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    Tanigawa Nagare,

    Anime Books related words Hayate the combat butler The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Zettai Karen Children Omamori Himari Ito Noiji The World God Only Knows Chrome Shelled Regios Hata Kenjiro

    • Memory of the sneaker August edition separate supplement cool shrine [haruhi
      the sneaker (the sneaker) recollection of cool shrine [haruhi] (temporary) is attached to the separate supplement of 2009 August edition, in order that so from [burogu] of the Kadokawa sneaker library which is it rides in the [haruhi] popularity which rises with new work animation televising, when the name which you intend to attach the separate supplement of a little thick [me] with the sneaker of the next issue August edition “recollection of cool shrine [haruhi]” (mountain streams style teachers of the temporary) 2003 June edition are awarded sneaker grand prix, when from the article very to the recent article the [do] - it is with it publishes with re-publication all actual size, because it becomes thick, excluding part printing in reduced sizeIt is edition, but the Nagato possession of legend as for the rare 100 volumes and the chronological table etc where the time series is recognized with one [me], as much as possible the sneaker August edition Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. asin b002dvbgfm the sneaker which is published to actual size soon (the sneaker) 2009 August edition Amazon the sneaker (the sneaker) 2009 optimistic [butsukusu] the sneaker (the sneaker) being it is possible to make standing matter in the person who knows 2009 [yahusutoaharuhi] midway, memory cd of shank cool shrine [haruhi]. The memory Nagato possession of cool shrine [haruhi] rare (saw grass field Minori) Asahina you see and start (the Goto 邑 child) cool shrine [haruhi] (the plain twill) one this where reservation becomes start probably will put out sale schedule August 5th, is

    • This week trophy ON 07.26.2009
      It is this week trophy, (the ' Ω `) no cartoon game 國 strike raising (4)/s.e. Seven. Strongest pupil [kenichi] in Shingo history (34)/Shogakukan Inc., Matsue name 俊 the saw it is (7) /m.f. Nisino it stacks, as though it is mountain wooden bell [hayate]! (20)/Shogakukan Inc., field health Jiro holly talker (4)/Kodansha publishers, Ltd.. . . The human 0 [ri] [te] it seems -/one 迅 corporation, the [ke] - it does in the Miyasita not yet period death/included [yu] and the [yo] is (3)/the Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. and the dejected (9)/Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. of ball Kanada cool shrine [haruhi], the mountain streams style, [tsuganogaku] lightly novel 碧 positive school pupil meeting thing record (6) six flowers of student council/the Fujimi publishing, the mallow weir, 狗 God 煌 first love [majikaruburitsutsu] (14) to transfer, to come and have, love and everything! /Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd., tomorrow or Siyouta, heaven. Naoto cd honey jet!! /King record, Horie reason robe princess primp! With the [ji] which/[ranteisu], Hasimoto you see and the keeping pc game abundantly the slave - is the sisters angel and demon - /unisonshift the accent colored paper. 澤 You open and it is above the [hu] seeing sign colored paper

    • The light/write you express!
      Recently also type of light/write novel increased! Especially, 鷹 you see and one omen raw and the teachers who the Takemiya [yu] [yu] densely the teacher, mountain streams style teachers and the teacher etc ahead the gruel [ma], can be respected are the large quantity! The light/write novel and you read recently and certain ones which you withstand increased! Because, it is interesting industry with even me of the newcomer, if luck it is good, when it can work this industry, with you think! The novel it started writing by the fact that last week we convey! The detailed story is secret! Rather than (with saying, not to be the net novel, because in earnest it puts out to grand prix and the like), persevering, you write even from this, but we ask may, even in order for you to raise by your we would like to write the net novel! When you discover somewhere,

