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    Amagasaki city,

    Locality related words Hanshin Democratic Party hirakata city Gardening 神戸線 Child allowance Adoption

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

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      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

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      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

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      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://oyabun2009.cocolog-nifty.com/tabeblog/2012/07/2-6fae.html
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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    • http://blog.livedoor.jp/velo2ca/archives/51731196.html

    • http://blog.livedoor.jp/velo2ca/archives/51733123.html
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    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Child treatment
      En japones , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Omori Youhei one-man live tour!! Don't you think? as for presently live is deciding besides the fact that it is the below-mentioned place, as soon as to be decided, from 5/2 where it keeps appending, meeting place limitation new single sale please go by all means by all means 5/2 (day) Shibuya o-crest (Tokyo) /start12: 5 /15 (Saturday) Amagasaki blanton (Amagasaki city) /start18: 305 /16 (day) Kanazawa [tsu] drill and (Kanazawa city) /start18: 6 /11 (gold) Shunan [bugihausu] (Yamaguchi) /start20: 6 /12 (Saturday) easy seat (Hiroshima) /start19: 6 /19 (Saturday) Fukuoka drum legend (Fukuoka) /start18: 6 /20 (day) roman seat (Saga) /start18: 00

    • The master Toshi date (laughing)
      Because today is day of [hutsu],…But the son always the [do] - to the [ri] school the ~…The master is the day off, - in proposition of the master of the shopping favorite today, deep our town…Easily to start going to the exploration of Amagasaki city…The [a] it is to do, therefore Amagasaki city graduate, however there is no with some lever, when it makes the master, the unknown world it seems - well well…Simply, it is town because -!! To the person who does not know Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city…The famous person of Amagasaki city graduate is the downtown, (laughing) with, even in Amagasaki city famous, to the Osaka and Kobe Amagasaki direction with the cheer group of ~♪ Hanshin Tigers famous, [tora] the oak and others which it can meet - (laughing) with, you say and - do

    • First, past 4 of 1 days of May o'clock, already time of dusk.
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • The snow prince melody of the love which is prohibited [DVD] arson
      Therefore animation of former times as for opportunism while thinking that there is no ginger, arson simply being permitted and we would like to do, at will it passes and is don't you think? as (laughing) that and peath2 said, it is close to zero, not to limit the probability where new [kiyara] survives is, don't you think? therefore assuming that Hyogo prefectural police Amagasaki north station on the 30th, it tried you will apply the fire to the tent where the man of the homeless peolpe lives and to murder in doubt of attempted murder, the treatment of the doctor and why, according to the same station which arrests boy pupil 2 of 3 years in 14 year old same municipal you live in Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city, as for 2 peopleThere is a man and a trouble “from the time before, this which has been grudged rides in official ranking list in professional sumo naturally? This people 15 name of the [ro] which is considerable metamorphosis: [akagutsu] (catv?) []: 2010/04/27 (Tuesday) 21:44: 01.86 id: tthyqq9a setting fire, it seems that it extinguishes it is? 19 names: [amadopureko] (dion troop) []: 2010/04/27 (Tuesday) 21:46: 29.11 id: The [ku] [ma] of the 60f9g/do forest dying, it does not care”, don't you think? 2 dqn junior high school students, in the tent of the homeless peolpe with arson attempted murder re-arrest specially installed news the [ru]: 05: 502 ch: Spare time person \ (^o^)/Bulletin: May - livedoor blog ([burogu]): 05:52 mac: Every [huokarugarejimajikaru] as for saying shakily with coming… naturally (daily report outside April 27 Japan and China) the temple now, the money offering thief and the statue of Buddha thief, protects the temple where the damage such as arson occurs frequently to a stop, that in the part which you say whether… the crime prevention measure to somewhere is executed because of that, at your many temples “how it should have done?” that you think whether it is not to have been troubled

