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    Collective investment scheme,

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    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://blog.livedoor.jp/godpaparazzi/archives/51340571.html

    • http://t-funahasi.cocolog-nifty.com/funahasiweblog/2012/07/post-88ae.html
      These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • , a liberal translation
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • http://heirtotheempire.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-07-25
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • http://hidetoshi-iwasaki.cocolog-nifty.com/1/2012/07/post-d26f.html
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/beautiful_noise2006/30711016.html
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Swap point*
      Swap in order 1 years to keep continuing to receive… the account of fx was established recently, but when in good quality of the interest of swap surprise it purchases of course with high price, also the profit and loss of exchange becomes enormous, but as for the swap interest it is to like to invest the fund of 1,000,000 Yen to fx which everyday can be received but… safely it is property to like to use, but 1 day how much you can receive, kana ~ investment trust. Also the ~ investment trust which is challenge in the same way at 1,000,000 Yen returned to starting point again, but when declining heavily, if to buy fx and investment trust it reaches the point where it can increase, the swap interest and the dividend 300 Yen ×365 circle at the greed 1,000,000 Yen which is the expectation which every month can be received securely we would like to keep making 1 day 300 Yen goal =109,500 both Yen investment trust and fx still still it is to May which is goal of per-annum rate 10% December although when being the place where it goes down it could get, because outside the ~ the commission which you intend probably to keep using the foreign currency next which can be bought suddenly from 1,000 currencies of COM well catches, but when they are 10,000 currencies, dispersingBecause it cannot buy,… first Japanese [burogu] village where the preparation of fund is necessary

    • Reading the person who is swindled in the money!
      “The person who in secondary island Takahiko book money is swindled the person who is not swindled” reading, I so am! So is! Even carelessly it has the point which with you think and hits, several years ago “investment trust knock in type”; If final value of Nikkei stock price average is less than constant prices, without the principal guaranteed of useless investment trust at that time Nikkei average did not think depreciates so, furthermore “financial collapse of the future boundary economy which several years ago (before the Riemann shock) joins the private annuity where “changeable price private insurance against annuity” to capital is not guaranteed”! There is no good story where two degrees which are all day after the fair the largest measure which does not fail the � the thing � which notes just barely the “strange shelf” the fact that it has the thing � precaution which is doubted is written from calling no matter what don't you think?!! Don't you think? the lyric of song “me who am swindled [aho] and it is!”You realized

    • 2 successive defeats…
      Because it was start of sale of prefectural bond from today, it went back and forth to the bank, you aim after the 10 years bond 10 year it reaching the point where it is thought as the ridiculous interest, however perhaps, the [ru] (with that, with the [tsu] lever which business has recovered large welcome to put out), at each time each time expiration of the fixed period comes, to deposit, that although you search ahead, because repugnance came pointing, in connection with the nose and ears course of 10 year bond daughter who decides purchase, arriving to the bank waiting 11:30 a little, being called in the window, as for the word which comes out of the older sister who corresponds the shock which “is sold out”! !!!! Last month it was sellout, it is, well, in case of last month, in sale first day did not go and, from the interest has always risen a little to do, with you think it is that time when is, “to about during morning of first day if, it could purchase, because you remembered that however it is”, whether it is helpless, if this time, when it can purchase, although it is to be convinced, from last month it has gone down to do even with, that it sold out in about 30 minutes it sells out the interest in 30 minutes, because how will do is not even, time of the preschool bus of the son 9:25 is, then how emergencyEven to be, if to the bank as for 20 minutes the next month when it catches re-challenging, even then useless because as for prefectural bond you think, that the one which gradually study of the investment which you abandon it does is good the kana which will start doing the study of investment trust seriously -

