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    Technology related words Intel Eee PC GeForce VAIO EeePC Motherboard Netbook Windows7

    • Computer news item - the ASUS Nintendo Co. DS [tsu] [po] it is and announcing concept PC
      asus and the [nintendo] ds [tsu] [po] it was and concept pc announcement Taiwan asustek computer March 2nd, announced new model netbook and the concept model with the German Hanover in cebit 2009 of opening, (itmedia news) asus to think, the sale in better seed [e] Japan it is, is the place where around there side of the combining [e] which probably will be becomes matter of concern, but the lightning bgm life seeing [ji] oak of darkness you love the mankind! (by dog God circus group)

    • One somatotype PC of touch screen loading
      Recently, pc of touch screen one somatotype coming out mainly, don't you think? it increases, when even one somatotype pc of asustek and touch screen loading “eee top” is sold pc of the touch screen which seems changes at 60,000 Yen level, the usability of pv or the sight it is tremendous, it changes it is kana?? May be influence at least in stay time

    • Final Coppermine Dual!
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • The extra battery for EeePC 900HA selling, it increased
      In the past, it is to like to obtain the extra battery for eeepc 900ha, but… with that time it has received the question which is said it is not to be, but when recently [rowabatsuteri] was excluded suddenly, from the [ru] person and with the after all it was good same person as eeepc 701sd-x which receives indication, with 7 where it sold because is with before of the shank was not written on notes, it was not understood, but now also the name “of eeepc 900ha” is written on the corresponding type properly, as for the kind of price which by the way, corresponds to also “eeepc 900a” 4,599 Yen - Postage no charge outside fixed form- a22-703 white corresponding battery of new item asustek eeepc 900ha.hd.900a

    • The article which becomes EeePC and the ATOM air
      Charm improves with article asustek “eee pc 1008ha” - the stylish new design body which become ●eeepc and the atom air - The thin-shaped body of new design at on-board catalog value, battery drive time either the battery cannot change adoption 2.5 inches hdd approximately 5.5 hours basically by your, when (the screw is removed, outside the guarantee object the battery drive time at of) 49,800 Yen bbench 1.01 5 hours or more and very it is excellent, but you cannot change the battery by your whether well just a little, that and, was in this article, but the basis where cpu and chip set rode becoming extremely small, it increases, mid whose, portable characteristic is more good does not come out, it is probably will be? That and, according to the link article under Intel seems that sufficiently is lucrative even with atom and as for being troubled, the price of ms and the product which could sell xp unexpectedly going down, profit ratio goes down price of the edge and other notes pc and furthermore the loss and gain ●atom of atom of intel whose shank unit cost and cost are low at the domestic manufacturer where the profit has decreased attacks celeron, but core/pentium is not attacked - Because production cost is low, atom whose profit margin is large

    • Ultra Mobile PC Eee PC 1101HA
      At last! With you say or, because after all you say or the net book (umpc) those which the article has written on the certain pc magazine which is bought really it does not have, because we wanted from the time before, it tried resigning, as for purchasing with mini- note pc of atom loading which is called the alias “shell body” which is 1101ha of the eeepcseashell series which comes out of asustek, the specifications which buy pearl white from image

    • That this of net book
      The time where shipment of the personal computer is restrained, in original personal computer group measure, is embraced with the data card of eeepc [imobairu] which is sold from asustek even from sale and after that the domestic predominates one world with discount manufacturer and the like the net book of considerable number to be sold,… one time, was seen that also the net book faces the advanced obtaining, but 10.1 inches in liquid crystal size where all basic efficiencies are standardized (the 1024×600) cpu (atom1.33~1.6g) windowsxp (for net book) the above-mentioned 3 points to do and others, the net book which now is sold seeing rather than, why liquid crystal size (12 inches or more) is largeWhen, there is also a problem of the battery where the specification, where the cpu operational clock (1.3g) is low, in case of 10.1 inches, 1.6g becomes many, but when liquid crystal size is large, that use cpu of the clock low, voice of the heaven being audible, to tell the truth atomcpu which probably is [ru] is sold in the motherboard single item and the like where also the dual core exists atom330 loading, but after all there are no times when why net book in you see, the video tip/chip there is an advanced edition, but is, pressure being imposed from… all Microsoft, windowsxp which is the story, [ru] usually edition the support time limit and in the net bookIt was said that the load is heavy, but in the net book xp and that side present where slim type for net book is used and others seeing with circumstance of the adult is the first generation eeepc in the… house and now large participates with active service when (silent to put out) in the future the high specifications appear, you try to replace but is, however much waiting, wastefulness so only the shelf the seed ~ it makes after a long time? eeepc901-16g-fe asus eeepc 90,116 g fine ebony ¥52,780telaffy.jpasus eeepc900ha-whi024x/eee pc 900ha shiny white ¥32,800 [ibesuto