    • Chashaomian noodle
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • New business!?
      The child treatment 554 person the voice which is worried about application future the South Korean man of 50 year old generations which live in Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city which comes out, of orphanage of the tie which adopts child treatment .......... equivalent of 554 of childrenThe South Korean man of 50 year old generations which live in ≫ Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city which reads the ≪ continuation, as for the thick labor economical child treatment management room “provision is not possible”, that has commented vis-a-vis this application to which it becomes clear of orphanage of the tie which adopts to have applied the child treatment approximately 86,000,000 Yen equivalent of 554 of children, but don't you think? 2 the summary sight of the [ru] with “painful news” various opinions are flying about, therefore “although you called,…” “There is no this [ya] of the word cup”, “- there is no rumor before the side which from now on becomes large problem, because really it happened,”, “the trap where also naturally such party comes out” “tax paying seriously, the [wa]… where [ru] ones become vain”And so on with, opinion of 呆 [re] feeling has been conspicuous when and, ““they are about 10 people it provides just foolish step municipalities discretion of the person in charge it does and is saying it is thing, if don't you think? as for this the [aho] person in charge is, it is the case that it is recognized”, “this lawsuit it is caused with room,” it can win administration?” “Employing the person, when it applies the child to 10 at a time about separately, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] don't you think?…Although to absolute business the [te] where the person who is converted comes being being present it is said scared,” with, also the voice which the similar case in the future probably will appear, fear is done is audible to be many, completely another! Therefore you called although!!

    • The music like the rubbish
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • In 8 reverse side 1 dead loaded bases, 1st [maton] is deciding loaded bases arch!
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • It seems that also the Democratic party recognizes foolish step…Child treatment
      Branch field Yukio administrative renovation charge phase the case May 9th with assembly of cartridge city, to leave the child to native country, in regard to the point where child treatment is provided to the resident foreigner where the adopted child is in the foreign country “speaking candidly, very much excuse which is wrong in correspondence there is no” that after the assembling you apologized so, as for the branch field person in press corps “(the child) the person who has lived in Japan is pivot, (the child) directly not to relate with Japan, being the Japanese nationality, provision to the person who has lived in the foreign country without is not obtained understanding,”, that clearly it is natural it pointed out the child of the Democratic partyAs for treatment only foolish step the child treatment which cannot be thought is exceptional case the branch field person so with assembly “that rides in the mechanism of former child treatment easily the problem consciousness which you have reflected was very thin when strange abuse it is repelled with the use which simultaneously, takes a second look this problem from next year”, also talk the fact that the jurisdiction removing oak and the Cabinet minister of the branch field person recognize the error of policy, refers also the second look at the system being argued even inside the Democratic party which probably is thing in late April in Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city the South Korean man, with the tie of native country of the wife adoptionApplying the child treatment equivalent to 554 it did, not being accepted the clarification many serious taxpayer receives impact and but as for callous Toda wax long wife Akira public welfare work phase treatment vis-a-vis the overseas Japanese who examines the second look such that domestic residence important matter of the child is added from 11 the sensitivity, economic policy than reallocation of income the one which is divided will be child treatment itself clear

    • Working condition in public contract and guaranty of quality of official business piblic services the ~ it is, [wa] [te] labor ream study meeting
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • Amagasaki town walking 1-8
      It is not the extent that, the tremble it rises, but you thought that finally the season that returned, from evening at the present Kusatsu hot spring where also the cool rain falls it fell to the snow, but how having become? Voice of the frog which calls at the rice field as for tonight slender Amagasaki city (

