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    • Iron man Kanemoto
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    • 5 point differences ......
      When well, it is reversed simply and in better seed [e] 3 time makes chance with Sakurai and [maton], the plain and the bird valley, Arai and Jojima four being timely, the action 5 point after preemptive, Ando seems, the ace if it protects lead/read, because it is the case that [koron] it is reversed that it is the tournament of easy victory 3 reverse sides, although somehow you overcame with 1 mistakes, 4 reverse sides also battery error being entwined, is patient to a state where control is not attached and is not cut off, the switch does in the tube well appearing in the reverse side, reversal was permitted, after that, Watanabe, Nishimura, persevering, you held down Egusa to 0, but batting line-upDon't you think? other than of super attack in end 3 charts to the [tsu] [po] densely was the baseball with 3 併 shootings which include three swing [getsutsu], command of true bow supervision, beautifully the reverse side reverse side reverse side reverse side ...............Unintentionally, if it may make a mistake the eye reverse side about it becomes you look at the tournament of this day, when the good pitcher (condition you call and it includes) with hit, it is the feeling which first does not become game if and it is clearly speaking, the supervision coach entering into the bench while playing, in order there is no [ru] meaning, the will understanding which is thought is not done, are not kana and the symbol pinch-hitting Sekimoto's in 7 charts there is no scene, because the combining which is it is long season, like this day, when going completely well, it is, however probably will be, the air as it is now, far way in victory stripe shank negative speech rapid fireBut when you see calmly, by any means it becomes so, as for how Tigers's of this year to fight, simply marvelous strength pride, in the conference of the weight lifting, whether it can go to somewhere in me, it has been visible in such wind

    • Vain nature: 2010.04.06 (Upper Tsuji, you talk the Hanshin Tigers greatly. )
      belief , original meaning

    • 10 games
      * Present star men April 6th Osaka and Kobe - Fujii Nagano reason [edoga] Abe less Takahashi Lami Ogasawara Matsumoto talent seeing giant Sakamoto [burazeru] Sakurai Jojima Arai giant 1 game (Koshien) ○ star men Osaka and Kobe [maton] flat wild bird valley Kanemoto

    • Osaka and Kobe, with sibling arch, it defeated the giant!
      In Osaka and Kobe and center Koshien, Osaka and Kobe which wins anti- giant first game 5-4 the stroke of giant [maton], with 2 runs of Arai and the deciding 2 run of the Kanemoto older brother, according to reporting which lists 5 points, as for Kanemoto's shoulder, very painful state with the past log which has been heard, me, “going to bed, but you wrote also the opinion perhaps it should remedy,”, looking at the present game, withstanding the pain of the shoulder which is struck heart fighting spirit of the older brother, in order that one getting off of the 渾 body, rewards to older brother Arai which has become deciding home run sibling arch,Because the forerunner talent seeing which pitching staff was straddled, somehow Kubota who holds down the super hitting of the giant to 4 mistakes was struck, the way, the day before yesterday which was done, however how kana, with you thought, 9 times which seal 8 times beautifully in 0 points, the sphere child, being struck in the Matsumoto player [ramiresu] player, it became pinch of two dead one third bases, but the Jojima lead/read which holds down the Takahashi reason Noboru player, to the beautiful center fly, the hurray which you think that it was large! Hurray! Hurray! The end where where winning a battle of first tradition English Osamu [hu] [hu] [hu] you do and in better seed Koshien, is delightful and is holds down and however it was dangerous, the sphere child enduring, well, does better seed cliffhanger in the thing and, winning by small margin becoming the toughness, Osaka and Kobe, becomes big power future in, that the seven which it is convinced

    • Sphere child 130 saving! It lines up into the club most numerous
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • [a] which becomes tired (> _<)
      It was the present [wa] day off with from today new term =3 being lack of sleep, after the school sending the child, there to be business to your present [wa] afternoon, after returning, while the supper preparing and solving and =3 the professor attending the workshop which the chairman it has done to the university, the higher-order brain dysfunction workshop which it increases when seeing, it was cute with the professor [wa] gentleman, (laughing) returning and the night game hearing [kedo] which returns already it is defeated with 5 and - 1 takes and the car it is war cry of joy it rose among them, it is just the three run of [maton] the [wa] which was done =3 rear [wa]…The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [yajitsu] [te] it increased, returning, the supper doing to tidy up,…The [wa] which is long 1 days =3 the [te] or the head the painful [zo] 1st cause [wa] and [tsu] [pa] Osaka and Kobe!? The [ho] it is [ma]…[akan] and [tsu] [chi] [ya] Okada [ori] you reset, it is and? Today winning, [ru] angular [o] or intellectual viewing [kedo] =3 and being physical condition defective, you fall asleep and it is the [so] [o]…Kanemoto…(ρ_;)

    • Road ~540 day eye ~ to [kajikimaguro] (postscript)
      “Unless the report you write, useless to put out”, DREPT (- -;) [oioi] and [katsuokunyo]… With the [tsu] lever, in going to Koshien with ant l and the cover [ri]… When you try thinking, the married life 19 year half, what the baseball was seen with two people today for the first time and even with the [wa], the proper?… Ant l [tsu] [te], giant fan palm…The ┐ (the ´- `) as for ant l the bonito and giant game going to view, the [ru] it is ┌ past the burn, '2 game 2 defeat/miss' that, in not being believed, as for the starting pitcher of the giant also 2 times… . ゚ ゚ (_;)゚ ゚. [to] ゙ [shiteitsumo]…[hukuta] ゙???? When 'ant l goes to view, it cannot win the giant!' Such a jinx being completed, whether [ru]… With as for the notion that where you say, however forerunner has abandoned with the Kozima [tsu] lever approximately 9 tenths, there is a fighting chance even in the Tigers, the [tsu] lever and…? Unexpected and Kozima doing to transform, large whether becoming talent seeing 2 world… You asked with! Kozima [tsu]!!!!! The [tsu] [te], while shouting, it is not,… 'Giants, 4 point preemptive!' The Tigers, 3 people consecutively from the non dead loaded bases three swings!!! The story tend [ya] [u] and it is! So believing the jinx,… [burazeru] way! Timely of chase!!! And, God way, the French way, [maton] way three run!!!! Finally 1 point difference ~ [tsu]!!!!!!! With, rejoicing moment… With the Nagano three run which springs out immediately after, the [ji] ended convex (- the _ - [me]) [koratsu]!! [eku] ゙ [satsu]!! [eekake] ゙ [nnishitokeyotsu]!!!!!!! As for tonight in ant l first victory present ♪ (no _-;)[haa]…[yatsuha] ゚ [yametokiyayokatsuta]… In 6 bird valley 8 plain 5 Arai 9 [maton] 3 [burazeru] 2 Jojima 7 Kanemoto 4 Yamato which are Tigers's batting order replacement from tomorrow it is wordy - the oak, the outfield! '[aniki] + [maton] + Sakurai', how viewing, it turns to the infield which [getsutsu] is taken securely! Very supervision we would like to replace and… Agonizing of the [hu] [u] ~ Tigers fan continues…

