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    Reportage related words Natsume souseki 役満 Dazai Osamu Kamui Yamamoto naozumi Arishima Takeo

    • http://moe.cocolog-nifty.com/index/2012/07/post-6063.html

    • These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/mk47127211/e/defc7bd4b04e081db52eda74b9f62f23
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
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    • http://sugikoto.cocolog-nifty.com/kotoku/2012/07/85-13-2791.html
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      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/naokichidon/e/0b4ad32e1e90c5beaad745ebfab1a019
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/duets/e/af31669d4a518bac3422e78389078956
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • yomi yasuitoiu shindan ga ureshi katta
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    • kinou no tsui^to �� 07/23
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
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    • ginmaku no sutaa
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • �� yume ��

    • The Hokkaido touring circumstantial description (sight-seeing island military affairs mind seashore of the Shakotan peninsula)
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • At that house favorite place.
      Until now when color is the memory which lives in the house is traced, because as for the first memory which the place where you come to mind in the respective house is as for the electric appliance following house of the colorful fluorescent light which dangles to the ceiling where you see from the tenement house like house 2 berths of the wooden flat house of time of infancy being urgent rises to the 2nd floor of three tapered roofs, when the dark stairway (being the child, fearing, impression memory of the deep place) the following house beginning, became one person room, the wall which all over pasted the photograph of the wood favorite of the palm starting working, when being apartment living, however you come to mind, it is not being, the time, it visited especially impression frequentlyThere is a forest of art, the view of the especially garden which “the possession island military affairs 郎” as for the house from the small window of the sunroom 2 floors where favorite the house is good looking at wherever the 覘 [ku] scenery, when we would like to live in such a house which remembers the kind of feeling where it can tighten the chest being serious, you thought and as for the living which passes the majority of the times when now it is in the house is favorite the place, the dusky corridor where, but you are walking suddenly alone before, alone at all you cannot call the scenery which has the small lamp which the point is and it is something which is felt favorite the place

    • Writer 姦
      Suddenly what??? It is the title with may be said, but “the writer and 姦” there is a book which is said,… the Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. new book… the Kawanishi governmental discernment work the ^^ which well enough, is enormous title; It is… originally loving, one time to read Meiji literature and to search, but this book is funny! Those famous writers, how repeat romantic love, know well what kind of work is written at the time of what kind of romantic love state whether, when occasionally, “it is - - - - it is such a romantic love state of the extent which becomes, it becomes such a work, don't you think? although…” with you agree upon, “huh, it is the expectation which has loved so, you throw away there????”Possession island military affairs bright Naoya Shiga to be good there being such a thing, mono you could write Kitahara white fall and island promontory Fujimura which with, with can try being astonished experience very thrill, that don't you think? it probably means that very the energy which is surprised simply is the genius… with, while woman position of the child Sada locust and others whether Uno Chishiro Okamoto of and, the [tsu] [te] lover throbbing tremendous unintentionally above the man, my [tsu] [te] which is read… ([];)It is strange

    • Traveling of book
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • This week four seasons cast ♪
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • Bosom oak series
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Boy volleyball V league (mainly story of tournament January 17th)
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • Possession island military affairs 郎 1
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Ringing
      When you look at the trade paper, in the past, that article where the music “passionate ringing” thing which is picked up even with this [burogu] has become the article is [kochira], but the ・・・↓ (' ゚ д ゚)… situation ringing…? The situation of capital ease ringing probably is certain, but rather than… calling “situation”, “method of selling ringing” well it is the simply misprint, but the surprise [pa] [chi] it is densely just it was the surprise [tsu] [te] feeling, (´д `lll) at the place there is information of official approval passing in direction under the article of this photograph, but as for Okumura cr. 牌 Putting out 2, wrapping, the shank ~ last time was Yousuke Ide, but this time it is Takeo Kojima?… Mah-jongg it is not completely understood in the person who does not know, don't you think? probably will be, the ~ (´д `lll) some person does as expected and the [tsu] [te] is if… the [a], the person who does mah-jongg grapple club don't you think? you know whether it is probably will be, rather than w nevertheless “the strategic [tsu] [te] of Takeo's Kojima”… calling the strategy, being skillful, to make climax, don't you think? it dyes and there is an impression which loves the hand it is, don't you think? if the one ~ world 21 has been seen it is understood, the story of w and mah-jongg… Monday it came to your many customers with as this extent and the store received! Everyone participation, thank you! To persevere even from now on, because it increases, we ask may! 16 days are new stand entrance substitution first day, the ~! By all means, it comes, the store the ^^

