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    Mirai Nagasu,

    Sport related words フィギュアスケート Ando Miki Asada Mao Kimuyona Vancouver Jonah Kim Ms. Akiko Suzuki Joannie Rochette Figure Skating

    • Beauty princess ♪
      It carried out Torino unsullen, securely! Beauty princess who holds tapir Don in the right shoulder it persevered and increased!! It is splendid!! As for score, finishing 64.76sp, as for ranking…Akiko future Suzuki 1 rank [kimu] [yona] 2 rank Asada true middle 3 rank [jiyoani] [roshietsuto] 4 rank Ando beauty princess 5 rank [reichieru] flat 6 rank Nagasu was 11 rank, the [a]! Searching, also fp, means to see with the heart tapir tapir, [ganbare], Japan! The article is written with [ganbare] true middle ♪ [te] ゙ [kotenhu] ゚ [re

    • Ranking of the Vancouver Olympic woman figure!
      1 rank [kimu] [yona] 228.562 rank Asada true middle 205.503 rank [roshietsuto] 202.644 rank Nagasu future 190.155 rank Ando [mikitei] 188.868 rank Suzuki Tomoko 181.44 everyone it persevered well and increased!!

    • Figure 2
      Gold [kimuyona] silver [ma] copper [roshietsuto] 4 Nagasu future 5 you see and start and [i] 8 oh densely the [ho] are in the [ma] tired way while seeing and starting and performance of the [i] seeing [kimuyona] which is wailing be too good the stripe you question with your triple accelerator two success [me], oh the [ho] which is questioned densely with your winning a prize [me] it is in the [ma] only the how player who is present the enormous [a] 150 point the tired way 3 human tend [yo] [ku] of the boy figure it was funny to be taken,

    • Bulletin! Figure woman free result
      Gold [medarukimu] [yona] 228.56 silver medal Asada true middle 205.50 copper [medarujiyoani] [roshietsuto] 202.644 rank Nagasu future 190.155 rank Ando beauty princess 188.866 rank [raura] [repisuto] 187.977 rank [reichieru] flat 182.498 rank Suzuki Akiko 181.44 explanation immediately the [kimu] [yona] finishing. It is vexatious, (tot)

    • [huigia] bulletin rust
      2/26 (the gold) the conference 14th day [huigiasuketo] woman as for the result of ending this 1 rank [kimu] [yona] Korean 228.562 rank Asada true middle Japanese 205.503 rank [jiyoani] [roshietsutokanada] 202.644 rank Nagasu future American 190.155 rank Ando beauty princess Japanese 188.868 rank Suzuki Akiko Japan 181.44 true middle silver medal Ando and as for the Akiko older sister who are as for winning a prize [kimuyona] with the ~ the strong tired way

    • Woman figure skating free result
      1 rank [kimu] [yona] Korean 228.56 2 rank Asada true middle Japanese 205.50 3 rank [shi] ゙ [yoani] [roshietsutokanata] ゙ 202.64 4 rank Nagasu future American 190.15 5 rank Ando beauty princess Japanese 188.86 6 rank [raura] [rehi] ゚ [sutohuinranto] ゙ 187.97 7 rank [reichieru] [huratsutoamerika] 182.49 8 rank Suzuki Akiko Japan 181.44

    • Figure skating woman free
      Finally, ending, stripe now it does, the seed [e] (><) in any case everyone tired way! Because today there was work, after returning home, slowly the husband to drink also today when you watched at the television, because it is meeting, as for the channel monopoly (the ´д `) everyday the tired way! [reichieru] flat! Lovely although (^ω^) it is [rahumaninohu], so sliding pleasantly, (the ´д `) the [tsu] [te] which takes an examination Harvard or the Princeton large being enormous, the shank! Because rhapsody of [paganini] because you thought that beforehand exactly is in the figure, someone and we want sliding, [mikitei] which is well to persevere the [do] [tsu] [pu] [ri] has dyed to the color easily from the clothes which it increases to inclination, lighter tune seeing, like ~ [roshietsuto]! Tired way! Slowly please go to bed (the ´ω `) the true middle tired way! You call many degrees, but the bell my teacher repelling is to be splendid truly! Saying, that me by his would like to repel by any means, there is also a tune which is [imaichi] and, recommending to the teacher, therefore also the tune which is [imaichi] of those which it tries repelling there is a large quantity also with true middle inquiring about many tunes, in combination to various tune, with that wants playing is, you want finding tune exactly by your, is* 彡 Asada dance being clean, the shank (∀) [nokimuyona] ~! However it was enormous, at this point in time difference (the @_@;)The Nagasu future [do] [tsu] it is dense it is not artistically properly? In Gershwin calling shank! Because the rhapsody in blue or the Paris American or there is a good tune large quantity, we want sliding to the various player, is, (∀) no Nagasu future! It was the no mark, but after enormous w (°o°) w4 year it may become the rival in true middle, don't you think? is!

    • True middle!
      History upper beginning! The triple accelerator success of sp and 3 free together total! Regrettable however it was not the gold medal, but the sufficient impressed stripe it does and builds and says or regrettable and others [re] [ru] [tsu] [te] already is too enormous with the silver medal, as for [kimuyona] [tsu] [te] that world record renews to the degree which appears… with what 20 points or more true middle properly there is a difference as for thinking we Japanese [bi] it goes and it probably is what? As the [ma], also [kimuyona] is enormous, when are that compared to the man and woman Japanese player all the 6 human + Nagasu future players as for everyone winning a prize [tsu] [te] level of the enormous Japanese boundary whole figure becoming high with [ru] [tsu] [te] thing you shouldering expectation alone, the shank high Itoh green of connection are current age… well, the cod [re] without being good, the shank and prudence! Still, you threw away either this country it is it is not, is!

    • Figure woman
      The night of woman figure yesterday which you saw seeing, the [te] it can, it can, however it had come, now doing also morning with news, but in that challenge performance in true middle which chooses the strong program where [te] true middle, the cute [kimuyona] player who is overwhelmed and, completely there is a contrast force in performance of the [kimuyona] player, also the [kimuyona] player who is impressed handling perfectly, also 2 people showing the performance which from becomes the adult, it could receive, becoming, truly you think thank you after being the [tsu] [te] feeling, this time privately, performance becoming lovely, the Nagasu future player pleasure or America which you think the player successivelyComing out, in the future furthermore the pleasure with the woman figure the shank, ~ [te] I and from this to meet it is the difficult rain, but in order me who go to Chiba not to be defeated, it perseveres