    • 4 small and medium-sized business, power adjusting EV development
      The small-to-medium-sized 4 corporations of electric automobile = Kansai develop with technology of town 4 small and medium-sized business of Kansai which has the technology and the like of metal processing develops, 3 passenger electric automobiles of 3 wheel type (eV) “meguru ([meguru])” like “the [do] 1 April 5th, with the Japanese-style design which imitates the cow car which is announced in Osaka prefecture Kadoma city, besides the fact that you aim toward utilization as the taxi for sight-seeing, Osaka prefecture Moriguchi city the Yodogawa factory of the metal processed industry which examines utilization as a official vehicle (Moriguchi city) the president the satellite of Higashi Osaka 'will not', vigor would like to attach the town with technology of local end” With, development you knew each other in study meeting and the like of determination environmental technology, it is close. Edged tool industry (Moriguchi city) and Kyoto eV development (Kyoto prefecture Joyo city). The creation design room (Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city) used voice on the presidents, began production in the October last year. The creation design room bears the design, Kyoto eV the drive part such as the motor to which development improves the electromotive fork lift the development Yodogawa factory is close. If edged tool industry, [meguru] which produces the body uses the lithium ion electric battery in the battery which is named from the letter “of ring” of environment and approximately 2 hours charges with the electrical outlet of home, approximately 40km the full speed which it can travel has obtained permission as 3 wheel motorcycle from the national traffic ministry which is speed per hour 40km, several 1,000,000 Yen being required, in the future in the development which adhered to the idea of harmony e.g., as for the design which can also run the public road, the Kyoto traditional technical trader as for the cooperative body with the lacquerware of the red which represents Torii, uses the Japanese fan in the door, lays the bamboo in the floor part,It produces according to incoming order, but, the president of the Yodogawa factory “mass-producing, would like to make 1 unit 1,000,000 Yen or less”, as for eV structure being relatively simple, new enterprise entry is continued even in China and Korea vis-a-vis the gasoline engine car where the number of articles which is said makes approximately 30,000 point, (The Yomiuri Shimbun Company)

    • Favorite town military affairs warehouse 之 荘
      Is weekend with the town which goes well, the military affairs warehouse 之 荘 is the town which is Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city, but as for I having utilized, as for military affairs warehouse 之 荘 station here of the Hankyu streetcar, when the exit of the station which is the station which only the streetcar parks normally is a ticket wicket on north, and south before the station is spring when it is rotary the flower has bloomed the cherry tree blooms in the foam/home paralleling of the station, it is the place where the flower of the tulip and that 1 photographs of that kind of clean scene are taken, before the photograph station the under is good before the stationAround this being [pitsutashi] in that kind of town which is about there to be residential town which is made quiet, with north and south of the thing station where your Italian store is many, is a store of over 10 stores, really, I to eat the pasta focusing on nearly 10 stores, it has done to walk, because especially, the lunch of the noon of holiday, being cheap, is a store in the section of the quiet residential quarter where the store which is tasty is a large quantity, can be slow, as for this kind of town where also the person of local end has come to eating with ease, the” umbrella umbrella” for me who live in the city which is done Favorite even town say it may, is

    • May 19th (the water) about the environmental improvement near the shrine garden bridge.
      Mixing the inhabitant, degree of risk of this crossover which no participates in explanatory meeting 'concerning the sidewalk service near the shrine which from about 3 years ago starts in earnest garden bridge west stuffing crossover' ten years problem apparent is done already and is discussed! Desire Kanai may be became in at last thinking of the inhabitant! Until date of these 3 years… as for this crossover the land and management of National Land Agency Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city enter and have blended and in addition to the fact that time is required for the adjustment, every time public peace (the police) with either they are not possible for adjustment to move with necessity very quickly, construction and the like completes, still the number of years may be required, is, but spending date, while putting out opinion thoroughly from the respective standpoint, thinking the inhabitant of course with the result which is discussed! The senior citizen children it is to rub from point of view of the handicapped person it may become plan, only be at Sonoda area of the stripe callous 'also the Sonoda Seibu warehouse line' being planned simultaneously, a sign construction and may be done in the same time, there is, you think that also it becomes important to think of the safety which includes the view of the town and, you call many degrees, but assuming, that the shrine garden bridge west stuffing crossover which is long time desire could be expanded, could guarantee safety with the reason where Higashi Sonoda's of meeting of the bridge which is the destination side safety is guaranteed never it is not! Naturally, when it becomes convenient, the possibility the traffic density increasing as for denial in the circumstance which is not achieved the road of Higashi Sonoda side narrow because with as for it cannot receiving someone seeing, the shrine garden bridge west stuffing crossover which is understood directly becoming safe, accident occurring frequently on Higashi Sonoda side, what there is no either meaning, while it not to mean that everything ends with this service, doing the continuation discussion, while thinking of the entire safety of the town, they are circumstances of the previous discussion which you think that service is necessary,