    • The Gothic flat tire ver which dejected Asahina of cool shrine [haruhi] you see and starts.
      Sale day: 2009/06/30 selling price: 5,780 Yen (15%off) series: Dejected genre of cool shrine [haruhi]: Beauty girl figure manufacturer: O kid seed pvc make paint being completed finished product/prototype production: “Dejected series of cram Gee zero cool shrine [haruhi]” second as for feature, knowing! “Asahina you see and start” faithfully unintentionally to touch to reappearance lovely [pojingu] wanting it stops the crying face that designates the appearance first feature “Nagato possession rare” with same official illustration as motif, “half of school (boy everyone) designates that it makes Asahina cry as the enemy”, the [be] which does two arms of the [be] which is done and to the [se] lever [bo] [re] [ru] softly so the chest, small wrinkle the clothes and the good point fully loaded ♪ which used the air furthermore with compatible face part attachment it likes, “you see and start” that it is possible to change, just is hyphenation item! 2006 mountain streams style it is and questions to be the new work introduction which [ji] /sos group successively is sold sprouts and 'sees details with Amazon which with [hu] [i] [gi] [yu] [a] .minaduki-factory' dmm sees details Apron… ahead tfc one horseman this thousand gg Lu cloth 奉 My cartridge - the [tsu] [te] where I rescue the earth!? -… [evuangerion] new theater edition twill wave rays wi… [yuniteimariajiyu] - bride -… fate/stay of the cover [ri] night it is distant the hill 凛…

    • When high ones, is in the house, ......
      Because in your subject your room of this week as for the most expensive one it is what, because it became matter of concern, you try doing, however (you see with the [po] it is, it may write it became, only the name you do not know it is) ↑ what, this chaos first the personal computer to receive, however it rubbed, just one be able to persevere the expectation game-related ds light/write about of 30,000 Yen, to transfer, this is medieval times, about 10,000 kana? As for psp3000 this 10,000 Yen the buying not being hit [te] which the air which does not go does in those where the cat densely you cannot attach empty price for the colored paper refugee of Kaori Mr. Mr. & Fujita stone promontory Kiyoshi being, after selling, the hot season visit very thing which you receive from mountain streams style teachers compared to, the notion that where delightful the fan letter which is done properly could be written, after and with respect to [watakushi] law, when you are killed, the expectation which is paid to the bereaved family the salary amount which is the expectation which is made with future life as a indemnity, about 100,000 Yen unexpected it is high* If so you say, 30 days it ends in several hours when blue bird library hp is not renewed it is, but being all right!?

    • It was the Takasaki musical band conference!
      In November 29 everyday day of the week with the Haruna cultural center large hole the Takasaki mountain car where the “Takasaki musical band conference” is held well those where it is middle the one where the practice bowl form at the waiting room of palm retention meeting is small is [chibi] inside are master “of Hasegawa style” well the production how was, whether probably will be, everyone where meeting of your ~ many musical bands has gotten together being enormous, because there is a your shank ~ store, it could not go to seeing, but safely?! The kind of ^^ which can do performance

    • Cool shrine [haruhibaton
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • Cascade of 浄 lotus
      Considerably, it becomes story before, but when the September last year, a certain day, with the Kawazu [za] saddle which visits the cascade of the 浄 lotus which is Yamanaka the Izu peninsular Amagi national highway 414 the line it advances to west from famous Kawazu Cho, the Kawazu seven cascade loop bridge, as for the cascade of the 浄 lotus which is main mountain stream drainage basin of the Kanou Kawakami style section which first is this it exceeds the Amagi pass cascade, as for depth of head 25m and the cascade 壺 when there is also 15m, as for the thing beautiful earnest cascade, the flow of the clear river and also, clearly and others it stops the car in the parking zone which is full in kana atmosphere, (no charge), thereTo the empty cascade the stone step of approximately 190 steps the middle which descends, as for the stone step which becomes the [zu] and others snapping, the return so and others, when you walk the road which it can be wrapped in distance even then green, because at this point in time already heart settles the cascade 壺 which because is strange a little, lends out also the pole which has the acceptance of the trout fishing on, to drop the thread, in side of the cascade perhaps freely and easily also it is good, famous “Amagi it exceeded” and this which has also the gravestone which put together the lyric the moss insect [te], the road of the return which becomes the atmosphere perfect score was hard as expected, isIf, the opportunity it is while thinking that and we would like to visit, it designated the cascade as afterwards