    • Practicing discontinuing [wansegu]….
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • Ice show
      Because today berth day of eldest daughter it does not live together, there is no dining table puzzle which you celebrate although… such don't you think? “meal” [tsu] [te] the ~^^; Finally, don't you think? the Nakano friend adding village player retirement -> seems that the direction, Fuji Telecasting Co. joining a company is clear, from now on, at Fuji Telecasting Co. which way furthermore whether it works it is unclear, but because securely it was many skater (the same grade very) older sister existence largely with the person, the fact that the certainly new road is developed it believes!! [tsu]!? So, if you say, televising right of the gp series becomes next of tele morning the tv bureau of somewhere, obscurity… with the story which is said was heard, but perhaps doing, it becomes at Fuji Telecasting Co. kana? (The ^^ which is not inhaled; As for there that in detail you do not know) is, when we assume, the preparation first work? … You resolving by yourself, being able to meet, not decorating the last flower way seemed friend adding village,… (tear) because [a] ~ [te], the player has directed the body and heart in Torino world championship? I to rearrange hdd, the oral [ya]!! … How, thinking, this time with jsportsplus, broadcast of four continent championships started is to [ru] when the ^^; First, because on air it was done, as for video recording of the woman looking the sight of [achikochi] another calling and, how without, cod (with, saying, as for place where I, go however it is little,), [kavuaguchi] & [sumirunohu] group performance and is information which Nagasu future performance calls to the soi czar in Osaka diamond ice2010! Future soi [tsu] [te], Japan? Because it seems that also the large Japanese top player is present we would like to go the ~!! So, this show is the ticket too high,… (- -) very in the wallet whose it is grateful for large to continue the amateur player after all, (or there!?)

    • Post [yona
      After so long a time,… [bankuba] Olympic figure skating both the man and woman it was nailing, “Itoh green” ever since, as a hiding figure fan, goes, about it is not known, even in the meeting place no degree it is neo which has “grapple skill” common maniac knowledge even in the acquaintance friend wife, but don't you think?… this time both the man and woman “jump” became an important point, because <- this theme stops ending when you talk,… topic post [kimuyona]… is “Nagasu future”! As for the leading part of [sochi] of 4 years later, it is not she is, or… feels strength very! The Vancouver Olympic figure skating/permanent standing matter Olympic large special edition new book mansion world [huigiyuasuketo] compilation user review: Amazon associate by

    • Get off from the shelf quickly.
      En japonais , original meaning

    • World championship woman SP
      The place here, being busy, if ([burogu] writing also today on such a time of morning with overtime work, it increases,) perceived, the boy was victory of the Takahashi Daisuke player, after so long a time, as for the woman who is questioned with the [me], with sp, this time when the Asada player attaches to 2 rank we would like making win 1 Nagasu future player 70.40 2 Asada true middle player 68.08 3 [raura] [repisuto] player 64.30

    • 2010 world championship articles collecting
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • As for Asada 20th = worldwide figure woman free gliding order
      The gold 妍 child of the Vancouver five strake medals where with world championship of figure skating, the gliding sequential pulling out selection of woman free it is done on the 27th the short circuit program of 26 days (sp) is done after the ending, Asada true middle of sp2 rank (beauty Princess Ando of the same 11 rank where had become 20th gliding in the Nakagyo large) 24 players (the Toyota Motor Corporation) Akiko Suzuki of 14th, same 20 rank (the 邦 harmony sport land) 6th the Nagasu future which with sp which performs in stands in the premier position (the United States) 23rd slides in, 7 rank is behind (Korea) 15th it appears in

    • Election. . .
      The rose and samurai Osaka performance abandon the seat ticket election stripe to do, it is delicate, but (laughing), the Osaka [pu] [chi] travelling decided in gw, whether the shelf it is, whether being good whether so is not it is asked in the friend same report it is enormous, when it is enormous, the suitable the mail returns you saw you applied, if it seems now, it is Osaka, because it is not so distant reason, we would like to keep enjoying, you call also today when is from morning the still it is just a little skin cold even with weather and the shank [u] ~ it is, what it probably will keep wearing, preparing gradually, you do not go out from Nagoya, is to be time, but very why it cannot start moving and it is the [u] which is the [u]When with you looked at the net directly, the bb cream of etudehouse discovery two orders cost 999 Yen of large special price unintentionally, but because thing commission and the postage which become aware from after catch, after all whether so without being profit as for the [tsu] or today will not Kousou of the bird [mune] meat it burns two times and washing from morning, the morning noon boiled rice and something eats, you thought that it is vigorous, is, but steadily physical condition tilted, whether it can go, whether your own line if it is not, you start your own preparation, is, it is, the Asada true middle player, with worldwide figure sp two rank takeoff the shank Nagasu future playerWhen is one rank in order in any case, for being regretful not to remain, being serious, you have supported, is, true middle

    • Figure world championship
      You looked at woman sp, but the performance in the true middle which it could make feel keenly the difficulty that it holds approximately 1 month motivations from Vancouver, relaxing in comparison with at the time of the Olympics, the kana tomorrow which is visible being free, [ribenji] of the Olympics, don't you think? it came, Nagasu future player her still 16. It may become fearful existence, is however and still it is junior, true middle of the time before is made closely resembling…Murakami good greens child now as for the series this world championship becomes last, but the [kimu] [yona] player where next year is the pleasure after all in the professional kana of the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u

    • After all figure skating
      Truth was the intention of writing book review, it is, there is, regardless with also this [burogu] and has become and, by any means it becomes topic of the figure, but so, it is world championship, but! When the [tsu] [te] of 1 months later of the Olympics, you reconsider, how is? How it is the red sandal wood? [kimu] [yona]! How it is the red sandal wood? Akiko Suzuki! Reaching up to Oda how it came out freely and the [re] was not!! Even when my oak where [yona] ~~ interview is yes 哀 phase, being ragged that much, 7 rank [tsu] [te] as for the fact that you say, after all harvesting/adopting to light is not be possible understood as for Nagasu future spin very clean was with, that direction in Asada true middle was refined, you think skating but don't you think?… after all, as for grade is not understood unintentionally looking at criminal Colombo (does), the performance of beauty Princess Ando was not seen with NHK hi-vision, but… with, however truer middle than [yona] it is supported, short circuit of this year of [yona] is cute what, 007 is good, it is, good performanceYou saw, you applied, because is, world championship you do not do in year of Olympics and the [te] are to call unreasonably without being? How it is what? The [tsu] and, with Daisuke Takahashi is the gold medal, it should do after all, the Oda [ku] ~ it is, disheartens, is, if so you say, the sea urchin “of the secret base of the sea urchin” is somehow, Kozuka favorite seems, but… the [tsu] [te], it is some story

    • Don't you think? you did! True middle ♪♪♪
      True middle which has been attached to 2 rank with worldwide figure skating championship sp being free, to be reversed win passing! To be quick view you want, don't you think? even with the ~ me, to be enormous liking the performance of Nagasu, future sp the result you did not know, whether it is good good what kind of performance but it is when you verify, with sp like it is 1 rank it was good it is! Truth! However you do not know whether free is what kind of performance because it ended it seems in 7 rank, don't you think?…As for the [wa] [kimu] [yona] player who is regrettable well…After when honesty, the Olympics are controlled with the highest score, already good kana? The [tsu] [te] thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] it is it is not applying,…Complete, after, burning motivation lifting, it is the [ku] [tsu] [te] suitable, don't you think?…But the [ma], the amateur you think and you take, the Ae not obtaining and broadcast of tomorrow the pleasure