    • [maton] 4 stroke! Foreboding of G war-shattered game!
      In the Hanshin Tigers bulletin board, article title no.2184 “[maton] 4 stroke! Foreboding of g war-shattered game! ” Was contributed

    • ☆vs Yomiuri in Koshien*
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • * The Osaka and Kobe × Yakult 1 game forerunner order!! (Koshien)*
      April 9th anti- Yakult 1 game Koshien Osaka and Kobe [maton] (in) the plain (two) the bird valley (playing) Kanemoto (the left) Arai (three) Jojima (捕) [burazeru] (one) Fujikawa 俊 (the right) Ando (throwing) as for the Yakult starting pitcher… Burnett today as for the 8th star men Fujikawa 俊 and successively losing in the giant, it does ~ Osaka and Kobe and it is affinity it is bad to also burn Yakult it is and empty this year somehow net win doing, and the ~ it wins without fail, the Tigers Yakult push down the ~ o Japanese [burogu] village [pochi] [tsu] and the ~ which support may we ask

    • Egusa way
      Being said, that some Jojima throws, in order just a little course home run to be struck in the [ze] new face whom you will think, but the scale it is the [te], Nagano, the coming [bu] it is the [wa] [ru] to be, with it is the enormous new member, why this kind of new member does not enter to the tiger, it is probably will be forging the new member who becomes somehow searching, it is dense, today whether the Yakult game, the [tsu] advancing with 1-1, [maton] of the expectation which it increases today is 2 hits, or the cord of request just [maton] Jojima how did, first spirit how became? It is with the [mu]!!!!!

    • Connection of throwing hitting?
      That? With, while saying, the premier position and 2.5 games behinds which are falling down in the Osaka and Kobe 4 rank… Osaka and Kobe of this year, God like two and approximately [burazeru], [maton] and shock it is to be good, but also the partner strikes well! Because it strikes also approximately Osaka and Kobe, if there is no large being defeated impression and the air is attached, 4 rank? It is such a thought being, gradually, well…, as for job of this day outside the brief case itself which approaches to final stage with completion, you complete also the fastener equipped pocket of lining!! After the fastener & lining the latest brief case which is completion simultaneously with sewing on is 2nd compilation in the substance, but because it is the work which does again to cause the paper pattern from 1, there is also the reflection, there is also expectation and it is the work, if it goes well, it is completion schedule in tomorrow

    • After effect
      When Koshien of yesterday the tournament which wins, Osaka and Kobe is defense to that thinking stand of the man Arai thermal coming which is bet on one inclination, Arai don't you think? the [ho] which [tsu] temporary sees and takes it is [burazeru] home run to see doing thank you for the [maton] [ho] it is [aniki] which strikes also the [ma] batting average high yesterday all the way the key of the tournament of [tsu] [chi] [ya] yesterday which it rubs the Arai underlay which you did the [te] which buys it is with becoming [deredere], the [ma] [u] - (laughing) now, setting also the wristband under the sleeve of the uniform, about the [ru] some [bo] the favorite the [wa] [a] Arai [hu] which the [ma] is wanted getting married and it is the leash tweet the [ho] it is [ma] AkahoshiBecoming my side, it is lonesome, [hitsuteingumachi] where the foot and is after effect is very much dangerous the [tsu] the [te] [ru] [wa] [a] which is sung (laughing) the [ho]* And

    • 7th [burazeru] of fear decision 5 3 runs
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • <[buroguneta]>It is the [gu], it is it is the [gu], it is
      [buroguneta]: In the house what there is many a thing which has been done? While participating the [gu] which is the [gu] putting out, the smile which it increases seeing, [nesahu] doing, when the air faces, the game or drawing reaching and sleeping and/or if the manuscript it is not, - with thinking and/or indolence doing it increases, in order to be able to sleep quietly in the one for ww attending school which recently searching the animated picture of the figure exclusively, as for looking at [tosuka] and tango [amore] which it increases as for daily routine Nijinsky crying it has tried to be and not to see from the [chi] [ya] [u] excessively, the tune which buys cd of [maton] does splendidly the accomplice… whichAnd inquiring about tune, also performance of the [ru] and pulling being played back, inside the brain the gooseflesh standing, you sleep, trap wcd and strinbeats that were bought, are not, it is, but whether the Hollywood [do] [tsu] is not sold the kana… whichTango [amore] or the godfather entering, although the [ru]…!! When you cannot buy, [maji] it cries…

    • Ivan
      While the combining which is what, q drinking the Osaka and Kobe anti- giant seeing, hurting, at the point in time when the broadcast which it does starts being defeated in 0 to, 6 whether [te] despair you thought, but it is, whether at that point in time accident of the talent seeing which perseveres as a giant killer from last year thinks completely the flow to come from bird valley Satoshi's home run, q and fifth high touch today however the good victory it is with you think don't you think?, something strange feeling five as for home runs probably in a way which certainly takes the stocks of [kuso] club at point in time of home run of seed and [maton], with Osaka and Kobe which likes weThe Osaka and Kobe fan was said to also q which is not shape that it is selfish, but equal to helpless, favorite amount the range which can be permitted it is many, but also the part where you cannot permit being, being able to feel many anti giant soul, also q where tiger fan soul burnt after a long time this will advance the walking of tiger [kichi] to the arrival air and

    • Present 讀 賣 game. . .
      When 0-6 being, when nervously even mistily becoming 1 point differences with home run of bird valley Arai [burazeru], when pursuit adding point being taken alone with the guts pause Matsumoto foot, also the air which why is defeated the grommet applies with [kedo] which just a little is hasty with when immense the reversal 3 run throwing, become fearful as expected and when batted ball of [maton] flew to the light/write, “the stop and the [i] [te] ~ 叫 it is call the saddle Tokyo dome which now we would like to do in there of the [o]”, to strike too much tomorrow whether the rag negative economized [ya] [u] and the [ro] being insecure, the plain gauze - as for without being just the [nagi] tiger…? Or don't you think? the breakdown oak and others of the ventilation device of Tokyo dome (laughing) anyhow as for important something, at tomorrow and, the debt in tomorrow Koshien, interest attaching accurately, it probably returns being

