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    Tokaido Line,

    Locality related words Shonan-Shinjuku Line JR Tokai JR Tokai Sanyo Line
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  • ○■ 東海道本線

  • ○■ Approximately 11km three 岐 railroad three 岐 line Hokusei central park oral station start acceptance 9 o'clock at the time of ~10 30 minutes

  • ○■ It is before the station on the Tokaido Highway main lane, but amount [chiyotsu] and 0 point kana where the freight train which is passed at position of the station building is not visible

  • ○■ Today tried taking, 1/320 , opening after a long time to f8,

  • ○■ This time, the buffet car had done business, but business of the buffet car has ended after these 30 days

  • ○■ Omiya (Saitama prefecture ) departure 04:30 ↓ jr Keihin northeast line Negisi line large boat going (Yokohama 05:55 arrival) Tokyo (Tokyo) arrival 05:17 departure 05:46 ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane Numazu going (Yokohama 06:13 arrival) Numazu (Shizuoka prefecture) arrival 08:05 departure 08:09 ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane Hamamatsu going (Shimizu 08: 52 arrivals and Shizuoka 09:03 arrival, Yaizu 09: 17 arrivals, Fujieda 09: 23 arrivals, Shimada 09: 31 arrivals, Kakegawa 09: 49 arrivals) Hamamatsu (Shizuoka prefecture) arrival 10:15 departure 10:20 (* Kakegawa 09: 40 departure) ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane Toyohashi going (Sarasvati island 10: 32 arrivals, new house town 10: 35 arrivals, new place field 10: 44 arrivals) Toyohashi (Aichi prefecture) arrival 10:54 {10: 56…Earth holiday} departure 11:03 {11: 05…Earth holiday} ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane [high speed] Ogaki going (Gamagoori 11: 15 arrivals, Okazaki 11: 25 arrivals, Anjo 11: 31 arrivals, cooperation 11: 44 arrivals, Kanayama 11: 53 arrivals and the Nagoya 11:57 arrival, Owari Ichinomiya 12: 10 arrivals and the Gifu 12:18 arrival) Ogaki (Gifu prefecture) arrival 12:31 departure 12:42 ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane Maibara going Maibara (Shiga prefecture) the arrival 13:18 departure 13:22 {* earth holiday goes Aboshi} the ↓ jr Tokaido Highway main lane Sanyo main lane [new high speed] the Himeji going (Otsu 14:03 arrival, the Kyoto 14:13 arrival, the Osaka 14:43 arrival and the Kobe 15:10 arrival) Himeji (Hyogo prefecture) arrival 15%

  • ○■ The Totsuka bus center wh ich is in the place where you walked a little from station Nisiguti main lane Totsuka Tokaido Highway was moved in May of this year

  • ○■ When about jr Tokaido Hig hway main lane “Tsuji hall station” empty walking 20 minute, the Shonan new road (prefectural road 30 the line) with paralleling, it opens before “the hall surface” bus stop eye, the [a] - the [me] it is at the Yosimoto house it received

  • ○■ 〒457-0058 Aichi prefect ure Nagoya Itiminami Ku foreshore 1-9 Nagoya station ⇒jr Tokaido Highway main lane sedge hat temple station (approximately 10 minutes) from sedge hat temple station walking (approximately 5 minutes) sedge hat temple name old. The Viking supported by optimistic web service which tries looking at the sedge hat temple Washington hotel plaza in detail

  • ○■ After this from Toyohashi it faces to Tokyo direction with the Tokaido Highway main lane

  • ○■ This good quality of fres hness and taste is not odd

  • ○■ Directing the Tokaido Hig hway main lane to Tokyo direction, when it starts, the curve doing immediately on the right, it changes the course to east

  • ○■ Yesterday every year open day of usual Tokyo comprehensive vehicle center

  • ○■ Always there are 1 these buses from the jr Tokaido Highway main lane Yawata station

  • ○■ Today turns that Yaizu

  • ○■ (No _-.)Even presently, sunrise Seto Izumo” just remains Tokyo station as the only bed super express which arrives and departs,

  • ○■ This time there is Numazu city, the brewing origin of the white hidden correct sect

  • ○■ * Halfway lapse station a ctual time of arrival and the like between the Kochi ~ Ogaki as for details past “from article Kochi please refer the ~ earth 讃 line Sanyo main lane Tokaido Highway main lane compilation ~ to east”

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • 東海道本線

    Tokaido Line,

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