    • Worldwide figure woman free result bulletin
      You question with your gold Asada true middle 197.58 silver [kimuyona] 190.79 copper [raurarepisuto] 178.624 rank Ando beauty princess 177.827 rank Nagasu future 175.4811 rank Suzuki Akiko 160.04 true middle gold medal [me], \ (^o^)/as for man and woman simultaneous victory of the Japanese party the true middle which is first heroic deed in history one of the triple accelerators however rotary insufficiency was taken, being free with the performance which is stabilized, starts hitting 129.50 with the money medal which follows to the Takahashi Daisuke player of the boy and after end as for the 煜 [kimuyona] player who showed the smiling face mistake of jump echoes and also the Ando player and the Suzuki player who do not reach to self record increase ranking more largely than sp, the seed still performanceHowever it is not seen, we would like to see quickly above, the ~ which is bulletin

    • Woman free wanted to see, although you rose early,…
      Good morning it is! Because today go back and forth and to walking the start where are the jr Itami station, being slow, because from the Kawanishi Ikeda station of the vicinity where it increases with high speed (laughing) just a little this time there is a distance with 5 minute something, occurring quickly, probably to make the body awaken you tried with, you should have looked at free of the woman as the [wa] thinking, the Kansai television (the Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation) doing, doing, increase it is, the [tsu] to come, after I sleeping, being raised, you visit to the place of the [ru] [buro] friend and as for the result which you comment, true middle being reversed, the victory stripe does the Nagasu future player and the seed Nagasu player probably is to do big mistakeIt sinks to 7 rank, the better seed! As for 2 rank the [kimu] [yona] player, 3 rank Finnish [repisuto], 4 rank [mikitei], as for the Suzuki Akiko player as for 3 players and the [kimu] [yona] player of Japan which is 11 rank it slid free safely, don't you think? it is probably will be, the night is the pleasure! As for me this 2 season, as for the Japanese player however of course is, supporting the [jiyoani] [rotsushietsuto] player of Canada, it increased, but [inuitsuto] which feels the Asian atmosphere which you try that to [sochi] also the [repisuto] player who enters into 3 rank will support from now on, (Eskimo) the blood entering, the [ru] it is probably will be? Today 8 o'clock is starting! Persevering, you walk, (laughing)

    • Figure woman SP
      While [dokidoki] to do, seeing, you saw [hai] today in the real time which it increases, the only good thing true middle properly also the [yona] two people the thought whose [ganbare] and the abrupt fan are shallow just the superior person the ~ where the child of the Japanese hurts in Nagasu future American representation being good enormously with ~ inoccupation, the meeting place rising with lovely ~ spin, while producing the hand rhythm nosebleed with step, I am the plus 10 points with finish this, when on higher rank it should have remained after you pray, the ~ whose 6 rank nice true middle triple accelerator success splendid jump and step and spin are clean the good face it has done the ~ to be bright being cheerful, overflowing in the joyWhen the feeling which is youthful seems true middle, don't you think? the clothes [kawaii] after ending, it is delightful, being explosive, [kawaii] which it was flying [piyonpiyon] also bond girl Takahashi of ~ [kimuyona] 007 splendid score may come out so was, don't you think? the clothes of the seductive [wa] ~ black where, but before starting from, [kiyara] and the story being transmitted while after effect in [ru] true middle remains, it changed to the world of [kimuyona] immediately cute technology of course thing, pull to performance power and the world view whose production constitution and music are splendid and you are packed and the [ma] Good Heavens this is the art work, as for me the [wa] ~ which is fascinated completely in [yona]From this human this of the [wa] which is another case the [yona] [tsu] [te] the [wa] which is called and, this which is what? With even even with high score worldwide successive highest [] which is said, don't you think? true middle you do not acquire either 5 point differences properly and the [te] are and - are this order of Suzuki it is hard, however -, in the pressure, being agreeable with the clothes cute tune where the step which is splendid performance is cute, free the [ru] good score may appear persevering, the [reonowa] shortcut Russian folk song of ~ Russia being may be, pleasant the shank to be enormous being expression rich, [kawaiiyumoa], being fully bright, when the favorite ending, joy explosion continues as for [kawaii] me completely as for the next it is the fan the last group

    • [huogiyua] world championship woman SP.
      True middle was 2 rank, it is even naturally as for 1 rank [kimu] [yona] reason, don't you think? the [tsu] [te] you think, don't you think? although is, what and as for 1 rank Nagasu future [kimu] [yona] that you think that even 7 rank what certainly, yesterday [kimu] [yona] “this time that and it was the [wa] and the negligent feeling which are good at 3 rank at 2 rank,” calling in combination with aim to the gold medal acquisition of the Olympics securely, reaching is thing what, is carries out and others already is to call high don't you think?, don't you think? certainly, 7 rank reason, at the time of the Olympics it does not fail no matter what, when it isAlthough the extent which you think it was perfect when Akiko Suzuki produces and 20 rank thinks of that by his even at the time of the slump [kimu] [yona] not to be 1 rank the [te] the true middle [tsu] [te] of 2 rank Daisuke's propriety Takahashi who is expected freely it is great way the gold medal the 撮 [tsu] [chi] [ya] < the figure > as for the Asada 2 rank top Nagasu world championship woman sp World championship 4th day of figure skating on the 26th, the woman short program (sp) the Asada true middle which acquires the silver medal in the Vancouver Olympics which do (the gold 妍 child who controls 2 rank start same Olympics of the Nakagyo large) 68.08 points (Korea) 7 rank of 60.30 points was behind with the Italian Torino

    • True middle 20th gliding Nagasu 23rd, [yona] 15th figure world championship
      Figure skating world championship 4th day (on the 26th, the Italian Torino) the result of the woman short program was received, the gliding order of free decided, the Asada true middle which aims for the worldwide queen after 2 years from sp2 rank (19) = Nakagyo large = was decided in 2nd, 20th gliding of the last group

    • Ice skating world championship woman single and Asada true middle player gold medal!
      2010 March 27th you said or, with short circuit of good, good yesterday when the ice skating world championship which 28th 1 o'clock in the morning is done with Italy and Torino, woman single and the Asada true middle player gold medal now quasi- Bicchu of commendation ceremony were good, with [kimu] [yona] player 7 rank free score appearing, 1 1 rank tumbling, about 3 times there is a scene which performance comes out, but 2 130 point Asada true middle player triples accelerators inserting, as succeeded, however it was visible, perhaps rotary insufficiency (after all 1 batches rotary insufficiency) with, in 129.5 points [kimu] [yona]But the filter which is done to the player it does not reach however as for the Nagasu future which is the short 1 rank where being short the deposit which is 2 rank is effective, questions with your 1 rank Asada true middle player [me], the uncle of the coach before the performing it was and advising various types with the enormously fearful face, it sent out, with consequence or score of tension the [zu], 7 rank now as for commendation ceremony Asada true middle player commendation stand 3 rank rather than calling the [repisuto] player Asada true middle player smiling face of Finland, considerably [majime] the couple of the boy single Takahashi player and the woman single Asada true middle player where the lip where face you have sung generation is movingWhen so before the gold [medarubankuba] Olympics, 2 Lotte Co., Ltd. candies are bought, because you say, that 1 clear folders which project the form of the Asada true middle player are given buying the march of the koala, when 1 it chooses, because you said, that the salesman may keep having, 2,3, without modesty 4 the Asada true middle player who represents Japan which can decorate the perfection of this season when it gets, it was good truly