    • In a battle giant Osaka and Kobe game 9 to 7 of tradition come-from-behind victory
      Ending 3 times, 6 to 0 is led/read with the two run of two run Arai of 6 bird valleys one-shot [burazeru] 8 in point difference immense the three run Osaka and Kobe 5 departure 9 points of reversal! This season first 3 successive win [maton] and controlling home run dogfight with 6 point difference reversals, 9 to 7 this year battle shelf of the tradition which cannot separate the eye - genre: Sport Hanshin Tigers

    • Giants news
      Large 7-9 God God|5040|7 large|213,000,096|9 pitcher God: Talent you see, - Watanabe - the messenger - the tube well - Kubota - Fujikawa sphere large: Fujii - Kubo - Toyota - gold. Home run God: Bird valley 1, Arai 2, [burazeru] 6, Sakurai 3, [maton] 3 large: Ogasawara 6, Kamei 1 relay now one! As for Giants, relay improvement step being necessary, the shank! Persevering! Giants

    • The pleasant sensation which recent times is not
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • Professional baseball and present forerunner expectation of yesterday
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • The Koshien Osaka and Kobe anti- giant game
      Today [raihua] Katsura rides the professional baseball which is uncle of the [re] [re] commencing, as for the Hanshin Tigers who passes for a while just [maton] of new joining to which presently [imaichi] condition is not good at 3 rank being conspicuous, furthermore as for that day which is infrequent now shank some days ago this year does to the Koshien ball park for the first time giant game everyone of the ball park happiness in the other world will be prayed at the day when the Kimura Takuya coach of the giant dies, as for the tournament which is the feeling which simply spares Kimura's death Osaka and Kobe and the giant who do the silent 祷 regardless of being pushed in spirit of the giant whom victory tries to be lifted up to the Kimura coach as for the next it is the Osaka and Kobe defeat with 0-3 winning by all means, delightful feelingPersevering Hanshin Tigers who so would like to drink the tasty beer, is!!

    • Star men announcement
      The Yomiuri vs Osaka and Kobe [5 games] Ken Osamu 2536 Jojima your Hiroshi intellectual law 6 finger 5 Arai 1 playing 4 Kanemoto 323 bird valley Satoshi Kentarou 2 Sekimoto in the Hanshin Tigers 1 [maton] 9 2 捕 7 [burazeru] 6718 Sakurai immense 51 right 9 Kubo healthy friends 34. 3 Ogasawara road large 234 Lami less 5 left 5 Abe in the Yomiuri Giants 1 Sakamoto Isao 6 playing 2 Matsumoto Tetuya 31. 之 help 10 捕 justice line 918 side valley Akira justice 7 right 7 Kamei Hisashi 6 Nagano it is thick 2329 [gonzaresu] 49 throwing 18: 00 Tokyo dome day tele g+17: 30~ tournament end [explanation] river rattan happiness three Mizuno male benevolence NHK hi-vision 18: 00~ tournament end [explanation] Takeda one. The Japanese television series of entire country (as for Hokkaido the Sapporo dome, as for Hiroshima prefecture 18:30 from tournament of Matsuda stadium the respective relay) 19: 00~20: 54 [explanation] river rattan happiness three Mizuno male benevolence day tele g+ (re-broadcast) 23: 00~ tournament end [explanation] river rattan happiness three Mizuno male benevolence

    • The [u] - it is…
      After a long time while also baseball news item today it is the preemptive 1−0 with the first hitter home run of the [maton] player it can win, don't you think? with however it was not thought, never is, that time of the [e], the tube well pitcher messenger pitcher and continuing throwing it did from the Nishimura pitcher, but the messenger pitcher to be struck loaded bases home run in the Sakamoto player, because defeat after all, as for first sphere of the Jojima player that scene which you think that from strike the [tsu] [te] there is a problem even in the distribution which is said, after becoming the loaded bases with Annie Oakley, was struck first sphere, as for there saying, or that it is the scene which enters from the ball after being struck 2 base hits, obstructing the bunt with good [huirudeingu] of the [burazeru] player, pinchAfter preventing, the Nishimura pitcher having the meaning of alternating… as for case of defeat today when you think that all the way it is, although it was defeated, as for net win of these 3 successive battles with reversal victory this of the large especially 1st tournament, you can expect to future the [huosamu] pitcher who today when the air where spirit is attached does starts in advance exhibition game however it was not good, (laughing)

    • A Osaka and Kobe 5−8 giant value lot of money! Nagano 3 run!
      * The Osaka and Kobe × giant 3 game Koshien giant 400130000=8 Osaka and Kobe 000400001=5 large 2 victory 1 defeat/miss (large) inland sea, Kubo, Kobayashi - Abe (God) Kozima, Watanabe, Egusa, Nishimura, messenger - Jojima Inland sea 3 victories Kozima 1 defeat/miss The numbers of Lami less 4 [maton] 2 Nagano 2 audiences: 43868 human tournament hours: 2 hour 50 minute [aiamuchiyono]!! Not only 1 superquick 4 points which are the Nagano Hisashi justice which is not the butterfly field correct ocean, 3 runs of the Nagano of 5 times were effective, don't you think? it approaches in [e] 1 point difference, the [wa] which spirit is dispirited the Hanshin Tigers of [ikeike] at a stroke if this where also Hiroya's 2 counts Kubo pitch shines also it can aim “Tetuya's Yamaguchi replacement”, it is it is not? The Nishimura Ken of pitch yesterday of class thickly Hiroya bright, present Kubo 2 people who are the existence which “has smoldered” show the portion of shining and it is the cartridge, however it just started with “the real thing” still it is inexpressible, the [ro] where are the extent which “from the cloud finally positive comes pointing and” are well… so being, and others inland sea Tetuya of alligator [ya] forerunner praised 5 times 4 mistakes very, it is not rubbed, but it does large 20 victories that the white star can be picked up with such development, if is, because such good fortune is necessary, don't you think? the [ro] where this person most has been conscious present plucklessness and isBecause, above this and like this perhaps, 5 victory 1 defeat/miss with the word cup Hiroshima & Koshien campaign on it to be too possible it to be possible, don't you think? while from [e] tomorrow medium day 3 successive battles well temporarily the reason shelf which becomes “premier position attack defensive fight” it is and biting it is in the position where day it is good after all… so it is what, it is medium day what, don't you think? when the varieties this campaign [taku] which is… meso meso it has done forever, thing of shelf [taku] which may you get angry rearranging heart for the present, does again to tighten [hundoshi]! Doing again to insert one even number shout, to 2 year continual Japan one the [tsu] which is support support!! Japanese [burogu] village

