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    Yachiyo city,

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  • ○■ tweet check

  • ○■ On Chiba prefecture Yachi yo Ichimura 1741-4

  • ○■ Sakura city, Miyaiti Uto, Masuko Cho, Shiotani Cho, Ichikai Cho, Maoka city, Otawara city and Nakagawa Cho, Nasu crow mountain person, Nasu Cho, sunlight city and Haga Cho, a liberal translation

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  • ○■ Kofu city, worth city, ce ntral city, whistle blowing city, Ichikawa Misato Cho, Showa Cho, south Alps city, Yamanasi city and Kousiyuu city

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  • ○■ 八千代市

  • ○■ As for corporation people party 1 human defeat in 1

  • ○■ In order to be able to pr ocure information simply even in the person who does not have time, you try to try gathering newsliberal translation

  • ○■ Some days ago, in connect ion with business you got off with the station here

  • ○■ First you could point to the explanation of public finance circumstance as a entire image of Yachiyo city

  • ○■ When that the person who is understood regulates town, it is good, is, don't you think?

  • ○■ Also the typhoon changed to extratropical cyclone, it seems, it seems that, but the Japanese-Chinese band, inside Chiba prefecture heavy rain flood warning is announced officially, in evening in Yachiyo city landslide warning is announced officially

  • 八千代市

    Yachiyo city,

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