    • Sleeping is not enough yet
      The cold [tsu] [pi] coming still, the all-inclusive not curing, taking important matter repeated two degree sleeping, three time sleeping and sleep, became long haul sleep of every day as expected like this many days only you sleep, when, around the head it becomes the finish sluggish and, the body it does not move easily it became with also dementia, it is it is not applying, what became unable to think in extent and, it is what, even then the time when you sleep feeling was good, but is the we would like, woman figure it to reach the point where as expected already boringly it can be satisfied with brief is sleep, a little just today videotaping, now it does sp of the woman with work,The abnormal play just saw a little as for the latest favor Nagasu which reaches the point where it is conspicuous from Olympics Carmen in Olympics which are future was lovely and, you call also present sp and as for the result of sliding pulling out Asada, one rank privately, you think, that this way we want reaching one rank, but isTo tell the truth already the result of free it has come out as for Nagasu which and, me rubs and has known the [u] [u] [tsu] which is comprehensive seven rank, free of tomorrow, [kimuyona] there not to be the Imai [chi] pleasure how how the spectacle where the calling and Asada win so would like to see also Nagasu which is not thought surpassing the Olympic gold and silver, the commendation stand

    • The figure [ji] [yo] it does,
      Very, however it is the abrupt figure fan, fog beam tomorrow, already today, it probably is the true middle [yona] pleasure, but it is not, however of course, it is the entire pleasure! With sp you are impressed to the triple accelerator in true middle, perfection of the [kimuyona] player is too beautiful, that you thought, it is enormous and “the first [tsu] [te] in history” you call both taking, the [te], how it is dramatic! The mask of the glass you remember…So passing, being compared, the [ho] it is with being serious, the shank, it is great, the [ho] it is with, because after all the gold medal however we want taking, me likes also the [kimuyona] player on true middle, both being best, we want calling…We want saying! The [ma] ~ you say easily is, don't you think? don't you think? the [ho] it is with, we fear also the [roshietsuto] player and! Now doing with cm, when the [ru], being small, mini- true middle, it is too lovely, size just it is different! But that and smilingly “we want the gold medal, the hitting that is”, the tremendous great impression, the [ma] of that interview gentleness, forward, in humbleness and becomes so with the tear the [wa]… whichHow, it is less crowded, it is less crowded, you probably are brought up! Be too great, observing to also the Nagasu future player whom the [wa] lastly it slides, it increases, sp splendid end fearfully and, is, it is digression, but that you thought whether too recently the ear it cleaned, today, finally the tympanic membrane came off, something, it was enormous

    • Figure world championship woman
      Because today, in order with work the worldwide figure woman from 7 o'clock there is no view [re] with the television temporarily true middle [kimuyona] check picture quality being bad, for regrettable true middle always sort to stabilize with youtube, it was visible, however first animated picture of the Nagasu future player who is questioned with your sp2 rank [me] is not found and is not compared and it is the place where [te] regrettable well, you compare and only opinion of my subjectivity it comes out, don't you think? when the [kimuyona] [do] - being Vancouver which is done, unless the adjustment which is not performance of the Kin medalist who decorates the overwhelming victory that much the bloom is not visible goes well somehow there is a reason, however probably will be, the participation player of the worldwide figure woman almost VancouverWith the same member condition is everyone simultaneous, by all means, being free, if you think of the overwhelming victory in Vancouver which we want persevering the [a] which probably is not the meaning which it cannot make under any condition she, it can persevere in player everyone who participates of course and - with cheers from the Japanese nook

    • Result of world championship!
      While soul [raji] hearing, as for Yuuzi who looks at the woman figure with Internet broadcast and has done to hear as for the radio, the left ear and the eye pc the busy [a] (laughing) with true middle which is the result, celebration! Gold medal [tsu]!!!!! The ~ [tsu] which is questioned with the [me]!!!!! So just a little agreement not going as for that, although jump the [kimuyona] player who fails the thing true middle whose score is higher than true middle was perfect performance, why why??? It is to think that direction in true middle, was much splendid workmanship, in the amateur eye, but… the perfect player saying score lower than the player who fails, what? Because with the true middle which is thought is supported, whether so it just is visible,…? However in the short circuit program it was 1 rank, with free to invert Nagasu future, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is the [ri] doing, because even with result 7 rank, it becomes the so low point with it was the performance which is not thought, agreement the future which does not go, when score appears, looks down markedly in lowness of that score and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te]… score probably is not thought does not extend with so and, it was the shock, probably will be the judge of the figure, thinks that the various elements are included, and, the [do] amateur I that this saying even how, it does not become perhaps and, the interpretation which you are wrongHowever… and true middle, score it was possible being little to extend more, it is the [ma] which is thought as the kana which is not, with, the tomorrow which temporarily, true middle, is questioned with your victory [me], it was not, today ([burogu] of the [tsu] lever it is not seen to the better [ya] which may become true middle 1 colors, however the [ro] which is - laughing) you say with [tsu] coming soul [rajiendeingu] the way, as for the figure already the result understood and, with Internet broadcast to see, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is the empty, videotaping, because you look at Riyuuma transmission properly in real time, to the thing which is seen, don't you think?

    • Than the competition, say, an interesting
      However yesterday, at woman [huigia] you look it is casually, don't you think? however it slid (it is the Nagasu future player of the American representation which) truly casually lastly, oh performance how was not well and the shank after ending with the [te], while waiting for grade, you looked at the place, the coach of rear was visible in the grandfather of the future player and passed and that thing most remained in impression,… excitation it cooled down and the grandchild and the worry which do not stop the grandfather seeing, it was funny not to have strange feeling, (the ⌒ ⌒) The carelessness powerful enemy you became tired, - - - - the [a] we went out go at last how the [tsu] driver, the [a] - - - - it is

    • Mao-chan story.
      Vvvv something which is the [yu] temporary with [burogu] of the section chief true middle becoming story, because the [ru] inside - with thinking, you try writing, don't you think? the figure which seems it was enormous the [u] it is seeing, it increased, with [wansegu] but; ; Without being able there to be [yona], the shank 150 [tsu] [te]; ; However also true middle has persevered, in that score… So, don't you think? there was an out of order time in spite 200 point exceeding & the silver medal as for coming off it is enormous, with in the superior player vexatiously so was; ; With seeing, the [te] as for the [yu] temporary degree of expectation which is thought true middle > Akiko Suzuki >> you see and start and believing, that also Akiko Suzuki who is the [i] with the good following Olympics the true middle gold medal takes the Nagasu future of the parenthesis good vvv later with the persevering ♪ which it increases with the [wa] [wa] vvv mail bundle check! The other free mail and the provider mail the mail as for the one which we would like to lump together and check, this

