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  • ○■ Don't you think? from mor ning it was agitation with tidal wave news of the Chilean open sea earthquake

  • ○■ You think that it destroy s the house which this time was seen in Chilean village and, distinguishing the tidal wave where the sea surface rises in the tidal wave and kind of lenient are exhausted, it should endeavor in offering appropriate risk information

  • ○■ In Mayor Akune the govern or “painful word as a public servant explanation” (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company) The Kyoto Saga field tramcar train is not useful and remains startup (the product sutra newspaper as for the) child advisory board child abuse “forced entry” only 2 cases (j-cast news 26 Japanese of) suffering area safety, 7…The Chilean earthquake (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company with tidegauge of tidal wave observation = Otsuchi Cho of) 145 centimeters - Iwate (current events communication)

  • ○■ Yesterday was tossed abou t in the tidal wave by one Japanese-Chinese Chilean earthquake

  • ○■ <Cymbiform mountain di saster > “sweetness was in judgment and” is rescued the man who (everyday the newspaper Foreign Minister) Okada “directly provides rescue, is not the circumstance which” the Chilean major earthquake (the product sutra newspaper in) [yuchiyubu] the man of motorcycle reckless driving image = acquaintance contribution and driving arrest - Wakayama prefectural police (current events communication the) Korean school gold General Secretary, in management “as for indication Osamu waste combination defeat principle” reflection (the product sutra newspaper) draft budget, the House of Representatives committee approval…To formation within year (the Yomiuri Shimbun Company)

  • ○■ February 27th 3:34 AM, th e deafening roar of the Chilean ruinous earthquake (the fish it is,) reached even to capital city [santeiago] which 340 kilometers leaves from the seismic center,… this time, Chile approximately 17,000 kilometer Japan which is far February 27th 3:34 PM…

  • ○■ “But, certainly with th e Chilean major earthquake that it shortened [suberudoratsupu] insists 1 days of earth”,

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ As for the tidal wave whe re that it is the light jab where the earth almost it reached from reverse side if it does, the Nankai earthquake and southeast sea earthquake cause the latest tidal wave in a manner of speaking straight of the 渾 body

  • ○■ It is the sign where the tidal wave which originates in the Chilean open sea earthquake arrives in the Hokkaido northeast Pacific Ocean coast

  • ○■ 50 before the years “ni ne dying lifetime” experience 88 years old large tidal wave evacuee Iwate Ofunato “the 2nd wave paying attention,” “the evacuation inhabitant with the house who with the fearfulness appeal stove of the prime minister and the tidal wave cold is exceeded worried” Iwate Ofunato large tidal wave warning Tomei high speed, with the aqua line part road closed Hawaiian open sea to set fire to the tidal wave observation home during “Miyagi circular” safe training of practice, the mother with murder suspicion the man funeral round trouble of the arrest father (the product sutra newspaper) < tidal wave warning > reference Nakai charge phase (everyday in level down expeditingDon't you think? newspaper) 2 [ru] down Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical fbi and legal measure examination (product sutra newspaper inside) veteran business cabaret “London” exposure store prostitution suspicion (product sutra newspaper) Futenma and examination committee discontinuation at = below water adjustment - plain secretariat director (current events communication)

  • ○■ “Heart is weak”, that “cure” the [tsu] [te] saying, improvement is difficult

  • ○■ Tv of the hotel lg was Ko rea make

  • ○■ Yesterday the program of everywhere the point [ke] [te] was information of one Japanese-Chinese tidal wave

  • ○■ February 27th 3:34 AM, th e deafening roar of the Chilean ruinous earthquake (the fish it is) it reached even to capital city [santeiago] which 340 kilometers leaves from the seismic center,… this time, Chile approximately 17,000 kilometer Japan which is far February 27th 3:34 PM…

  • ○■ The agricultural woman of Numazu city (56) “the tide pulled the time of the tidal wave of the Chilean earthquake of 50 years ago largely, but this time it was calm

  • ○■ The fact that the Chilean earthquake is known is when being in town [potoshi] of the mine,

  • ○■ Signs to reach the Pacifi c coast of Hokkaido and Tohoku earthquake caused a tsunami off the coast of Chile

  • ○■ February 28 Chile tsunami warning was issued about a day, It was a little over-estimated as a result

  • ○■ One day in March 2010, 1 960 was 9.5 magnitude earthquake in Chile are also associated with a gradual distortion of that time is the result of a major earthquake increased to research results have been announced and

  • ○■ February 27 Sun 3:34 am, seismic roar of Chile (U your favor) is also received from the source at this time to 340 kilometers from the capital Santiago, Chile, and approximately 10,007 kilometers away in Japan 2 3:34 pm 27

  • ○■ How did you Chilean earth quake is a mining town when I was in Potosi

  • ○■ 27 I heard the news of a major earthquake occurred in Chile, 28 the day of the tsunami to reach Japan! I thought as soon as

  • ○■ February 2010 earthquake in Chile on 27 days

  • ○■ Many municipalities, or o ther news that the evacuation order was issued and sounded the siren on the radio broadcast, and police patrol vehicle by fire, and repeatedly called for the evacuation and take advantage of e-mail

  • ○■ Itarashi it is closed to traffic in Chile Earthquake Tsunami Warning!

  • ○■ Seiji Maehara, the transp ort minister told a news conference after a cabinet meeting two days, with regard to response to the tsunami due to the Chile earthquake, the agency was too much to predict, and apologized for that, what the problem really must apologize said

  • ○■ Yesterday was a day of in formation Nakatsu waves where programs can 点Ke

  • ○■ Agricultural women, Numaz u (56) is When the tsunami earthquake 50 years ago in Chile, but big minus tide, this was mild

  • チリ地震津波


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