    • In the sneaker June edition “of astonishment 4/30 sales of cool shrine [haruhi]” preceding publication
      ◯ Spring! [haruhi] returned! /Also today to be done, anther ◯ everyone at present!! 70 long-awaited up-to-date works one. Preceding publication! Astonishment mountain streams style × of special edition & novel cool shrine [haruhi] it is and questions to be when the [ji]/the air faces, the light/write novel weekly report 4/30 shot selling, don't you think? as for thing as expected as for [dotakiyan] it is improbable, it does not let escape [haruhihuan] and because also the possibility this perhaps the one which you buy is better, becoming [haruhi] last publication is sufficiently thought ......Even if assuming, that it was, as for the next time becoming sometime ......

    • Sale schedule within “astonishment 2010 of cool shrine [haruhi]”
      Sale schedule [kita] ━ within astonishment' 2010 of ◯ 'cool shrine [haruhi] (゚ ∀ ゚) ━!!!!! /Also today is done and message from the mountain streams style/reads the light/write novel mainly in [animeito] benefit of the dejected' the sneaker of anther ◯ 'cool shrine [haruhi], the ^0^/------------------------------------------------------Color it is the life who applies annoyance in sense sharply. While straying it waited and being reaching to this period which is the mountain streams style, no one such as the word which it should call it is not to happen to think, but in order not to be able to forget that itself waiting it has received, this time somehow is just opening, but as for the next praying the small future arrival which we can meet in the publisher's series while then and the [tsu]------------------------------------------------------904 names: The name which is swindled in illustration it is not [sage] contribution day: 2010/04/27 (fire) 18:19: 01 id: When ndkujxcr the [ru] is converts with the rice manuscript paper, because now about 370 after writing, sale within 2010 is completion with about 20% the eye finger stripe it inhales - it is, anyhow until now it was [are], don't you think? [e] ......(; ' - The `) it is possible to trust to somewhere, it is probably will be?......Well, as for me is not the case, believer separately, die you try probably to wait patiently

    • The sneaker June edition
      -! The mountain streams style revive in the sneaker of everyone ~ present sale, the ~ \ (^o^) new work “astonishment” of /3 year inclination is page 70 preceding publications! Because the contents of honesty “separation” you forgot almost, you read from today and the direct stripe Good Heavens (∀) take with [ma] wktk the shank (the *´д `*) the ♪

    • Preceding publication “of astonishment of cool shrine [haruhi]”
      With preceding publication notice “of astonishment of original novel up-to-date work cool shrine [haruhi]” of [haruhi] it had become topic, whether or not “astonishment of cool shrine [haruhi]” is published truly “the sneaker” June edition has become sale, it is thought that either the fans which are dubious are not few to sale day, “everyone at present on the 30th is “the sneaker” June edition sale day!”Also Nagato illustration and the special edition where with other than “astonishment beginning part 70 main parts of cool shrine [haruhi]”, it is and questions the contents of the part preceding publication to which the smiling face of [haruhi] which is said lines up into the new publication flat bed and, to be collapses in the illness of the [ji] drawing lowering have been recorded and, at the beginning with also sale within year “of astonishment of the book cool shrine [haruhi] where” sale is postponed “various circumstances” is announced from schedule 2007 June 1st, by the way, the mountain streams style people who are the author

