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    Lil Puritsu,

    Anime Video Game Manga related words Precure Apple Sega Toys twinkle Jewel Pet Yumeiro Patissiere Three Kingdoms Romance Sumaireji

    • [hi] [me] chain! Grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idle rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] 39th story
      The 23rd story “strangely house fell* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” Following to the mermaid, this time, from the country which the house of the candy grinds falling in the mid world, the [a] - serious
      Das 23. Geschichte„merkwürdig Haus fell* [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ Zur Nixe folgen, dieses mal, aus dem Land, dem das Haus der Süßigkeit das Fallen in die mittlere Welt reibt, [a] - ernst

    • [hi] [me] chain! Grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idle rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] 39th story
      32nd story “be able to reach, song of the rill [pu] [ri] [tsu]* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” Unless there is a song heart in song of the rill [pu] [ri] [tsu], useless as for putting out…Yuuko princess Nakajo of ballad
      32. Geschichte „ist in der Lage zu erreichen, Lied der Furche [PU] [ri] [tsu] * [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ Es sei denn es ein Liedherz im Lied der Furche [PU] gibt [ri] [das tsu], unbrauchbar was… Yuuko Prinzessin Nakajo der Ballade heraus setzen anbetrifft

    • [hi] [me] chain! Grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idle rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] 39th story
      36th story “nun and Calais idling* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” [ho] time Okada who raps in demon human [arijiji] and Calais of the lamp which falls from the [bi] hole
      36. Geschichte „Nonne und Calais idling* [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ [ho] setzen Sie Zeit Okadas fest, das im Dämonmenschen [arijiji] und in Calais der Lampe klopft, die vom [Bi] Loch fällt

    • [hi] [me] chain! Grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idle rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] 39th story
      39th story “the large party of the country which you grind* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” The rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] which from the queen is invited to the countdown party
      39. Geschichte „die große Partei des Landes das Sie grind* [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ Die Furche [PU] [ri] [tsu] die von der Königin zur Count-down-Partei angefordert wird

    • original letters
      24th story “[motemote] or [gu] and [hi] [me]* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” Apple and [reira] which are invited to the month seeing party which was opened at the house of name month
      24. Geschichte „[motemote] oder [Gu] und [hallo] [ich] * [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ Apple und [reira] die zum Monat Partei sehend eingeladen, die am Haus des Namensmonats geöffnet

    • Japanese weblog
      ○ rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] infrequent old tale series time
      ○ Furche [PU] [ri] [tsu] seltene alte Geschichte-Reihenzeit

    • Japanese weblog
      Memory of the 22nd story “summer it is B! * [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” . The assignment of the summer vacation which well teacher puts out 'pink flower which is troubled to the memory of the hot summer'
      Gedächtnis der 22. Geschichte „Sommer ist es B! * [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ . Die Anweisung der Sommerferien, denen wohler Lehrer heraus „rosafarbene Blume setzt, die wird bemüht zum Gedächtnis des heißen Sommers“

    • Japanese Letter
      With 16th story “happy shoes concert* [pu] [ri] [tsu]!” The shoes also design are important, but you wear and it is first for feeling to be good! At the company where the father of [reira] works, the apple which is invited to the new work concert of the shoes
      Mit 16. Geschichte „glückliches Schuhe concert* [PU] [ri] [tsu]!“ Die Schuhe entwerfen auch sind wichtig, aber Sie tragen und es ist erstes, damit das Glauben gut ist! Bei der Firma wo der Vater [reira] der Arbeiten, der Apfel, der zum Werkkonzert der Schuhe eingeladen wird

    Lil Puritsu, Anime, Video Game, Manga,

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