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    • Japanese Letter
      The up-to-date pack of amusement king The box it did to buy! As though it is proper< [toraigon]> You inserted in the hand! In addition whether [guradeiusushirizu] which is decorated on my desk 賑 and the card which is conspicuous in the ze remaining other things which become <[inhuerunitei] death dragon>Hit finally!!! Because my large satisfactory www ultra rare or the [aruteimetsuto] [tsu] [te] it was written, it does not hit, probably will be, (hitting, now then it probably is bfd) with, when it tries opening the cover, (д) ゚ ゚ “[kiyoe] -!” [kita] & MARU ゚ *:. . .: * MARU (n ゚ ∀ ゚) Η ゚ *:. . .: * MARU ゚ * -!!!!! Me, amusement king buying, the lever it is no tension perhaps, that it rises for the first time, well, is the good seller searched?(

    • In play word of the being defeated dog, there is no truth [wa]!!! *
      Without using [jiemunaitoinhuerunitei] and hero, but it keeps persevering, the deck is the [demisugaia] e-hero six military affairs group of people is from the [wa] from in would like to decide

    • constant obstacle
      * However the non subject [inhueruniteidetsukimonsuta] (15) daemon 3 beetle 3 mirage 2 [nekuromansa] 2 [gurehua] 2 [samopurikiyariakuritsuta] magical (21) cancer/gun 3 cancellation 2 newly rich 2 stopping/deciding shooting 2 offering 2 hurricane stormy [saiku] cold wave name inference [monge] 141 mining reinforcement [ro] burying trap (4) touching 2 [inhueruno] 2 total 40 by your you tried making from the poult platform, don't you think? something as for handle this which the strange air does long separation being too favorite playing, living, [ru] is harsh

    • This day started going to the conference!
      japanese means , original meaning

    • [baria]!
      [baria]! Now the net surfing, information of cod overseas preceding [inhueruniteisapoto] going, ahead w foreign country it is long to landing, it is, don't you think? -… However also the Tsubame nest we wanted, as landing gets near, however w which becomes delicate how it is good something which recently fears also the sun blurring sand and dust where [godoba] is the trauma the [tsu] [te], after all the [hurichie] removal stick - the w dual spark which the [tsu] [te] story [tsu] is done 2010.03.24.wed | Amusement king | com: 0 | tb: 0 | top -

    • The varieties you do American edition, don't you think?
      The recording framework of gold series 3 of American edition occasionally has been ascertained, temporarily present it seems clarification amount gold rare << ice bullet using [reisu] >> << the vise dragon >> << [inhuerunitei] daemon >> << the dragon of judgment >> << [raiou] >> << the zombie carrier >> << the bf− [amado] wing >> << the bf− arm wing >> normal << d−hero [deiaboritsukugai] >> << [goburinzonbi] >> << [desuteni] draw >>… well is more luxurious than Japanese gs2010 because the unit cost which is news item is high, it can sell as expected so, whether or not

    • Map your compensation plan inside brain.
      It does to do, teaching to the [yo]! The next range it does to do, among the [yo]! nishisyo' s house!! As for the human detouring, the obtaining which you think that it is something which it keeps remembering? The way back which is the brain interior of a country figure making a mistake, the sidewalk using, excessiveness doing u the [ze] which becomes the setting which turns, [hiyatsuha]! As for the next today [huamiresu] destination the usual that store slowly comfortably 5 hours, with the drinking too much the tired way (= drink bar & soup bar) condition the [wa] [ru] is with the usual 6 people and is summer vacation kana? In American edition gold series 2010 << [inhuerunitei] daemon >> enclosure [kita]! The part to do to make this time when you probably will gather, because as for the [yo] you did not think even in dream, the ── which is e.g., enclosure operation is done,

