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    U.S. Representative,

    Sport related words フィギュアスケート Ando Miki Asada Mao Kimuyona Vancouver Nadeshiko JAPAN Jonah Kim Vancouver Olympics Mirai Nagasu

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ghmmm372/63440828.html
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    • [hanbagu] channel [uindei
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    • It does not become loan extension of [evuaton] and Messiah FW [donovuan]!
      American typical fw [randon] [donovuan] where 10 weekly loan transfer of [evuaton] expires from the Los Angeles galaxy of everton confirm donovan exit America (28) [evuaton] and [donovuan] tried loan contract extension, but as for club the desire the Kanai trap as for [donovuan] which announces that you apply,

    • Starlight express!!
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • US: Iran Offers Nothing New at UN Dinner
      us delegate who attended raised the case of three american hikers detained in iran In three American hiker Iran in case of restraint in supply participation American representation

    • As for “hill diplomat retirement” anti- North Korean concession to all [chiyara
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • In the afternoon the clinic was done after the practicing!
      In the afternoon the clinic of the American typical player and the Japanese player was done

    • [aputon] and others of raising soccer W cup support announcement performance =MLB
      [aputon] that the [sentopitazubagu] times, conveyed to participate, in cm photographing of [adeidasu] of the American representative team support of the world cup of the soccer where raising outfielder b.j. Abt starts next month “it can do the appeal which is good to the fan”, time of the child with the soccer player, presently the [reji] bush of [deiru] [anhato] and nfl [seintsu] of [dowaito] Howard and nascar of the nba magic participated to large fan in addition to

    • Television observation
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • The man it makes a noise, starts. Death gold 10th time
      impressions , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      belief , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      What the woman figure skating free gold medal get is done again after all the [kimu] [yona] how [yu] ~ or highlight of Korea* Being said, that it puts out worldwide highest score and when better seed ♪♪sp ends, 'it can be reversed true middle in Japan', it increased, but don't you think? after all it was unreasonable* (No _) from that as for I becoming matter of concern from sp6 rank reaches 4 rank Nagasu ...... of the American representation whichAs in name 'the ♪♪♪ which will be expected after the ☆4 year which feels future' (the *^ ^) the no ⌒☆ temporarily it seemed the Japanese typical tired way* It is the [o] day off, the [i] increase* (-. -) zzz

    • Japanese weblog
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      It seemed like national event, also woman figure skating, being most proper, ended with conclusion of according to expectation, REPT (the ´▽ `)/it is which when, when it is who not to be, don't you think? with the persevering of all player, it seems that is something whose tone is high tremendously, don't you think? it seems the way, because, the devil it is I because, relay and video recording, almost you do not see, (to tell the truth [dokidoki] doing, it is to be also a wretched rumor that you could not look straight, but) in any case, in the pressure which is beyond the imagination, also two people were good and persevered and the mass communications which it increases fanned the confrontation twoRegrettable, while and, also a little vexatious feeling where it does also the air which now present capability difference has done at least clearly having, as for those where it is strange in the series which you think that the winner should be applauded, as for the player of 16 years old where it wins in 4 rank, the American representation says, the parents is the Japanese, whether so, why supporting more, with the honest place which is thought, the dance pair sibling of the Japanese representation compared to, when also this player who means that the familiar feeling does includes, you say that half of the winning a prize person to 8 rank is the Japanese,You think that with thing, very this it is tremendous thing;: ゙; `(゚ ∀ ゚) `;: At the ゙ place, being disqualified with rule violation, the player of a certain minor competition which you could not participate, because you say in all gold calculations and the kind of emotional argument which do the interview which you apologize, it is not, but the damage which many people sustain with the latest hasty mistake, not forgetting the size of those which are lost, under any condition, being, desired it is potato

    • original letters
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      En japones , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Yesterday, it went to the berth day party of rachel, the ~ it does, it was the party where - it is and is pleasant and rises therefore the worldwide conference American representation of rachel and song, the can [pa] - it is with her singing and first, the boiled rice eating with the burning meat which she loves and, the portable certain 40 people just a little it was in the bar, the ~ American, the Chinese, the South Korean and the Japanese… the child of various countries being, speaks to the person whom from the middle it should speak with Japanese in English the [ri], in Japanese speaking to the waiter, the [a]? The [tsu] [te] it is said, because yesterday became drunk after a long time slightly, the head round and round the [pa] - the leading part rachel [hu] seeing [tsu] [chi] of main day of laughing which is becoming very care, it is [ru] couple what, - the photograph you moved aside from matching 22 year old present time everyone and wrote and I presented the set of the Shiseido Co., Ltd. fundamental cosmetics, with the rain the clean lapping like the abrupt shower becoming ragged, when transferring, however it was sad, it holds the present of the extent which returns, cannot have with the rachel both hands it is to read what being loved, as for [ru] her the birthday [tsu] [te] of the ~~ friend who is happy ones, the [ho] it is with happiness, ~~ by my can be receivedDon't you think? it is accustomed happily