    • The woman magazine which you dream
      Because Gunma prefecture (the Tsuchiya civilization commemoration mansion) with (the woman magazine which you dream) with the girl magazine of 1945 ~30 age the bosom oak [mu] women to be many, as felt mutual common consciousness, when the eye is agreeable, the poster which the person who greets with expression of being bashful is the illustration house which represents that times, it was Junichi's Nakahara just (the maiden whom you dream) picture in the meeting place where it is the exhibition which is entitled method of living the change and the woman of the woman magazine to the Meiji ~ 1955 age which sees the plan spreading/displaying which is said, it was and the [tsu] did and the husband who goes out to the [yo] is bored tried probably to be surely, butBecause the change of the Japanese culture and reformation motion of the women, in addition the historical background of that time was displayed in order, tone height of contents of the magazine was inferred in those where the cover of the woman magazine of Meiji and Taisho era and that time when you saw with interest Tsu 々 is decorated being the first-rate artist of Fujishima Tekeji and in 澤 Hiro optical Okada Saburo help etc I who can do to know, had made aim, (the girl world) Meiji era to be founded, because it had become discontinuance in Showa first stage, as for those which I have regularly read girl age with like those which are founded anew, regrettable the exhibitionJunichi's Nakahara which predominates 1945 ~30 age one world which is not cover picture

    • You were impressed!
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • View above
      For example it is Itami, when calling [yu] [] where such person is it is with it keeps rising to sky 36000km the space elevator [ma], really it is the case that huger ones keep rising, but when recently you look at the building, whether such a keeps rising to outer space…… and so on with the practice of every day when delusion it does being done naturally on the earth, with [ru] reason absolutely the “space impression” you call or, “floating, the [ru] impression” is not enough, it is the case that you think that is, of course, it is the part of the heart, because even Disneyland parade even [shirukudosoreiyu] even Tokyo dome even the national hippodrome even overseas travel so is the float float, space what you probably will biteIt is [wakiwakipanitsuku]!!! Tokyo is the town where the building is close after all be as high as possible the place and the place where you can look around the distance is searched being, seeing far, on seeing, under seeing, for example… as for here as for here of dream… you think of such a thing where seeing the thing space dining room which is thought with the Mt. Fuji top, as for thinking, the performer introduction which you think that it has been similar to such!! When unnoticed it is the veteran also 4 times has come out in the space dining room pilot the [pi] - the thing Toshima Takehito [a] - the shank always [metsuto] wearing as expected, don't you think? the face which it increases to be visible the [tsu]!!! [hu] [hu] [hu

    • weblog title
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • The sparrow it is great decisive game. Numbers of digression
      kanji character , Feel free to link

    • The current raising the curtain ~ which passes!
      It is dense, it is, it is it is [wa] ~ Terai dsg and it passes now when it opens even if as for that as for that such… it comes and the way even if cr Hikawa it comes and is nm-f11 stand mass introduction also the chief of the next door which rejoicing even if goes back and forth and to in addition to just… it cannot overlook the type which the strange frw cr bloom of the [a] cr truth instinct temple 牌ⅱIt is the strategic fk cra new century [evuangerion] [sekandoinpakuto] yf cra super sea story in Mediterranean saf increase stand pounding memorial u of Takeo's “mah-jongg Kojima Mr.” and good line-up, the ~! Please, please goes from with also now better [i] ~iphone was corrected with own power, mood it was ssk