    • 'Where [huamiria]'
      Somewhat the leaving permission the human of this pace [tsuitsuta] how without fail is unreasonable with [burogu], - (- д-) the no this time of today when you realize it is considerable down feeling in lowness of air temperature of remainder, well it ended and Kanagawa Ninomiya performance of Sunday was favored the extent whose also weather is hot well cheerfully and became the performance whose also tension of the customer is good high, that the [tsu] which we think whether it is it is not!! Again the [tsu] [tsu] [tsu] which is play what where '[huamiria]' doing wherever, for the first time, does not know [bongazu] even with the person whom you see and can enjoy also the [te]!!! (* Ω) The no it was the performance which can be realized -!! The Ninomiya people long journey which goes to the meeting place the [ru] the [ru] everyone [tsu] of the Fukushima people and the family of the rhinoceros toe who chase!! The [tsu] which this year you take care truly!! This year and it was possible with the shade of everyone to supply success, - returning to appreciation appreciation Fukushima, at last this year and Golden Week holidays end the air which does - this year through gw when and 'the person is the day off, works is accustomed to the person who' the air which the [tsu]!! Because it is the service industry, don't you think? - this is delightful thing what with this, - is, - the thought circuit the no which part we are short (- д-) to be quick oh becomes high with consequence of the migraine, in addition - - it is with as for earth day 22 day 23 day of next week, with boat Pia Tamagawa 'the extent competition which becomes. The classroom' the [tsu] which is done!! For the present, you are proud of the hit ratio of 50% or more, (<- [sugoi]? Hasegawa style competitions. The [tsu] which teaches theory!! Because it can enjoy truly fairly well thrillingly with the change, please try participating by all means by all means the [] [tsu] [tsu] [tsu]!! From [kochira] - ↓

    • It could designate outer space as 5 minutes ago?
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • Determination of the girl who changed the world
      impressions , original meaning

    • Why not believing mystery?
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • Conspiracy of cool shrine [haruhi
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • It waited, it waited, [haruhi] at last sale!
      “Cool shrine [haruhi]” has appeared, the cover (the [ma] it is it is it is the web) “of the sneaker” June edition < cool shrine [haruhi] >3 in the new work “astonishment” the sneaker after year the publication new publication the light/write novel “cool shrine [haruhi]” series (to be, you question to be the [ji] picture, the Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd.,) of the mountain streams style becomes the new work after 3 years to sale within year, “astonishment of cool shrine [haruhi] (today [ku])”, novel magazine to was published “of 30 day sale sneaker” June edition

    • The guitar is the percussion instrument
      * [Happy animated picture] god knows… As for 08:18 today which it tries singing with English introducing this animated picture god knows… As for dejection of cool shrine [haruhi] 'cool shrine [haruhi] which you try singing with English' ([yu] [u] [u] of tin seeing and [haruhi]), in the Japanese television animation Japan which designates light/write novel 'cool shrine [haruhishirizu]' of the mountain streams style as the original as for the supervision where all the 14 stories were broadcast from 2006 April extending through July Tatuya Ishihara, as for animation production on 2007 July 7th is the Kyoto animation dejected genre of cool shrine [haruhi] where production of 2nd period is announced: Novel author name it is of book magazine comic novel essay Japan the line shop: Optimistic [butsukusu] price: Dejection of 540 Yen god knows cool shrine [haruhi], as for one number [u] of song in the 12th story “live alive” play ww this tune of the [ge] [e] www which is done with English…Having tried how to become, it is to try seeing w which, but if 1st as for mishearing, 2nd the making, English meaning which is done properly, it can have hearing, it is understood, but you do not blow this and is good enormously with the animated picture which can be enjoyed and the w grammar where level of the mishearing which is not finished is too high without adhering is

    • 'Dejection of cool shrine [haruhi] (re-broadcast)' three story thoughts
      impressions , original meaning

    • “Dragonfly labyrinth ~Amnesia † labyrinth~” 2 volume benefit summaries
      Mountain stream style + of 09/12/18 sales. Residence small feather “蜻. As for labyrinth ~amnesia † labyrinth~” 2 volume benefits being attached the store [magumani] specially made original character bromide below 蜻. Labyrinth 2 (lightning comics) writer: Mountain streams style publishers/manufacturer: ASCII [medeiawakusu] sale day: 2009/12/18 media: Comic tag: Book benefit 09/12/18 sale mountain streams style. Residence small feather 蜻. Labyrinth 蜻. Labyrinth ~amnesia † labyrinth~

    • Weekly TOHAN 10 years 2 / 19 issue
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • 涼宮ハルヒの動揺
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • 09年12月コミックストーハンPOS調べ
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • 10年1月コミックストーハンPOS調べ
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • 私がいるから世界は在る
      belief , Japanese talking

    • 2009/12に読んだ本
      kanji , Feel free to link

    • マニアック質問バトン
      Em japones , original meaning

    • ボーカロイドフィギュア関係を入手出来るとは思いませんでした。
      impressions , original meaning

    • 最近買った本
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • 2009年10月 単行本特典まとめ
      日本語 , original meaning