    • Present conference ♪
      [anderodo], quasi-* Superior* It advanced to the ww semifinal which is not the [wa] in the victory and is, but regrettably (? ) Retreat fortress God ww the partner first hand using the God wwww side well in full, it faced, but >< where it is the semifinal being defeated regrettable! w, it has done the side open stripe shank [raiouraiouraiou] black such feeling of the bribe dimensional confinement dimensional confinement Omiya of the bribe demon shrine of the bribe demon shrine of the g light load [majishiyanrairatsuisutatsuisutatsuisuta] prohibition demon shrine which shines touching was in secret with, present tournament contents 1 game [se] [ro] phosphorus ([anderodo]) vs very (full* Foot) How flesh fell opposition!! w because you do, being thorough, it wins!! As for 1st [anderodo] ○vs satisfactory × 2nd [anderodo] ○vs satisfaction × h ((as for the one time eye to cause the rash act that, very black metamorphosis ([dakugurehua]) 3 it is pulled from the first hand, the overwhelming victory! ww second as for time in the… first hand prohibition!! <[inhueruniteidemon]>Blockading, this and the victory w [hu] [tsu] you think badly very, wwwww 2 game [se] [ro] phosphorus ([anderodo]) vs boy a (dimensional sword fighting) the [mu] [tsu]! You to stretch the rift on the one time eye, suddenly, pinch! With you think and start and… that [re] of one time eye [anderodo] ○vs dimensional sword fighting ×? w Lyra strong www second [anderodo] ○vs dimensional sword fighting × prohibition,<[besutorourii]>It is the partner blockade… anti dimension www with such as bribe not even one time to be defeated so far, but… semifinal semifinal [se] [ro] phosphorus ([anderodo]) the vs machine removal [gajie] one time eye [anderodo] ×vs machine removal [gajie] ○ [ku] [tsu]!! As for second [anderodo] ×vs machine removal [gajie] ○ [gu] [a]!! w side<[raiou]>So it depends on the erasure of [gajie] and the gear frame,The w fortress 2 bodies and the gear frame, unity lines up, 1kill 喰 and others, being this [te] good to here, the shank privately it is satisfactory even with [u] www pressure defeat/miss wwwww, (the *´∀ `)

    • Baton 6%
      > > > > 1: As for the origin of hn? > > You say the dm wolf > > > > > > 2: As for main deck? > > Such just a little without being understood, it does > > > > > > 3: What it is heavy the sleeve? > > 4 heavily is, > > > > > > 4: Monster cards 3 we like teaching > > - [metapo] > > > > > > - Zombie master > > > > > > - [hapiiredei] > > > > > > 5: Magical cards 3 we like teaching > > - Cyclone > > > > > > - [inhueruniteigan] > > > > > > - Training camp > > > > > > 6: Trap cards 3 we like teaching > > - Tank > > > > > > - [sutaro] > > - God declaration > > > > > > 7: As for type favorite of deck? > > > > The head you use it is > > > > 8: Favorite as for race and attribute? > > > > Un debt cold > > > > 9: As for policy to the deck there is something? > > > > You insert and if the [re] [ru] you insert [metapo] > > > > 10: Being familiar, as for the person whom you think that it is [gachi]? > > > > Everyone kana > > > > 11: Being familiar, as for the person who is destiny power? > > > > It is from the [wa] > > > > 12: [deyueru] doing, as for the like person? > > > > > > Various person > > 13: As for privately, now highest hot card? > > > > Uni- call > > > > 14: The rival it enters? > > > > The rival is [chimumeito] > > > > 15: The duel person whom you respect it enters? > > > > > > Being strong, the attitude good person respects > > 16: Such a card we want coming out - > > > > the [hapii] younger sister > > > > 17: It is strange for this card to be limitless! > > > > Plague wolf > > > > 18: This card does, there is no prohibition, the [yo]!? > > > > Killer snake ww > > > > 19: The occurrence which is not forgotten > > > > that > > 20: Hateful memory > > > > that > > > > 21: When it is applied [deyueru] of the darkness? > > > > You think > > > > 22: When really there is [deyueruakademia], you enter? > > > > Going, like > > 23: As for the money which in January uses in amusement king how much? > > > > Disjointed > > 24: For you amusement king? > > > > It is hobby > > 25: In everyone who looks at this one word > > > > certain person “everyone it does not clap [o]” &g

    • It tried thinking of the paradox fusion
      大量的日本當前主題 , Feel free to link

    • Today you overstay in [rivu] and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] want
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Sunday the ♪
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • 100 per it is not defeated
      That you 100 per it is defeated to [gachi] of we friend in the friend however it was said, as for the guarantee and it is somewhere while opposition being made that yet from, such a thing you say you will stop, if - well [inhuerunitei] and demon 轟 God anyhow, per other fan deck, although there is a self-confidence, they are 100 per overstatements, that with as whichever so doing, before having a match from, you think 100% meaning only the person who scolds the result, that it is not understood,

