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    • At part-time job first day it became the neck.
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Raw beer half price
      Also today, continues to last week, the friend and the fish people [tsu] [te] as for the beer which is drunk in the Friday night which comes tastiness is markedly! Furthermore, you became the member of [monteroza], because it rubbed, being raw half price highest, it does, the [yo]! Well, last week the coupon using, however it was raw half price, don't you think? the [a] [a] - satisfaction and satisfaction

    • [te] [re] [bi] (4th day) field Japanese overland championship
      High jump. 醍. The way when get 2m24 clearing, to the [ya] [a] feeling good [be] ~ world land it makes thorough and the time it wants the [ya] a little with your idle [chi] [tsu] [ku] [me] - Daigo direct. Large Kubota 2m20 [takaharihiromi] Tokai optical Tokyo 2m20 [tsuchiyahikarumonteroza] hypertonic wide Neptune Nagawa Tokyo 2m24 [ta] ゙ [iko] ゙ [naoyuki] Fujitsu Tsuchiya. However Tokyo 2m20 [kuho] ゙ [tasatorumonteroza] [do] - with it is good, the Kubota player [tsu] [te], “thinks [gu] [hu] [tsu] Murakami happiness history with 78m25 victory broadcast, angle changing that with it does and” the [tsu] [te] reads [ripurei] it let flow, also 3 times such as slow playback with the plain gauze it is with your [e] ^^ [me] world. However decision we would like to remain the [ya] ^^ it has won, the morning field plain gauze it is, 80m the player and the empty (this time the 80m not going [te],) you throw being regrettable, the shank [tsu] [te] you say, you want the [tsu] you want the [wa] ^^; However so you did even in Osaka gp, don't you think? so not to be bad also the [te], calls harsh opinion [potsu] [ya] world championship being conscious in the [ru], you see, the [ru] and the [ro], when the [yo] inside the woman seven kind collar it is and with it is b standard breakthrough as for b standard when you want to go with 5900 point men and women, don't you think? however as for victory the ^^ Nakata possession which is questioned with the [me]. The Aichi 5802 [nakatayuki] Japanese nurture service Itoh seeing paste Aichi 5350 [itouminori] Kojima press Yasuda earth. Nara 5241 [yasuta] ゙ [chinami] Yamato gas

    • It is and is, it is the air which is drunk from sometime
      That the [hi] it rusted and it entered to the theatrical company Apollo which from former times becomes care practice place, it is it is the jumping rope doing, it increased, don't you think? it is hot as usual, such heat is necessary what, - current age, it is [tsu] [te] what, it does keenly and after the practice which the [chi] [ya] is don't you think? with the volunteer opening from past [chiyoi] drinking 17 o'clock, [ru] [monteroza] system is splendid, after thank you crossing over 邉 with such such returning home of Miki, whether the soccer you see and/or the room tidy up and/or are delightful bosom it forces and there is also a mail from the woman, there is a mellow potato and it is the rising which is tension and is, whether while it is good feeling you sleep go to bed

    • Present garden 0710
      The present garden the wind being strong, is not possible at all,… to question, because it does not go to either reason, while you being fanned to gale, doing the water and Sawayama [tedetoru] doing [kuchiba] and cutting the flower however you took also the photograph in the end, however everyone focus slips and with ~ hand being off-center revision expecting the number of flowers of last year when just 1 are this, it planted, the fact that the focus which is gale of the extent which it cannot supply is agreeable but this year is large, numbers are few,… only the leaf it is too quick to lift the fertilizer which becomes large whether it is probably will be,…? Because it is the flower of the summer, because the flower neck where [asarina] which is expected in August starts being entwined to the rose also weak [monteroza] is swung with the wind Today in enjoying with the entrance… The flower very it does not make that it can go poor thoughtless That much the wind saying strongly, because the [a] which is thing it did earth day somewhere the flower view [re] [ru] kana…??

    • Present flower rose
      [nikora] name unclear San Remo forever blue river tower bridge queen Elizabeth (perhaps) [retsudomonteroza] forever

    • Present garden 0729
      As also the [yu] [u] [be] fell rather, as for the garden yesterday which enters the morning when it will be exhausted being defeated in the rain, either the water doing did not do and today when it is one day of bypassing with your this weather as for just drying several kana rose which is not worry whether with the hospital and shopping had bloomed Red and white Jupiter of [monteroza] stocks do not become large, but as for the flower you do not go to bed,… [koreopushisu] which some days ago is bought opened at last, the feeling which it waited extremely does, but with 10 day just a little something the flower having is good with favor of your shank weather, is, but also bloom slowly is When the son who goes to morning section life opens the door, because the around true [tsu] white… there is no smell, it seems like the fog However just a little you were surprised, “being cool, feeling is good”, that flowing together with him from the afternoon when you go out, if it comes out of within the one step which is 3 person surface talks you do not know in even the parent it does what, entering, well what you inquire about the circumstances in 4 month schools is the just a little pleasure well thing the ~ where some subject comes up

    • It meets to ShowHey and God and makes tune
      Yesterday was after a long time showhey meeting, but well after all highest is showhey meeting [u] ゙ [awa]!!! In any case, whether every you obtain the sufficiency of conversion, is the meeting which four Cushing is done, but yesterday the cabbage 喰 as for the blast our base which is too much as for [monteroza] laughing laughing and quotation [kimatsutoru] it is, but yesterday end and blast of gold of first challenge cheaply blast drinking furthermore after that why according to the strong attitude of opinion turn [meri] with Gaea plug initial d, while there being also constructive argument of the battle interval interval, while being attached to the return route with good heart holding, the tune for Yalta 3rd - what - while thinking goes round, Good Heavens the station getting off, the encounter does, and others in Halley God roughness. Don't you think? blast as expected the streetcar of the my hometown drinking return to be able to be united and simultaneous, - the [tsu] [pe] my men!? The mosquito net which would like to share good luck we would like to hang, but just a little just the [tsu] - with thing the excessiveness doing all the way with thing of new vo decision the photograph is made to show the pin [po] [ke], however one at all there is no [wa] can, the blast tapper which the Kuwaiti person it puts out temporarily and is it is huge the voice, when it is the China where you anticipate hugely as for announcement live as for December 26th @ Shibuya cyclone this not being the metal kids also the [ze] brother who cannot be overlooked!! How, spirit was driven and the tune which also Koike lifted!! Another preparation everything!!!! Saturday it makes at a stroke shape, it is zo★