    • To the end 12 days after! How it becomes? Life-size Gundam statue of stand place
      You saw with Internet, it is, but “to the end 12 days after! How it becomes? The life-size Gundam statue of the stand place” being it probably will put out, don't you think? is, http: //zasshi. news. [tsu] [chi] [ya] now in the yahoo .co.jp/article?a=20090819-00000012-tkwalk-ent air shank movement soldier Gundam dvd - box1 Gundam system rack asustek p5k-e Hawaiian miscellaneous goods tag: Stand place Gundam

    • U20A
      Asus first “culv” note of design and balance concern - - asustek computer which drives “u20a” (asus) announced as for the “u series”, Intel culv (for the comsumer ultra low voltage= consumer ultralow voltage) low the price which loads the edition processor this time when it is thin-shaped lightweight note pc picks up to June, “u20a” with the 1st feature product, has become the model which loads 12.1 type wide liquid crystal displays and optical drive Intel implements, as for “culv”, ultralow… narl body designs [postage no charge

    • The note PC for Mobile probably will be bought! (Part 2)
      Well with putting out the type of candidacy, you thought the last time when time it is 2nd, this time when is to the point of thinking that we want the note pc for Mobile, that we would like to verify that with the shop front, no type first, aspire of Japanese thornback sir (as) 1410 as for this which is it is classified by culv note pc and cerelon su2300 (1.2ghz), memory 2gb, intel gma 4500mhd and hdd 250gb and the 1,366×768led back light liquid crystal, are the place such as wire lan of ieee 802.11b/g/n and gigabit and hdmi in cpu and similarly next it becomes approximately 1.38kg with the 285×204×22.1 - 30 from culv note pc with Fujitsu loox c/e70, cpuCore2 duo su9400 (1.4ghz), memory 2gb, intel gma 4500mhd and hdd 320gb and the 1,366×768 liquid crystal, such as ieee 802.11b/g/n and wire lan being the place, with the 285×209×26.4 - 30.2 with like approximately 1.6kg probably will be completed 1 types which, from asustek computer with ul20a, celeron su2300 (1.2ghz), memory 2gb, intel gma 4500mhd and hdd 320gb and the 1,366×768 liquid crystal, such as ieee 802.11b/g/n and wire lan being the place in cpu, it seems like approximately 1.56kg with 296×210×12.1 - 25.9mm, price as1410 and ul20a become 60,000 Yen or less, loox c/e70 100,000 Yen strongly, but really is used the circumstance whichIt is not to read well you try probably to study various types

    • Thin-shaped lightweight Mobile notebook PC “UL” series ~ASUS Mobile [sabunoto] PC~ which loads the ultralow voltage edition processor of Intel onto CPU
      belief , Japanese talking

    • The [a] [a] which already is useless
      Sub pc it moves unstably with over-year-end, operation ok borrowing ddr2 memory from the friend, it restarts instantaneously the starting picture of the worst windowsxp comes out and it does memtest86+ and being recorded before m/b which hang-up it does after all midway, the memory controller of [ru] chip set being broken, the [ru] [tsu] [po] it is and the clock of cpu drops, specially moving ddr2 in single channel the [chi] [ya] [u] REPT (`д´) the no [wa] - the [tsu] is the [tsu]! New m/b you buy, the [tsu]! After so long a time, that m/b for socket775 you probably will buy, when the pc shop you search, don't you think? the asus p5q series which is inundated so at all - with and it is the [tsu]! So, being society i7c?! (tдt) c2d and c2q still the [ike] [ru] it is and with the [tsu]! The [wa] where the beginning of the year when with such a reason it orders p5q-e with mail order early bosom becomes cold (the _ HKRPT i) the [ze] [i] which the extended card of usb3.0 is bought next REPT (`д´) as for no naked family a cheaper version putting out, the [tsu]! asustek motherboard intel lga775/ddr2 memory correspondence atx p5q-e (aa) the usb3.0 corresponding interface board ifc-pcie2u3 for buffalo pci express x1 (aa) standing stand usb3.0 of century naked family crosu3 (aa)