    • Half
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    • Times have changed ...
      Don't you think? it rose with woman [huigiasuketo], the ~ seeing, you thought, but it is Itoh green as for time of participation, the Japanese [tsu] [te] distantly the rear end which is said and being thick even thickly, the hand and foot being long, as for the white player where the face is small like the fairy however it was visible, now, [kimu] [yona] and Asada true middle being very much slender, as for especially [kimu] [yona] the ~ white player where the hand and foot is visible long two arms and the shoulder being large,…The seed to which also system of the oriental changes of course my system Itoh green there is no just ~ green love ~ somatotype and the [te] being surprised extending and Nagasu future [tsu] [ge] which is done - height the [te], furthermore [tsu] [ge] which is done - becoming good the [ru] (this time it is not excessively observed with something, it is probably will be…Although the [tsu] [te] certainly it is the Japanese, it comes out in the American representation and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is empty kana, it is small Japan! Being in Japan, because it is not accustomed to representation, in [tsu] [te] America it became representation, it is, don't you think?? By mistake there is no the selection! ) Temporarily everyone tired way, the ~ going to bed slowly, the [chi] [yo

    • High!
      Woman [huigiasuketo], the Asada player who is risen doing best performance, on that in addition to that of performance of the [kimu] [yona] player who goes [reichieru] flat, Nagasu future and [jiyoani] [roshietsuto], the high level to which also the Ando beauty princess each player has put out characteristic the tomorrow which is the dispute, as for [kimu] [yona] Japanese time 26th 1:21 PM, as for Asada 1:29 it is gliding schedule from

    • Bank holidays female figure
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    • Olympic figure skating down height. . .
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    • u0026quot;Figures Olympicsu0026quot; silver Asada, Ando 5 victory Jonah Rank
      25 days of the Vancouver winter Olympic 14th day (26th of Japanese time), free of the figure skating woman was done, Asada true middle (19) = Nakagyo large = acquired the silver medal in the total 205.50 points

    • City high school graduation. And, regardless of politics and sports?
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    • Skating
      Don't you think? it was the Vancouver Olympics cute, the boy figure woman figure it was very good, is! Seeing, [te] Ur Ur as for the Takahashi Daisuke player Oda trust forming player Kozuka Takahiko player Takahashi player of the boy who comes the copper medal! You question with the [me], it is! Also the Kozuka player, decided 4 revolutions! The [ge] [e] which it does! The Oda player came the shoes string being cut off, however just a little it was regrettable, interviewing with everyone smiling face, being the [te] relieved, the Ur Ur while and being at the woman Asada true middle player Ando beauty princess player Suzuki Akiko player company, observing with [wansegu], the Suzuki Akiko player whom it increases, being itchy to the one which you see, don't you think? also the Ando beauty princess player who is [dokidoki] was clean that when you say - there are 1 only photographs with w something,…Because there was no photograph which I like w and the Asada true middle player who are it is splendid! The triple accelerator being free, it decides also 2 times, the [chi] [ya] [u] how! As for little mistake something there being deep emotion deep ones even with the commendation ceremony which becomes the highest Olympic appreciation meeting as I of those which are…You see it is with sport news of the night, but the [kimuyona] player is enormous after all! At the point true middle properly the [yona] player to hold how it was dangerous…Also the [roshietsuto] player was cute! The dying/fleeing [ku] you doing the mother, receiving the shock, it probably is the [ru], you received such a splendid performance vigor! But even in interview after the ending with everyone smiling face ww me smiling face w, this time most may wail the scene which becomes…There being Suzuki Akiko player various hardships, after being done rather, the Olympics we want aiming about 1 times in tear that after the performance ending, is! After the place where it leaves becomes just [ekishibijiyon] and it is the better seed [kimuyona] player Nagasu future player Takahashi Daisuke player everyone smiling face, it is quick like! Like! Only the player thank you for enjoying anyhow! And, having the photograph selfishly from the sight of the Olympics please permit w

    • Congratulations Mao-chan. Is valuable silver.
      Or less of silver 3 rank in gold Asada true middle of gold [yona] was who, in the way of reporting like whether there is no relationship of, the neck [roshietsuto] of 3 rank which tilts (local Canada), immediately before competition starts, the Nagasu future (16 years old) 4th rank which participated in the American representation with the Japanese-American both nationalities which in the disappointment that in the copper medal shine on the 21st, the mother who comes to the stage of clearing up with two human tripods, is lost in the heart seizure, beauty Princess Ando 5th rank, Akiko Suzuki of first participation Japan which participated in 8th rank figure competitionAgain you question with the [me] where man and woman 6 player everyone wins, “there is a meaning in participating” and are not and “is a meaning in winning, the Olympic fever which that has become the gold” is strange, but there it is everything of the result to which commercialism has brought, “the letter of [he] of peace and the letter of the mosquito of nuclear extinction and the letter of [hi] of the bombing victim it is nil”, trying, that Akiba Hiroshima, Tagami Nagasaki both mayors will produce, it ended the dance on the silver board it should be conscious of the fact that you do not become either the clown, butIt cannot win the humorous competition, curling with funny any competition and also, there is a tear in the result, sense of appreciation to all people the around entered effort and the hardship which are piled up, including the relative and blended, in order not to be able to express, complicated, being natural, clearly and others the world's largest event itself which probably is the kana tear is the place of Kunitake exaltation after all, is color of the medal, it cannot escape easily from the actuality which is induced to reporting

    • Color does not matter
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    • There is nothing to be ashamed
      Therefore figure skating Japanese man and woman everyone winning a prize what two person among those took the medal, therefore it is, when it is plugged and there is a group game Japan the complete victory [tsu] [te] is to say, very Japan figure skating kingdom [tsu] lever Toda in the habit which either [purushienko] of the boy does not fly through 4 revolutions [raizachieku] is higher with something, however it is even it is gotten angry, although Asada true middle the triple accelerator does even with the woman, you found with comment the [tsu] [te] large quantity of “painful news”, with the comment of youtube with the point Asada true middle flying through 4 revolutions entirely, win the medium [tsu] passing, there is no triple accelerator which is written [te] 4 revolutionTherefore the amateur of the grade standard [tsu] [te] of laughing figure skating it is not understood, but it is, when you want to see, as for Japan it is not defeated to Korea, the mother where with the Olympics Asada [kimu] the gold medal just was Nagasu future of Nikkei score of [roshietsuto] of 4 rank later the too high to be [tsu] [te] is written accidentally with the silver medal dying, therefore host national representation even with the soccer and the foam/home [bi] finishing to be with the baseball, it is, it is, don't you think? if after all it was not, Korea in the world cup how did not reach 4 rank, therefore it is, [kimuyona] [tsu] [te] is enormous nevertheless, don't you think? it is! But like the Korean typical two people it is most one person like rubbing, it probably is pressure, answering to expectation, the gold medal taking [tsu] [chi] [ya] bore is the South Korean “the [munida] [tsu] [te] which wins Japan” rejoicing, the [ru] face floats, “the result of figure skating you saw promptly even in the friend?”The [tsu] [te] it was said, [kimuyona] saying lovelier than Asada true middle, it was said, neither is my type, but it is, the many South Korean knowing, from the point of view of [ru] we as for [kimuyona] [tsu] [te] you think that just it is the South Korean face, don't you think? in the one shot the South Korean [tsu] [te] the [tsu] [te] which knows whether how you say, in umbrella Korea which is said the younger sister [tsu] [te] of the citizen treatment like of the level which is said when you refer to Japan,…Handling of the Asada true middle level which probably is who saying, whether it means especially the laughing persevering Japanese figure: d

