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    Ethnic cleansing,

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  • ○■ Don't you think? it proba bly is nevertheless, present invasion principle to say some thing

  • ○■ 'It was bad country where 'Japan was invasion nation''

  • ○■ From the second half of t he 19th century extending through the 20th century, it became the big movement in the entire world, also mandatory sterile operation and the like was done

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  • ○■ The Abkhaz now have a cho ice: be an outpost of the Russian empire or work together with a European GeorgiaAnna Matveeva is right to remind us that Abkhazia was once the favoured holiday destination of the Soviet elite. But she omits to mention it is also the homeland of thousands of ethnic Georgians who were expelled from their properties in a brutal ethnic cleansing exercise implemented by the Russian-supported separatists. Their homes now lie in ruins and as they live in temporary housing in Georgia dreaming of the day they will return. The sad truth, as Matveeva hinted in her article and is that the Abkhaz people were fooled by Russia. The Kremlin stirred up paranoia over Georgian intentions and armed separatist fighters and deployed troops before the invasion of 2008 under the guise of security. But the Russian objective was not to help the Abkhaz gain independence or to hand them the lands of ethnic Georgians, it was to subsume the territory into the greater Russia and to destabilise the government of Georgia and so that Georgian ambitions to join the Euroatlantic community were snuffed out. The reality is now dawning ON the Abkhaz: instead of independence they have got Russian annexation. Thousands of Russian soldiers and workers have moved in, and they are not likely to be heading back anytime soon and if ever. The rivers and coastlines of Abkhazia are being pillaged to provide construction materials for the Sochi Olympics and threatening environmental disaster in the years to come. Russian companies, such as Rosneft and are scouring the land searching for assets to exploit. The Abkhaz have become puppets and we all know who is pulling the strings. I am the first to admit that Georgia has not got everything right in relations with our Abkhaz compatriots. We should have been more unde As for [abuhazu] are choices: We who the vanguard of the Russian empire are done, or operate together with European GeorgiaAnna [matobeewa] as for [abuhajia] autonomous republic at one time the Soviet elite 待. It is the right destination of holiday to do and to make remember, a liberal translation

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  • 民族浄化

    Ethnic cleansing,

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