    • “Lightweight tablet “EeePC T91MT” of multiple touch correspondence to sell finally, with SSD loading even in [wansegu] opposite
      “Lightweight tablet “EeePC T91MT” of multiple touch correspondence to sell finally, with SSD loading even in [wansegu] opposite

    • PC brand-new
      kanji , original japanese letters , translated

    • Japanese Letter
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • PC which can photograph 3D image, Fujitsu develops
      pc which can photograph 3d image, Fujitsu Fujitsu develops the desktop pc which can do the photographing compilation of development 3d image, “the Fujitsu forum 2010” (Tokyo international forum, May 13 - 14 days) the sale which it refers displays has planned this summer, with the 3d image compilation software which as for price as for undecided 3d animated picture using two cameras which are loaded onto display, when the photographing user pushes [kiyapuchiyabotan], photographing starts, preinstalls image of the camera as for the 3d image whose also photographing the 3d still picture which is converted to 3d in real time is possible using the private glasses, the polarized light glasses which it viewsIt utilizes, distributes the scanning line to the eye left and right and the line bi- line system which makes stereoscopic vision but at adoption present time, as for compatibility of the 3d corresponding product of other companies as for power form of the photographing data that it is not, as for size of the display which presently undecided it refers displays 20 inches, the case where really it sells as for display size photographing the 3d image that/compilation software this year the 3d television is sold from home appliance each company presently it is in the midst of examining, but “not only not looking at 3d image simply, when we would like to acquire the added value that the user can make the photograph taken on the spot image of 3d,”, developsIt examines also the application to the reason video kyat and the video letter, now when you question, pc where Taiwan asustek computer corresponds to 3d indication while selling you say that it is the schedule where also NEC sells 3d correspondence pc to 9 ends of the month The notion that where so about the woman where the ability which has the word, “the bad woman mercy deeply” is bad, feeling is deep, w being? Or, it is the 喩 obtaining troublesome when, it is terrible well enough, it is said and being lovely, after when it is kind calling there is no arm shank ww woman w that and with the woman who raises the man the shank! That is essential condition! As for conversion of pickup insurance loss? Profit? When leaving home investigation Akanashi by the professional 撰 (careless) the grandfather who has the loitering habit where the stomach is thick Mori search Kobe city Nishi Ku long encounter romantic love game stealing of true 彩 idle information destiny 撮 is wiretapped the whereabouts unclear human searching investigation licensed tax accountant, wiretap stealing 撮 vessel heuristic [makaron

    • In addition net book purchase
      As for the Monday night with experiment cooperation with NHK to do end night psg measurement with environment of the normal house which goes at the general residence, after all [porimeito] is optimum and returning at past 9 where you could record cleanly with combination of the [porimeito] + active electrode o'clock, while taking nap a little, well you think that it becomes judgment of the director, it stages decides and mixes totaling and the like the questionnaire and the like draws up result slide and how it uses the result which is sent to the director, last week and the resolution which is 10 inch liquid crystal type which calls the net book whose acer is new purchase aspire one d250 is low as usual with the 1024×600, but is, the substanceWhen scantness 25.4mm it is thin rather, from tightening the design where the lightness which cuts 1.1kg is good with scantness, when is visible tries having, but something the circumstance where the software which has the rubbish [tsu] rear end impression is not inserting yet at all not only the cd method software of the schedule eyeball which now trains the software to the one for exhibition of physiological American Psychological Association of weekend, because every software which you try probably to keep installing the erp measurement with [porimeito] and stimulus software and picture recording etc is operational with aspire one before it does the expectation latest exhibition which moves even with this with the teac booth but sending the liquid crystal monitor with the home delivery, to that asustekThe basic analytical software is provided combining the eee box aspire one d250 and [porimeito] connection +dual the monitor? So the equipment and material which excludes the liquid crystal which thinks of analytical demonstration with functional software demonstration another thinking note pc can be carried or, it is the case that it means to carry 3 pc+ [porimeito] + sub monitors which are challenge, all right end