    • Although with special care it came, the department manager [tsu] cod…!?
      <[burogu] of Noel dog> - In the midst of [burogurankingu] participation- 1 days 1 time, support [pochi] doing, when it can receive, [hanchipuderu] crying, you rejoice, (the introduction user of the real estate software which certainly) sort of [burogu] of the ♪ 'estate blog' other day also our company has used light came to play in the hill and the gift of every place the many tops to be, - - thank you everyone where the [chi] [ya] it was kept facing to Tokorozawa after this, - - everyone because - - is the production is tomorrow, in drinking too much note - - today as for truth it was the expectation where also this corporation advertisement department manager greets but defective because of physical condition although it was not possible to meet,… with special care came excuseIt was not, everyone whom you cross over! Yamaguchi prefecture Shimonoseki city Saikyo land way the Kyoto city Ukyo Ku bee housing way Hyogo prefecture Ashiya city ace foam/home way Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki Ichimaru sentence real estate way the Okayama prefecture Kurashiki city military affairs. The real estate way the Osaka prefecture Ibaraki city ease foam/home way Chiba prefecture Yachiyo city green the hill [homuzu] way the Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama city east side apartment center way with the Tokyo Nerima Ku housing success way 'asks also the production of tomorrow may' '[hanashi]' 'light just of the coconut of the real estate agent as for the hill estate home page as for this' 'Noel dog home page this'

    • 歷 history 假 name 遣 practice register - start of child hand 當 provision - (model: Product 輕 抄 2010/06/01)
      As for this week of the wife of NHK connected 續 television novel '[gegege]' topic, the bundle (the handle) between, the 氣 can rub also the joy informing to the 醫 teacher who cloth Mie's heroine and Murai is pregnancy in the 會 story which in waiting room of the hospital is made the ear “cost connection of childbirth, it catches unexpectedly, is, don't you think? the child to produce the money food [hi] insect” and * main cartoon industry of rental doing and increasing, “drawing 嚴 the manuscript charge which the husband and Shigeru receive one side where it goes down is, main cartoon of rental the cod and the child do not pass nurturing” and in cloth Mie who does not confess pregnancy to Shigeru's word easily, “ When the child hand 當” teaching it passes the fact that it starts from the provision per seat [hu], “it is envious”, that perhaps, it increases the 聲, * 對 in eyeball policy of such a democracy 黨, world. It does not go with 歡 迎 mood Ishiki and while being the [u] even, at short lead time trouble. As for many of the autonomous 體 which can push duty job. 々 as 々 fearfully [wi] [ru] Hyogo. In Amagasaki city, the Korea 國 human man line is “the adopted child” 554 people (yearly amount 86,000,000 圓) application is the same and the [u] the case, is also a possibility of happening at every place in topic, * the hand 當 which is provided to the earnings of the parent without the 關 person in charge, to example when the earnings world 帶 applies to cost of living low, by the fact that high earnings home 囘 in cost of the private school, promotes education differential, nurture charge and the school lunch expense which is the viewpoint. (When,) the parent who paying/inserting is done appeals and questions and also [hu] argument has 尤 is, * from something, as for being attached the rose maquis which does not have the revenue source negative number, that doubt the 廣 connection [wi] [ru] support ratio the Hatoyama Cabinet which to the [hi] rushes to 10% 臺 whether taking connection it is good, whether after all they are not the children, as for the 氣 [chi] which places expectations in the child hand 當 it is understood, but it does not become hard applying the 囘 returning/repeating, is, and others the original author of the [u] & drama, the military affairs it is good the cloth branch (obtaining the unevenness [nu]), Mizuki of the husbandIt does, trust of the [ge] [ru]. Painful age it rides with the 關 person in charge and is ardently, with language connection [wi] [ru] public opinion poll showing, as for [wi] [ru], the 國 people and the democracy 黨 government crumbling 壞 already 權 with trust. It is the 關 person in charge