    • Market NAVI of 5/18 morning
      As for the American market of market navi yesterday of 5/18 morning Dow Jones depreciated 180 dollars or more, but betting on transaction end, it is redeemed and 5 strong dollars, 7p high small increase in yen value keynote of the exchange which repels has somewhat been eased also Nasdaq, * present sgx it approaches 10,305 (+65) * the American market condition 5/17 ny Dow Jones 10,625.83 (+5.67/+0.05%) Nasdaq 2,354.23 (+7.38/+0.31%) s&p500 1,136.94 (+1.26/+0.11%) cme Nikkei 10,290 (the Osaka Stock Exchange ratio +50) * before the foreign owned bond contributing in the order trend 10 corporation base sale surpassing sale of 5,500,000 stocks: 16,900,000 stocks buying: 11,400,000 stocks * present schedule Japanese March third industrial activity exponent (multipara ministry 8: 50) Sakurai economic committee association representative manager interview (13: 30) April consumption trend investigation (Cabinet prefecture 14: 00) Saito Tokyo Stock Exchange president interview (14: 00) April nationwide sales of department stores (the Japanese association of department stores 14: 30) April investment trust general condition (investment trust association 15: 00) Yoneda Osaka Stock Exchange president interview (15: 30) March period balancing of accounts Mitsubishi ufj (8306)/[sukueni] hd (9684) the American April residential starting construction number of cases April wholesale price index 2 - April period balancing of accounts hp/[uorumatosutoazu]/foam/home depot 2010.05.18 tue l morning navi l com (0) tb (0) l top -

    • We had decided also small-scale enterprise mutual aid to include to your own annuity
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • 'The person who is swindled with the money and the person who is not swindled'
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Welfare
      belief , please visit the following link

    • Gold quotation 3 day consecutively expanding
      As for the gold futures quotation of nymex while [soburin] bond crisis expands in Europe, the gold was bought as the investee which is substituted to the Europe and 3 days as for the U.S. dollars which consecutively expand besides the fact that the Italian government the Cabinet conference decided annual expenditure reduction step, June German consumer reliance impression exponent decreasing above expecting influenced, 3 days consecutively expanded vis-a-vis the Europe and, on the 25th gold gearing type etf (presentation investment trust) the comex section gold futures quotation June limit 1 ounce where the most major gold reserve reaches past highest =1213.40 Hibi +15.40 dollar before the dollar (1.3%) The demand where the buying to the gold as ahead safe escaping continuous China quite is strong in the background, time… of copper quotation As for sale crude oil quotation of gold quotation profit decision with the gold quotation European rise which is sold temporarily to 64 dollar level retrograde copper futures quotation the substantial rise gold quotation part investor after 7 weeks rise crude oil quotation temporarily after position adjustment crude oil barrel 70 dollar crack gold futures quotation 3 business day entering this year including 1 barrel =… Substantial after copper futures quotation 1 year 3 month it is cheap

    • South African land information     (5/30  Part 2)
      Cub COM fx - description below please refer to the lending stock charge payment amount of this year when it is the method of making the swap interest with salting stocks, +12 the transaction which is Yen concerning details, support “of methodological everyone who in [merumaga] edition salting stocks makes the swap interest” (1 clicks) fx [burogurankingu] which becomes encouragement… the super people of fx array exchange [burogu] south [ahurikarando]… swap group necessary seeing! Because of outside ranking 12 south African lands which are read more - the diary of the Sezon card permanent immortal point very in the woman popularity! As for the cooperation with credit D Sezon, because of outside as for the currency being free, the spread 2 dollar circular ball deitore charge which has begun 1000, according to the volume point the eternal immortal Sezon present! Management the fx central short-term capital of main superiority….New account establishment, foreign exchange and present king kuokado original booklet the present advancing callous which is read more - the pleasant investment overseas house [ri] [tsu] [chi] - after the [burogubariyu] investment screening, purchase - Optimistic bond? It utilizes fx campaign and tries and purchasing 5,000 points the get 10,000 south African land! Way it sells in tomorrow? mrf it pays, getting 4,000 points! At the optimistic bond, investment trust is purchased, 5,000 points get * the thing 10,000 south African land sale investment trust which in the future it should do is read sale Japan more South African land information &nbs… South African land information &nbs… South African land information &nbs… South African land information &nbs… South African land information &nbs…