    • Throwing total 8 product such as ASUS and AMD 890FX chip set on-board mother 3 model
      asustek April 27th, announces the motherboard total 8 product which adopts amd 890fx/880g/870 of the up-to-date chip set which recently had become announcement, the price which consecutively starts sale opens which from April 29th For the over clock is sung in line-up of the amd 890fx+sb850 chip set on-board model, “r.o.g.”“Crosshair IV formula” of the series model and “m4a89td pro/usb3” of the middle range model, 3 products of middle range subordinate model “m4a89td pro” of usb 3.0 not yet support as for the expectation actual sale price where preparation each of them supports crossfire x respectively approximately 31,000 Yen/approximately 24,000 Yen/approximately 22,000 Yen as for the amd 870+sb850 on-board model, middle range model “m4a87td evo” of crossfire x correspondence, and for the main stream 2 products of “m4a87td/usb3” of the model as for preparation expectation actual sale price respectively approximately 13,000 Yen/as the onboard graphic function which is approximately 11,500 Yen radeon hd 4250 the available amd 880g+sb850 on-board productAs, as for the expectation actual sale price which lined up 3 types “of m4a88td-v evo/usb3” of atx mother model and “m4a88td-m evo/usb3” of microatx model “m4a88td-m” approximately 15,000 Yen/approximately 14,000 Yen/approximately 11,500 Yen At Toyota suv 4 human deaths, American authorities cause investigation… 3 tenths of mother “play with the super in child” k tie… Rainstorm (Tokyo stock) (28 day morning session, continuation)*… google, “nexus one” Europe… Toyota, to steel price hike acceptance every 3 months… ntt subsidiary companies reit entry use company purchase… In child treatment foreign rush, 554 people application to… jcom and jcn integration… catv1, 2 rank

    • The Radeon HD 5870 graphic card of ASUS and original GPU cooler loading

    • The Radeon HD 5870 graphic card of ASUS and original GPU cooler loading
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • Windows 7 Home Premium loading EeePC 1101HA sale
      eeepc of windows 7 home premium loading this is first what, so pc watch: asustek, as for eee pc first windows 7 home premium on-board model this eeepc 1101ha-wp with November 14th sale, as for price 54,800 Yen atom z520 (1.33ghz), memory 2gb, 250gb hdd on-board battery drive time as for eeepc which 8 hours has come out so far, xp home (ulcpc edition), xp pro (the business model), only windows 7 starter it was, but the type which places the main river of 7, home premium finally is appearance, nevertheless, asus the movement of windows 7 loading being a little slow, something met with the shank ms corporation, it is probably will be? You suspect unintentionally

    • ASUSTek U3S6
      asustek u3s6 (usb3.0 sata3.0 [konbo]) the review was raised in pcwatch

    • [nibainibai
      However you think that it comes out, coming out after all is such asustek and usb 3.0/sata 6gbpscombo “u3s6” it does not come, because is in the event of [akiba] it is displayed the shank the [hi] to rust to be the [tsu] [pe] it is it can increase new standard well with the person (on it is cheap), popularity it probably will put out, because the [so] where in just the high speed i/f which the air where expansion i/f of this hand which is after a long time displays liveliness does is pcie x4 - the bridge which is pex8613 of plx is like the shank the corresponding device is even well with gen2 until, it may catch still considerably

    • And the [be], or [tsu] [chi] [yo] it is good. (Laughing)
      ascii.jp: “Radeon hd 5850” of heat pipe direct attachment specification the card appears! This time, adopted the cooler to which the heat pipe contacts gpu directly “eah5850 directcu/2dis/1gd5” became start of sale from asustek

    • EeePC rule of pad
      With the pad to be brought up, quantity small also the daughter of 5 and in 1 uses eeepc900a, the fearful story where really it was to look at youtube of tv animation, you look at the game sight, you becoming excessively absorption, vision falling, it is troubled, because “1 hour rules” are applied, in a word “within 1 days 1 hour” in order not to be able to protect this easily, the [wa] which the wife where the battle of the wife and the daughters starts 1 hours passed already and with to do is [yo] daughter rear 5 minutes the wife also 1 hour not using [tsu] [te] are good unreasonably exactly! Because the [tsu] [te] eeepc900a which she who are condition use as for os the intended purpose which has been set to the wallpaper of [riratsukuma] which the daughter under ubuntu9.10 likes almost is the net, the [te] if the personal computer of the kind of school which is not os is designated as ubuntu, because it becomes considerable expense reduction, probably there is no what problem not to be windows? If you are not worried about vision and the [te] does not become, the asus eeepc 1005ha series 10inch wide tft color liquid crystal white eeepc1005ha-whi156 selling agency perhaps as for the family 10 inch liquid crystal is better: asustek sale day: Details are verified with 2009/08/21 amazon.co.jp