    • The [wa] which is drinking meeting of the company
      Yesterday occurring (but, [burogu] renewing also today from [wa] unexpected, and morning early on are the shift day off the game doing, the musical instrument repelling and/or to [mata] ~ [ri] and evening passing, rheo your walking feeling the sweat you scratched well, finishing walking, being around 16:30, hurrying and changing clothes it was drinking meeting of same period of the company at the store of the [monteroza] type, luck luck cottage from [wa] 18 where it faces to north Yono o'clock don't you think? is, when the ~ it arrives at about 18 o'clock exactly, the person of same period being before the store, entering the store no one came together yet, when just a little it does, successively getting together, totalThey were 9 people, don't you think? the man was we one person because don't you think? as for ~ cooking with course, number of people minute piling up in the platter, [ru] ones were many because the [e] distributing the oral [ya] it is not good, trouble but, well such ones of the course [tsu] [te] is in the table only the salt and the soy sauce it was not prepared, [habaneropetsupa] which it keeps carrying to our bag it was useful, also the drinking at will in 2 hours you attached, don't you think? drinking soldier Mamoru ran to guzzling, also the person who probably is the liquor forcing some person did from ~ we, drank about 10 cups it is the combining [e] 30 minute which is not extending, however you drink and have done to eatOh with while saying, it does also the air which is, after that how doing, it is not remembered well, what whether it finishes but it is being able to return home safely, after the [wa] which it increases you returned home you sleep immediately and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] wants the air does, but it is, ~ now morning, taking in the photograph, the cod, the souvenir picture which does not have the memory which takes came coming out the large quantity, don't you think? the store after coming out, you have taken it is, it takes on to ~ certain [burogu] and well the [wa] which the [chi] [ya] is, today says the people and the drinking meeting kana Seibu Shinjuku line [tsu] [te] of such a certain [burogu], however we would like to go to also fishing, the kana ~ which how becomes it will try thinking[tsu

    • Safely end
      Temporarily, saving the speed which is skiing end to without the wound rather, because it slid, the 腿 of the foot is painful, all the way there are times which are and think, but everyone of [monteroza], to do, because and others everyone of the hippopotamus, the regular [zu], Haruo, it is it could meet to being visible, after it is satisfactory, also 1 days returning to the world of the silver quickly, this [ru] way rehabilitation the cancer unless it is it is, don't you think? - now, it is to be riding in the streetcar which from black princess faces to Nagano, but with all the vehicle reservations, as for the passenger 2009-01- where am only I 121: 44

    • It starts the winter thread! Earned…
      At last don't you think?, it starts the winter thread it is w [don]!!! Knitting with [maruvuajiapurinto] of the rich moa, [ru] what which it increases the [tsu] [te]? It is [shiyotojiyake], don't you think?, as for [shiyotojiyake] color turn 103 “the enshrining trophy of last year” w last year which is you bought to [kore] and some air which are however it is good, thinking how you probably will cook, the [tsu] [te] which it is made profit this year, will designate person that way as [jiyake] deciding, [suwatsuchi] taking, the sleeve hole or the collar [gu] [ri] exact size drafting, don't you think? with, the [zakuzaku] [tsu] starting knitting, while 2 days oh with saying quickly, almost completion w! Extremely, the ~~~~ where it puts out thickly, 15 puts out, therefore only the knitwork is quick it is quickly!! (≧ω≦) The thick thread where adjusting to the front body afterwards, it knits the hem and, the [ma] does will come being quick, well and thing the [o] ~~~ (the ▽) the [ho] ゚ [tsu] [chi] extremely beginning to be fixed thickly, don't you think? [ru] me to tell the truth, knitting and others - gaining popularity in the boundary, probably will buy [monteroza] that of the rumor, sisters of [ru] [geteihura] [chiyandorasore] or, you probably will buy the [kore] ↓ or, to be troubled, the [chi] [u]… [ekusutorahuainmerinochiyankiiega] itself of [iega] to stop the production of the thread, because the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, now arriving to society, don't you think? the thread of [iega] whose [ru] is last, well enough with [daisuki] last year [do] - to do [chiyanki], the [tsu]Applying, being troubled, but the thread which you waive just a little it is to knit saying, thinking, don't you think? just 3 balls did [geto], but it is, when it tries making and because the [wa] [a] ~~ which is the [tsu] [pa] good thread (the ▽) it was 400 Yen [ho] ゚ [tsu] 1 balls, it was profit, is, the [o]! Arrival amount [geto] it being possible or having you think, but it is when it makes arrival amount, don't you think? 8000 Yen or less may go, the ・・・_|¯|When it is ○ [monteroza], it is what which with most low price may be sufficient about arrival amount 3000 Yen don't you think? the [do] - the stripe it does and the [yo] [] [so] - does and while keeping being troubled, it sells out, it is the [ro] which is - the ・・・_|¯|○ tag: [maruvuajiapurintoekusutorahuainmerinochiyankigeteihura] [chiyandoramonteroza]