    • Image.
      Present [tadei]: From 5 point Central League commencements [maton] of 3 card new foreigners to be good has persevered very from commencement, but it cannot meet the Tigers to whom around has not been attached and perhaps, 3 successive defeats bottoming-outs it is quick, forgetting, before being the times when is not good season, as for the Tigers with how to fight like the team which has the soil fertility it was b class as for aiming for higher rank if batting line-up condition is good with this where also the place where from the difficult protection it deteriorates is painful rescue it is, but as for 3 points and condition “as for drop feeling batting line-up it is called water ones” well with 2 tournaments, but low the batting average the axis after all becomes matter of concern, still it just started The image which is necessary also in order earned-run average by degrees has the necessity to exhibit the form of “weight batting line-up” in just league one rank and to represent, there is many also a thing which is no more than a vision, but when “by your it is you are” conversely the image that becomes important the image that “it is not possible”, has become fixed in the pupils whom, you pass as examinee from now on “persevering, when being possible, you fear despair and” you become my first work for the pupil where the image making to the study which is also the times when that becomes the barrier to study is new

    • This season first debt
      Because the April 8th Koshien Osaka and Kobe 5−8 giant 5 point you took, it is not responsibility of batting line-up, however there is a [tsu] [te] viewpoint, it strikes after all and when 8 points which have been defeated it is taken, 9 point [gi] you take! You have expected to Osaka and Kobe of this season as a team of attack type, but is, in middle day and the pitcher of the giant to be pushed clearly being securely held down the point is conspicuous in power insufficient sphere speed of the Osaka and Kobe each hitter, not be able to strike breaking ball… league hitting to yesterday. When it has entered, it is [maton] one person in ten 傑, although still it just started, ahead this dissatisfaction collects the way of the fight which does not meet the expectation of every day fan, the all right kana good place, it is bad. Every that [do] well -, to lift, and others the sea urchin not to reach, to take, after the Ae not obtaining hitting the team in a general way, it probably will do

    • Day 2 game in 4/3 2-3
      kanji , Feel free to link

    • [maton] 2 hit 12 tournament continual coming out base
      The mat [maton] outfielder (28= [rotsukizu]) recorded multiple hit, extended the continual tournament coming out base from commencement to 12

    • In [maton] throat lively 1 departure Jojima appreciation
      The new foreign mat [maton] outfielder (28), brings spirit to the team with [randoruhu] striking

    • Savings 1・・・!
      2010.4.13 (The fire) it becomes cloudy,/the rain

    • The Tigers of last week
      Although day game 1 to 6 being defeated this season total 4 victory 4 defeat/miss 4/4 in day game 2 to 3 being defeated 4/4 in day game 5 to 6 being defeated 4/3 in result 3/30 Hiroshima game 6 to 3 victory 3/31 Hiroshima game 6 to 4 victory 4/1 Hiroshima game rainy weather discontinuance 4/2 of the 3/30~4/4 presently 4 rank Hiroshima game it won successively with a pop, medium day game continuing throwing step of the true bow every thing appearing in the priest's quarters eye, while extent, oh with saying 3 shields, becomes and without either savings the better shelf well, this year pitching staff uneasily is with, taking the mass pointIf it is not, as for not being able to win however you are prepared, don't you think?, the bunt failure and 併 shooting hitting, with the seasoning such as the pass ball and wild pitch and error in pinch, the scene which in any case is autocidal being many with chance, in story with the viewing long hitting power concern [tsu] lever, it is helpless for the person whose skill hitting type and defense are good in the star men not to be and, as for such 0 aspect however it probably is upper what of consent, work of the minimum being able to do also the party who comes out with the refrainment or, with attack and only roughness being conspicuous with defense, [ru] now immediately how, there is no problem which becomes it is with,[udauda] saying here, also the [te] is helpless, but it is don't you think? the high school baseball therefore - it is, the inside [yo] it is and [matomo] we would like to have playing rubs and it does with, designates mvp of last week, as [maton], or includes visit to Japan first arch, last week deciding also 9 hit base stealing, work of the first hitter depends, is once handling, it increases at the beginning imagining, using may become don't you think? is and, dishonorable reverse side mvp, while receiving the lead/read of the combining 5 point which is Ando of 2 tournament continuations ko, being rammed down by 1 point returns and the following inning immediately immediately after, stage of descending/disembarking board last yearThe empty it is not good and, anymore long ago as for peak passing, you do not understand well whether still it is ace treatment with [ro] something which is the [ru

    • [bu] and coming of this day
      Seeing, and others while the [re] it is… with saying, only you see, it is harsh! As for the talent seeing disliking it is from before web approximately 4 hours? Everyone going to the mound, it is and it isn't? (The talent seeing of request wild beating) strikes quickly with something and [tsu] temporary does! When also Yano does has producing the extent which makes Fujii become tired, how and! (Here has been defeated 6 points) the [ze] which is infrequent, bird valley you! Don't you think? it was long, the ~ (6 chart bird valley 2 run home runs) Arai you continue! As for being 2 times the [ze] which is 3 times! Don't you think? (Arai solo home run) after all, 2 runs of [burazeru]! Instantaneously 1 point difference [ikeike]… ([burazeru] 2 run home run) ~~~~ ~~~ [sakuraierai] which was done (8 chart Sakurai reversal 3 runs) [maton] and the [ma] - with you have a match also to n! Or ([matonsorohomuran]) from 8 times sphere child! Just the result another relay of stopping the fact that you see and winning without seeing you see, (8 reverse sides, from Kubo pitcher in Fujikawa the switch and certain victory pattern) and the [tsu] [pa] seeing in the Tigers hp of the personal computer which wins cod luck it is to call the person who is not interest in the professional baseball which is, the especially Tigers point difference of the Osaka and Kobe giant game 0 to 6 of Tokyo dome which is equal to code for the intellectual viewing person while large being reversed and looking at the pattern which victory is done, “the [bu] and coming twitter” between this of [danbo] full particulars is, separation state inside [kamisan] and home permit! When the diary you read and return baseball statement altogether it is not from July of last year, just a little it made compensate and present [buroguneta] which has been prepared blew off