    • Angel Beats! Cloth pilgrim “with the Tatibana kana”
      The animation “angel beats which is [do] earl Gray will not! ” (Chinese character unknown) details which travel the Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki municipal flower which passed lifetime are this “cloth pilgrim Tachibara” photo album type “with the angel thing the Tatibana kana which”, appears * it is not setting of the animation which entirely is forced meaning

    • The last days of the shogunate Meiji which it goes round with the photograph of Ueno Hikoma and Uchida 91 Japan
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • “Inferior candy Cafe&Bar drop” Tachibara bar 4/24-3
      “Inferior candy cafe&bar drop” this is inside the store the inferior candy where like the mountain! These, eating at will seem for 500 Yen, of course, you eat and scattering and others do not do the adult with method of eating! [kore] which also such a is you know? “Rapping it comes and” if it comes out cleanly with, according to the thing kind of type which the gum which is said is hard, it can receive being defeated, because it is easy to crack, it is difficult, am I who am did to be, the [so] [tsu] densely - it cracked, but it seems that already goes to 1 eaves bar, but this stew as for being like, no kana? You introducing your calling store which (drinks also this day of sweat and pushes down, thank you and please play and, the store, the [chi] so was! * “Inferior candy cafe&bar drop” Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki city seven pine town 1 Chome 1-10 kt-1 building 2f 06-6411- 82,227: 30-26: 00 fixed holidays: Uncertainty 休

    • Group vaccination of uterus neck cancer
      kanji , original meaning

    • At all enormous story. ^^;
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • As for “child treatment” defective bill…Urgent execution postponement!
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • With “child treatment” 86,420,000 Yen in annual income
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • “Just a little all the way” the Tachibara standing you drink 4/24-1
      As for 24 days jr Tachibara until it flows together with the exploration friend, about 2 times which still is time there is with a better callous, because to it is infrequent “just a little why your this store does relieved all the way”, being this cheap, it does, the introduction beverage of the menu the [yo]? This is a basic menu day substituting menu, it is, but the pin it will become dim beautifully and how will do… The [chi] [yo] it was and with cooked while being troubled and mark (300 Yen) the [chi] [yo] was and with sourly the unreasonable kana hormone burning (400 Yen) it was the flap for business in [me] me, but fresh so it was the meat and, there is also a quantity and, it is good! Don't you think? [renkon] which probably will ask also 串 [katsu], the shrimp, quail this is good whether - unless you think and start and, the [yo] of one night drying later you are and about the [me] are hard and - - the good day substituting menu understands after all, the [me] which can those which are finished to dry don't you think? good quality of your this store is not recognized, it is the fuzziness, but because the friend who this is flowed together, the store the portable friend, around this is detailed, it is the pleasure ♪ which is (* the ↓ which follows under) * “all the way just a little” Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki municipal flower town 4-1- 206 - 6436-2663