    • As for the succession of EeePC 901 not coming out?
      eeepc 901-x which is kuro becoming unable to use, because just a little anyhow the house and, it had always carried about outside, don't you think? (that does not come out whether which does the thinking which is lonesome with that problem) the succession type [tsu] [te] of eeepc 901-x nevertheless mono you know that combining 901-16g or 900ha which is the succession type, but rather than with same model like ones, calling succession basically, it is the sibling model, don't you think? when year opens exactly, you say that also the type where new atom is loaded is sold from may be as for ssd weight approximately 1kg as for the how type and 8.9 inch liquid crystal panel capacity small,It does not come out, mono probably will be? Next, as for attachment os it does not become with, as for key arrangement you call English, if is, there is no complaint it is to be, but because it is not the case that it is used in one for work, the high performance how to seek from the net book, because the [chi] [ya] it is not, it is to call is even in medieval times, don't you think? how windows how it does not need in the [se] net book and where the digging out eeepc 900ha mono with the oak and others which does not fall? eee pc 900ha (8.9 type wide liquid crystal display loading) [eeepc900ha-whi024x] selling agency: If 900ha which verifies details with pcdepot pcdepot the new item is with 32,700 Yen or the asus eee pc 901 main 1g ssd 16g 8.9 inch white pearl white eeepc901-whi051x selling agency: asustek sale day:

    • Japanese talking
      Essa opiniao , please visit the following link

    • NB100/H PANB100HNL
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • Aspire AS1410-Bb22
      japanese means , Feel free to link

      Em japones , original meaning

    • Lenovo G 530,444,640 J
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • Aspire AS1410-Bb22
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • Because ASUS UX30 you bought, the review
      * Stylish culv note by pcwatch & the material feeling do not accumulate with asustek “ux30” - thin shape: The thin-shaped aluminum body “is and the [chi] [yo] upper” of charm culv note - - captures “ux30” (1/2) - itmedia +d pc

    • It introduces the sexy photograph collection of topic and the [chi] [ya] is! (2010/04/14)
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • あんちぇいん
      * From each company as for wimax terminal sale Toshiba, in the thin-shaped note “dynabook ss/rx2” which loads 512g byte ssd Mobile wimax communication module at 438,000 Yen which begins reservation reception with the built-in direct sales sight, as for Panasonic which is delivered in late July, with 14.1 inch note “let'snote f8” of the steering wheel attachment in Mobile wimax from corresponding 8 day to accept reservation with the direct sales sight, to correspond to bto which is sold on July 30th, from 274,450 Yen As for [onkiyo], in the netbook “sotec c204” series which loads ssd of the 32g byte the wimax corresponding model as for the smallest constitution price of the additional direct sales sight besides the fact that 59,800 Yen, you held down to 50,000 Yen level, also each company, as for statement SONY with “vaio type z” “type p”, as for Fujitsu in “the loox r” series, as for Japanese thornback sir with “aspire timeline”, as for [deru] with “adamo”, as for Taiwan asustek computer respectively with “u20a”, that wimax correspondence note pc is thrown, sharp and [renobo] Japan which sell the Mobile wimax module built-in model soon, the Japanese Hewlett Packard, The mouse computer, NEC and therefore the wimax correspondence pc which, is the schedule which sells correspondence pc, successively the ssd machine of 50,000 Yen level - everywhere other than of itmedia news sotec with the high so from July feeling the shank with saying, that when you say whether you buy sotec, that just a little, with is the feeling which you say after and privately already a little price being digested, but you try we to have decided to examine the Toshiba price, being strong greatly, shank www