    • 602 present strongest [kadomajikaru] android
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • Angel beat
      [toragoedeiakurisuteia] 3 touching 2 1 courts (41 total) you use the book 1 our body of the light 2 large stormy brainwashing reinforcements month which becomes sentence person 3 [raikou] 3 saint of the soul 3 rhinoceros bird rhagon 2 [raiou] 3 Shine angel 3 [koringunovua] 3 electricity phosphorus 1 honest 2 a [jienekusubadoman] 2 [kadogannatorasutogadeian] 1 red lights which become holy to the shield the deck lastly rather than, even now still a certain quantity it is sloppy and however perhaps, it is visible in the news item deck, if the partner (bf or [inhuerunitei]) to whom the intention light of [gachi] sticks rather from main profitably fighting as for the bird man who is obtained with try fourth [raikou] or the crith tearAfter it hangs, because as for the rose or the trust guardian from Shine special attack electricity phosphorus direct attack the optical angel 3 tuner which comes out of [rikuru] simply that much the month book pin does not rot, when 1 is, pulling, almost, however either 2 do not need, when it can pull, well approximately the kana where is useful when the crith tear or the light where the opportunity which why is struck is many is protected, stopping [sutaro] for the rose, it passes our body, compulsorily the �

    • [tsu] Σ ´Д `time limit nearness! Was)
      Because 2 months which touch to the card after 2 months before this it was bf which nothing has done completely as for the deck of the partner who is 1 victory 1 defeat/miss the [inhuerunitei]… this person saying, “card kingdom reference it made”, that if it increased with [inhuerunitei] in bf and, the [ma] it is the [ma] it makes that truly, unless you must melt, the air does The “Soviet [ra] no [to] maiden no quintuple playing” sold before this finally! (It is slow the [tsu] (; ^ω^) Remembering that you have reserved with that, if you become aware, after selling, that time 4 days are passed with being fixed to the joker 2 which, Thursday goes to taking because the [ru] still, opening also the seal unless increase it is ww you do, it had without being, it does, don't you think? - with [noshi

    • Amusement king English edition official [inhueruniteipureimatsuto] 
      - The [do] amusement king English edition official [inhueruniteipureimatsuto] will not exciting this where the up-to-date play match which is [wanda] comes out just a little [katsukoii] is! But you think that because successful bid price of the overseas auction whose price is high, is starting, but don't you think? with the prompt decision which is 15800 Yen in commodity price you happen to see for about 11000 Yen, if everyone you think that some extent is proper? If comment it can receive, it is the happiness 甚 and the article url which asks may

    • It is ill-smelling in the [re] the [tsu] coming
      * The comment reply 03:02 > plan however it tried uniting lightly with [tsu] coming do, as for demon 轟 God the ten pre- mark the thing easily not to be found, [te] construction became shakily, however laughing very it is not, don't you think? it is not the level which it can keep using with practice - time may be required for adjustment above [inhuerunitei], because is, as for commencement above this if… >endhuransu perhaps the extent which as expected inserts the extra in the side however loading with main probably will be is examined, as for reaching the point where it keeps being used that the shank - circumstance arranging with >heart where you think, it is difficult, whether you are not wrong, the place expelling, the graveyard metaPassing through,…The [tsu] [te] no gradual thing process which is said must be stepped on, because, whether >admjgpt that it has not possessed, becoming so don't you think? because > the extent which becomes the wise man >taiyo as for [garosu] 1, as for [jiein] [raikou] that because commencement of the junior line which you think whether it is possible to be normal construction of 2 or 3, changes the movement of the deck extremely while being perplexity, as for excessive thing whether the one which is not thought it is good that until with the snack laughing soon it reaches becoming outrageous extent care it increases the kind of potential which stands very very in the environmental top w >beast cat type… Saying, it is cat [tsu] [te] restriction, don't you think?? [kuritsuta] and [samopuri] using, finally 3 is if how much regardless non realistic, you use the fact that and, it tries probably to put that on the axis of the deck to the rice tub which you think it may there be one chance, however is, whether there is a power which decides the game whether so, only the equilibrium circumstance delicate air of other things it does, approximately receiving Crowe… >miya where is different from [inhuerunitei], whether being able to move there is no advantage because the [tsu] [te] unless it enters into principle hand less state, it cannot arrive [inhuerunitei] which you think to the synchronizer, when you can stop starting point, in [inhue] which becomes to give turn to the partner in desperate state it supplies simply to that

