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    Cave-in accident,

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  • ○■ Today previous arrangemen t and the like inside the company

  • ○■ Also today it continues a nd is clear, extremely the weak wind has blown

  • ○■ When it is rescued up to last one person safely, don't you think? [ii

  • ○■ Victim of the Chilean min e, heavy sickness and the harsh past

  • ○■ Sun Jose of the Chilean n orth section (sanjose) in the cave-in accident which occurred at the mine as for the Chilean government on the 25th, the bad news that was delivered in operator 33 it is shut in underground 700 meters, several months it is required to for rescue,

  • ○■ As for government, until rescue of 33 human everyone completes, 48 hours have needed

  • ○■ So, the world becomes bet ter than yesterday

  • ○■ Well, in Chile “of reve rse side” of the earth, in the cave-in accident of the mine you take on the underground and rescue job of 33 operators who are left, starts from around your present noon of the Japanese time

  • ○■ In the cave-in accident w hich at the sun Jose mine of the Chilean north section [kopiapo] suburb occurred on August 5th this year, the measure headquarters where undertakes the rescue 33 of operators who are shut in underground approximately 700 meters, announced that on the 17th the ground and same day of local time around 10:30 AM, the hole which is 623 meters in total length led between the drift where 33 people are,

  • ○■ In the Chilean sun Jose m ine cave-in accident, in underground 700 meters

  • ○■ Being rescued from approx imately 70 day yesterday from the Chilean mine cave-in accident, successively, it claps, when to these people degree of the very, after crying, remaining, 70 days, dividing the companion up to the last end which the remaining 5 person is wanted persevering, in at this rescue play whose the hero in the human hero who conveys existence on the ground rescue this is long in coming, the person where the baby is born, wedding not to be done the [te], the bond of the one family which does that the person who makes the human movie “33 people” which becomes deep more (as for the Chilean human director and earnings is sent, thing) support ratioDon't you think? while the president and the various people who rise are, as for the person where the lover is, as for receiving, it was the lover, in these 70 days which are wanted coming to this wife who comes with [gakutsu], with this wife and the lover who lived separately judgment occurs, after all, the person in question and the lover was chosen, seems, but as for this wife, getting angry, the television which are in the victory earth of the lover it is not seen, so

  • ○■ In at this fall accident which occurred on August 6th,

  • ○■ Everyone should have rise n safely in the shank

  • ○■ Exactly the time, because you inquired about the news that, the safety 33 with the Chilean coal mine drift collapse it is shut in on underground 700m has worried, well, still today, you thought that still it had such world,

  • ○■ While with the television becoming nailing, you looked at the rescue from the Chilean coal mine cave-in accident, instead of on the 69th, 2 months, are also 3 months,

  • ○■ 落盤事故

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ * The vertical hole for t he Chilean cave-in accident rescue (diameter 70cm), there is announcement of penetration to the underground, the work of directing to rescue seems that faces the last aspect

  • 落盤事故

    Cave-in accident,

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