    • Inferring the chance of investment to young country, the ^^ which it increases
      First, the sled [ya] where fund keeps escaping from young country, so is at the time of such a quotation, don't you think?… after all also flowability still is little and… also risk is high, because is, (laughing) with, the return had gone to bed a little this it is attractive investment, but whether or not… “annuity reserving index fund overseas young country” (at the optimistic bond buying schedule) to re-investment to investment trust while examining, always this investment trust the utilization money, financial technology and property formation once more, there is the big lowering in investment to young country? Because, is about to should observe, while… already looking at information a little, with being the good place… we would like to think, in order to be able to buy, while while utilizing -> optimistic bond money, asset management, [pochitsu] of one support of increasing the money dispersing to the Japanese [burogu] village world which we ask even in buying to the young country investment trust we would like to persevere, as for the annuity making from 5,000 Yen -> as for accumulation of interest earnings with the Sezon investment trust foreign currency investment with fx account of the →1000 currency which can be reserved with small amount making also the main sight piece by piece with ♪fx, it saves securely!

    • Around ▲◆ you, the necromancer
      Therefore in uncertainty age, as for reading ahead being very difficult, the shank with saying, don't you think? either the fact that it is not, completely it is not interest especially ahead, being recently observed there “, the necromancer” calling the necromancer who is, usually it is said, as for the fortune-telling which even in that it is the necromancer of the new type where “astrology” or “palm reading” and so on thing of politics and the economy which are not the normal necromancer is forecast especially is conspicuous “the Japanese destruction. Fortune-telling” the various reasons which are certain, but this “destruction where, conclusion being simultaneous always, “in each case is ruined Japan and” is. As for the necromancer”, way it is helpless with the pleasure, for Japan to be ruined, destruction. When doing story, also the scenario of the ruin which delightfully so is true there is a variety, “debt increasing too much, it is ruined” “being food shortage, it is ruined” “being attacked by the neighboring country, is ruined” “there is no fuel, it is ruined” “public order becoming bad, it is about this it is ruined,” or the destruction which I hear. As for story as for this there is no crime, is? In at this story which is different this destruction which is the reverse side. Story and destruction. Something by all means is certain after the story, “there is no fuel”, -> “gasoline soaring” -> “the gasoline futures please” “debt increasing too much,” -> ““foreign currency deposit or investment trust” politics so and others straw raincoat failure” -> “the political party which is”, destruction. Well in the necromancer the being defeated to which being defeated is attached…, don't you think? it probably means that either one is being defeated in any case, fanning insecurity, perhaps, in the person who bewilders human nature what where the one which does not get near is appealing there is “being defeated”, * the Shonan licensed tax accountant Matsumura Fumiko licensed tax accountant office * * * As for exchange program party information [merumaga] from this register! * Writing also the [ma] [ro], the [ru] Matsumura Fumiko licensed tax accountant office official [burogu

    • The French movie festival private party of SG trust bank
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • After the Greek crisis
      The gold had increased in price from before the Greek crisis, but after the Greek crisis it soars and soaring of increase in yen value and the gold which past have renewed the highest value, to tell the truth it doesn't think as the same cause? As for me the investor which is feared in the financial crisis which occurs in the clogging and Greece which are thought the same cause fearing the depreciation of stock price, while shifting fund, as for the circle which means that circular metallurgy is chosen, it does the how circle which is chosen in the same way as the gold which is to be chosen in the same way as the gold in the investor, - you are, don't you think? why? It probably is to be a worth like the gold in circle? Comparing in other countries, the financial system of Japan that it is stable, being selected, speaking, that circle is bought and has become increase in yen value you can call generally known passive selection, therefore, when economy of the world activates and stock price starts rising, selling circle, the investor which purchases stocks increasing, what now of increase in yen value you think that the possibility of becoming weak yen is very high including also the meaning, dispersion of the currency, when it uses in the foreign country which you think the chance which it uses in the foreign country, the foreign currency deposit which directly purchases the foreign currency and the investment trust which is used in the foreign country in addition some methodsIt is, but you must pay attention, we have decided that is several to write with following [burogu

    • Whaling sea shepherd dog [besun] defendant in “dropping” inboard…
      Em japones , for multilingual communication

    • Doesn't what 踊 and others it makes already the mass media stop?