    • 09年08月トーハンPOS調べ
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • 日本シリーズ
      Early the result is raised the helper where with mountain stream nine step urgently of advance participation the way of the visor of rear hand Maruyama nine steps? But with the anti- sidestep taking according to tip promontory eight step of △ 84 flying explanation, you say that 36th hand △ 33 Katsura is hasty? With the NHK cup (as for rear hand boring oral 17 step reason which is △ 52 ball but), as for Masuda method of pointing which is stretched rather had been done, but is, here as for the mountain stream with the reliable pointing, you permit also five muscle positional notations of the partner, it was steady entirely, but when (with saying, depressing, but they are the mountain streams style,), △ 33 Katsura which is visible lightly, those where the preparation of such an opening is visible single-handed were hasty kana? Well. Because it became the development which aims for the head it probably means that the rear hand became busy, but to the last three which we would like to learn muscles the 46th hand △ 34 step which we assume that we would like to turn flying, adjust the 45th hand - 37 gold and but - 65 step (the 47th hand) the hand muscle according to the promontory ahead smartness if become the angular exchange which turns off the effectiveness of flying to the thing three muscle that it was the hand where 51st hand - 64 step grasps the pace of the helper, 52nd hand △ 54 step in procedure around flying the ▲6 hexagon (the 53rd hand) e.g., [suki] is many in the rear hand,Being able to pull without escaping the preparation 57th hand gold, - in the △ 37 Katsura forming whose 23 step is sharp - - 15 Katsura becomes intense painfully from the same silver, as for the 71st hand - 65 step which seems if it is good △ same flying however - they are two changing with 76 silver ~ - 85 silver 88th hand △ 85 flying, bursting the chase of 93rd hand - 34 step as for the beanbag of the intense is painful rear. Therefore if shape, if 33 position followed the end which most weakness seems the promontory ahead same stuffing, because as for the rear hand becoming the feeling which hurries directly, would like to hurt professionally, as for the helper goal had been clear, if it was great difference with excuse sidestep to take, × △ 85 flying (△ 84 flying) from [ama] it does, when becoming angular exchange, the ramming down place in angle usually comparing, because it is wide excessively, perhaps even leniently, it keeps having in the development where attacking the partner is cut off, it seems that much using the nerve in scene group, it is the ear

    • 備忘録
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 第21話 「涼宮ハルヒの溜息 Ⅱ」 レビュー キャプ++ 
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 第1巻
      Dejected 1st volume production year of dejected 1st volume cool shrine [haruhi] of ≫ edit 2009.05.22 fri cool shrine [haruhi]: 2006 production country: The Japanese recording time: 64 minute series: Dejected coming out orator of cool shrine [haruhi]: Every the saw grass field Minori plain twill [a] distinct Ogata Kenichi Ono Daisuke mulberry tree valley summer child swan reason village cedar rice field Satoshi harmony Matsuoka Yuki Shiraishi Minoru Goto 邑 child Matsumoto Megumi supervision: Ishihara Tatuya detailed data: Original: The mountain streams style/it is and questions to be [ji] subtitle: ---- Sound: Stereo/linear pcm genre: Television sf [huantaji] school comment: When “in this there is no interest the extraterrestrial, the future person and the psychic are in the simply human, the [a] it is to do, do to come to the place cool shrine [haruhi] which it increases the self introduction which or more” entrance early the [bu] [tsu] it flew her that seriousness, when becoming aware, 'super every day it had already converted every day'!! Delicately non daily type school story, here with respect to going/participating! Special edition: Two dimensional comprehensive sight “d [kiyaratsu]!” Item turn: n_604kwba278r | Not yet classification | 05:50 |

    • エンドレスエイト
      The mountain streams style (the original author) “about 42.195 kilometers you bet on the approach run of broad jump whenever, it comes and it is endless eight, but the feeling which finally arrives at the railroad crossing position with this does”, as for [haruhi] however it is not seen, [togusa] “major who is sent from the friend several days ago, the endless eight [tsu] [te] you know?” : The hamster bulletin 2 [ro] [gu] just was enormous remaining in impression, the [ru