    • 明太子 お取り寄せ
      The discernment Crown Prince obtaining which prepares the present station various present 2009/06/24 (the water) the 15:26: 04 | Not yet classification | Trade name: [chiyanjiya] discernment Crown Prince 1kg price: 3,150 Yen selling agency: The group house food atelier “1kg it is many”, you question, in the fish customer [kochira] ↓↓★ [chiyanjiya] discernment Crown Prince 400g (for family)* [chiyanjiya] discernment Crown Prince 200g (one person business) distinctiveness taste of the secret which on the Osaka crane bridge polishes in 60 year Korea town, “[chiyanjiya] discernment Crown Prince”… 鱈 (the tare) the stomach one one, removing the pleat politely in the manual operation, spending time and [yanniyomu] (the spice) soaking those which salting it does thoroughly, such a [chiyanjiya] of Korean distinctiveness taste [chiyanjiya] of the Japanese origin which it ferments and discernment Crown Prince of the tare being connected through the red pepper, reunion of impression! If tastiness it is preeminently either the expectation whose affinity is bad without, places in the boiled rice of [atsuatsu], the natural sweet taste of discernment Crown Prince being brought together to the chewiness of [chiyanjiya] of [koritsukori], after [yanniyomu] it pulls, it is harsh,… Seedling coffee color cm asustek eeepc 901 Nike Air Force one premium ant male Gundam Plamodel digital automatic hemadynamometer world soccer winning eleventh 2009 psp casio digital camera charger blouson of hay fever medicine nose flower men's

    • 地デジPCに Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition / 3.1GHz
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • パソコンが安くなる
      Recently, the new product genre where low at price of 3 - 40,000 Yen levels, size as for this where compact mini- note pc becomes little boom, Taiwan asustek ([asusutetsuku]) the corporation became fire attaching part originally, this company the Japanese manufacturer from elementary skill. Guiding, producing the achievement as sub-contractor, as the Japanese manufacturer which it develops & sells the cost decrease product which is thorough being the place where “you betrayed and such as behavior”, the future there is no either [yo] [u] China and the like make. The product whose prime cost is cheap arriving, our. Well it is expected in the consumer, that the grateful commodity is sold successively, if around such value there is an impression, “our. Trying buying as the private personal computer and the personal computer for conveyance…”With, even in the lobby and the coffeehouse and the airplane of the hotel you can connect now when it stops wanting to examine unintentionally, with the radio and, when it is mail and [burogu] and Internet lightly. To use small-sized pc, winning, being small-sized is good, because as for the drive which the optical disk (dvd and cd) can do reading/writing to pc of light weight, every day which is not loaded basically, as for the basic kind of software which you use being loaded, the [ru] especially there is no inconvenience, but if we want drive by any means, external drive of marketing should have been bought, in any case, as for the Mobile personal computer as for excessive ones not to be attached, it is light. Being small-sized, furthermore it should have been cheap, liquid crystal display has reached 10 inches from 7 inches.

    • 日本ギガバイト、ドッキングステーション付属ミニノートPC「M1022M」
      “The compact note which feels foppery” - - the liquid crystal 180 degrees looking at the article, 10.1v type net book which turns with touch panel loading, after this model which “at all foppery when you do not feel -” how you think, sells in the same time has become matter of concern as for t1028m as for being touch panel loading however it is good, thickness as for 38.5mm, below thinking that foppery cannot be felt at least, as for m1022m with thickness 26.5 - 30.5mm, above 8mm thin design is good being simple and, the docking station ([potoripuriketa]) being attached, the price whose [ru] is good 10,000 Yen than t1028mIt seems the cheap way, because to tell the truth, the liquid crystal monitor which I presently use does not correspond to hdcp, that thinking, but the [ru] it is when so it does, that however you thought, whether among those you will buy and will change whether it will utilize as the monitor for the net book which presently is in the midst of purchase examining there where the monitor is left over the fact that certainly every time you connect is difficult what don't you think? therefore, such gimmick puts out if the rather favorite (laughing) you insert in the docking station, like also charge does, furthermore after, consecutively 8 hour drives considerably with the battery attractive, strength and the finish of the real thing which problem priceWhether the rival of lavie light of present rightmost wing? asus eeepc900ha white eeepc900ha-whi024x asustek which searches the gigabyte product with Amazon 2009-01-24 the user review: With balance of price, normal… Amazon associate by [ueburiburoguonkiyo] sotec minimumpc c1 series c102s4 [onkiyo] which it can withstand even with reason… main you buy in… Amazon 2009-01-28 the user review: Touching with the shop front which is satisfactory, that well… it shopped, thought… as for it is dense associate by web rib log acer aspireone aoa150-bb1 sapphire blue Japanese thornback sir… Amazon which is the small giant