    • Even then, final endorsement item for the person who would like to buy the investment trust of every month distribution type
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • “It lives and faces and” rises with 5 month continuations
      According to the consumption trend investigation of the Cabinet prefecture “to live, direction with 5 month continuations rise”, the consumer attitude exponent which shows the brightness of living direction of the current latter half kind of year which has been done (the general household 2 or more, field numerical value), 42.8 where 0.8 points it is higher than front month, everyone who exceeds the front month result with 5 month continuations how is, in the future living is thought as the bright symptom, whether probably will be, because real phases of the economy still are bad, as for this number you think that how it is the thing, but to improve business, investment trust and the stocks which the person who is the senior citizen and the small rich person hasIf price rises, because also mind becomes good, you think that first makes stock price increase the fact that is the first step of business recovery,

    • Market NAVI of 6/11 morning
      The American market of market navi yesterday of 6/11 morning betting on transaction end, expands rise width and Dow Jones 273 strong dollars, Nasdaq 59p high the Chinese trade returns which repel substantially, is advanced especially and the European high background where ecb [torishie] president makes the policy of continuation of government bond purchase of the European sphere clear, * present sgx it approaches 9,715 (+210) * the American market condition 6/10 ny Dow Jones 10,172.53 (+273.28/+2.76%) Nasdaq 2,218.71 (+59.86/+2.77%) s&p500 1,086.84 (+31.15%/+2.95%) cme Nikkei 9,695 (the Osaka Stock Exchange ratio +165) the ny crude oil futures 75.48 (+1.10) sox exponent 344.69 (+12.630/+3.804%) * order before the foreign owned bond contributingIn trend 10 corporation base buying surpassing of 3,900,000 stocks * after 6 business days sale: 17,900,000 stocks buying: 21,700,000 stocks * present schedule Japanese June limit stock price index futures option sq calculation (measure sq) May investment trust general condition (investment trust association) Chinese May consumer price index May wholesale price index May industrial amount of production May retail gross sales 1 - May period fixed assets investment American June consumer attitude exponential bulletin value (the Michigan University you inspect) May retail gross sales April business inventory 2010.06.11 fri l morning navi l com (0) tb (0) l top -

    • Is swindled with the money the human and is not swindled human secondary island Takahiko vision winter building new book (740 Yen + tax) which
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • 2009 housing loan new financing is low level after 9 years
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • When public finance failing, as for MRF all right?
      Public finance failure inquired about the opinion of the specialist, Japan ahead from America, however you do not understand, how it becomes, but in any case, the reason which is fund in account of the stock company which is the intention stocks after declining heavily of buying, as for this which becomes to deposit in state of the investment trust, mrf usually it is used being with the short-term bonds and the like that, it is safe, when it is public finance failure level, as for mrf as for common sense that it is safe, whether it is not it deteriorates for when declining heavily the person of neglecting thinks account making provision that it is many, but dangerous shelf Nikkei stock price average reaches about 5000 Yen,Well when you try probably to buy, making once cabinet deposit, after thing being settled entirely, paying, it seems that more and more, common sense deteriorates from now on perhaps whether it has become the mrf balance falling below par value, the person who buys stocks safety, change may occur you probably will use the new energy where it does not keep coping with the new conception where as for the [te] such a time old thought cannot use