    • And others be
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • Conference result
      [deyuerumasutazu] “[deyuerurodo] nex” 1 rank: <4c king> 2 rank: <4c king>Considerably, waiting and/or mood becoming [deyuerurodo] some participant has decreased partly due to the after all new term which it increases, but if in addition it is May, the [mirakurubatorukadodasu] “shop battle” 1 rank which increases and probably will be: 2 rank: Because the just person who as expected well enough does good construction where environmentally it is 2 strongly the [tsu] [te] feeling of green beat and purple control, after all it is the [ke] it is being Gaea? Is the [tsu] [te] feeling there is [mirabatorodo] in May which, but like only green and purple the air stripe shank amusement king 1 rank: 2 rank: <[inhuerunitei]>Deciding [inhuerunitei] could not pull the monster and was defeated don't you think? so only this which is the measles shelf it is and is battle spirits “shop battle” 1 rank: 2 rank: Using whatever kind of color, as for the current environment which it can win it is splendid the participant who is one word it is many, the [pokemonkado] “gym which you think that very good state,* Challenge”- Half 1 rank: 2 rank: <[ge] [bo] eddy> - Stun 1 rank: 2 rank: <[bangirasu]>As usual, as for the king gong with large popularity before the shank 2 month the elementary school student who cannot win completely, looking at the deck of the strong person, remembering, imitating, strongly as for the card which is really used with [pokemonkado] which becomes strong being limited well enough, is to the fact that it becomes strong is simply, is, when it is, it is to it goes, because the wall, playing level comes out, it gets over there, whether or not the [re] [ru] being important, the shank

    • The pony stops impossible, cut the hair. Thursday
      The night heaven “although why, the hair was cut, 'the hair it was gone from the various person, that' it is said, it is, but (- ω- `” Misora “don't you think? it probably is wig feeling what, everyone” night heaven “something it is terrible, (- -; Whether” Misora “well, such it is, if so you said, yesterday what kind of card you bought?”The night heaven “well, the result the varieties and today just a little doing such a to feel”, area 縛 God chacu challhua [inhuerunitei] guardian ×2 [inhuerunitei] [dowahu] (alias: Don't you think? farmer of the unlimited hell) 鷹 [ravuarubaru] dragon Misora who flies through chain exclusion ×2 urgent alignment cease fire agreement causal cutting wave motion dragon horseman [doragoekuitesuhuremuberu] [urukisasuburatsukuhueza] [doragonseivua] demon dragon crimson lotus zone “you bought well enough, (- -; ” Night heaven “shelf (- -; ” Misora “the [te] or the [do] just it is it strengthens is”, the night heaven “but it strengthens actually only water attribute [inhuerunitei] [andetsudo]” Misora “obtaining, so being?”Night heaven “[u] is well, as for strengthening condition as follows” the various synchronizer monsters and the like addition ex presently to add 12 necessary traps to water attribute, to old water attribute in [inhuerunitei] which keeps getting near guardian [dowahu] alignment as for additional un dead from the area 縛 God giant area 縛. In the grampus modification, and the giant to [inhuerunitei] it replaced un dead with Misora “something?”“Night heaven when [kokapakuapu] you want to use with [inhuerunitei], when, because you knew that [chiyakuchiyarua] is faced my un to dead,” with Misora “something?”Night heaven “ Therefore if [chiyakuchiyarua] is defense indication, the partner cannot do attack declaration although and it is” Misora “un dead, don't you think? it is lock type what, (- -; ” Don't you think? “the [ro] where the night heaven unexpected characteristic is good being, is (the ^^” Misora “maggot [ya] maggot [ya] the empty it comes out, it does not change to hateful thing (- -; ” “Night heaven well, originally deck destruction efficiency was [omake], but it is, when you become aware, it has become in the axis” Misora “.........(- -; ” The night heaven “well, the bath entering, something the kana which is drawn even with the picture (- -” Misora “entering excessively too long, way you are not dizzy, don't you think?” the night heaven “before being dizzy, it cools with the cold water, -” Misora “......Therefore it becomes the long bath, it is probably will be”

