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  • ○■ 荒崎外の鳥見は、 易度が高か... It is rough, the ~ whose as for the bird seeing outside the promontory, degree of hardness was high and is

  • ○■ The crane which it gets o ff from the roost of east reclamation directly in the road before the east reclamation lookout station and stands

  • ○■ 朝から、保護区域 にお出かけ... The crane which goes out outside protected region from morning,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The Oze 2009 July

  • ○■ 北朝鮮の金正恩氏 吉林省・図... The North Korean Kanemasa favor person, the Jilin economical figure. With going by way of visit to China combined news May 20th (gold) 10:27 transmissions

  • ○■ It displays with [manazur ugurupu] and here and there

  • ○■ ナベヅル親は、首 膨らませて... As for the [nabezuru] parent, being able to add the neck, persevering, the [ru

  • ○■ “Something related to s port (excludes the mountain)” after the North Korean game 22 year of up-to-date article w cup preliminary round of category also opening Iga gk Ono good saving torments one, inac Kobe of the star matching of the narrow defeat/wild pink l Iga fc [ku] in Pyongyang!! With the springing out whose Okazaki where well, supervision does not enter anyone is good however, just Hoshino is exquisite this season 3rd goal…[shiyutoutsuto]…

  • ○■ 「トリニータ」カ ゴリの最新... Is up-to-date article preparation “of [torinita]” category good? Not be able to win present newspaper article other Chiba which views the Sapporo game [te] regrettable! But as for amount Chiba foot pulling [tsu]… Tomorrow is Chiba game

  • ○■ As for the up-to-date art icle man “of weblog” category saying nothing, the cutlet sandwich (. Volume) day of Otsu 祐 tree Bahrain game summons decision standing drinking (November 11th) in North Korea being defeated jasmine dining room @ thousand inferior valley

  • ○■ KCNAはジョンDanisz... As for KCNA as for purpose of itinerary of travelling or the trust which was led John Daniszewski, by the special duty editor of AP for international news and photographic set-up, as for KCNA which is not made clear recently, reporting bureau is set in Pyongyang, when making U. possible, the agreement with AP which designates New York as the base has concluded…

  • ○■ Around 9 o'clock 23.1℃ north east 2.8m/s1032hpa before the observation center, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 7時頃東干拓9.5℃微 風... Around 7 o'clock east reclamation 9.5℃ breeze

  • ○■ 19:10 around, with everyo ne east drying. It flew through the sky

  • ○■ - 金明哲(09月14日 。... - Gold discernment Satoru (September 14th. . u0026#39; 11) , a liberal translation

  • ○■ After that because with t he tournament which was done, the eddy power stun beats North Korea with the foam/home, the last preliminary round advance of Japan and the eddy power stun was decided, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ザッケローニ監督 代表スタッフ... Other than the [zatsukeroni] supervision and others typical staff, also pure two Chairmen Ogura of the Japanese soccer association arrive

  • ○■ このブログのフォ チャンネル... Photo channel of this [burogu, a liberal translation

  • ○■ As for North Korea, Pyong yang, Panmunjom, opening castle

  • ○■ 日本代表ザックジ パンが2... These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • ○■ The Seoul maximum air tem perature 7℃ minimum air temperature - 1℃ north west 2m/s visibility 2.0km

  • ○■ ハバロフスク最高 温9℃最低... The Khabarovsk maximum air temperature 9℃ minimum air temperature - 1℃ north north east 5m/s visibility 1.0km

  • ○■ Reverse side GeoCities st ock maximum air temperature 9℃ minimum air temperature 0℃ north 9m/s visibility 2.0km

  • ○■ 北朝鮮の平壌にも チンコ店があ... To learn more, ask bloggers to link to.

  • ○■ shikashi hontou no ning en no chigai ha �� atama �� kokoro �� niaru

  • ○■ 21:20 icn - 23:30 hnd (ke 719)

  • ○■ US citizen Jun... US citi zen Jun Young Su was arrested in November for committing an as yet unspecified crime against North KoreaNorth Korea has confirmed it has arrested an American man for committing an unspecified crime and is preparing to indict him. The man, identified by the North's official Korean Central News Agency as Jun Young Su and is the latest US citizen to be detained in the reclusive communist state in recent years. North Korea informed Washington about the situation and Jun is being given necessary humanitarian conveniences including consular contact with Swedish Embassy officials in Pyongyang and the news agency dispatch said. Earlier this week and the US State Department called for North Korea to release one of its citizens and said Swedish officials had visited the American.The US which fought ON South Korea's side during the 1950-53 Korean War doesn't have diplomatic staff inside North Korea and Sweden handles Washington's interests there. Several Americans have been detained in North Korea in recent years and freeing them often requires high-profile negotiations. In August, former President Jimmy Carter brought home Aijalon Gomes and who had been sentenced to eight years' hard labor for crossing into the North from China. He was detained for seven months in all. Korean-American missionary Robert Park defiantly walked into North Korea ON Christmas Day in 2009 to draw attention to the North's alleged human rights abuses and to call for the resignation of leader Kim Jong Il. He was released weeks later without charge. Also in 2009, journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were arrested for trespassing in North Korea and released only after former President Bill Clinton made a trip to Pyongyang to ask for their freedom. The latest arrest came as Carter plans to travel to Pyongyang again as earl Him which is identified in the official Korean center of North Korea which as for the American citizen Jun couple 蘇, as for the North Korean KoreaNorth Korea commits the crime where that is not appointed and arrests the American man. Doing the preparation which prosecutes the man %

  • ○■ 平壌

  • ○■ ハバロフスク最高 温9℃最低... habarofusuku saikoukion 9 �� saitei kion -1 ��

  • ○■ These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.

  • 平壌


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