    • The asset management which you cannot feel at rest in the announcement which jumps in weekend
      In the week base of the May 31st ~, it begins Nikkei average and, has become value 9768.70 high price 9914.19 low price 9,603.24 final value 9,90119, 9,800 Yen recovering from final stage of week, next week Nikkei average,… concerning the week ratio anti- beginning of the year ratio domestic stock 44.8% 1.1% 1.7% Indian 15.3% 8.4% 0.2% Brazilian 23.7% 3.6% -23.7% Chinese 20.3% 2.3% -17.4% high interest -6.9% 3.8% -5.1% Japanese -11.9% 1.8% -0.7% foreign currency mmf 2.2% 1.1% -5.9% bond -3.9% 1.1% -3.0% domestic stock before the anti- investment capital opposite, during that kind of development which is the development like whether… it recovers 10,000 Yen of, as for circumstance of my property transaction there is noWhen they are about 9,600 Yen, the brics investment trust, there is no transaction (to buy, does not increase) this, although China & Brazil plus have become at week ratio before the opposite, anti- beginning of the year ratio is made to recover, not to have reached, in addition coming here, the Chinese business deceleration anxiety is reported, abandons halfway and fund drop piece by piece pattern simply, concerning bircs, only furthermore, as for high interest currency investment trust and foreign currency mmf and foreign currency building bond, exchange rate, with the favor which settles, each of them which becomes smoothly at anti- beginning of the year ratio anti- last week at ratio, plus those which becomeBut, is not returned from the European heavy decline of the May consecutive holiday opening and the flow of risk money pulling up June 4th (the gold), bad news June 4th night at 9 o'clock the American employment statistics are announced the reason where… being less than market expectation,… “increase in yen value” June 4th 9:15 final value 92.737 of ~30 amount, 9:30 depreciates in final value 91.902 of ~45 amount and substantial the Europe which and is great dollar depreciation “the New York Dow Jones cracks and, front Hibi 323.31 cheaply 9931.97 and 10,000 dollar” and, in Hungary public finance anxiety how it says the news which… as for week from tomorrow… the countryExerting adverse effect on stock, exchange and investment trust everything you can suppose without being pessimistic, fund we would like to keep dropping, but it sorts securely, because basically, it can limit to “exchange fluctuation” just the risk which while looking at exchange trend, fund keeps dropping high interest currency fund or foreign currency mmf, Japanese [burogu] village Japanese [burogu] village

    • ~ our portfolio you who are [gaman
      Nikkei average, wanders about 9,400 Yen neighborhood, adjusting to weekend exchange wobbling weak yen from increase in yen value, Nikkei average would not like to verify the weekend asset management circumstance which is recovered to 9,700 Yen, but because as for week ratio anti- beginning of the year ratio domestic stock 43.7% 0.8% 0.6% Indian 6.8% -2.0% -8.2% Brazilian 20.0% 11.9% -27.4% Chinese 18.1% -0.6% -19.6% high interest -10.7% -3.2% -8.9% Japanese -13.7% 2.6% -2.6% foreign currency mmf 1.1% 5.4% -7.0% bond -5.0% 4.7% -4.0% domestic stock before the anti- investment capital opposite which it tries doing once, when once Nikkei average, stops for 9,400 Yen, while thinking that it is delightful,… Friday Dow Jones has depreciated, expectationDo, it waits being, with domestic stock, 1 brands anew entering with investment, but with etf, furthermore young country what, because Tokyo Stock Exchange handles, after all it has divided in domestic stock, weekend in the end, rather than while it was latent loss thinking it did not repel, that thinking, you buy possession investment trust and to lower width, buys the fact that it has remained at the last week ratio which it increases perhaps, but whether well it is helpless, also brics-related investment trust, it is dense densely, whether and others with the one shot, you will buy and will do to increase probably will solve better amount just operates, well, and, influence of exchange fluctuation it makes brittlemakes brittleThe commodity high interest currency of high interest currency which it has received, you buy also foreign currency mmf and but as for the high interest currency fund which it increases, because of substantial increase in yen value of exchange, paper loss, if you go with the long-term eye line, this which you think that it is the scene which with the expectation which only penetrates the low interest rate, now is bought, you can call to also the foreign currency mmf of dollar-based Japan greatly, but how you think of the risk of exchange fluctuation and the return of gold gain, such as such as the North Korean trend not being able to expect and the political situation which are, in addition to the European sphere, increasing, but you rival, we would like to correspond suitably, for a while, [gaman] and piece by piece accumulation and [gaman]When being, whether you think