    • な、な、なななな、ながルンルン
      ~ title please be and read with [mi], [mi], the miracle and the [mikurunrun] feeling the chicken* Well the [netabare] note which is the salad, cool shrine [haruhi] which the last time at last sneaks away from endless eight it is dejected, but…Don't you think? it was sigh from this time, ~ beginning was visible pattern section life relay of sports festival only the flag which has been shouldered, but Nagato was the circular understanding, (laughing) this time when the camera and the model cancer/gun it goes to receiving in the sponsor, it was in frame, it is with as for real photographing shank just how you probably will draw the quarrel of [haruhi] and [kiyon] from in the next? As for that the between of dejection and sigh was not written yet with the original second work, however (at that time the compilation was published to the magazine shortly,) from it does also the air which is all right, however it is, don't you think? the ~ well it is expectation in capital [ani], although (endless eight criticizing, it is what, you bit saying, the capital [ani] lover shelf (laughing)) this time also Taniguti & Kunikida being present, with the better seed ~, 1st as for being surprised…The latest script the mountain streams style is to be, (laughing) properly it works, it is with the shank ~

    • 09年07月トーハンPOS調べ
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • い、息抜きだってば!
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • (゜Д゜)!!
      When you look at the official sight of the summer wars .........It is, the mountain streams style it is it is it is it is!!!! You have lived it is…<- It was good…To that with quaint one saury

    • figmaみくる戦うウェイトレスVer&鶴屋さん文化祭メイドVer
      The © mountain streams style it is and questions to be [ji] sos group

    • 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱をyoutubeで!「笹の葉ラプソディ」
      The original which is leaf [rapusodei] of the dejected bamboo grass of cool shrine [haruhi] which is the leaf [rapusodei] �3 of the dejected bamboo grass of cool shrine [haruhi] is recorded, with the light/write novel original of the mountain streams style (is bitterly the trap the [ru],), “boring of cool shrine [haruhi]”

    • アンモナイトに火を通せ!
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • このライトノベルがすごい!2009
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • figma 涼宮ハルヒ チアガールVer
      Properly the bat sees and starts from it had been attached, becoming “homing mode” different, the © mountain streams style which it increases it is and questions to be it is [ji] sos group detailed thing, but as for [haruhi] dark blue, you see in the association which wears the bloomer under and start relation of such it is red small place catching the heart of the user, with the meaning which is not separated the shank (laughing)

    • 「涼宮ハルヒの消失」「涼宮ハルヒの暴走」
      Continuing, “disappearance of cool shrine [haruhi]” (the mountain streams style people: The Kadokawa sneaker library) “reckless driving of cool shrine [haruhi]” (the ditto) it is the series which has the image where the character is dense from the extent to the animation and the like which read, but when (especially cool shrine [haruhi]) really you try reading, the talking of [kiyon] is funnier than that, as for “disappearance” in by your most as for amount and character inserting power there perhaps setting and the development which could be enjoyed it is the taste to hold down the way of the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] as for tend “reckless driving” shortly as for the happy dream which is development and the foreshadowing collection like feeling of compilation “disappearance” you saw and grew tired and the [chi] [ya] bore

    • 1Q84と神の守り人
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Feel free to link

    • figma 涼宮ハルヒ 夏服Ver
      The © mountain streams style it is and questions to be [ji] sos group

