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    Manga related words BLEACH Gintama Weekly Shonen Jump ONE PIECE SKET DANCE Nurarihyon Bakuman Grandchild of Nurarihyon Mitsudomoe Dream Eater Merry Is this a zombie?

    • If the pirate find by your!
      For the first time, “[be] [ru] [ze] [babu]” you saw, - can be effective love raw voice, delightful ze today the [ke] it is and is!! In live event shank… When the [chi] [yo] - you want to go, notification of the [o] ~ movie you did kana dvd desired the [i], the ~★!
      Zum ersten Mal „[seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu]“ Sie sah, - sein kann rohe Stimme der wirkungsvollen Liebe, das herrliche ze heute [KE] ist sie und ist!! Im Phasenereignisschaft… Wenn [Chi] [yo] - Sie möchten gehen, Mitteilung des ~ [O] Films, den Sie kana dvd wünschten [i], das ~★ taten!

    • The [wa] [a] ~ it is!
      As for [be] [ru] [ze] [babu]…
      Wie was [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu]…

    • The [so] [o] it is!, a liberal translation
      As for [be] [ru] [ze] [babu] 2nd story animation there is no original conformity, however it is there is no shelf explosive [ochi] [tsu] [te] level, directivity carefully solution viewing
      Wie was [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu] 2. Geschichteanimation dort ist keine ursprüngliche Übereinstimmung, gleichwohl sie dort ist kein Regalexplosivstoff [ochi] [tsu] [te] ist, waagerecht ausgerichtet, der Richtdämpfung Lösungsbetrachtung sorgfältig

    • opinion piece , evaluation / appreciation , feedback , issue .
      [be] [ru] [ze] [babu]!! The [tsu] [te] which comes out you did not know, (the ゜□゜; However you see, or are perplexed, if you do not see, it is not
      [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu]!! [Tsu] [te] das heraus Sie wusste nicht kommt, (das ゜□゜; Jedoch sehen Sie, oder sind, wenn Sie nicht verblüfft sehen, es sind nicht

    • Please see the links if you are interested. Lots of talk.
      [be] [ru] [ze] [babu] entire collection compilation beelze saga (the Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. cartoon entire collection compilation series) Tamura Takashi flat dealership: The Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. standard price: ¥ 580 sale day: 2011/01/31 *, as for information such as sale day there are times when it is modified, a liberal translation
      [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu,] gesamte Ansammlungskompilation beelze Saga (das Shueisha Ansammlungskompilations-Reihe, das der Co.-, Ltd.-Karikatur gesamte veröffentlicht) Tamura Takashi flache Verkaufßtelle: Das Shueisha, das Co., Ltd.-Standardpreis veröffentlicht: ¥ 580 Verkaufstag: 2011/01/31 *, was Information anbetrifft wie Verkaufstag dort sind Zeiten, als es geändert wird

    • Japanese Letter
      [be] [ru] [ze] [babuairubibatsuku] , a liberal translation
      [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babuairubibatsuku]

    • You see, -
      [be] [ru] [ze] [babu] [u] 07: 19: 56
      [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu] [u], 07:19: 56

    • Free ~^^;
      The ♪ which is the [tsu] extremely pleasure which [be] [ru] [ze] [babu] does
      Das ♪, das das [tsu] extrem Vergnügen ist, das [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu] tut

    • Japanese weblog
      With stage of [be] [ru] [ze] [babu], there being also raw postrecording, large it was excited, a liberal translation
      Mit Stadium von [seien Sie] [ru] [ze] [babu] und das rohe Postrecording dort auch sein, groß es, war aufgeregt

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