    • weblog title

    • “Kettle valley (and)” Tachibara pub 4/24-2
      With the guide of the friend, the store “the kettle valley (and)” the [bu] and others [tsu] just walked is not found to by-street and probably will be inside the store which it is fixed being and like the fish store the fish the large quantity! Furthermore because the inside of the cheap store was full, however please prepare this seat the better [yo] it is and with is narrow never, the arena seat!! (It can laugh, say could receive when is the inner part which is less crowded, it is moving and the fungus so is besides the fact that the delicatessen the large quantity is your enormous store and as for eating, glowfly squid this, 100 Yen!! “We ask it can go also the sashimi with sashimi burning” “of the [nishi] shellfish!” “With sashimi” this fresh! It is good! This 300 Yen! Sea bream [ara] it burns enormously cheap this and this is and don't you think? - - the middle, it moves to the counter which is less crowded, it is what, that you bit, several cups you drank?? When to be close there is an inferior candy bar, you probably will guide thing there! (* The ↓ which follows under) * “the kettle valley (and)” Hyogo prefecture Amagasaki municipal flower town 4 Chome 2- 406 - 6438- 726,710: 00-22: 30 (l.o.21: 30) Fixed holiday: Sunday

    • Movable bridge
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      Some days ago the article child treatment which up is done: The South Korean man details of this case of 554 application orphans and adoption clarification “child treatment” 554 people application reception denial … Hyogo Amagasaki city (reed or information) extremely part excerpt: The man “why, being outside the object?”, that vented dissatisfaction, continued to be sticky over 3 hours, but when the old boy of this South Korean that, how you live, end inquired about the charge post and telephone number of the thick labor ministry, agreement while they were the circumstances which do not go kept returning, shame without knowing to here, whether it is accustomed as for the responsibility where with entire country hindrance has arisen in government office function with such trouble such it is not the case that it is the government office of municipalities the Democratic party which it forces votes the system which deviates should owe all responsibilities, with saying, with in the first place Hatoyama Yukio [tsu] [te] life a someProbably is there the experience which takes responsibility? With in case of Yukio Hatoyama which becomes insecure, doing from usual speech and behavior, because it is irresponsible even from society member first grade, teach concept! It keeps living truly tomorrow is worry whether (derailment) the children who make the adopted child of the old boy of such shame not knowing calling the future when 554 in the future it is worry rather than, such as a child of the married couple who raises the plan which acts playfully it is with it probably is all right what? The [zu] of this old boy - the [zu] - it forces and does from attitude and parent barrel consciousness what of the children to whom “child treatment” is not attached either the minute dust is not felt, but is,… generally, this married couple Tomiko including “child treatment”, assuming, that 555 obligations you received, that is spent to the rearing expense of the children as expected, whether or not is, being about to be doubtful ones, after so long a time, the [tsu] [ke] which is gist [tsu] [te] what of “child treatment”? In little child conversion measure margin, in countercyclical measures margin, for the child of the foreign register which to the foreign country has lived providing the blood tax from Japan with no risk, whether that shows some effect in the country someone of the Democratic party to explain, [2 times

    • original letters
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • Japanese weblog
      En japonais , for multilingual communication

    • <Fukuchiyama line derailment > in foot 23 years old of sequela, in dream of occupational therapist one step
      kanji , for multilingual communication

    • [surutsu] and KANSAI stamp rally second feature
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • Twitter April 26th
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • Golden Week holidays
      - With the [za] it is the inhaling and the ~, yesterday you were surprised, being attacked suddenly in temperature, when on it goes to the field hospital, [kurabitsuto] which is 38 degree 8 minute drinking, one Japan and China sleeping, well the cod, considerably it became good, April 28th informs the Golden Week holidays of this corporation (the water) ~ May 5th (the water) to 8 consecutive holiday [za] it is it does, going to bed all the way, raising spirit, from the Golden Week holidays opening, with the divider correcting as for the shank day off opening, shell positive garden Nishiyama Cho 2 division land allotting, pine raw town new construction door building 2 division and Omori Cho new construction door building 1 divisionAmagasaki city great town new construction door building 2 division, the upper shell east garden 1 Chome old door building and [wakore] joy and sorrow garden residence etc., also the day off opening which is the welcome with new object jostling, by all means, real estate dot COM asks, enters into long-term holiday may with

    Amagasaki city, Locality,

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