu] [za] [wa] [za], est allé à voir

    • , a liberal translation
      Today when it is one person, there is no either opportunity which goes? It tried going to [itoyokado
      Aujourd'hui quand c'est une personne, n'y a-t-il aucune l'une ou l'autre occasion qui disparaît ? Elle a essayé d'aller [itoyokado

    • japanese translation
      Today [yokadohatsupide
      Aujourd'hui [yokadohatsupide

    • weblog title
      Today went to [itoyokado] after a long time
      Aujourd'hui est allé [itoyokado] après un long temps

    • Japanese weblog
      Today as for kyou in the younger sister and the nephew and simultaneous as for biki it was another conduct to Akabane [itoyokado] which is the conference of the bay blade to [satei
      Aujourd'hui quant pour le kyou dans la soeur plus jeune et le neveu et simultané quant au biki c'était une autre conduite à Akabane [itoyokado] qui est la conférence de la lame de compartiment [satei

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