    • The two Olympic Winter Games
      First, Asada true middle, the ~ where the medal is good being able to come off! [dokidoki] it did and the [chi] [ya] was

    • Vancouver Olympic Games (Free Women)

    • Female figure war
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    • Look at the performance of incorporation per invective-free women [Note]
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    • Vancouver free women, had neglected to watch it work.
      Well don't you think? is quick, [huigiyuasuketo] woman single free, enormous [kimu] [yona] another, in the preponderant amateur eye the place where mistake it seems the thing Asada bee [yo] [bi] [tsu] and the mistake [tsu] [te] which in what are not being regrettable, to put away, with synthesis as for 200 point exceeding, as for indeed enormous [roshietsuto] however only free it is seen, “the [wa], true middle [yabai] whether?”If with really just free you think, score it has exceeded to do, last Nagasu future, the [tsu] which is done it seems being, the shank still 16 years old or the [a] it extends more, don't you think? it is probably will be, don't you think? the ~ and, -, you call also ranking and the angular arm and… with say, or such a thing there is no qualification which you can comment in me, is, indeed, it was pleasant, is

    • Cairo
      That the right one half of the body is languid strangely from 4,5 days ago and the joint of the cog is painful, already how and like this being harsh, the [a] which goes to Cairo after a long time, chiropractic after looking at figure skating, (Nagasu future score was good going however it was not seen however) the [ma] - the [ma] - you have gone out with feeling, - with this which is saved earth day, when before this you think that the [wa] [ho] which feeling can be passed to be good is with, engaging became good, the head of [huu] strikes to my cog, the kana which slips? The [ho] it is in the [ma] “the carious tooth?”About the [tsu] [te], the eddy it is, don't you think? don't you think? the figure well, according to expectation and, assuming, that perhaps, true middle slid perfectly, those which you think that it could not pull out [kimuyona], still it is young, it is to put out, aiming toward the next, all the way there is a charm in true middle on the true middle which, we want persevering after it is and the empty - by the way, in performance of the Suzuki Akiko player the impression the child who cries bearing, it is emotional

    • Figia women (Iu0026#39;ll spoiler!)
      [kimuyona]…To be too enormous the [ro] which is!! Being free, 150 points even at thing or the total which was seen 228 points…However monster ww if you see, complaint you will attach, but however the skating which also the too perfect to be better seed true middle which is not good it has done don't you think? because [kimuyona] before the [e] that score it put out just a little to do, because, as for the [zu] leprosy feeling as for 205 points in that you think that it was, enormous this time [kimuyona] to be too enormous did the slide whose two monsters where also the triple accelerator of the better seed [ge] and true middle is enormous is perfect now the conference does as level is very high, the superior 3 people who are thought exceeding, 200 points the [ru] and the Nagasu future of America as much as 4 rank is enormous in 190 points, don't you think? Ando 5 rankYou question with the [me]* This time you question to [kimuyona] gently with the [me], don't you think? is and you question also true middle with your silver medal [me], (the *^▽^)/still the tide which 4 years later 8 years later, and also 12 years later is working hard mutually in two people, after all, the rival which wants persevering, is being important, the shank

    • Mao-chan, shame!
      The tear in true middle you weep, regret from heart is transmitted and collects materials also seed NHK is with that timing! Pitiful thing does, the [tsu] [te] everyone who is felt how thought, you receive with the feeling where I have become simultaneous and the truth which cried you are vexatious, don't you think? probably will be, the triple accelerator of desire succeeds also 2! Now if it goes with no mistake, somehow, in the outrageous place where, with you thought there to be a hole we fear better seed one-shot game regrettable is it did not escape with the shank or true middle to competition with being defeated which probably is the thing where [kimuyona] of the success of plan was on one, because, and ending comment after “it is vexatious”, that this feeling which recognizes being defeated honestly, the kit which you think that it is very important thing, the potato which game with [kimuyona] saw once more 4 years later which probably are to become the big spring which is directed next if shank [kimuyona] does not retire, it is story, but the other player and AndoThe Suzuki player was not the highest performance, probably will be or, because you were impressed to also the performance two they are the players who respectively suffer hardship, don't you think? the player whom you think that was splendid and is I am most enormous is 16 years old which are the Nagasu future player of America it is the player who takes the American nationality with the Japanese whom you feel that it is the largest hope which bears the role of gold medal candidacy after the shank 4 year with the enormous player where as for jump, and the performance where [merihari] is effective force of the extent which overwhelms the superior player was felt, but if it is in Japan, [na], with just a little the regrettable air does being, as for me you support,Being the case that, with you say Nagasu player who has become the feeling which wants, future it is regrettable the Olympics or for the gold medal one person not to be in substantial end better seed Japan, but everyone as for the Olympics which are made bright feeling that it was good occurrence are not to be able to contribute to the world peace which is thought even a little probably will be or, ('- the ^*)/cheer group of the forest of harmony ease

    • Skating exhibition live!
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    • (Holiday)
      Asada true middle 2 rank!! Nagasu future 4 rank!! Ando beauty princess 5 rank!! Suzuki Akiko 8 rank!! You question with your everyone winning a prize [me], don't you think? \ (the ^▽^)/[kimuyona] was boy like score, [e] ~ [sugo] it is! Don't you think? also [roshietsuto] where the mother dies suddenly the copper medal was good* However expression in true middle it is dark, however silver medal [tsu] [te] [sugo] to be,…The [a], crying it is and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is (the ' Ω `)

    • Asians dominated the womenu0026#39;s figure skating
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    • Women Figia results
      [kimuyona] it does strongly! Gold medal acquisition Asada true middle, being free with woman [huigia] worldwide highest score, that mistake of 2 places… this person, you think is vexatious even then is the nice silver medal the [roshietsuto] player of the copper medal which, the dying/fleeing [ku] you doing the mother immediately before the Olympics, you think that it was harsh, but is splendid performance with the Japanese player who, the Ando beauty princess player 5 rank, the Suzuki Akiko player 8 rank wins with the Japanese who as for the Nagasu future player of the American nationality is 4 rank boost of the Vancouver resident in Canadian Korean people, that power of the [kimu] player, you think it became being, the Japanese [huigia] position participated the player who all winning a prizeEveryone of the player who takes the medal which feels the thickness of layer and the player who wins you question truly with the [me], it is

    • Female figure ☆
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    • February ♯ 26
      As the woman figure, thought, don't you think? it did not move from the ranking of the short circuit program and don't you think? it was the decision where just strength of [kimuyona] is conspicuous, accuracy of performance and the kind of skill which flow, beauty, which very the beautiful enemy, as for the true middle which is admirable having won assuming, that only the triple accelerator did not fail, the future when you think that it could not win, very it probably is serious to keep shortening this difference, privately as for the Japanese who nevertheless is different from the body shape of time of Itoh where the Nagasu future of 16 years old is the pleasure green at all it became style good -