    • New
      Today will not, it is -> the dog night 叉 -> densely, with it videotapes temporarily will not, it is… op it changed, but it is as for we which is when if anything both the favorite shelf, well, first one…It is, your [chi] angel?…Will not, don't you think? is super was lovely the ~ and the dog night 叉 was after all funny [wa] ~ continual animation original story, with, private as for blasts style destruction, most favorite skill kana then it is dense, with…Don't you think? it is good, the kana which it probably will keep seeing from this animation this directly, with you think, if so you say, [kakin] animated picture being renewed, seed end world vs [inhuerunitei]…The movement of end world is fearful, we would like to unite

    • It went, -
      After the secret which result this is grasping mistake almost without you say or, the extent simplicity which makes the w person whom you think as another mistake viewing foolish we want the w relief where simply, we does not need Ur, because it is w which is, [reri] and [demonreri] and God light 2 of the rear in fell we want -, as for rare we want [gasuto] and zero-max, abandoning, hiding the [ru] rather than, that 100 packs we want the friend who is applied being w hollow 5000 Yen however wwwwwwwwwwwww which is proposed well enough, it turned the store which the rice bran [te] is there was a regrettable one regrettable thing -! If 1 only [a] it is w which is the umbrella [a] game which is in time the temporarily, desired card there is [inhueruniteigan] to the wwww conference which is not, please say as for the card which wants we the mixing which is the person above. Don't you think? the goddess picture favorite the [wa] - it is stern, please perseveres with the honesty slide concerning search method, the w delicate person whose w the is more secure pulling out the air, when no time refuse spoon it does, room w

    • When being be tired very, amusement king
      * Intently [inhuerunitei] which yesterday just a little amusement king is done, as for the current we construction perhaps whether the [tsu] it has turned it did not become empty massage practice, however being able to correspond to age it is not, the air which perseveres that appearance makes, * the flow necessary part of the quasi- necessary part however it becomes the playing which is decided mostly, when it comes to the quasi- necessary part, has the possibility of transforming into those which are different by the fact that playing is changed largely from the continuation necessary part of yesterday, furthermore the branch it divides with the part which remains and point in time of the necessary part is temporarily at sub genre to look unless it starts coming out, must solve now as for that [damudo] does not come out in any case well [damudo] singleBecause it pulls with the horseman, but about 8 tenths of reason of case of defeat which with that perhaps about half of the deck even with darkness [mon] accident [ru] we only number field itself throwing [damudo] to the deck where the darkness is not was strange with the [damudo] single horseman, always [damudo] it comes out pull only [damudo] the monster unless, because it becomes, the rhinoceros gong the lower class which thinking is difficult putting first from [damudo], the subordinate interchangeability of the cod emperor it becomes like, when uniqueness it does normally, although the stroke which exceeds the sirocco it is too excellent, don't you think? [karuto] the sirocco which can be ignored is strong? With the current environment which becomes there to be a [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] which lines up, the varieties which the air does writing, as for three one perhaps sinking as for plans 1 improvement plan one the [tsu] it is attached from the fact that the possibility ideal plan temporarily of deteriorating so is high as the directivity to which conception becomes firm generally inside the [ru] or, because being drowsy, the head does not turn [a] today, it probably will cut here, * already becoming tired well enough, with the [ru]* And tomorrow

    • The [a], [deyueru] the [ze] which will be done!
      Essa opiniao , Feel free to link