    • The [ma] which the chestnut does it is it does the pink series
      That it is exquisite naming, admiration -> the [ma] which the chestnut does it is it does and this news of the [tsu] coming comes and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is, throbs and also breath to be rough the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], parco40 anniversary commemoration “parco×haslux” g-shock pink dw-6900: Limited 150 that [yu] - [pinkumonteroza] which now when it may there is no [ma] is knit the [tsu] which is done properly extremely it has been similar well with [paruko] [shiteirimitetsudoshiyotsupu] ¥15,750 (including tax) Ikebukuro parco [korabo], unless is the [me] is even after all, don't you think? however () you wrote even in the past, this is perplexed, baby-g star dial series including tax. . When 15,750 “g presents lover's collection (g [purezentsurabazukorekushiyon]) 2009” such a thing it is written, the [ji] [ya] which cannot be bought it is < start of quotation > “both g-shock and baby-g which are pair of the white × pink gold which makes the cheerful Christmas night feel with the combination model of digital and analog, in the substance [bezeru]/the needle/the time when gloss paint of trend is administered in the letter to treat the pink gold, also both models arrange the star of all sizes in the index which is finished in cheerful design, way the pair impression in the emphasis reverse side cover the angel & demon and 2009 hallmark demon as for the origin it is the angel, as for the form and shape being differentOriginally with the same angel? The [tsu] [te] the including tax which is the pair model for two the saintly night which displays the fact that it is passed together. . 29,925 * price is the amount of 2 these sets of g-shock and baby-g”, it is dangerous the [tsu] which < quotation to end, > we want just the [chi] [bi] [tsu] [chi] [ya] being and is (earnestness)! The [tsu] gemmy dial series ([jiemidaiarushirizu]) including tax which heart is coming and others coming and others. . The [a] it is to do the person 15,750 the [ma] [tsu] it will do in this and probably will keep rushing forward to the [gu] and others one person this which the air which has known does see and the economized [ya] [u] person put out and “bend! Spoon” t shirt: The flier [flyer] ¥3,990 (including tax) it comes and the [ya] [tsu], the limited sale [tsu] long 澤 [ma] to 6 days it is accustomed to seeing,… - it is the lever you do not say anymore, it is, the [a] it is being the place where the plain gauze how the [se] you said, it keeps throwing as for becoming necessary it is and is, buys fixed quickly and the [ma] inhales and the Japanese [burogu] village visit laughing viewing [po] [chi] thank you, you made associate to breather selfishly

    • As for “laughing ○” of your neighborhood real thing?
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • The [wa] [ru] episode which it waits in woman meeting
      The woman meeting, not to reserve, to produce by himself of everyone element, because to drink to talk, being decided, because the former times when a some disaster it is, the liquor favorite the friend, the chanpeng to start doing, tension to rise gradually, “the just a little rest room” [tsu] [te] as for standing up however it is good, staggering, collapsing in the pot, well, already to end also tightening, has extinguished also the fire only that day, as for the burn however it was not, the beer of the drinking leaving of the table, drop, the clothes and the hair getting wet, already serious were, this way, riding in the streetcar, because also the fact that it releases was seriously so, the nearby business hotelPushing in, because the following day which is something which returns Saturday was, the shoes [ro] it is slowly and with the blacks way, receiving the telephone, even the extent which is gotten angry conversely is different ~ direction, it is those which are! Well, this year it remains and decreases and the better cartridge whether now, also the feast peak, it thinks, but the laughing laughing “laughing laughing woman meeting plan” [tsu] [te] which this year [monteroza] manages in feast plan just of the last woman how probably will be? Usually eating at will how course it is not to be, but although with woman meeting plan, you eat and profit of 3,300 Yen it is the eating drinking at will which is plan with drinking at will, also time is to talk together the [yu] - the [tsu] chestnut with 3 hours and the girl saying, in the people the shank * as for December as many as 2 hour menus as for cooking 53 items or more, as for the beverage there are 61 kinds and quantity Sawayama how [suitsu] and a menu which used [hagendatsutsu] in calling, it is concerning the laughing laughing woman meeting plan which is * period limitation & conditional woman limitation to period 2010 January 31st! It is the woman 4 ~, * with the price eating drinking at will 3,300 Yen! Gold earth celebration preceding day during December, as for 27 day ~31 day when the coupon of the hot pepper which reaches 3,500 Yen is used as many as 2,800 Yen however gold earth celebration preceding day during December, as for 27 day ~31 day with coupon utilization of the hot pepper as for schedule other than that of 3,200 Yen as for details which with coupon utilization of the hot pepper reach 3,000 Yen please from this the woman meeting plan guide

    • Service of laughing laughing woman meeting plan is enormous! 
      Though, it is and is [yotsukun] of the hall, swarms with just the girl recently, it is young if from the former times “woman meeting” like boom, you mention the place where the girl swarms, the store where the shank tasty food and beverage etc is a large quantity prosperity probably will always produce with the meal, is and, the pub laughing laughing which [monteroza] manages, is to hold “laughing laughing woman meeting plan”, but being very popular it probably will put out! Inquiring about the content, you are surprised and the better shelf are with, with woman meeting plan, with the eating at will + drinking at will 3,300 Yen, 3 hours! (2 hours it probably will put out December, when is) furthermore the menu 53 items or more, the beverage is this much of 61 kinds or more, it should have done or the story which it is possible to concentrate on the meal or difficulty [tsu] [chi] [ya] now the shank? Oh, we would like to become the woman, when… you mention woman meeting, don't you think? it probably is to do what kind of story you hear as I of the man, raise the ear and there is also a like feeling, but when certainly, the girl swarms in large quantities and has a meal pleasant meeting, being shy, come near it is not, don't you think? probably will be, if well, the shank nevertheless, laughing laughing woman meeting plan is envious with the father, even the uncle of [arahuo] which is recommends, we would like to participate in such plan being, everyone of the woman of the schedule which opens the woman meeting of the shank eating drinking at will!