    • Janus Seeks to Boost Bond and Global Stature
      can richard m. weil, chief executive of janus capital group and make the well-known name in mutual funds more balanced? As for [richiyadoueiru] which can do, ceo of the Janus capital group, with investment trust the name which is known well balance was taken from verification?

    • SEBI seeks dividend compliance report from MFs
      market regulator sebi has asked mutual fund houses to submit reports, pertaining to compliance with a recent rule that dividends be paid only from realised gains and not premium income and by june 17. Market regulator sebi submits the report, recent rule is paid from only the premium earnings realized profit which does not have allotment June 17 which calculates the house of the investment trust which relates to observance

    • The Link urged to cut fees after profit rises 18pc
      the link real estate investment trust yesterday posted an 18.6 per cent jump in annual net property income to hk$3.32 billion, prompting thousands of tenants to ask for a 50per cent cut in management fees and claiming they were struggling to cope. Link real estate investment trust insistence 18.6 contributed per percent jump 3320000000 dollar of pure property income of year to Hong Kong, that on the 27th, prompt 50per% reduction is requested from thousands thing administrative expenses of the moving person, they worried to correspondence,

    • Short sale and credit default swap (CDS) villain? The German ~ which it tries probably to remove the ~ safety valve
      kanji character , original meaning

    • Worry of old age first from savings
      Savings other than public pension plan zero people have been present, the result which exceeds 4 tenth on questionnaires, it was many the investment trust company which recommends the [gurosobu] investment trust so annuity of old age alternately, with, with the kind of catch phrase which is said, stabilizes the dividends and the like of the investment trust which is relatively, but if when recently, also that [gurosobu], stabilizes with the political situation instability and the like of each country and has become unable to be cut off you are worried about the fund of old age, after all, savings, former times with you say or, the air does after all is important thing as extremely a normal conception That when you say, how it does the fund in order to use with investment trust as for there with as for debt in the first place by mistake investing with the surplus which is entering with the basis, although you cannot prepare fund, the notion that risk it has accompanied the how to think of liking to show the merit with investment, it is necessary for each one to think by your, don't you think? ----------------------------------------------- “As for financial preparation other than public pension plan the asset management company [huideritei] investment trust where the crisis circumstance where zero” calls the person exceeds 4 tenths had become clear in the questionnaire regarding the retirement lump sum grant which is executed in the nationwide 10,000 person super white-collar worker, living funds insufficiency of old age became relief, “after retirement it cannot live on just public pension plan,” that although the person who is done exceeds 8 tenths, if you think of the circumstance of the society which the crisis circumstance where “zero calls the person exceeds 4 tenths puts out the financial preparation other than public pension plan and” is, as for the result with the attention article which is inside the range of expectation furthermore,Financial industry aims for the sale of the financial products such as investment trust for property guaranty of old age, but it points out that also the movement of the enclosure included is spreading, if the financial products of investment trust and the like are purchased with the financial institution, shortage of funds of old age is cancelled, or it probably means that the possibility of being cancelled increases? (sankeibiz -

    • White-collar worker investment 2010/May 3rd week
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • Feeling of romantic love it was not
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • White-collar worker investment 2010/May 4th week
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • The Greek public finance which doubts common sense, collapse of the end of looseness!!
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • Insecurity of real estate investment 5
      Opinion , original meaning

    Collective investment scheme, Business,

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