    • Introduction type introduction ~CR bloom 牌ⅡTakeo's “mah-jongg Kojima Mr.” strategy
      Introduction type introduction of [nitsushi]! cr bloom 牌ⅱThere is no strategic pk■ large hitting probability 1/97.3→1/19.5■ small hitting probability of Takeo's “mah-jongg Kojima Mr.” * in probability fluctuation probability 69% falling down pulling out selection with election 23~100 revolution after the definite strange ending & the falling down pulling out selection probability 1/40.2■ time saving big hit end (random) * attacker electric [chiyu] = left attacker 16r of the type [heso] = bottom of prize sphere 3&11&13■ round 3or5or10or16r9 count & big hit definite change =5%10r definite change =4%5r definite change =35%10r usually =1%5r usually =16%3r usually =14%~ with one point lecture ~ part full of [nitsushi] as for large per 16r definite change large per! After large to hit, Sho mode, the right striking digestion! However, before the following such as is elected largely, it is elected in falling down pulling out selection with as for distinction on the usual liquid crystal which returns, because it is not possible, in Sho mode [dotsukidoki]!

    • <410 encounter>Blast NEW specifications
      And, walking the extremely funny stand hole where ([pa] ∀) dragon ball part under the right mono [ii] it works, the [te], it stopped casually in the eye, “the cr one horseman you did not know this thousand” of the event type original completely, but it is the [do] - me we love, “Sangokushi” seems motif and the design ↑ was “Liu preparation original virtue”, but don't you think?… ([pa] ∀) such lovely Liu preparation seeing the [e] [e] it can be able be able to obtain!! In just this design the [gohan] 3 cup go [tsusu] which may!!!! ([pa] ∀) “[toko] where the design moves we would like to see”, but so, the [pachieru] result where strikes one horseman this thousand in just such a reason proper 0 income and outgo, because as for regret very this which has not been done, the “glasses road” it seems living like [pachieru] which goes, * * work details * * <- Stand eye cr bloom 牌 Takeo's “mah-jongg Kojima Mr.” strategy> However investment 5000/collection 0/the plaza sleeve teacher/stand level ★★☆☆☆ 1k18 - 19 per beginning 4 times it pulled, the single-engine ×3, lowest development of 2 connected ×1… <- Stand eye cr one horseman this thousand intensity> But investment 18000/the collection 0/plaza sleeve teacher/stand level ★★☆☆☆ 1k/20 the event type as for efficiency normally as for the attacker for 10r10 count, as for shaving you did not feel However investment 3000/the collection 0/plaza sleeve teacher/stand level ★★★☆☆ b19, r16 and summing up 1/160 the bonus it could pull, on end of the lower plate play [nomare] * * overall balance * * gross investment: 26000 entire collections: 0 difference quantity: - 26000

    • ★4 circular new stand information*
      日本語 , original meaning

    • Without there being Eizi [te] Yoshikawa, habit of possession island military affairs 郎 composition
      kanji , original japanese letters , translated

    • Karuizawa of snow
      16 day Friday, but those where after the [a] ten thousand Yosiko's Mr. and Takeda Watanabe who is photographing in the Komoro retrospection garden photographing the one which was seen from the place where it is far a little some photographing oak and others… there is no [sasupensudorama], this, in Karuizawa as for this day of movement, being cold, you cannot remove there where it is the Karuizawa photographing of the fog and the snow, presently removing and reconstructing, are the coffee to the villa residence of the possession island military affairs bright person who has become hint of the rust scene of the “losing paradise” at this place as for the possession island military affairs bright person and beauty editor Hatano Akiko it is to die together as for this photographing of everyone AprilBecause around end it is televising, because details, as soon as to be decided,… (the being defeated diary) ten thousand Yosiko's Takeda manager the umbrella which is bought Toshi with the matching being large to the stripe shank pleasure which is to inform while the photographing in the Karuizawa Ginza, are 24 these bones, ok and [tsu] as many as 1000 Yen is even in gale in day walking of this rain having, it is dense, is