    • Progress 3 of [pinkumonterozaponchiyo
      Good morning yesterday [po] [chi] which is everyone doing, thank you, it is very delightful, well is, be too pleasant also the progress report where [pinkumonterozaponchiyo] it started it reaching the point where [ayashiihorumon] is ding dong secreted gradually became fixed point communication like at all there is no such an intention, but is, with it makes associate, the [ze] it is with the [bu] five back body ×1→ to knit the part which in order to make the poncho which [ruhui] ↑ [kora] typical self satisfactory [burogu] we would like to make is knit with default, the rose front body ×2→1 to knit, rising hood part ×2→ untouched editing, to close, the joint doing, after the edge doing to knit, to stick, thinking that we would like to attach the pocket, because the [ru] as for progress ratio the last time35% saddle saying from differing, the place because also [monteroza] association knew, whether being soft, because there is no filter because to in the [yo] [yo] phosphorus, in habit there upper quality you have dressed up the wool (there is lovely, it is but the lily yarn lose, at that each time the frame kana thread comes out with the [pi] and others pinching the both ends of the part of that, the [pi] [tsu] pulling, while doing again, the knitting needle which it knits the [ma] ahead addiaddi it is roundly with exactly good the addi and the [ma] it is roundly addi putting out the [monteroza] [tsu] cod [pi] and others and the thread, you wrapped it is the person who is troubled the ↑ it is dearIncluding, because you have written, because of sense the wide knitwork desert the feeling thread which travels with the camel whose fuel economy is good be to change, it keeps, when you see, the [tsu] [te] which grows tired, [nani]? It is to be (blast) there to be value here of the step dyeing wool, therefore [tsu] truth, clean already the Japanese [burogu] village visit laughing viewing [po] [chi] which just a little perseveres thank you yesterday just barely it remains, the reason which seems to do usual instinct conduct, because it left, today releasing good kana and instinct

    • We would like to go without fail! “Laughing laughing woman meeting plan”

    • Drinking meeting concentration
      [monteroza] system of that building of plain wood house fish people laughing laughing thousand year it conquered entirely at gold earth day month of last week and passed if it is with the day before yesterday harmony people, yesterday Taro how much it is cheap with say everyday it goes sweetly, there is no money with the [ma] [ji] however with, the member who every night is different you did, it probably will be entwined, the [ho] it is with be too funny, to physical condition to the [tsu] ♪ [chi] [ya] ~ and others ~ the [tsu] [chi] [ya] and others ~ to be borne also the [tsu] [te] which - everyone lover - every night you drink and sow in the strong body, this week with fish mother [tsu] [te] feeling and model/imitation. Although concentration and what you do riding, you feel, glossy -! In addition whether it can go to drinking with Matsuda and others, because - \ (^o^)/this week meet it is you applied at all, it enjoys too much, -! You ask with the [ma] [ji], 淳 flat!!! However story it changes, now the study run baseball staff of the monk the [te] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] lovely ~ well, the parenthesis good kana would like to return to ~ high 3 - is quick well by the streetcar of returning on the same day everyone muffler round and round to winding selection participation school decision [ma] viewing kana - Satoshi. Satoshi. Satoshi [be] [] it is!!! Recently, news seeing, completely from the side it does not keep being attached to professional information, - Akahoshi retirement is too sad with the [ma] [tsu] [ji] [tsu]…(; _;)Satoshi 辯 Wakayama high school baseball club [ameba [guru] [tsu] [po

    • It is Christmas!
      The Christmas party which was done before the Christmas! Wearing the maiden [tsu] [pu] [ri] [santa] hat that the cracker of the right inner part, the confetti of how heart comes out, as for [shiyanmeri] which you celebrate after all there are, only 2 cups! More like! Today there being just Christmas as expected, the hair crab where the delivery goods of the prize are enormous distantly the pickle 1 box, meal ticket 5000 cyclotomic of the low-class distilled spirits 3, in addition [monterozagurupu] reached in fermented soybeans 10, although it is ahead prize applying which is different entirely also the matching being even, you say that the commodity which the drunkard likes reaches the quaintness! Anyhow Mary Christmas!

    • Banquet of 2010.1.4 thousand years
      City Miyasita store 〒070-0030 Asahikawa before the station banquet Asahikawa of thousand years the 7−2399−1 Meiji house underground 1 floor fungus & the [chi] will not it is with you drank, - the drinking at will 1000 weak yen [tsu]! When the [te] you think, unless one person 2 item you ask, the scale it is to do, at sequence generation 300 Yen and room rent 100 Yen…The result, how persevering, it was the system which is above one person 2000 Yen (laughing) you do, [monteroza] (the ≧∇≦) also the tide hot water dividing which really is tasty does and the pickled plums you insert and feeling you obtained and applied with to do (the ^◇^///)

    • 8 tenths
      Also 1/31 yesterday 3 o'clock makes the rising not saying and the [re] is the [tenma] plain gauze is for the sake of in the 14:00 occurring, meeting to [kiyasarin] with the corridor, “when -” the [tsu] [te] you say, this which is done the dubious face the famous jet lag and the [yu] - being troubled with the person the shank with flesh fell news item too recently, the [imasu] m (_ _) m news item or 101 face news items or sheena teaching news item or [monterozaneta] or in the New Year party, the [yo] flesh fell news item prohibition put out to the [toki] [po] which had become language and others ing in 1 years of news item or Jackson news item or 3b news item or present dormitory which the [te] sluggishly are doneThe [tsu] [ke] it was plugged to [tsu] can conversation! By your it being possible already with flesh fell news item of 80% or more, you think as the [ru] instantaneous [datsuta]… whichCrisis atmosphere! New Year party the restaurant of the nearby veteran business, tastily - ate [omuraisu] with olive! The uncle the coral [chi] so was, -! However this time 2 times it was prominent, the foam/home the can [ji] is good after all at, is, - story of everyone hearing, your cod inside with the storm of the [wa] - the spring when it becomes all the way after shank everyone, with [gasuto] study meeting! However it returned, chemistry it is dangerous, it is with still doing, because the dropping [so] which it increases - is! m (_ _) m [u] [hi] [ya] - to be with

    • Limited edition by [atsuroutayamakingujimutohuirotsutemonterozadezato]     
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , for multilingual communication