    • The foreigner is good
      The air is quick that it is the story where it is laughed perhaps, but perhaps but this year that our and the like the Hanshin Tigers, you think wins still several tournaments just it ended, how thinking, it forces and also the giant is strong of course, but to force Osaka and Kobe more, anyhow the supporter foreigner big hit presently belongs to the Tigers after the foreigner where in 4 plus 1 human fielders [burazeru], [huotsusamu], the messenger, and season commencing in the [maton] pitcher [sutanritsujimaton] of joining an organization exceeds batting average 4 tenth, buries the Akahoshi hole accurately [burazeru] which from 3 tenths already 3hr both insecurity remains in defense but temporarily it should have struck and as for the pitcher the messengerHowever going to the mound in large participation every day 1 times beautifully the 2nd game which the zero seal has been done was overtaken tie with the messenger, because it won, the breath of good original [chimumeito] Jojima and exactly is, to work the slow curve of the [huotsusamu] 64 kilometer which is behind with measure Ikawa of 40 victory original [chimumeito] you extol, after but is when it is not agreeable to the Japanese baseball kana perhaps it does, or the season when already the abandonment is attached to [huotsusamu] starting, urgently, as for the Tigers, going to the mound to the measure 80 tournament which acquires the new foreign stun ridge as forerunner necessary personnel in 3 victory 9 defeat/miss Japan being on the register in 2 annual software bank, in 20 tournamentsFrom like the player whose going to the mound and 7 victory 3 defeat/miss wounds are many because very the number from the tournament does not remain the capability talked the strength of the Hanshin Tigers just unknown forerunner being weak the Tigers of the insecure element somehow over 3 times which are wanted bearing rotation in these two foreigners, but therefore just this which you think that the member who this year can go in any case gradually also everyone became the Osaka and Kobe fan the year when it can have expectation so so it is not, supporting, loss the optimism which is not supporting this year how after the [se] about only 2 times can win either the [te], it is, this in the machine the Tigers will be supported with everyone!

    • 4/8 vs [hotoke
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    • Osaka and Kobe, in giant successive defeats 5−8
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    • weblog title
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    • Present Osaka and Kobe result.
      However with 8-5, it can obtain today, in the feeling which had a match it is visible, being defeated you did contents, Kozima in 1 times 4 mistake palms with 3 runs of burn and [maton] it chased it is to 1 point differences the burn, Egusa of the… rear the one shot being able to surpass to Nagano, it ended, strike mood was broken, simplicity the [tsu] sluggishly, the point after taking, the point it is taken, it is with the worst and to obtain, - as for case of defeat, Kozima 1 times and, 33 swing and Egusa of 2 no out loaded bases later and well the tournament where [maton] one person is conspicuous you did,… tomorrow the Yakult game or the [a]…

    • Relay Sakurai which withstands burn it supervises and has a match
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    • Now case of victory of 4 successive win yesterday of front-end
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    • In a general way opposing, ......
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    • Rise Osaka and Kobe batting line-up (- ^▽^ -)
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    • With the Osaka and Kobe HR5 departure from 6 point differences large reversal victory!!
      Giant vs Osaka and Kobe with the present Tokyo dome, to 5 reverse sides, the giant leading/reading 6-0, whether this way one-side game of the giant, it was thought, but when 6 charts, Osaka and Kobe returns 2 points with 2 run home runs of the bird valley, 3-6 2 run home runs appearing to also [burazeru] with Arai home run, 5-6 at a stroke 1 point differences!! 7 reverse sides, the giant 7-5 it does including 1 points, but 8 charts, Osaka and Kobe, finally with 3 run home runs of Sakurai 8-7 and reversal!! Furthermore, home run appearing to also [maton], 9-7 after that the Fujikawa sphere child held down the strike of the giant, whether Osaka and Kobe reversed 6 point differences with 5 these home runs, as for this which supplies large reversal victory with 9-7, became very heavy 1 defeat/miss for the giant,

    • Something it settles
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    • The young players who this year would like to observe!
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    • New World's sales tactics spark controversy and again
      it seems like a case of deja vu. five years ago, new world development sold about 200 flats to staff and business partners at the merton in Kennedy town - a project it developed with the urban renewal authority. the private sale sparked criticism of the way developers go about marketing their projects. As for this like the case of [dejiyavuyu] 5 years ago which can be thought, the development staff and the business partner of the new world with [matonkenedeitaun] approximately 200 apartment sales - as for that, the private sale which is the city [riniyuaru] agency and joint development project, as for the developer it created the criticism to the road to marketing of his own project

    • 2010-03-15 [bu] and coming
      After taking attack and the point where the being defeated better seed stroke is not born rt@ s_yohei: Because when today rather than calling support, you wanted to look at play thoroughly, you tried going to Alps after a long time and… rt@ sakichi822 Alps which are defeated it is good* The 08:10 from pocketwit point it does not enter, the combining which how is not kana and others is (the tear), is [maton] whatever degree seeing, after all? rt@ s_yohei: Because when today rather than calling support, you wanted to look at play thoroughly, you tried going to Alps after a long time and… rt@ sakichi822 Alps which are defeated it is good, 08:15 from pocketwit @ jinn_n well! 0, is? Although the [u] - is, no hint is ideal, when from the 14:57 from pocketwit in reply to jinn_n willcom 03 which does not flash at all, the beginning the [bu] and the coming are done, (the tear) accumulating to bug [tsu] [te] strange thing roughly midway, greeting, today, the 15:06 from pocketwit which tries introducing the application, pocketwit ended in 03 where is the [u]* It returns the [u]* Falling, the [ru] the [u] (t^t) 20:17 from keitai web powered by t2b

    • Commencement order & ranking expectation
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    • After 5 years to V commencement dash key
      True bow discernment trust supervision (56) in the Kyocera dome Osaka which becomes the stage of the commencement game which swears pleasantly the charge of inauguration 2nd year on the 25th last adjustment it moves usually in sort energetically with the ground, it lists commencement dash as a key of league conquest after 5 years which stared the completion of the team, “last year, the thinking where also the player is very vexatious in infrequent b class is done and, this season when the fan you betray also the expectation somehow this year when we would like to gain victory and 1 rank with the joining of Jojima and [maton] which from first would like to keep throwing steadily” as for attack power riseUnsullen of the last year when with proud powerful batting line-up it ends in 4 rank is carried out

    • Commencement desired order (2010)
      Below is desired order, but this year also expectation order is the same as desired order unusually As for 1st [sentamaton] 2nd second plain 3rd short bird valley 4th left Kanemoto 5th third Arai 6th catcher Jojima 7th [huasutoburazeru] 8th light/write Sakurai 9th pitcher Ando [honma] the 1st plain, 2nd Sekimoto 1, 2nd as that most functioning it does however you think, with special care to obtain, when the [tsu] is [maton] works above that, because it has not crossed over to that, among the beginnings trying [maton], like Ando, talent seeing, Uezono, lower willow and Kubo, Kozima

    • Sphere spring the arrival and persevering Tigers!
      With, being the case that it is said, finally Central League Osaka and Kobe of the shank and this year how probably is what with commencement? Jojima joined, but unless Akahoshi secedes, plus it is big for the catcher where the shoulder is strong with the power hitter the right to enter but when you think of that defense power of mobility center falls largely deducts and zero, Jojima must remember the data of the hitter of [se], you think of that with delicately as many as 0 this year, you say that batting line-up is powerful, but the cannon becoming [tsu] temporary and the line or being able to participate with [a] Sakurai [burazeru] and 2 year continuation? Arai, this year reviving? While Kanemoto, going to bed, one is to call with the [chi] [ya] [u]? Unless you must be accustomed to the pitcher of [maton] and Japan, although, although so it is not defense proud, the handle being done in defense of the center where it does not have the fact that you did the [ru] it does and being all right? With worry seems the pitching staff which is not attached Iwata this season despair whether and the starting pitcher is to be enough, the talent seeing in last year likely suddenly the pitcher who participates is present, the talent seeing this year it can win before that, you probably will do? Until it connects also relay to Fujikawa, worry and, Kubota it returns, you probably will do? It passed through also [atsuchison] and it returns to the protection God whose in the first place Fujikawa is absolute, you probably will do? Kind of worry is not attached, dark age was long, it is with [kuse] of that time and, such a worried something you blow and throwing and batting line-up striking ringing, 85 years you win likely lively in home run offensive posture and the [tsu] [te] which is sown you expect that you give!