    • So well today, new pack sale day it is.
      The day [tsu] [te] where we rises early by all means something it is a certain day don't you think? don't you think? with, today was new pack sale day, don't you think? - purpose << the refined frog >> with << the chaos goddess >> [inhuerunitei] which is however it makes once, there are no [gachi] like 1 kills and standard would like to unite in shape [a] it goes to the pack buying now, also the guy who is 4 Tokioki coming - no [i] already it stops immediately, therefore it is, when it is the [ro] which is not necessary to buy after so long a time and is the [u]? [batsukayaro] the fact that it stops still while continuing which is 10 days later is what, because - to that in the March first half it sells away the mostly card in the auction, as for the gold there is no worry!! The [ze] which makes a big hit in speculation with [inhuerunitei] daemon! No [se] 20000 Yen dusting, the [tsu] which buys from the friend and sows it is the empty! With the daemon 30 as for the origin the [ze] which is taken!! The [a] it goes, it goes immediately, don't you think? what you sleep also this foolish guy who is - the postscript [chi] [yo], [inhueruniteigan] this it is it is, the [e] don't you think? [korakonami] enclosure ratio it operates, the [e] whether [kora] proud [konamiehuekuto] motion [kora] it is to act playfully the [korakaosu] goddess it does not hit, [kora] it is cold, [kora] already it returns, don't you think? the postscript beetle of [kora] postscript and this cod don't you think? the [e] mirage this cod the [e] [tsu] [te] [ora] which just is entire what thing! Don't you think? the death gong this cod as for [e] it is still found, but don't you think? even with no rare don't you think? [e] normal this cod [ora] which is [e] [tsu] [te] what thing!! Already, it is the 10th pack, to some extent hit [ora]!! However the liner it is lovely, already it is, don't you think? and others the [e] [ora]!! [ora] which is 4th!! The refined frog hit at least [ora]!!

    • New restriction
      Rhinoceros gong relief is from the semantic [wa] and adoption ratio intense it just becomes high it seems that ......The emperor being easily, don't you think? it is strong, although bf sword fighting strongly so is, because trap use is many, don't you think? it touches and there is also [haibi] and is if dual it can be entwined, if as for [sukidorebaruba] which you think that bad performance it can put out, whether substance it died also, however you thought, [rairoande] is not. [sukidore] having with by way of, somehow, it is in time and, so is not or, as for the w [pami] revival whose [inhuerunitei] how is good and is ......Whether it is possible, as for oppressive honest the place. However quasi- it puts out and how is good, sentence 1. Stopping [ma] viewing because [rairo] and the unpolished rice decreasing however it is saved tremendously, is too safe, large doing, don't you think? there are no either times when you write as for system modification of selection meeting ...... Purchase may swagger, don't you think? is, because (laughing) the [ma], the selection meeting prayer (laughing) irregularities become relief, don't you think? it is to call, w say, only the city, if you compare with the present system which does not come out don't you think? it probably is [mashi] much, on the other hand it became the city disadvantageous, it is it isn't? The place where it goes because there is a advantage which can be chosen so the kana which is not? When the [a] - the [a], it was last year, although - it was w victory ratio 8.5 - 9 percentage course, w (last year 16-2) well, so speaking, don't you think? “someone's entry mistake with something your own id is used become selfishly” fatally, because by your about two times record of the conference which does not have remembering in the body has been attached is a thing, (furthermore 0-1w), “so so it is not” that you cannot say and, the [wa] whose it is fearful there is no to measure or the [tsu] it is the giving, purchase and the like doing awfully, [gachipureiya] which it does in 30-0 (laughing) the way, with that selection meetingWhen it lets escape, but [zamaa] w

    • [reshipi] × [rairo] × young
      After becoming new system [rairouoruhu] 3 Crowe 3 judgment 2 cherubim 2 Lyra 2 [raikou] 2 [garosu] 2 honest 2 [ruminasu] 1 [jiein] 1 thornback phosphorus 1 carrier 1 [gadoganna] 1 [nekurogadona] 1 prophecy person 1 [damudo] 1 gauze 1 plate 1 [torago] 1 [soraeku] 3 avaricious 2 reinforcements 1 temptation 1 reinforcement 1 [saiku] 1 stormy 1 basement 241 new systems, using, because between [ru] [rairo] selection there is no session relationship, to be possible to bleach separately, die this seeing, great thing does not occur because still and however it is harsh, it can fight the fact that temporarily there is no [nekuga], when unreasonable it is not pulled with either the all right whirlwind partner considerably, victory ratio of main game is not done the bad expectation [inhuerunitei] partner yetHowever the empty it is not understood, that it should have stopped with Crowe - therefore as for [garosu] 2 which is thought with related something of favorite dislike to add Lyra or [jiein] with [garosu] 1, the [ruminasu] restriction which you think that private it is desirable [garosu] 2 receiving the benefit of [wa] [garosu] which does not enter even compulsorily, we would like to pull out from the [ru], however it is not, the laughing sword fighting partner perhaps pushes with power of the single unit, but laughing incompletion as pause well as for - with the laughing which is spare time this being similar