    • Heart
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • Osawa Seizi Mito city cultural honor prize prize winning
      Mito city cultural honor prize prize-winning ceremony was done, being awarded has led Mito interior orchestra, Hasegawa five who invents “the [ozawa] Osawa Seizi Othello game of the world” in high school student age 郎 with the player of one minor defect samisen Uji of the national designated intangible cultural assets. Butterfly (Higashi Mineko) large phase. Motohiro. Takehito Fujishima of the military affairs pair mountain (the father the prize winning) being the fashion designer with representation, it received speech from the people of the respective prize-winner who is five people of the Morie Megumi of city art promotion foundation chief director Mito awarding ceremony only of the few authorized personnel where you think that it was the time when, but every one participates in all sectors of society and wooden pail itself experience in the base, with the respective style concerning the form where we want Mito being future, speaking story clearly, is grateful, is wasted do not do, make the kind of order which you can hear even in everyone of the children and the citizenIt could do thing, if, that it is the digression which you think whether it was better, but when in the past, being the large earthquake disaster of Niigata, that time when the circumstances where Seizi Osawa pulls Mito interior orchestra to the origin of everyone of the sufferer and accompanying and is done to consolation at that time are televised with the television, as for Osawa with the t shirt form in that back before the Mito junior high school students who “mito” are recorded largely as for Osawa as for this spectacle which is several days later announcing [riha] of the band, the super first-rate people of the world where you think that making big impression on the children shouldering MitoIn participation is, it is appreciation from heart

    • 2 - [uiri] open sea mountain of country 其 -
      Em japones , original meaning

    • Saturday, Sunday, the Akasaka white bowl bamboo? 樓

    • And I find, probably will be
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • 21 emperor cup Sakai BZ vs FC Tokyo
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • 'Kana system heart' assassination offense of the terrorist it is cheap equal root mourning and the Ishikawa 啄 wood
      issue , Feel free to link

    • Japanese Letter

    • 8774 koto winds it is great correcting/rule - goo grand sumo tournament ozeki promotion…
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • さのかづみは、漢・安治川親方を応援します&朝青龍引退
      Comentarios sobre este , Feel free to link

    • 理想の麻雀とは 小島武夫サマってカッコいいです グフヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ
      As for mah-jongg news item as for the famous person who does the mah-jongg which continues now when all the way it is the woman and the talent and the person who has the qualification of the professional sparrow loyal retainer it is many, “it cracks and [pon]” becomes topic a little and the show biz celebrity is performed fully, die Masato Hagiwara and the Kaga ball densely, Akimoto healthy and Morio Kazama (it is rather strong) well, as for program itself massage you do not see, however it is, don't you think? if (laughing) you refer to the professional, Sakurai chapter one of Tetuya Asada who is the model of cartoon “boy Satoru” and the sparrow ogres style, in Hokkaido animal large country with only name like the sparrow 荘 mah-jongg it has done“Mutsugoro” being famous, shank activity being active, however the scorebook when going to the doctrine, circumstances Mutsugoro 牌 譜 (as it is called mah-jongg to Africa in the baseball) you saw, the imagination the rank which is not attached is glance normal uncle who is the fearful striking hand, from such a it is suitable fearful strength kind face, but you become frightened and rise and [ru] expectation (laughing) as for Mutsugoro the position you are and the animal solve, two people above the charisma characteristic which has the legendary story rather than,… with, what the “metamorphosis gentleman” makes ideal is… Mr. mah-jongg thing… the “Kojima Takeo professional”Being the [u] groovy, it does, the [yo]? It is the Kyushu boy, because it has not really still met however there is no amount can, you read the book the ~ the parenthesis it is very good, if you refer to the baseball, “Nagashima” like human striking one the stroke high harmony concluding part full “nine connected treasure lights” in the actual conference which is striking [suji] which has “the bloom” it increases however, from the fact that it wins in the conference, you make your own striking [suji] important, it is, (as for at this story to the next time) as for the part full by the way, harmony of the “metamorphosis gentleman” it has ended national loyal retainer hit and miss, 4 darkness carving/moment, small happiness four, letter IshikiBecause so, part full and strength are different at all, it is strength what now then how much can produce by his at the time of the [tsu] [te] that, don't you think?, certainly Takeo Kojima we would like to become strong likely, young sparrow loyal retainer” the “the “metamorphosis gentleman” as for the next time which is concerning “the top rank”…

    • 明日は何の日☆12月16日!
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

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