    • 『涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱』事前告知ナシで3年ぶりの新作放送
      From April “it calls broadcast” again, dejection of large hit animation 'cool shrine [haruhi] which at independent u bureau such as sun television and television Saitama re-was broadcast' 21 day nighttime, as for the magazine of course, there is no information in advance “leaf [rapusodei] of the new work story bamboo grass which” is after 3 years was broadcast in even the [rate] column of the newspaper, because broadcast contents it is perfection secret, the same work which between the fans to animation is converted by abrupt “new work broadcast” for the first time in 2006 on the net becomes the little noise and gains popularity originally the episode which is suitable to 11 stories being able to meet,It makes 1 stories, after that replaces the time series of episode and broadcast conversely the case of dvd conversion this time when “[sapuraizu]” is always given to the fan as for “broadcast” announcing again although, e.g., it sells in the correct order where the story is connected, 'dejection of cool between the part fans, the new work is included because with, such a when guess was called, may be a future when finally the new work appears in broadcast of 21 day nighttime and information a possibility the not yet animation conversion story of the original being broadcast as perfection secret, without notice, shrine [haruhi]', outer spaceIn the origin of woman Takao [haruhi] which desires the arrival of the person, the future person and the psychic, the Nagato possession of the extraterrestrial Asahina of the rare, future person you see truly and start the light/write novel of the sf school story writer mountain streams style which start from the fact that it appears with the original, to animation is converted in 2006, it hits also the ending theme “[hare] clear [yukai]” which, the plain twill and others popularity dubbing artist to whom from April of 06 to July total 14 story broadcast after that, to dvd is converted with the nighttime framework of independent uhf bureau and the like and the like and obtains explosive popularity sings in the animated picture contribution sight, dances with the same tuneAs for popularity in social phenomenon, to animation the episode which is not converted was many in the original, e.g., animated picture is contributed many, the continuation was desired

    • 暇だから
      You will read [haruhi] and will return and next period 2 periods you probably will start from the disappearance which it increases?…The [ke] it is and is! It is possible to be connecting [tsu] [te] recognition of [haruhi] kana? Order is corrected [haruhi] which it re-broadcasts with tvk, when we assume that die 2 periods you do, as for main the [ro] which is disappearance it is with before doing disappearance, leaf [rapusodei] of the bamboo grass (the [tsu] [ke] which is? Unless at that Star Festival person) and it is it is, because coherence it is not agreeable, after the [ro] which does that and is shortly compilation [chi] [yo] [ro] [chi] [yo] [ro] kana endless eight of driving recklessly and trembling, the snow mountain, the cat, or kana are with and 3 periods become conspiracy, don't you think? it is, the [e]? The [wa] no year when we would like to look at Nagato of disappearance temporarily quickly make wait it is Kadokawa… whichIt made sufficiently and [ro]…And the new publication of the mountain streams style, making come out quickly, Kadokawa stopping, the [ru] it is the [ro] [do] which is - the [se

    • 09年04月トーハンPOS調べ
      japanese means , original meaning

    • figma近況
      Cold was caught after a long time is everyone present [wa] figma Airman Basic funds, however… it is - excessively it is cold serving constitution, don't you think? whether the [e]… it probably is the consequence which ate the year, well well, with the society gw midst it is meaning, but though because little intrigue is the gw opening, me while the extolment training is at the company! Because like this mass paper and [pepakura] intrigue future announce something to the [mu] [hi] [yo] [] desk, well in the pleasure the ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ well, in 4/29 “figma cool shrine [haruhi] summer-wear ver.” “figma star village 眞 the princess 那” became safety sale! Because the schoolbag belongs as “the campaign which is questioned your new entrance with [me]” in the first production amount, propriety to this opportunity! It is the very pleasant small article, the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ continuing, introduction of the commodity where sale day is decided! Re-shipment of “figma Hatune [miku]” starts 5/11 (month)! How this time third shipment!! Again, it feels keenly that it is the enormous character and this commodity which it is related to [miku]… make wait we have done, “figma 柊”… “figma 柊 you stoop, [kosupure] ver.” As for sale day of this commodity 5/15 (the gold) the ~~ which is decided the people whom you wait, now just please wait a little!! Above the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, it was figma recent condition report!! As for this day to here loses heart the adult who the favorite the dislike kind figure bi- bi-! Band boom (? ) It tried sharing good luck!! The © Akahito justice one which every week is enjoyed too much/the [sukuueaenitsukusu] corpse. The production commission © 2006 mountain streams style it is and questions to be [ji] /sos group © crypton future media and inc. all rights reserved. The © beauty water you stoop and/and others the [tsu] come -* Chair 2008 © crypton future media and inc which are the [pa] and others. all rights reserved.

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