    • Chuck
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    • Mao Vancouver Special Olympics, silver in tears u0026amp; Jonah, gold highlight
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    • Battle.
      The first money medal coming out already immediately in shank Japan!? The gold 妍 child who with sp where the true middle player or the [yona] player, or… at the time of woman figure free decisive battle where is the shopping framework woman free of the [ge] beauty care liquid detective Tokyo Vancouver winter Olympic figure skating which it waits 25 days (26th of Japanese time), the short circuit program which starts (sp) Asada true middle of 2 rank (in the Nakagyo large) last group 22nd glides in, challenges to 2 conference continual gold medal acquisition of the Japanese party stands in the premier position ([kimu] [yona], Korea), [jiyoani] [roshietsuto] of 21st, sp3 rank immediately before the Asada (Canada) 23rdThe other Japanese party which becomes appearance of the eye, beauty Princess Ando of sp4 rank (the Toyota Motor Corporation) Akiko Suzuki of 20th, sp11 rank (the 邦 harmony sport land) the Nagasu future which participates with 14th Japanese-American both nationalities, as the American representation entire last 24th gliding

    • Was great!
      The persevering of woman figure everyone did and did and the [hi] the [hi] with the true middle triple accelerator great success which is transmitted was splendid! Loving fully from now on, ardently it is not, the ardently doing love which is not, the commendation being stand of 4 year later middle, the Suzuki Akiko thinking which you think that [mikitei] which it increases in the smiling face pleasure just “Cleopatra of [mikitei]” the world of [mikitei] which is it was expressed freely it overflows, [kimu] [yona] where in the kind of smiling face which is splendid and you performed were impressed it can repel everyone had become happy Nagasu future which feels the pressure of the Olympics again you looked at performance for the first time in the tear which is let flow after the performing which is perfect, but every player who is very attractive was everyone cute performance and although it is the expectation which has been supported, the kind of air where [watashi] can receive power converselyIt seemed the tired way truly is done, thank you!

    • Women figure FS
      The Asada true middle player, you question with your silver medal [me], it is it follows to the boy whom and the Ando beauty princess player and the Suzuki Akiko player, you question is with your winning a prize [me] and it thinks that it was the highest also every one of the woman perseveres splendid result but it seemed the tired way, 悔 [chi] [i]! 悔 [chi] [i]! 悔 [chi] [i]! After achieving the great achievement, 3a2 time, true middle which does the mistake which hooks the edge, we wanted being able to slip with no mistake,… the [o] - the God way the not going! Inversion the [ho] whose it is vexatious excessively not to be, it is with it is vexatious! You received unintentionally and cried and crying were and at the time of the Oda player who the [chi] [ya] is similar, you could think the interviewer in the ogre, but (laughing) it is the extent which you can think as for [kimu] [yona] truly the shank that as for the score which is not possible somewhat that mental strength at one time [mishieru] [kuwan] being called mistake perfect in 19 years old as another, it increased, with forcing, but that very [kimu] [yona] it is suitable, being, after all, because it is vexatious, because if [yake] you eat the burning which wants (laughing) as for [mikitei] short circuit free together showed the unique world, as for not being appraised excessively condition of the jump which is thought dissatisfied already is a little good,…With also the Suzuki player who is regrettable being splendid, with shank [e] beautiful performance, 8 rank the large reversal her seeing the step which answers when even the mistake favorite of that short circuit it was not, when you think, that more it was higher rank, after all just a little is vexatious from short 11 rank, (laughing) so performance such in a true middle ended, the Nagasu future her smiling face which appears in the place where it is absentmindedness state pleasantly the [ge] the rescuing [wa] it is it is thinking in skating, well with the shade of that beautiful performance, [mikitei] the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is in these Olympics of [kedo] which is, the future fan increased to 5 rankThe kana which you are not wrong (the ^^) future is the American player, but also the parents are the Japanese, when so, with it becomes, also 4 person in the superior 8 people being the case that the Japanese is, when the shank furthermore you think in Asia, including also [kimu] [yona], if 5 human this to a little before, by the fact that you cannot think, as a figure fan you thought that it is very happy thing,

    • ー unfair
      Performance of woman [huigiyuasuketokimu] [yona] too perfection to be already! That child it is strange! In such a pressure why such perfect performance probably is possible, don't you think? also Asada true middle was enormous, [toripuruakuseru] was decided well, but it is, mistake coming out at the place, after that trembling, it could not ride very well, with, with something goe of the triple accelerator (the score which can be received with workmanship) is low appraised, it is probably will be, but it is to be possible, even when to be appraised more, whether well even then it does not serve to [kimu] [yona], result gold [kimu] [yona] silver Asada true middle copper [jiyoani] [roshietsuto] (Canada) 4 rank Nagasu future (America) Akiko 8 rank Suzuki beauty Princess 5 rank Ando

    • Figure skating.
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    • Figures! !
      As for the person who does the after all splendid performance where the Olympics after probably rubbing, a little today was visible looking at figure woman free the [kimu] [yona] player whom it increases, [sugo] you applied at the home with even with the scene where shank successive highest score tremendously pressure catches concentrating, and in order most pleasantly so to perform, expression different/now also shank true middle exceeds and is, with the woman player first 3 triple accelerator 200 points this [sugo] and it is thing although, even then perfect performance to without being vexatiously the [ru] form certainly still growing, it probably is to charm the performance which is better and, getting over sorrow, it stood in linkWhen Nagasu future player of 16 years old where you participated the Canadian [roshietsuto] player, as the American representation and nest clear it seems, with the shank Suzuki Akiko player, [mikitei] winning, as for the Japanese player also the man and woman everyone winning a prize [sugo] to be, Japan!!!

    • Skating 2
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    • Silver is the best!
      The noon of the Japanese archipelago drinking the saliva hard,… you prayed, observed! 2&5&8 rank, the woman also 3 people winning a prize how - are enormous heroic deed! So the [tsu] where [a] - kim chee power was and is extraordinary the [ya] - is vexatious after all! Above, it was the silver team of the pad Nagasu future ([naka] ゙ [sumirai]) of the American representation thing of the player… Tiyousiyuu power ([chiyoushiyuuriki]) being the daughter -? by father phosphorus

    • Mufufu feeling ♪ ♪
      Today weather is good and there is also warm and refreshing air and… perfect laundry day harmony the [hu] ~ [u] laundry favorite [tsu] child I [muhuhu] am feeling, it is with special care holiday, but after basically as for Japan and China indoor group as for the day of such a cheerfulness of [watakushi] rather than going outside, as for going out from the night when it means that the one which is washed is happy (laughing) extending through the dawn however we love, don't you think? stopping night shift, the human to seem Japan and China it reaching the point where it works, just that it becomes without either going out favorite in night to the just a little dissatisfied being however as for day of day off the favorite ~Because the laundry is possible, being the case that, it increases as it does well and today while looking at the figure, is the laundry, - today you looked at the performance of the [a] and my Nagasu future player for the first time, it is, but the [tsu] where the slide does to be, being clean, because the shank body is soft, however also the [tsu] extremely clean was foot which position does clean (laughing) <- it is [otsusan] of somewhere, as for the figure woman as for the slide of course is, but therefore especially we like the clean player of the foot, the favorite there is no Ando beauty princess player, however it is, don't you think? like the body builder it probably will thickly rub in the face of the Egypt type, it is, you are not attracted, (laughing)

