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    Hand knitting,

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    • Without calling the delusion expert, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta]: “My thing some extent lover?”With hearing, if which extent it is delightful? In the midst of participation, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta] : “我的事某些程度恋人?”与听力,如果哪个程度它是令人愉快的? 在参与中间

    • What kind of present?
      [buroguneta]: What kind of present you received? You sent? In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : 您接受的什么样的礼物? 您送了? 在参与中间

    • … Two degrees the hand knitting has been done, is not or,, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta]: What kind of present you received? You sent? In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : 您接受的什么样的礼物? 您送了? 在参与中间

    • The bitter memory regarding Valentine
      [buroguneta]: Valentine, this year it makes? Or buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]? While participating as for me buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] group!, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta] : 华伦泰,它今年做? 或者买[tsu] [凯爱] [ya] [u] ? 当参与如为我买[tsu] [凯爱]时[ya] [u]小组!

    • That person now?
      [buroguneta]: It was the new sweetheart and what kind of person? In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : 它是新的甜心,并且什么样的人? 在参与中间

    • �� Birthday
      [buroguneta]: If it does not get fat, during thing participating which you think and the [tsu] drill you would like to eat *:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆ last night, we stayed after a long time in the parents' home, (^o^)/while the younger sister is being hospitalized, the children stay in the parents' home, but it is, birthday of [ko] with respect to 1st* The mother not to be, therefore [te] yes 哀 thought, with the ♪ [tsu] [te] meaning celebrating with everyone, to see, the [tsu] [chi] - it was called, (' the 艸 `) the mail coming from the younger sister in around the ~ [ke] ~ [do] ~ evening which is, because… “the inspection result was good, when it is good leaving the hospital! Because the [tsu] [te] it was said, today (28 days) you leave the hospital” so, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta] : 如果它不胖,在您认为和的事参与期间[tsu]钻子您希望吃* :。 o○☆* :。 o○☆* :。 o○☆* :。 o○☆* :。 o○☆* :。 o○☆昨晚,我们在家庭父母的很长时间以后停留了, (^o^) /while妹妹住医院,孩子在家庭父母的停留,但是它是,生日[ko]关于1st*是的母亲,因此[te]是哀想法,与♪ [tsu] [te]庆祝与大家的意思,看, [tsu] [凯爱] -它叫, (‘艸`)来自妹妹的邮件在是的~ [ke] ~ [] ~晚上附近,因为… 当是好离开医院时, “检查结果是好! 由于[tsu] [te]说, (28天)您今天离开医院”如此

    • tedukuri purezento gayatte kita ��
      [buroguneta]: Without the net it can live? In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : 没有网它能活? 在参与中间

    • 【ブログネタ】大人チョコ(???艸?)
      [buroguneta]: Recently “the adult chocolate” of the fashion knowing, the [ru]? In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : 最近“成人巧克力知道”的时尚, [ru] ? 在参与中间

    • 森ガール☆
      [buroguneta]: Gal type older sister type old clothes type [rorita] Mori girl system, as for your taste? While participating as for me Mori girl group! Softly in the dress
      [buroguneta] : Gal类型更旧的姐妹类型老衣裳键入[rorita] Mori女孩系统,至于您的口味的? 当参与至于为我Mori女孩小组时! 软软地在礼服

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