    • New cutting into captain [maton] it is pleasant bullet reappearance and
      The new foreign mat [maton] outfielder (28), brings spirit to the team with [randoruhu] striking

    • Also temple field good throwing self-destructs
      Although immediately after the temple field of the forerunner which good throwing has been done receives the preemptive point of the autocidal 2 point 6 reverse sides, arresting first Kanou in one racketeer, in the pinch which with the based car bar it causes with mistake individual of replenishment mistake in [maton] the left 2, as for connection inside the throwing which poured the right 3 to the bird valley spending time from camp, as for the topic temple field which it tackles “if it does not make error, because it applied to the grab which also development has changed, unless you catch securely,” that the reflection divider

    • Commencement 2 successive win
      Therefore the Yokohama partner who decides the commencement dash whose Osaka and Kobe is beautiful 3 winning successively, however you can appraise for the first time, perhaps 3 it wins successively being, it does and is helped in [yo] Yokohama and it helps Ando of the rise rise which is successive win quickly with striking, having a match with Jojima where sign of sidestepping has come out, don't you think? the [sayonarahomuran] saddle [tsu] wants [ri] Yokohama you thought however, and that such it is not weak, so is the [tsu] [pa] useless, Yokohama from the week opening the Yomiuri 3 successive battles 6 successive defeats start floats in the eye, the debt 6 [tsu] [te] it stops wanting to cry from commencement, it is not conspicuous, but at the point in time when hit is struck in the commencement game whose [maton] is splendid “it is dense is different”, the [tsu]It was the [te] feeling, until [menchi] and Ford 1 it comes out, batting average .429 is at the present stage which caught extremely the temporary number call, with [menchi] Ford, don't you think? it is the supporter of the different level which is the number which cannot be put out even with firm don't you think? as for batting average .250 whether it is possible to expect, as for Yomiuri it was the Yakult 2nd game never defeat, when [gonza] becomes the present term useless, also as expected Yomiuri suffers from the starting pitcher, don't you think? probably will be we want suffering, for the first time the pennant becomes funny with that

    • 3/27 Yokohama 2 game 4-3
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    • Favorableness Osaka and Kobe supporter position
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    • The Osaka and Kobe anti- Hiroshima tournament result
      Don't you think? home run appeared in [maton], however either the ~♪ talent seeing was not complete, if it wins, it is the official troop, don't you think? everyone of the Tigers fan of the [a] ~☆ entire country which wins in ~♪6 opposite 3! It seemed the support tired way! The [a] celebration cup it will do!!

    • [wao] ~ [n]!! Transformation!
      [wa] ~~ [taigasumatonhomuran] where vigor is overflowing from the bottom of full moon [karada] may change to the wolf man, it struck, we would like to bark it is even also ~~ [e] [maton] toward month facing and it struck, don't you think? is

    • 6-3 supporter large raging!
      With the one where as for present anti- Hiroshima game the talent where the talent seeing of the forerunner which was thrown up to 7 times which win with 6-3 saving is attached to the first victory sphere child you saw and there being also the pitch which does not seem, all right serving, however also the scene which you think it was changing to splendid pitch in 6 and 7 times, increased and strikes… Arai being timely, the 1st point bird valley being timely, 2 these being hr and [aniki] of 2nd point [burazeru] timely, the feeling where 6th point 4 hits it sets outside hr the 1st number place of [maton] of the total 5 point and the useless pushing and strikes, [burazeru] of research enthusiastic [maton] 2 at bat continuation hr (just a little is differentIt is the picture, but…) we want also tomorrow persevering with this condition, is

    • Just the supporter!! Wide- 3 - 60 God
      Don't you think? yesterday batting line-up was vigorous!! Especially, [maton] and [burazeru] large explosion!! As for [maton] outside hr 4 hits & place! [burazeru] 2hr& super hitting prize! Just the supporter!! However either the talent seeing it was not Hontiyousi, somehow 3 points (self-reproach 2) you held down and, the sphere child with the highest pitching, this season beginning s! - Saying it is not with the shank! With we would like to say, it is, but being a problem in character (laughing), something word it becomes greatly, it is, don't you think?… first, the plain after all the bunt unskillfulness and [wa] 8 time was terrible however and, the hue bar was saved unskillfulness also 1 small flies and the empty,… result [orai] it is useless, the cat being densely, it is proposition, but will the fact that batting order of [maton] and the plain is replaced how probably be? [maton] the right striking is good, is and (the expert also small skill so), also [rigusu] and Ogasawara were 2nd, because is with… well the team is favorable with this batting order, such a thing not doing, the ginger… the messenger is insecure,… after all relay unless three swings take, when it is harsh, thought now there is no shank deciding sphere is worry and, either sphere speed is not fast excessively either and [kire] is not or heavily so, after…, 3 human yesterday of the cleanup also 3 struck timely, but… striking excessively, there is no [ru] image, the shank (laughing) simply, the cleanup does not have vigorAlthough, the point taking, the [ru], when it is good thing, thought now the shank! That you think that when the cleanup becomes vigorous, laughing does not stop, (the ´0 no `*) with, looking at place miss and [hiin] of [maton], you divide, you have jogged the uncle, the hr ball to return, passing, the [e] ~!! Then three (/^^)/

    • As for magic 140
      “The [uhauha] way it strikes”, ““the [ho] it is the [ma] and, this year fashion [ma] [tsu] [se]”, Kanemoto the eye awakened at last”, “with subordinate batting line-up with home run 6 and!” “Although still 4 tournaments and,” “the being defeated and viewing [wa] it is in giant batting line-up and” “to “the way doing, [ru] when pot it is fixed, [ho] - [muran] and” “with second coming of the 1st true bow of former times and” “when it wins in Hiroshima, it runs being,” “Yakult and the premier position it disputes 1st [maton] and” is huge” “the giant, 3 rank you dispute middle day and” “are disgusted and [ya] [serigu] becomes funny and the [ma] Good Heavens is” and “subordinate batting line-up “interchange game “of kana with Osaka and Kobe where this is the Jojima effect” fear” the forest enters to dh”, as for “you are disgusted, the [ya] pleasure and the [wa]” “magicHow many it is huge?” “As for the magic 140 the trap which is”