    • Goal, unless the greatest in the world is, is useless.
      Don't you think? the [a], it starts more and more, us the Japanese representative team, the world you show what kind of fight to the partner, unless it becomes the pleasure, when it seems rather purposely and writes out in topic manner of the soccer, from June 23rd, it is held it compares to the soccer which is story “of the 12th worldwide woman softball championship conference” with Venezuelan [karasukasu], almost it has not become topic, but that you say, or are ignored mass communications completely, but because goal of the softball Japanese representative team decisively, is gold medal country of the Olympics which are victory, with such a simple is proper thingIt is not, but with the Beijing Olympics of 2 years ago which America and Australia which challenge “overthrow Japan” to goal, become harsh fight and probably will be, the Ueno pitcher who participates as the Japanese ace retired representation refusal, the Sakai pitcher already, it participated in Japan as an ace of the u19 representative team where last year the Fujiwara Makiko pitcher of the Japanese league most numerous victory is, the mountain. She who always include empty the 佐 reason village pitcher it is American representation and the Australian typical player, fight with the Japanese league of the worldwide highest peak are the expectation which shows power without fearing, perhaps, by some chance, there is no image news altogether, in the nook of Internet, it means that just the result is published, but to Venezuela, as the Japanese representation far aren't she who face with pride will be supported?

    • weblog title
      kanji , original meaning

    • U19-日本 representation and the Dutch campaign
      You participate in 25th [huroningen] international use conference 2010, in u19 Japanese representation from Aichi, the Nakagyo large Nakagyo shrine. The Akira player was chosen, * staff ▽ supervision: Cloth Keiichiro (the Japanese soccer association national coating staff) ▽ coach: Tatuya (the Japanese soccer association national coating staff) ▽gk coach inside Maki: Kawamata rule happiness (the Japanese soccer association national coating staff) * player ▽gk: 18 rivers 浪 Gorou (Kashiwa ray sol): 01 Nakamura 隼 ([montedeio] Yamagata) ▽df: 08 Fujita breaths (celebration 應 justice private school large): 03 old Hayashi militarys officer it is thick (Shonan [berumare]): True Hiro 02 temple Oka (Kansai large): Tatuya 06 Uchida (Ganba Osaka): 07 [kiroran] wooden bells (Tokyo Verudi use): Takuya 04 Okamoto (Urawa [retsuzuyusu]): 05 Endo crossing the ocean (Shonan [berumareyusu]): 09 Matsubara Ken (considerably [torinita] u-18) ▽mf: 10 large � 淳 arrows ([sanhuretsuchie] Hiroshima): Naoyuki 11 Yamazaki (Tokyo art and science large): 13 thorn rice field intolerance (Kashiwa ray sol): 14 Kojima 秀 benevolences (the Maebashi education): 15 moat American Isamu shines ([vuanhuore] Kofu u-18): Akira 20 Miyaiti (Nakagyo large Nakagyo) ▽fw: Takashi 19 Usami (Ganba Osaka): Ken Isamu 17 Sugimoto ([seretsuso] Osaka u-18) * u19 Japanese representative team: Team schedule May 18th (Tuesday) designates fifau20 world cup 2011 participation as goal 18: 30 friendly tournament anti- Canadian typical May 20th (Thursday) 19: 00 friendly tournament anti- Senegalese typical 25th [huroningen] international use conference 2010 May 22nd (Saturday) 12:50 anti- American typical 14:30 anti- Utrecht (Holland) 16:20 anti- [atorechiko] [mineiro] (Brazil) May 24th (Monday) 10:45 anti- [huerenhuen] (Holland) 12:20 anti- south African typical pm ranking decisive game

    • While drinking the 眞 dew
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters

    • Japanese talking
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • Nuclear secret agreement was tied in this way!
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • To the further high seeing the jump which draws the rainbow! Gold medal! Asada true middle Torino [huigiyuasuketo] world championship!
      Torino [huigiyuasuketo] world championship! [ribenji] it carried out!! Asada true middle gold medal!! The [ge] which it does -!!! In this severe circumstance it persevered be possible and increased!! To be easy to be taken rotary insufficiency and the like adding point (why) is little in important skill in spite for by your “triple accelerator” boldly challenge!! It was splendid, is!! As for the [kimuyona] player sp, mistake and inversion were many even freely in spite adding point and the silver of wonder. With score 2 rank! The Ando player in sp those which have inversion, with free adheres with no mistake, large good fight of 4 rank winning a prize!! As for the Suzuki player this time to extend as for score with such as inversion, to stop, 11 rank the fascination stripe to do the audience, with step of nature of the thing, because it is the still young player where it is the cartridge, expecting future, we would like to support being, shank one side as for the Japanese player Nagasu future player of the American representation although it turned back sp at 1 rank of high score, with free mistake echoed and never 7 rank markedly they were the circumstances which dropped the shoulder, but because it is the player where she is younger than someone wanting persevering with future growth, the shank anyhow this season the tired way, both the boy Takahashi Daisuke player woman Asada true middle player who is the feeling which you say the JapaneseGold medal!!! Two players and the other large good fight which give the performance which controls the world, is impressed in the player it is full with thank you feeling!! [sochiorinpitsuku] after the next world championship and four years became the pleasure!!! Tonight 19:58 ~ Fuji Telecasting Co. related woman [huigiyuasuketohuritorino] world championship 2010 you will see!

