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    Takeru Kaido,

    Movie Books related words Ministry of Health Nightingale The Glory of Team Batista Higashino Keigo Team Batista Triumph Rouge General

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      “Don't you think? this but the [e] ~, is to call that you buy, when about page you read, you grow tired and don't you think? the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] when the [e] ~, you are good, having, the [tsu] [te]” Tokyo when it goes to the [chi], although you do not understand whether it is not Yamazaki Yutaka child, whether ww that you can read [a] [a] [a] furthermore each the whole volume 5 volume has been even, why you bought the book of 10 volumes which are presented, it is, as for the book of the www Yamazaki Yutaka child the white large tower -> the whole group which becomes gorgeous -> the woman family -> you read with the barren zone [tsu] [te] feeling and is advancing the empty, the sun which does not sink is enormous, it was delightful!! To read of course white large tower and the masterpiece it puts out, many times does again, but the ~♪ when you call the medical type novel, the fact that you cannot remove is sea hall valuing don't you think? don't you think? glory of the w team drumstick star has become even in drama the [tsu] [ke], (the ' Ω `) at this time to borrow at last, because the [re] it is, ∑d which was read the (д `) well, it is appointed to 100 volumes of the new tide library of this year it is also empty [tsu] [te], but it is, w
      “您是否不认为? 这,但是[e] ~,是为了叫您购买,当页您闻悉时,您增长疲乏,并且您不认为? [凯爱] [ya] [tsu] [te],当[e] ~,您是好,有, [tsu] [te]”东京,当它去[凯爱],虽然您不了解它是否不是Yamazaki Yutaka孩子,您能读的ww [a] [a] [a]此外每整体容量5容量是否甚而是,您为什么买了提出10容量的书,它是,至于为万维网Yamazaki Yutaka孩子的书白色大塔- >变得华美的整体小组 - >妇女家庭- >您读了与贫瘠区域[tsu] [te]感觉和推进空,不下沉是极大的,它是令人愉快的!的太阳! 当然读白色大塔和它投入的杰作,许多次,但是~♪是否是,当您叫医疗类型小说时,事实您不可能去除海大厅重视您不认为? w队鼓槌星的荣耀成为了[tsu] [ke]您不认为? (‘Ω `)在为时的这时刻也借用对戏曲,因为[关于]很好读的它是, ∑d (д `),它被任命对它也是空的今年新的浪潮图书馆的100容量[tsu] [te],但是它是, w

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      As for the same drama, breaks the sum total 8,000,000 section novel “glory series 3rd work “triumphal return of the general rouge” of team of the sea hall valuing which [bachisuta]” the original

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      From before this, being fixed to the book of the sea hall valuable person, it increases

    • 海堂尊 『極北クレイマー』
      'Up-to-date publication of the sea hall valuable person who with glory of team [bachisuta]' becomes famous

    Takeru Kaido, Movie, Books,

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