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    Duck Cats,

    Music Adorable related words Dougenzaka Fortune Aflac Ameba Pigg

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      “The forest with the [ahuratsuku] ▽ new cm on air start ▽ of the blue duck” “it causes and with the one limitation looking at tv-cm the cat duck town” both sight, 櫻 well Sho and the shrine � [a] it is, the original wallpaper the present other [minisute] /m [sute] ▽ storm (⇒ twitter) day tele (25: 53) It designates tonight as the storm and [re] [orisutarokeshiyonjiyapan]/the August edition ▽ 櫻 well cover (⇒ twitter/[burogu]) at the ▽ Sanseido Co., Ltd. & Yuraku Cho book store 'with the present equipped campaign execution monthly piano August edition special issue piano the tv& cinema which such as God way chart' test copying condition is repelled 2011 summer the ▽ God way, chart introduction ▽lotus monthly [jiei] novel/“August edition ▽ God way chart introduction cinema girls/8 ▽ God way chart” introduction
      “有[ahuratsuku] ▽的在空气它导致蓝色鸭子的起动▽的新的cm森林” “并且与看电视cm的这一个局限猫鸭子镇”两个视域、櫻好的Sho和寺庙� [a]它是,原始的墙纸礼物远其他[minisute] /m [sute] ▽风暴(⇒慌张)的天(25 : 53)它今晚选定,风暴和[关于] [orisutarokeshiyonjiyapan] /the 8月编辑▽櫻井盖子(⇒慌张[burogu])在▽ Sanseido Co.,有限公司& Yuraku Cho书店‘与当前被装备的竞选施行月度钢琴8月编辑特别问题钢琴例如上帝方式图’测试复制的情况被排斥2011夏天▽上帝方式的tv&戏院,图介绍▽lotus月度[jiei]新颖的“8月编辑▽上帝方式图介绍戏院girls/8 ▽上帝方式图”介绍

    • Japanese weblog
      With sight of invitation cat duck the comment of [hashibirokou] teacher (laughing)

    • Japanese talking
      November 1st (month), the Roppongi Hills coffee (Tokyo & Roppongi), it commemorates the fact that “the birthday invitation cat duck coffee” of the period limitation which designates “the birthday” as theme is established, Yuuko Ogura of the talent is inaugurated as 1 day store manager
      咖啡11月1日(月), Roppongi小山(东京& Roppongi),它纪念“生日邀请猫鸭子咖啡”期间局限选定“生日”的事实,当题材建立,天分Yuuko Ogura开始作为1个天商店经理

    Duck Cats, Music, Adorable,

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