    • ミニノートは便利
      2 tenths of mini- note pc and note pc market as for the share 1 rank which is occupied acer May 14th 11:51 transmission itmedia news mini- notes pc (generally known “netbook”) 2009 1st quarter, the investigation company displaysearch which occupies approximately 20% of the worldwide note pc market reported on May 13th, as for the netbook shipment quantity of the same quarter at approximately 6,000,000 unit, from the same period of last year 556% pc as for the shipment quantity of the whole note which includes netbook which increased with the classified by vendor which is approximately 30,000,000 unit of as compared with the corresponding period of the previous year 3% decrease, as for the netbook shipment quantity being most with acer, as for market share in 30.5%As for the shipment quantity which rises pc altogether note is 2 times that asustek which is the originator of this field, hewlett-packard (hp) the premier position was maintained, as for market share at the classified by area which is 24.1%, as for especially being able to sell netbook emea (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) with in Latin America, among 45% netbook which were shipped to 1st quarter because in Europe that it could be sold at emea area, from the time when the portable carrier is quick sale subsidy equipped plan is offered to for netbook unless perhaps, as for displaysearch me who have expressed acer was bought, but being after all convenient, the shank until now,Going to the net coffee which lunchtime just a little leaves hurting, it does, but about only net 30 minute it was possible, because is don't you think? that, with [tarizu] Internet coming to the point of being able to use, while the [sakusakutsu] ~ and the net to do, you look at the drama which was dropped into note pc it is small with saying, there is a thickness, just a little it is heavy or everyday to carry, however the origin also the fact that you think it is, when it is small excessively, the picture vague becomes because and, the keyboard becomes difficult to strike, balance of ease of use and size being important, the shank

    • ついに6,000円台!1TBバルクHDDが【6,980】! その他、PC周辺機器もお買い得!!
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 須藤でたー!
      大量的日本當前主題 , Feel free to link

    • 現在のPC構成
      m/b asustek rampage formula cpu intel core 2 quad q9650 @3.825ghz thermalright true black 120 -> review memory g.skill f2-8800cl5d-4gbpi (ddr2-1100 cl 52 gbx2) vga professional inclination geforce gtx 285 -> review sound creative soundblaster x-fi xtreme gamer audio-technica ath-a900 hdd western digital wd740hlfs seagate st3500320as western digital wd10eacs-d6b0 optdrv lg hl-st-st gh22np20 fdd owltech fa404mx case antec p183 -> review psu antec cp-850 -> review k/b east pre- realforce91udk-g -> review mouse logicool mx-518 steelpad qck mass os microsoft windowsxp sp3 monitor mitsubishi mdt242wg-sb -> the part which was used review past p182 -> review radeon hd 4,850,512 mb crossfire -> review wd740hlfs x2 (raid0) -> review cooling type hdd inspection. Turn -> Review sidewinder keyboard x6 -> review

    • これって、、、(゜_゜)
      Separately trouble the reason which is, [nai] is, but [huto] resolving, it raised bios of the motherboard asustek p6t which presently is in the midst of using in 0306, but when unintentionally some days ago, you look at the sight of asus in about [huto] yesterday, in addition new bios being done [u] p, the [ru] ∑ (゚ ∇ ゚|||) As for renewal contents at time of 0306, fix can't enter os if use over 4gb ram and vista 64bit together with 2 pcs of gtx295 vga card. With the [tsu] lever, well trouble correction are with, contents of the latest 0403 you say when, support new cpus. please refer to our website at: When with the ~ llga1366 platform, the new cpu [tsu] [te] you say, the [kore] [tsu] [te] requires the sale of core i7-950/975extreme is close? The [so] - the [yu] - it probably is thing what, don't you think?, the handle, already 940/965extreme the [deikon] [tsu] lever, the ~