    • Free women finished
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    • Over ~!
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    • Asada silver!
      <The Olympic figure > Asada the silver medal, the Ando 5 rank [yona] victory short program (sp) Asada true middle of 2 rank (lists the Nakagyo large) 131.72 points, the gold 妍 child of the sp premier position which acquires the silver medal in the total 205.50 points ([kimu] [yona], Korea) marks the high score of 150.06 points, 1 where beauty Princess Ando of the sp4 rank which acquires the gold medal in the total 228.56 points (the Toyota Motor Corporation) Akiko Suzuki of 5 rank sp11 rank (the 邦 harmony sport land) marks the self highest total 181.44 points in the total 188.86 points and wins in 8 rankThe figure skating Vancouver Olympic complete guide who is rank [kimu] [yona] Korean 228.56 2 rank Asada true middle Japanese 205.50 3 rank [jiyoani] [roshietsutokanada] 202.64 4 rank Nagasu future American 190.15 5 rank Ando beauty princess Japanese 188.868 rank Suzuki Akiko Japanese 181.44 Japanese 4 everyone winning a prize (the Shin playing building mook)/the author unclear ¥1,200 amazon.co.jp figure skating Vancouver Olympics/author unclear ¥1,200 amazon.co.jp nevertheless… “the jinx of the clothes where the Olympic woman figure is blue” this time (<- the [ho] ゚ [chi] [tsu] asks) (<- [ho] ゚ [chitsu] asks distantly distantly) to [burogu] top of mai the ## will not ([hu] ゙ [roku] ゙ run kink 100 pollBy way of)

    • Kimu・Yona well done! Mao-chan is the pride of Japan even when they lose!
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    • Difficult
      Although Nagasu future it was still young image, the [wa] which is the feeling which is possible to grow privately [roshietsuto] when good future nationality deciding, although it should have made Japan, the [wa] [a] 4 rank [tsu] [te] you do it is! Don't you think? the [tsu] [te] or ranking it was decided, the ~ [u] is according to expectation [kimu] [yona] gold true middle the silver truth. However it was regrettable, true middle which is questioned with the [me] which you think that also there just was a medal with the [wa] which you think that this is capability of the present term, it is good

    • Good job!
      True middle silver medal*!! So it is enormous, ~ ゚. (p>∧ true middle it is lovely ' the ♪ and the [yu] whose `Nagasu future is clean*

    • Vancouver Olympic ⑩
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    • Mirai Nagasu
      True middle the Kin which is regrettable the gold medal which is perfect (v_v) you question with the [me], (^o^)/coach and h whose also [mikitei] is regrettable it does too much the shelf? With Nagasu future [sochi] of last gliding ε= where the face which the medal it may take is funny (>ε when seeing, the laughing [tsu] [chi] [a] which has been similar to the horsefly it is, (no ゚ o ゚) the no

    • [± Ò ° Ê ¸ Ëß] watch womenu0026#39;s figure skating
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    • Womenu0026#39;s singles free skating
      * Woman single last ranking 1 rank [kimu] [yona] Korean 228.56 2 rank Asada true middle Japanese 205.50 3 rank [jiyoani] [roshietsutokanada] 202.644 rank Nagasu future American 190.15 5 rank Ando beauty princess Japanese 188.86 6 rank [raura] [repisutohuinrando] 187.97 7 rank [reichieru] [huratsutoamerika] 182.49 8 rank Suzuki Akiko Japanese 181.449 rank [ariyona] [reonowaroshia] 172.46 10 rank ksenia makarova Russian 171.91 11 rank [kira] [korupihuinrando] 161.57 12 rank sincere [huanuhukanada] 156.62 13 rank [kaku] [minjiyon] Korean 155.53 14 rank [erene] [gedebanishibirigurujia] 155.24 15 rank plate [maiasuisu] 152.81 16 rank [karorina] [kosutonaitaria] 151.90 17 rank [shiebeshiyuchien] [yuriahangari] 151.26 18 rank plate [hetsukendoitsu] 143.94 19 rank Liu gloss China 143.47 20 rank cheltzie lee Australian 138.16 21 rank [erena] [gurebowaesutonia] 134.19 22 rank sonia lafuente Spanish 133.51 23 rank [anasutashia] [gimazetojinowauzubekisutan] 131.65 24 rank [touba] [karademirutoruko] 129.54

    • Womenu0026#39;s figure skating, winning the last of the final adjustment.
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    • Skating
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    • Women SP
      The woman short program, it ended! True middle, triple accelerator it succeeded, also the ~ new clothes from before having been clear, from the middle which you think that it was good, the smiling face from heart yes was lovely, because [kimuyona] which is satisfaction to be possible is however well just a little it is hateful, because in the good program, also 3 revolution jumps were decided, we would like to show the arm or clearly to extend, the [me] [ri] competing, the ~ skillful potato it is as for [roshietsuto] which is without of being the misfortune shock, the mother sudden death 2 days ago expectation there is no, but the ogre air the possibility of becoming the performance which is approached to the mother being the slide where or sliding together?… To see in 3 rank which is good skating to start, in investigation related to nursing which is attached to 4 rank, passing exactly, because it could not see, however the satisfaction which you see from now on it is possible and is not, persevering well not to dishearten in the lottery luck, last gliding, because Akiko Suzuki whom it increases and there is 11 rank jump mistake, when it is level of the world, it falls to here and the [chi] [ya] bears and, her seems even with the shank being able to show it was! It is the skater who is cute program and charm don't you think? in the tune of Nagasu future of 6 rank riding, ~ [pairetsu] of [karibian] which is charming, when with the clothes which black and the gold will be clear, tempo to be good it becomes rise, the nosebleed having come out,… Because the enormous face it had done with last spin, the nosebleed appears in that time and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is kana? 5 rank, [reichieru] flat 7 rank, [kosutona] 8 rank, [reonowa] 9 rank, [gedebanishibiri] 10 rank and [repisuto] 9 rank 10 rank are good was possible enormously and were visible degree of hardness of jump you probably will stoop, it is different kana… Directly sitting down, seeing, because it was the circumstance which does not enter the ~ passing, if you see, the ranking [tsu] [te] generally agreement it goes, however it is, don't you think? 12 rank, [makarowa] 13 rank, [sebesuchien] 14 rank, [huanuhu] 15 rank, Mayer 16 rank, [kaku] 17 rank and [korupi] 18 rank, after [ri] and the ~ much you revise

    • Womenu0026#39;s figure skating SP.
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    • More power to single-mindedly
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    • Women Short Figiasuketo.
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