    • * Messiah
      The time where to Mack it is, communication coming from Tezuka, it received and started \ (^ω^)/the snow it falls the stripe horse mackerel it was saved, - the [u] (/ω \) you opened and the [ho] were don't you think? there is (a ´ω `) truly and tries being reconciled if - is timing is, (゜ω゜) has timing, -… ww ticket generation 390 Yen!!!! It is the ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ intellectual intense thermal event, (Ω) and others ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ [se] ..........................................2010/3/9 (tue) Kitiziyouzi club seata “musicthanks vol.2 ~thank you day special~” open 17:00 /start 17:30 ticket: . . 390 (+1drink. . 600) band: aaronemini ska box (Osaka) rainbow devils land (Nagoya) hot sonic (Osaka) killkillsfairytale (Mito) the well wells dj: masaya (musicthanks) it does, to the [yo] (screaming sounds!! ) Naoki (hot sonic) approval: The meal ticket which can be used with corporation [monteroza] & in attendance first-come 100 name plain wood house fish people laughing laughing etc (. . 500 suitable) present! Inquiry ticket reservation info@musicthanks.com .......................................... Also the person who does not have the fact that it does to this opportunity lively to try going - (^ω^)! * [mi

    • Finishing secondary meeting, you return home
      Because as for secondary meeting the foolish woodcutter is [kikora] to the plain wood house which is the [monteroza] head office building, because there is tomorrow work, it returned to Yamanasi, it waits riding in the secondary meeting end streetcar which the original Mitaka citizen slowly [ro] foreign minister joins and entering the person and also the store, it returns, from the wife who after a long time rides in the central line “making a mistake, in order not to get off with Higasinakano,”, because it receives note, although from Tokyo station which avoids the entire military affairs line the place where Tokyo station which rides in the bus of the east gold going stops next the east gold municipal hill mountain small school with reason, hears hill mountain small school how word in Tokyo, strange feelingBecause the east gold going bus which remembers has come out at the company, Chiba flower bus from Tokyo station eightfold state central mouth, the people who attend the New Year party of the east gold of next week when you remember, are convenient

    • * WWL!
      The new work to be too dangerous is, whether byte generation it does not enter quickly, <- those which become the especially air… ★ng [sutareopadotanku] ★★ ribbon equipped monkey l underpants ★★ [sutatsuzuburesu]* We want black the ★ng star strap* The [wa] [yu] it does, the ★ng star pierced earring* This ng star, the face does dislike <- the [me] is (゚ Ω ゚) clutcho the ~ which is ended \ (^ω^)/[setori] was dangerous, (゚ Ω ゚) ..........................................Ticket generation 390 Yen!!!! It is the ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ intellectual intense thermal event, (Ω) and others ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ [se] ..........................................2010/3/9 (tue) Kitiziyouzi club seata “musicthanks vol.2 ~thank you day special~” open 17:00 /start 17:30 ticket: . . 390 (+1drink. . 600) band: aaronemini ska box (Osaka) rainbow devils land (Nagoya) hot sonic (Osaka) killkillsfairytale (Mito) the well wellsdj: masaya (musicthanks) it does, to the [yo] (screaming sounds!! ) Naoki (hot sonic) approval: The meal ticket which can be used with corporation [monteroza] & in attendance first-come 100 name plain wood house fish people laughing laughing etc (. . 500 suitable) present! Inquiry ticket reservation info@musicthanks.com ..........................................Also the person who does not have the fact that it does to this opportunity lively to try going - (^ω^)! * [mi

    • * ←2HT→
      The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was pleasant, (/ω \) o from tsm - however [kitsu] you applied, something the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it could enjoy crest conversely! When the crest it enters, you did not think that exactly the stripe [ji] which is ←2ht→ it is in time, and center inserting, the tear it came out, ('; Ω; The `) (was thank you) the [yu] - the [ji] singing, the tear it came out, ('; Ω; However when the `) the [ho] it is with, favorite justin davis you want to hear, when live ending, because it caught, as for the [tsu] or today, the [yu] - about the thing 2.5 tenth which we would like to speak to the [ji] the kana which you could speak? <- Utsunomiya coming quickly, it is the [ku], - it was and [tsu] today seemed the tired way! In addition as for details future! Well -, the self-abandonment [te] you put away, <- someone stopping, the ww place with live music [tsu] [te] pleasantly it is the cousin! .......................................... Ticket generation 390 Yen!!!! It is the ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ intellectual intense thermal event, (Ω) and others ⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒ [se] ..........................................2010/3/9 (tue) Kitiziyouzi club seata “musicthanks vol.2 ~thank you day special~” open 17:00 /start 17:30 ticket: . . 390 (+1drink. . 600) band: aaronemini ska box (Osaka) rainbow devils land (Nagoya) hot sonic (Osaka) killkillsfairytale (Mito) the well wellsdj: masaya (musicthanks) it does, to the [yo] (screaming sounds!! ) Naoki (hot sonic) approval: The meal ticket which can be used with corporation [monteroza] & in attendance first-come 100 name plain wood house fish people laughing laughing etc (. . 500 suitable) present! Inquiry ticket reservation info@musicthanks.com ..........................................Also the person who does not have the fact that it does to this opportunity lively to try going - (^ω^)! Therefore the person who is not the money 390 Yen, it should have come (^ω^)! * [mi

    • Woman meeting
      Today enjoyed Good Heavens before, also the person who worked together calling in the drinking meeting just of the woman meeting generally known woman, [garuzutoku], the place where you drank was laughing laughing of [monteroza] series, but recently, there being a woman meeting course 2980 Yen it is not cheap in 3 hours of the [suitsu] one-item being attached of eating at will drinking at will [hagendatsutsu], is? In addition if the extent whose consumption is necessary at the gym the sled [ya] drinking at will eating at will food [wa] which is eaten it is not, it does with loss, the [yo

    • At earth day ~ stripe common coastal highway to Imabari ♪ inn, late boiled rice and conference picture ~
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • From tomorrow
      Cm of [monteroza] where from tomorrow, I perform more and more at Hokkaido the [tsu] which starts broadcast!! And, from tomorrow, the [monteroza] serial all store of Hokkaido area (the plain wood house, the fish people and laughing laughing etc) being similar simultaneously, you eat and the [tsu] which flat rate system of drinking at will starts!! How eating, drinking, 2800 Yen!! Also the person whom also the person whom you eat drinks considerably is profit the [tsu]!! Hokkaido everyone, by all means checking cm by all means, it is [retsutsugo] in nearby [monteroza]*