    • The rain it put out Hiroshima…
      Today visitor performance cheer group Hiroshima 0 meeting immediately before. Yesterday fighting of best group cold it is, don't you think? today fighting of the rain well, the [tsu]! Also today when it can bat [maton] immediately nearly Sho it is excellent condition so and following to knight game yesterday of weekday opening, as for the visitor support seat the vacant seat is conspicuous, but also [ojisanobasan] today perseveres in a complete [auei] state where it wins without fail even with support and [ru] is with also everyone today power the [ze] Tigers who wins may without fail

    • The bat of [maton] does not stop!
      [serigu] commencing, still they are 5 tournaments, but the bat of the Osaka and Kobe [maton] player does not stop! To strike quite, like the small hammer of coming out to here during 5 tournament continual hitting, the batting average the cleanup of 5 percentage bird valley player, the Kanemoto player and the Arai player large the inactivity after Osaka and Kobe having won because long hitting power super one class and the infield racketeer of [botebote] are with all the power running to make infield hit, if it does from the opponent team, trouble itself commencing to here, when it strikes to here, it may be researched thoroughly from the opponent team e.g., in the Hiroshima game of yesterday which you think that also participation of the [maton] player is large, also the place miss which becomes the regular game first number it shootsIt joined an organization similarly in this year when it is the extent where those where is become worry Osaka and Kobe. It is the island player, it probably means that, but as for batting record of measure age as for the notion that where the participation of the same as the Jojima player is anticipated, it is to have been similar to the [maton] player well? If so is, it probably means that the batting average approximately 3 percentage 3 minute, approximately 30 home runs can expect? Of course, no one understands ahead this, how it becomes, but, the [maton] player being different from the former foreign player, is the expectation which the time where certainly the season when it is very Japanese personality ends leaves splendid record

    • Varieties after the world
      To end also figure season more and more by the fact that the world ends - with exhaustion while having done, true middle and Takahashi returns home, the movement concerning rule amendment and the like coming emerging, don't you think? it increases, to like true middle and as for Takahashi as the skater, of course, it is splendid even human when speech is heard, because it is made to feel that is, the [ho] it is with it becomes proud feeling, it is, but why Japanese mass communications as for without praising excessively, reaching up to true middle the rival story of the [yona] player [tsu] temporary emphasis following, in the world being unconcerned, in high score of the [yona] player whom it has reportedBeing attached, you avoid also topic concerning doubt…Because with unnatural reporting which is said is done, with [gazetsuta] [dero] [suporuto] of Italy which the unfortunate air does to the player [supamao]! Comparing the [yona] player and true middle to [raisachietsuku] and [purushienko] as, we would like to hurt to an article is, it is very good, that works, in Date is not forged (the ^^) the Japanese skating union 3a is appraised legitimately with the soccer article, be able to announce the movement that you propose the rule modification of sp in the isu general meeting, as for that however you think that it is good thing, because also the news won, rule (true middle) the like announcing which is modified profitably doing one, well there is no [tsu] [te] air which more probably will protect the treasure like people of the home country which comes markedly kana recently [maton]In order heart settling at last, to be able to hear cd, it became with, following before, [maton] you attach today?! When before trying choosing the thing, you look at the [puromo] picture of [maton] accidentally, content ratio of [purushienko]? The modesty which is laughed in height is not known?! It is [purushienko], after all the 捧 [gu] after all is special in Nijinsky for me

    • VS Yokohama 2nd game
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    • March 27th Osaka and Kobe × Yokohama
      Good morning, it is, “[ma]” is, to tell the truth, you thought that day which in this day off in the kindred does to Hyogo prefecture, in meeting as chance, took with the ticket “of the Osaka and Kobe Yokohama game” “of the Kyocera dome” March 27th, observation died and the tournament which goes started, the tournament did not move to the middle, it is, but the middle, preemptive you did 2 points in Yokohama, it forces Osaka and Kobe!!! 2 points to regain from after, furthermore already 1 points!!!! (Striking also [maton], running, large participation!! ) You called and led/read in feeling, but Yokohama and 1 points addition after that produces the runner, Osaka and Kobe which very 1 points do not take finally entered into extended game, (it is up to only 12 times!! Although) holding insecurity, it clasped the megaphone in the hand and had supported erasing such a hateful mood of “11 reverse sides” is … This year, it joined an organization in Osaka and Kobe, the “Jojima Ken Osamu player” is!!!! The solo home run which from the partner pitcher, the instant which is struck is understood, jumps in dramatic “[sayonarahomuran]” left center!!!!! The gooseflesh stood! As for hero interview after the playing which is received in [chimumeito], “the Jojima player” of exultaion is, “Nishimura pitcher” professional first victory!! That and, of course in the way, it came “Jojima player” “Osaka and Kobe!! Thank you!!” Very this year “the Osaka and Kobe victory!! … Foreboding!?” The photograph of the hero interview is attached!!

    • NARUTO
      As for the Osaka and Kobe anti- giant present tournament as for Osaka and Kobe which is the t forerunner Ando g forerunner inland sea as for Osaka and Kobe which is 4th designated hitter Kanemoto 5th third Arai as for the giant, from Ando, Sakamoto struck 2 run home runs in the next 6 times which from 2 bases of 5 [maton] take 1 points with hit of the plain and 2 to 1 and after all Osaka and Kobe today… today, played with the friend in 2 where it is reversed to 1, - with about 7 people it went to nearby [satei] with the bicycle! First first the bookstore going, cartoon you bought! Any where you buy they are 50 volumes of [naruto], (the *゜▽゜) the no [makudo] going next, while the varieties eating, psp doing, the next it increases did the Gaea plug going, the ufo catcher, - what is be able to take, [tsu] appointment with it is! '' [rukia] 1 of designated [kiyara], you it became the same class 'as [rukia]',… 2 where it dies being too delightful, you became 'the seat of [rukia]' and next door, how doing, you greet? [rukia], the coming [ge] it is the way, <- 3, '[rukia]' forgetting the textbook, has been troubled the circumstances… which To animation shop in addition to the character goods and the animation character goods of the game (naruto it was many) not only the Japanese animation and cartoon which is placed to the book of [pojingu] collection of the girl many [kosupure] it does, such a core to the item the tag: naruto If it shops, the veil is dispersed to “kix”… [chieriburotsusamusupurin]… of [rokushitan] at “motivation” house simply measurement, in May “hybrid w-zero3 of sale 5 rank acquisition… < Tokai Tokyo fhd> domestic beginning “this area etf”… Nakano friend adding village infoseek search keyword Rankine… As for the shopping sight which is purchased well “optimism”…