    • Even with [reshipi] of [inhuerunitei]…
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • weblog title
      Though it is and the deck of amusement king where the [e] ~ is the ~ is the case that with reverse of arcadia it has been united exclusively, but because the new participation deck increased Sawayama, probably to collect you try Recently [jiesutadetsukihuochiyunredeipawa] tool dragon solar dragon month shadow dragon [seivua] star [doragonseivua] demon dragon bf defense indication please returns the deck vwxyz giant bomber [eareido] dimensional emperor synchronizer power striker area 縛 God uru absolute zero [jienekusuwamu] all of [reberusaiko] shocker overwork dead [nosuuemuko] enormous angel [shinato] [jiyamademisushinkuroendeimion] demon derived CANON monster is not the [neosu] overwork dead light/write roadster dust of the regular member where burning d-hero bloo-d26 is the newcomer/as for the road [bitosukidorebaruba] end world end burning dual flower outside the bus tar [sukidorebaruba] which is also some which deteriorate a little with restriction revision and light load is not used however it is painful, to be strong it is with saying, light load…The deck of the schedule which from now on becomes new- With demon 轟 God [gurimuro]…Having [kushiyano],…Throwing away [kurusu],…[kushiyano] collecting,…[soukiusu] reviving,…[keruberaru] coming out,…[guruguruguru]…Almost because it can process with the monster, magical. What it probably will stack, there it is not decided, is, don't you think? - [inhuerunitei] the “[inhuerunitei] cancer/gun” it is not, is, don't you think? [e] there it is painful, don't you think? therefore to absolute powerforce don't you think? because it can process this with the monster, the magical trap research to be efficient it is this topic which is made [hanresu]- As for [doragunitei] this the monster is many conversely, is Phalanx necessary [doukusu], [region] what after the necessity the sealed wing or wants the synchronizer origin of the debris dragon or the dragon and the birds and beasts and you want in the hand scene of God bird attack and [toradora] 3 attack we would like to do because and we would like to doing becomes firm Sawayama most concept, unite which is stacked it is easy with you can say- Monster summoning/consuming. Satisfactory series vwxyz giant bomber [eareido] was made, but would like to put out to in addition to the person who large Ken of the [chirahoramashinnazu] fourth black clothes. Horseman of illusion - mirage [naitosupido] king* Skull [hureimu] etc. most first becoming actuality whether [mashinnazu] fourth

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      The [u] - it is, something to see, however you think, that there is no [re], somehow to see, the [re] b which it increases to obtain, because - it becomes the [tsu] and the news item being discovered, don't you think? the hidden stripe shank ↓ you obtained and - the [tsu] and, this time the shank [u] it is, the previous being defeated flag the [tsu] [chi] [ya] which stands you stood with [aki] anti- [andore] don't you think? (11) after all, as for [andore] be too strong, the [u] - it is, as for that exclusion deck, when it is current environment, however perhaps, it sticks well enough, it cannot win demon 轟 God and [inhuerunitei] which can do… high speed 1 kill don't you think? rather than (11) [u] it is, the unreasonable unreasonable [tsu], as for [torishiyura] the following restrictionDon't you think? it is restriction or prohibition with revision, the [a], why real w you obtain in direction of story and - the [tsu] and the [u] it is, as for [aki] whether the kana which how says it is with you say… the [u] it is, to be too strong the seed (thought almost there is no [andore] to be able, -, next week the shank (suddenly the [u] it is with the planet, even, when really it becomes [deyueru], thought you cannot call at all, don't you think? that card was enormous!! This card was enormous!! Therefore the [tsu] [te] however perhaps, it is, this time the [tsu] [te] where the magical trap is strong just you call that you say, at all don't you think? (11) even, when we assume that it will be exciting, the monster it is! Because the [u] it is, just the [tsu] lever where then rule of animation and ocg is different really you cannot use [uikitsudoribon] there, don't you think? the [hu] [u], it is? Not writing concerning the star dust coming out applying? Well don't you think?, well well, there when especially you specially mention, because densely it is not, b the [u] which bears, say time and others it was not clearly, (being the case, 殴 [tsu], the latest article end ~

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      impressions , for multilingual communication

    • “It is ideal when!? … The [tsu] which is theatre/playing word!”
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