    • null
      Though though today when it is [ohayougozaimasu] and kyrie is to be day of schedule where pc which it orders in the past reaches, because - plays content however it has done it is, because recently it is troublesome, exclusively with bto to order former times, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] today when it increases with such a such a equipment and maniac story is, there is no it is interest well from the [wa] becoming, it skips one and it is to be recommendation…Now using with existence, it to reach the point where the [ru] main machine feels well enough operation heavily, it is the kind of feeling which also starting [sohutoshinse] waits rather because is, this in the machine the [tsu] [ri] replacing [chi] [ya] concave plan specifications, cpu: intel (r) core 2 quad q9650 (3.00ghz/fsb1333mhz/l2cache6mbx2) motherboard: asustek p5q intel p45 main memory: geil ddr 24 gb 800mhz (2gbx2) built-in hdd: 750gb 16mb s-ata 27,200 rpm ncq 3gbps addition hdd: 1tb 16mb s-ata 27,200 rpm ncq 3gbps video card: nvidia geforce 9600gt 512mb it seems, first of today spending in oak and others this which approximately is and to call is not feeling, being the case that it keeps inserting os the software, the shank - the [u] [u] [u], the [me] it is both [i]… So comfortable work. In order to make the space, here one is to persevere, - still unsettled, several [sohutoshinse] the kana which also interface will introduce, with thinking, now using layla24 [tsu] [te] the fact that it increases, however the [ru] it is, it is this sound lover, don't you think? the [e] you hear are not done to compare excessively and, however is, (laughing) we would like to buy also [sohutoshinse] of the piano newly, it is, but with wandering well time, it designates this as ivory whether, you want and dvd35 it makes qlpiano of uniting?…Still don't you think? the wandering [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it increases, when [e] this time being time, calling to with also Akihabara slowly, viewing, the kana real thing which it will try deciding it is easiest to know to fumble, is, don't you think? however the [a], the various [me] it is well the [do] to be, the varieties it tidies up today at a stroke!! It perseveres, -!! With being the case that it is said, today at this point! The mule which it does -!!

    • ASUS S121国内発売 (5月2日)
      On end of the last year 12 inch edition eeepc s121? How, you said, but you say after all, or regrettable with you say or, “eeepc” with the article of eeepc t91 after this it is like it stops being, properly “eeepc”, kind of stops being writing, now shank pc watch: asustek and this s121 of 12.1 type wide Mobile note “s121” May 2nd sales of 8.2 hour drives, as in name 12 inch display (the 1280×800), atom z520 (1.33ghz), battery drive time, the net book where is 89,800 Yen in price which becomes 8.3 hour air compared to being high, until even with the shank it does not go with like 1000he at this size, 8.3 hours the economical electric power, nice z520 is the favor of cpu at memory 1gb, hdd 160gb and weight 1.45kg or, the air which has deviated from ulcpc condition does, but properly with windows xp sp3 building the front example of shank dellBecause vaio type p is used, it is understood well, but if being useless, the shank it starts vista in atom z520, it becomes somehow, but starting time is too long, when… the [tsu] [te], it is vaio type p, therefore vista is not, perhaps, whether it probably is to negotiate the vaio peculiar strange permanent station software just is too multi, but in such sense as for being able to make xp being good, as for the same wheel track as shank vaio type p as for not stepping on being about to be good thing, when writing the article of eeepc t91 above, as for s121, “512gb ssd loading” how you had written, but safetyTo become 160gb hdd, rather than the better seed thinking, because the cost reduction of ssd lately (well, on the other hand seems that becomes high but), as for 512gb with even [ro] or 256gb is not for general is, don't you think? pc of 100,000 Yen or less which includes the net book don't you think?, in addition one the seductive type came out in the person who is in the midst of examining already reservation starting in the optimistic market, now the shank still, “selling out”, don't you think? it has not stopped

    • コンピューターネタ ー ASUS、ワイヤレスWAN搭載Eee PC「1003HAG」を発表
      asus and wireless wan loading eee pc “1003hag” announcement asustek April 28th, announces the new model “eee of the same company make net book “eee pc” series pc 1003hag”, as for the color variation which starts sale with 3 colors of white/black/pink, as for price it is 69,800 Yen from May 16th, (+d the pc user) it was the wireless of foma high-speed correspondence of certain this [tsu] [te] ntt [dokomo], don't you think?? As for the one where it use ntt [dokomo] lightning bgm of the combining [e] darkness which probably is good news: it `s my way (by day after tomorrow)

    • ASUSTek Eee PC 1000H-X Office Personal 2007
      asustek eee pc 1000h-x office personal 2007 cpu name: intel atom cpu operational frequency: n270 (1.6ghz) attaching. Liquid crystal display type: tft attachment display size: 10 type wide hdd capacity: 160gb loading drive: It is not preinstallation os: As for windows xp home edition 10 type wide tft color liquid crystal eee pc 1000h-x office personal 2007 on-board [yamada] electrical machinery and appliances original model shopping cart from this

    • N10J購入
      belief , original meaning

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