    • * Coming Chaya which is done.
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • The Hokkaido departure: < To meet, also >< it is densely the [te] [ro] - the [za] >< to obtain, the [gu] [ri] - it is, >
      issue , original meaning

    • Infrequent drinking meeting
      belief , for multilingual communication

    • Huh hawk & Tosi [i]?
      The ~ being, sounding that bell - no.104 this time “of natty comic of radioshow [maberasu] where also this time when it does comes dx” with [maberasu] in the guest. Receiving a-[chiyan] of dream, music sermon originally, [maberasu] you remembered that it is music program the Japanese pancake, after all with the water it eats. As for the band, dream 30 years!! If long Fuchi “toast” of hardness hears with ipod, if… the famous musical work it is even and in addition clicks cm of former times easily and easily clicks “radio” “natty comic dx every week of fm moov 76.1mhz radioshow [maberasu] which” can be heard Saturday pm1: 00~pm2: 30 * as for the one which has u-sen in Hyogo prefecture in the above-mentioned time even with Haruko sea Kuwana of 2009 August 15th onairno.104 1.like a rolling stone bob dylan2. my pure ready Ozaki sub- beauty 3. night which can be heard “i-3” 4. “Make talk even in the we of daddy eddy and k-jayaxy” * the canary in to empty [sukaparadaisuokesutora] & the [chibayuusuke] 5. Dean age blues Harada Makoto 26 .full of love janel7. rhythm brush picks8.listen to the music doobie brothers9.you gotta friend carol king (reverse side) thinking which call. As for the approval of Hiroshi Masa third ready Kuwana Kentarou dream crying insect Shimizu radioshow “natty comic dx” the [tatoushiyotsupu] tattoo house of the new frontier beauty parlor [monteroza] Kobe west Akashi reggae bar bongoman Internet “second life” inside which is as mentioned below

    • ☆MONTEROSA new work
      “The arsella” new work semi shoulder reached from [monteroza]! The same material as the shoulder bag of the popularity which in the past is introduced and being light, the use pocket using etc you use the soft cow leather and it is the semi shoulder with the work which considerably paid attention to easiness, also a4 enters slowly and as a work bag may participate! It is easy to have very with the soft handle whose cushion characteristic is high is, - (it is in the midst of ^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ●formal bag fair holding! As for details from [kochira]- - bag&luggage creative house Miyazaki prefecture Nobeoka city it is cheap celebration multi town 3−6− 60,982 −33−6659 sosakuya@ coffee.ocn.ne.jp

    • [ho] [tsu] being disgusted.
      Trying beginning the [ho] [tsu] being disgusted house drinking? How, you have looked at the article but in another magazine call, the house kind of drinking which is applied was written the margin [tsu] [te]? You do not know, whether it is the university student, whether it is the new society member, but with the private house the plain gauze [gi] it passes and it should have gone to [monterozagurupu] which is, don't you think? it is and the [kire] [te] is good gradually the oak and others?

    • Present flower
      Perhaps the Fuchsia Fuchsia which is [rengeshiyouma] of the seeing supplying in this year when [rengeshiyoumarengeshiyouma] still has bloomed getting wet to the rain, the seeing which has bloomed getting wet to the rain of the typhoon which shank [bararetsudo] [monteroza] forever is the deep-red rose with the flower which does not grow tired you insist existence

    • Symphony
      After today, receiving sport pedagogics, crushing time at the library, meeting [maman], ♪ I who do the lunch with [monteroza], eat the soup pasta of the small shrimp and the vegetable and for the sake of as for the [tsu] [chi] [ya] tasty dessert, [maman] and the half densely the [taruto] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] of the strawberry tasty hammer [tsu] am [monte] love* Doing window shopping, therefore the pastel color which 4 pairs has buying the sock at the sock house the [kawayusu] sock house riding, because it lasts long, the favorite it was pleasant, when class troublesome fundamental seminar it ends from 1 limits to 5 limits, the kana which probably will return - well, it decides tomorrow, with feeling and the [tsu] <- sees the [tsu] [chi] [e] [ru], massage without overstraining, don't you think?

    • [pandemitsuku
      New model in full being popular, don't you think? [ru] like and if in the ~ school day off only the side kana ~ [tsu] lever you thought and however the [re] side however today when 10 hour 3 connected working hard/employment end there is a byte 2 weeks after the intention of keeping doing you did at balance 500 Yen to 23 o'clock and empty room and with the payday May 19th as a pleasure, it is with the system of burn [monteroza] perhaps only 30,000 salary to be, and others side thing calls, or can receive the clarification [tsu] [te] this month, whether or not don't you think? it was and others the side [tsu] [te] ended only puzzle house rent amount already with cashing of the credit card it keeps doing being to payday of next month, that 10Use to after the day the side to do, the beer we would like to drink,… someone the beer having, the house it comes, the ~

    • Reflection has done, it is
      When the next day when the 〝many〟 wool reach, the stick needle and the button which go to [yuzawaya] after a long time would like to buy, however it is, after all the wool corner unless it tries excluding, don't you think? when the last time going, being perplexed awfully, Colorado which you do not buy remaining that way the using which it increases. Don't you think? it is the thread it may be troubled, it is because it is not understood and with, it was the remaining 6 ball which is bought once, color of all pink type and green type to blend, because this year when it is clean the possibility of not knitting is high although that you think slowly I should have made what, it knits what, and new Angola of the lang corporation either those which are knit it has not been decided buying, how it does [] it was perplexed, but when it is perplexed, remembering the ironbound rule that you buy it purchased after all (^-^; At all because there is no [chi] oral paragraph, [danna] which is poor the [chi] oral [ku] being best, there to be also kana [monteroza] which it probably will knit increase each other to be, because allowance Chandler it has grown tired that it knits, the air which you buy did not rise either ~ present [koraiyu] producing the hand, increase it is, forward [danna] it could not put out, is correct, however it is, don't you think? (゚ - ゚)