    • Sphere spring arrival
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    • New supporter…!
      2010.3.30 (The fire) it clears up, the Tigers of tonight! With new supporter foreigner [maton] and large participation of both foreigners of supporter [burazeru] from last year, is pleasant in the carp as for the tournament of victory tomorrow, large participation of the Japanese player, the sport paper

    • <[taika] ゙ [su]>  vs Yokohama game 2 successive win!!
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    • The Osaka and Kobe 200 departure batting line-up completions!
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    • M (_ _ which good morning is) m
      Good morning, substitution carrying which is to use, it is balance, because the present Kansai edition daily sport which the air where time is required for [peta] which after the kana which is not repaired quickly is thought rather does the Tigers won the orange being crowded rather, don't you think? it increases, the bird valley 2 departure truth. In deep attachment [maton] you bunt order Jojima first base stealing and the like (^_^;) Yamaguchi you of [beisutazu] were not good, is, but it seems that Yamaguchi you of the orange fight with forerunner turn, the tournament of yesterday also the runner left on base met 9 after all, it is with the shank (the ^_^;) Person as for treatment deca- it is, as usual, don't you think? the shank (> writing on the Shimizu pitcher and the newspaper, it increases _ present forerunner, with also or it is not found easily with the article searching of [beisutazu], it is horrifying, they are 6 prestige, (wry smile) 5 prestige with the shank (the ^_^;) The commencement 1 troop almost now with decision the shank!

    • Two God, two troop falling
      Osaka and Kobe of yesterday, in exhibition game, in Hiroshima even with wipeout, as for forerunner Kozima 5 times good throwing of 1 mistakes! Two God which continue 1 times do not become the commencement 1 troop with 6 mistakes, regrettable after that Nishimura - is young the bamboo non mistake relay! As for batting line-up [maton] 2 hits and recovery!? And, beginning hit of Yano's with home run, the only score

    • Season arrival!!
      Also the selection high school baseball of the spring started, followed to [parigu] which more and more with the professional baseball which sphere spring is arrival, one foot [parigu] commences quickly, this year when it approaches also the commencement of [serigu] nearby the [te] which probably means that some drama waits with [wake], viewing this season of our Hanshin Tigers, as for Osaka and Kobe of this year when you think as like whatever saying, Jojima joined from the measure which is attention in destructive power of batting line-up, the 3rd bird valley, 4th Kanemoto, 5th Arai, 6th Jojima, 7th [burazeru], to 8th Sakurai the problem which can expect the one shot retired at previous seasonThe present exhibition game which is 1st Akahoshi comes out is limited, 1st it seems that [maton] of the foreigner enters in, but if this 1st does to be good functioning, as for being worry in comparison with the batting line-up which is the expectation which becomes the batting line-up which suitable is good the exhibition game which is pitching staff says, the tournament which gets mass mistake to be many, Iwata who a little is the insecure ant as for forerunner Ando and the lower willow of the veteran, last year talent of 13 victories sees with the wound not to be in time to commencement, the forerunner position which you think that similarly Kubo et. al of 9 victories is center, persisting, whether it can connect to Kubota and the Fujikawa sphere child, this yearBecause it becomes a big important point, that you think whether it is not,

    • “The sun which does not sink” it climbed first
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    • You question with the [me]! Takahashi Daisuke player!
      You did! Takahashi player world championship victory! Already, the [tsu] [te] which is impressed from morning and sows putting away, pulling 1 Japanese-Chinese tails, it is the feeling which does not settle still a little (cd of [maton] hearing, from the [ru]?! ) Takahashi's fp “road” while throbbing, having watched over, the instant which understands that you challenged to 4 rotary flips with the large stage where chance of this victory caught with first jump already the [ho] it is with it may cry while also the method of taking the safe plan which becomes being being able to meet, you following to your own belief, heart it was moved truly in the attitude which you challenge to difficult thing therefore and as for me as for this player it is favorite what! With it became revolution and insufficient are thought, but then although also performance being polite, involving the audience with those to which feeling is transmitted, because, as for instantaneous this which finishes when it is victory, everyone such a it is splendid potato which understands the victory which it does is the [ho] with was delightful, is! Technology and the [ho] where expression power is compatible it is with you became the enormous player, it is the shelf -, you question with the [me], it is! And at the latest world and the player who challenges to 4 revolutions being well enough other than Takahashi, in that it makes excitingly the unconditional charm which 4 revolutions have the [jiyuberu] player! Even with fp you penetrating by your with performance of attacking, the [te] parenthesis it was good, is! After all 4-3 the face which everyone is better than op the air which has been done does the latest commendation ceremony which is some which grow [jiyuberu] which talks here

    • This year 寅 year
      From the last year when this year when Central League commencement gets near as for the Hanshin Tigers of 寅 year Tigers's year this year new war potential is many, ends in b class after 5 years from the small-piece team where as for Jojima of the measure return joining big plus thickness increased material batting line-up even in expectation large, you can call completely another team recently seriously considered mobility original weight. As for the largest 0 primary factor which is the impression of returning to super tiger batting line-up in the Akahoshi retirement substitute mat [maton] in the exhibition game which the 俊 foot of those which join is inexpressible, as for substantial down of defense power it cannot refuse we shoot the first hitter home run, we can leave the number to somewhere as lead/read Ofman who has punch power 2010 Tigers basic order 1st center: [maton] 2nd second: Plain 3rd short circuit: Bird valley 4th left: Kanemoto 5th first: Arai 6th catcher: Jojima 7th third: [burazeru] 8th light/write: As for the powerful batting line-up pitcher who can anticipate Sakurai 1st 8th up to 1 departure from ace Ando is waived in the head the talent seeing, Iwata, the lower willow and Kubo, around Kozima as for forerunner rotation or new war potential measure 40 victory [huotsusamu] of expectation with the exhibition game direct closely 2 tournaments 5 times 6 mistakes, 4 times 7 mistakes and because of harsh record as for rotation, you foresaw, is, [taigasuatsuchison] which is proud of the relief position of the iron wall which it is possible to call 12 clubs 1, Williams says came out with Egusa of the relief ace, from the tube well this the messenger of new joining, Kubota, and protection God Fujikawa of patient return and steady Forerunner enduring up to 5 - 6 times, it escapes and finishes and as for the exhibition game probably becomes certain victory pattern, although 11 rank you did not swing, higher rank Pacific League occupying, as for the Tigers 6 victory 9 defeat/miss season becoming very confound conflict also the Pacific League which you are not wrong already shows the large rising, but commencement is long in coming

    • More and more, this day Central League commencement!!
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

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