    • Half
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • Times have changed ...
      Don't you think? it rose with woman [huigiasuketo], the ~ seeing, you thought, but it is Itoh green as for time of participation, the Japanese [tsu] [te] distantly the rear end which is said and being thick even thickly, the hand and foot being long, as for the white player where the face is small like the fairy however it was visible, now, [kimu] [yona] and Asada true middle being very much slender, as for especially [kimu] [yona] the ~ white player where the hand and foot is visible long two arms and the shoulder being large,…The seed to which also system of the oriental changes of course my system Itoh green there is no just ~ green love ~ somatotype and the [te] being surprised extending and Nagasu future [tsu] [ge] which is done - height the [te], furthermore [tsu] [ge] which is done - becoming good the [ru] (this time it is not excessively observed with something, it is probably will be…Although the [tsu] [te] certainly it is the Japanese, it comes out in the American representation and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is empty kana, it is small Japan! Being in Japan, because it is not accustomed to representation, in [tsu] [te] America it became representation, it is, don't you think?? By mistake there is no the selection! ) Temporarily everyone tired way, the ~ going to bed slowly, the [chi] [yo

    • [Gandamukoramu Vol.033] Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Part 2)
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • Skating exhibition live!
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • Lightning impressed
      As for present Olympic figure skating woman me fortunately sp of yesterday and present free and being raw, to see, but the [re] the Asada player whom it increases silver medal acquisition heroic deed with regrettable interview being vexatious, crying, the [ru] seeing, to this to receive, may to do to cry with cm where is 4 annual Olympics showing the form which aims don't you think? from the [ru], to this the money medal which [gatsukari] is done is not as for level [tsu] [te] not being able to agree upon the best the [ho] is with the Japanese player of the American representation of great is 4 rank and the Suzuki player of 8 rank and oneself best there is no exultaion medal don't you think? the fact that the [te] puts out is important what in the player therefore AsadaBut even in the [kimuyona] player of the [tsu] lever and the kana gold medal which are incomplete combustion regarding with hostility her from impressed honest patriotism, you see the tear of the player it is, with especially sp be too splendid to be disgusted after the good performance of the Asada player, although after the shelf which may be hollow with [ya] pressure you have expected to show perfect performance, however it has happened to have also the mentality which the [re] [ru] how should win many sport you saw, also the gooseflesh riding, because very it is not, don't you think? it pulled even to the negligence and was packed when so you think, as for after all game chasing that much player at first day and being able to apply as for rather difficult figure skating just the Olympics the abruptness which you observe whether it had been decided,However it is the fan, therefore also the man and woman as for medal acquisition heroic deed don't you think? as for Japan after persevering, for performing the face to be black as for professional consciousness of the Ando player who is sunburned rather than calling impression, however it is highlight (the person who has been made news item of laughing it is,)

    • Mao Vancouver Special Olympics, silver in tears u0026amp; Jonah, gold highlight
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • Figures! !
      As for the person who does the after all splendid performance where the Olympics after probably rubbing, a little today was visible looking at figure woman free the [kimu] [yona] player whom it increases, [sugo] you applied at the home with even with the scene where shank successive highest score tremendously pressure catches concentrating, and in order most pleasantly so to perform, expression different/now also shank true middle exceeds and is, with the woman player first 3 triple accelerator 200 points this [sugo] and it is thing although, even then perfect performance to without being vexatiously the [ru] form certainly still growing, it probably is to charm the performance which is better and, getting over sorrow, it stood in linkWhen Nagasu future player of 16 years old where you participated the Canadian [roshietsuto] player, as the American representation and nest clear it seems, with the shank Suzuki Akiko player, [mikitei] winning, as for the Japanese player also the man and woman everyone winning a prize [sugo] to be, Japan!!!

    • Skating 2
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • Silver is the best!
      The noon of the Japanese archipelago drinking the saliva hard,… you prayed, observed! 2&5&8 rank, the woman also 3 people winning a prize how - are enormous heroic deed! So the [tsu] where [a] - kim chee power was and is extraordinary the [ya] - is vexatious after all! Above, it was the silver team of the pad Nagasu future ([naka] ゙ [sumirai]) of the American representation thing of the player… Tiyousiyuu power ([chiyoushiyuuriki]) being the daughter -? by father phosphorus

    • Womenu0026#39;s figure skating, winning the last of the final adjustment.
      issue , Japanese talking

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