    • From present garden <11/21>
      Three consecutive holidays, how you probably will pass, as for me, always not to change…The weather which is, today clears up and/or becomes cloudy, from the para para [tsu] and the present garden where the rain falls…* [pieru] [do] [ronsaru] * (cl) The last 2 wheels for a long time have bloomed, * the [hueari] * (pol) Becoming the room, the yes your lovely flower blooms, * the [marugozu] sister * (pol) * [machiruda] * (fl) * pink [gurusu] un [ahen] * (fl) * [arisuta] stele Gray * (or) * [monteroza] forever * (min) * the Teddy bear * (min) it begins to end and it is the flower, * [guraunburu] * (min) * the planting changing of the rose of the day off day off where the bud which is [suterunishirubasuta] & the Christmas rose is visible is the place where half strongly extent it ends, after that, in addition the larva of [kogane] was, the larva of [kogane] which 7 and 8 comes out of [burubayu], motionlesslyWhile the television which is [risumo] of the current morning which, is many a thing where the earthworm is in the earth which the [ri] is done is attached, as for the kind of stove which sleeps, the tag which properly is out: Rose old rose mini- rose Christmas rose sickness noxious insect [risumo

    • With funny story it is not completed
      En japonais , original meaning

    • The woman it does not assemble?
      Being popularity? The woman meeting, it means, that swarms with just the girl so it inhales, - it is, not to be conscious, also the [te] generally when it gets together, is woman only, but? In something margin, the profitable ♪ how it flies to story in the woman meeting and unintentionally the [chi] [ya] is don't you think? the steward of the character where the laughing laughing “laughing laughing woman meeting plan” which [monteroza] manages is nice (the [hi] the [ji]) guides, (eats with only laughing woman meeting plan, and if 3,300 Yen furthermore time 3 hours fully with drinking at will ♪ this, the woman meeting which is complete probably completes being, as for condition of the *^^* woman meeting where it does and above the [yo] cooking 53 item, beverage 61 type and quantity Sawayama is to another stomach may fill up to [suitsu] which used [hagendatsutsu] on and the womanWhen the coupon of the thing hot pepper where the thing advance reservation which is 4 people or more is necessary is used because the period when also the fact that is the surprise it reaches 2,800 Yen, is up to 1/31 of next year year-end party and New Year party with “laughing laughing woman meeting plan” the rule! With!!! It is to rise greatly but regrettable regret! Only Kanto probably will produce the execution store for the present, is, because Σ () there is a laughing laughing even in Osaka which lives, however it is the store search red sandal wood, don't you think? the [e] [chi] [ya] - it is with from the sight inquiry opinion you sent even so profit it passes even thing nationwide anywhere it is plan, don't you think? when so it does, it is enormous from the person in charge and politeness furthermore to the reply the top is and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], up does to degree of good impression and even in Osaka which the [chi] [ya] is woman meeting it should have been possible the tag: Woman year-end party New Year party

    • Japanese weblog
      [retsudomonteroza] forever the large flower type mini- rose petal about 100, to look at the campanula sky of the orchid which thoroughly, blooms slowly from the present garden, in order to be invited in the sky and such a sky which are perfectly clear very blue, [azami], the rattan and the 芍 medicine &hellip which try going out to the place closely; It tried walking present in the afternoon, slowly

    • Being charmed in Matterhorn
      En japonais , Feel free to link

    • Japanese weblog
      issue , Feel free to link

    • weblog title
      Em japones , original meaning

    • Japanese Letter
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Present late boiled rice!
      The number of [burogu] of yesterday perusals the record stripe does the present highest and everyone who becomes wooden pail viewing thank you and my [bushiyuka] “apricot” receives and well thank you for the always crystal loving has received vigor in [burogu] of everyone, the present late boiled rice… with with the ~ is the chicken, it is 680 Yen ~ circular chicken halves, truth went into the 餃 child mansion of the Sapporo ester, but it is, “as for her because me who recently is not the form of the favorite daughter there is no such a cheap woman”, [tsu] [te] [meado] always my am not taught chaos being hard on, the [ru] it is speaking with her who is, the [ru] “My m kana ~” [tsu] [te] thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] but it is to call well, Christmas eve to “the [ru] has gone the wide to see”, live seeing the empty… with the parents' home to eat the chicken, it impaired, therefore when we would like to eat directly, because it is just ~ this which is there is a problem, temporarily for health, the vegetable… with [konbini] there are no good ones and the [te]… this Korean direct import Chinese cabbage kim chee as for content… it is harsh commonly to buy after all,… he is pale 麗 raw you of the drink appearance giraffe of this day, ~ my truth it was Asahi earnest, but it is, as for [monteroza] only the giraffe handlingBecause it is not, now it became the giraffe fan, being intoxicated after all, [burogu] writing, the [ma] ~ it does

    • Present rose <10/27>
      Don't you think? also the Japan and China where today, however in general it was weather, the middle, is the enormous downpour and/or furthermore change is weather, gradually became cold it is the present rose, * jubilee [serebureshiyon] * (er) * [jiyudo] [ji] obscure * (er) * [herumosa] * (or) * [koneria] * (or) * [arisuta] stele Gray * (or) * madam [aruhuretsudo] [kiyarieru] * (or) * [ruizu] [odeie] * (or) * [pieru] [do] [ronsaru] * (cl) * [monteroza] forever * (min) * the [marugozu] sister * (pol) * [machiruda] * (fl) * Iceberg * (fl) tag: English rose old rose rose mini- rose

    • Rose of pink
      Today when as for the rose which has raised, pink color is many and is, the rose which has bloomed, when you become aware, only pink (laughing) is the present rose, * [naema] * ([derubaru]) * Madam [huigaro] * ([derubaru]) * madam [aruhuretsudo] [kiyarieru] * (or) * brush [noazetsuto] * (or) * [koneria] * (or) * [pieru] [do] [ronsaru] * (cl) * [monteroza] forever * (min) * [machiruda] * (fl) * [akuroporisu] [romanchika] * (fl) * jubilee [serebureshiyon] * (er) [akuroporisu] together (being similar color tone,) * [ogiyusuteinu] [ginowaso] * (ht) * the new wave * (ht) But as for the new wave, as for truth the purple it blooms, advancing, a little in the pink approaching… Tag: Rose old rose mini- rose English rose

    • Olympic Bobsleigh five-month history
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • 昭和47年~昭和50年日本レコード大賞新人賞
      “The lady the dashboard and the key of the car of the master catching, increase it is?”The ~ to be, because this time when it is [maberasu] Ichiro Ozawa the giraffe of the partner is the day off, it is understood in the young one where the eye all the way, it is special edition of 1972 ~ 1975 Japanese record grand prix new member prize which applied tune it is [zu] leprosy selection of music, but bosom it forces the same generation and to has become selection of music if please enjoy it clicks slowly and clicks “radio” “natty comic dx every week of fm moov 76.1mhz radioshow [maberasu] which” can be heard Saturday pm1: 00~pm2: 30 * as for the one which has u-sen in Hyogo prefecture in the above-mentioned time even with girl home village wide seeing 3. 2009 September 12th onairno.108 1. bud Asaoka Megumi 2. boy you can hear “i-3” Ziyunko bird Sakurada where I am blue 4. Hideki love Saijo which tears 5. “Lock the [neishiyon] 24th story *more of mark dream a-[chiyan]” them a feelingboston6. “Make talk even in the we of daddy eddy and k-jayaxy” * the end carol of the summer * the harmony Inoue positive water and the Tamaoki Kouji 7. girl doll of end of the summer (the request rushbar Imai dragon two way,) the Itoh handle furthermore 8. [jieri] fish (the request bongo [pu] -) Ebisawa [takewo] 9. Shanghai [ravusongu] (request paris) the boy castle which rode in the American [hutsutoboruhuinga] 511. dolphin of Matsuda Kiyoko 10. love 12. romance Iwasaki Hiromi 13. applause [chi] which are full you open and see and as for the approval of radioshow “natty comic dx” [tatoushiyotsupu] tattoo of the new frontier beauty parlor [monteroza] Kobe west Akashi reggae bar bongoman Internet “second life” inside which is as mentioned belowHouse

    • 車検の前は節約
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • ホワイトクリスマス
      The snow does not fall, but title is cake 5 of Yokohama [monteroza] which is name of the Christmas cake of this year, but because, being smooth easily, the [re] the sponge which it increases the just a little [pa] being attached, as for the sparkling wine which it increases as for 3 times that price when there is a value when you are inserting, it was dubious with “the drop of God” to be called, but spicy clearly drink easily to eat the raw cream the potato it did

    • 黒姫の旅
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • ラストスキー 一日目
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • 訴訟の難しさ
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 居酒屋のデフレ化
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • 悪質な「ワタミ」の物真似商法に司法がメスを!
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • こマねち@三鷹北口
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • 砲台跡とかモンテローザとか その2
      Comentarios sobre este , Feel free to link

    • 焼肉居酒屋「巣鴨ホルモン・おいで屋」巣鴨駅北口
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • 今日の庭 0707
      If today this weather of Star Festival woven princess and Altair tryst of one time serve in year, kana…? During the clearing up at the time of rain love of the person who is very Kanai [wa] [nu] promise compared to the flower in the garden… before becoming hot, doing all the way the ~ The day when weather is good [monteroza] which is color vivid to be small from now on the [tsu] [chi] [ya] is the kana ~? The petal hurting with the rain, it increases, if it blooms very and does not advance and… this is tomorrow cleaner expectation [guruguru] doing, when the iceberg it is clean between the feeling rain [serinu] which it increases may scatter, today last moment kana… you overlooked densely, exploding regrettably, it increases…Unless you must economize gradually, don't you think? when the bee after this of the order waiting moves to next door, the [kogane] insect in the meal… The [a] which you can pay with the pincette it did Wednesday the lapel of 1 week… While oh with saying certainly, the summer vacation shelf ~

    • うふ♪(* ̄ー ̄)v
      (φωφ) [huhuhu]…Work of the nurse you see from now, it is [o] re-broadcast, - Σ (the ゚ ∀) as for Tokyo [rasutohurenzu] is different re-broadcast the television apparent cod which probably will be put out has written [tsu] and [tsu] [pa] Kansai and Kanto, don't you think? is, the [e] (t∇t) the pub byte you did yesterday, - yesterday rather than, now morning? However Σ (the ゚ ∀) the new menu it has met, the photograph being too suitable, ε= which [uke] it is with you say, or pulled (>ε<) [putsu]! Don't you think? the nugget and however it is, - photograph suitableness - ε= (>ε<) [putsu]! You take better to become, the field. It places to become, when about the margin [tsu] [te] the pub related to w everyone [monteroza] it goes, trying seeing, don't you think? because ww it pulls, don't you think? - the… mosquito ゙ ━━ (; ゚ д ゚) ━━ [n]!! Today the [ze] [e] which is the day off -* Because today such you do not sleep from morning, the night and you sleep normally and well - do!! (¯ω¯ HKDRT Tuesday - and [ronbu]?? When very today you see and the food applying in the recent massage money air, - (▼-▼*) the cod - you question, www where the fish gold has become pinch today shopping you do not go out anymore, (`ε´) being something which is the house, - (the b´∀ `) [netsu]! Persevering, don't you think? the [wa] which it makes - and the kana wwww kim chee no rapid fire which becomes the kim chee fried rice and it is Σ (the ゚ ∀) ゙ [tsu]!! - [chiyuhai] it makes at the pub, for verifying whether it is the burn it is tasty, the [chi] and the tasting stripe shank it is with, plum wine soda to divide, when you drink, - it is tasty, (¯ω¯ HKDRT with carbonic acid entering, from the [ru]…If and the w carbonic acid which becomes the [tsu] [pa] throat painful perseveres and the [tsu] [pa] excessiveness and (t∇t) with, plum wine soda dividing extent drink it may and although - your ♪♪ liquor you could drink a little, -

    • 修了式〜ノルディカカップ〜契約終了
      japanese means , Japanese talking

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