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    Entertainment Music related words GACKT Tanaka Ken Ichikawa Raizo kyoushiro Tokuyama Hidenori Shimada Kiyuusaku Minamino yoko 眠狂四郎無頼控

    • Vain nature diary bosom or forcing
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    • Present GACKT
      As I where even in touch the numbers you do not display the form, the ~ [tsu] [te] think somewhere of the mountain shade and increase Touziyou's visit to a grave? With, Yamaguchi [tsu] [te] mountain shade? So, when it does, being witnessed in Hiroshima, what which it increases it has done, don't you think? it is probably will be, it is to think that it is not private, but… “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控” it is related the oak and others? When preliminary inspection or performance of local performance starts, there is no time, don't you think? is it is, present application of [e] [burabo] x as for me who up am done deciding in the “premium dawn,” increases, in news but don't you think? competition rate rather so is high, “[taan]” it is possible to be the oak and others? Don't you think? or as for “your tongue” [tsu] and today new moon, being flurried, the power up which produces the beads to the veranda doing,

    • Japanese talking
      The favorite lines which are the pond wide one man supervision work which looked at the sleeping mania four 郎 privately “the skill where “Engetsu shooting method, small Ken it forced and now I”, and one, it forged and pulled out goes out” the culmination of dandyism

    • Even in the Yomiuri Shimbun Company
      Looking at the figure, it increases, but more and more doing motionlessly with last group [dokidoki], and others is not the [re] the Suzuki player and you question with your winning a prize decision [me] Ando who player whom, that it can end also true middle with the smiling face, is not regretful we want doing the slide which and “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控” announcement comes out the photograph where being voluptuous in the Yomiuri Shimbun Company of the current morning which it is beautiful holding, finishing not to love, not be able to cry, this sleeping mania four 郎 with what with the shank????? Also someone orator music if sugizo, you think well, because the same office gackt project last group, it starts just, returns before

    • It is the [chi] [ya].
      Though it is [arare], (the ´д `) [noshi] (are who) dears & the babbi collaboration gift reached, -* Chocolate 2…When you will eat? Something it is wasted, whether the ~ (laughing) the [te], the dears system log is quick desire c~!! The entry of yfc you are troubled, don't you think? [gaku] 誕…The kana where Osaka it put out and press tried conference applying of the [a] and the sleeping mania four 郎 and temporarily sleeps

    • Announcement

    • Or the [a] which is the air which it sells
      It was decided, but so, the [wa] which is not that somewhere as for dvd whether there is an air which is sold truly the [a] still being able to buy, when increase it is the pliers it enters in the village, the [tsu] [te] person who is not connected being the [tsu] temporary, it stays in, it is with the shank being able to buy, the [ru] person may become long war, when “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控” the serious announcement [tsu] [te] perhaps it does, being this ↓ & nationwide performance Fukuoka performance period 2010 December 7th - December 10th Sapporo performance period 2010 December 19th - December 23rd Hiroshima performance period 2011 January 10th - January 15th Sendai performance period 2011 JanuaryFurthermore 20 days - January 25th *, future we inform in regard to the information of ticket sale also the apricot of the orator the lily with blog even gackt as for Natuko Tatsumi the [tsu] to come, when you see, correcting, however it increased, don't you think? don't you think? as for name not making a mistake, the desired [wa] because it raises [e] performance day and the like in info, the [chi] [e] [ke] and others [tsu] [chi] [yo] doing, don't you think? checking, don't you think? probably in [tsu] [te] sense

    • Current events dot COM
      Current events dot COM: Nao proton, “you called and in gackt of first meeting the stage “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy which smell does” 控” Tokyo performance cast announcement press conference was done, as for gackt where gackt and others of starring attends in spite even in stage first challenge challenge “cute man image, we would like to make the hero revive”, that the Nao proton of the coaction which talked the enthusiasm, this day became the first meeting of gackt in the large part which past Masakazu Tamura play, but “being in next door, you called very and the star which smell does had making remember like this proper”, that the attendee who showed the smiling face: gackt and the Tanaka Ken, the righteousness and embankment large Jiro inside side, Tokuyama 秀 model, the 嶋 rice field Hisashi work, the old hall it is and, the second-hand book new 乃 輔, apricot, the lily, Natuko Tatsumi, Nao proton

    • As for the following stage stage!! “Sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控”
      Tokuyama news item continues, - (laughing) becoming that the number of comments of [burogu] of the indigo cast is enormous nevertheless, the [te], surprise!! Tokuyama 秀 model, Kato harmony tree and Moriguchi 瑤 child of starring, sho as for Takeshi me of beach mother part only these 4 people [buroguchietsuku] doing, increase it is, in any case enormous spirit story to change, me, “with the stage, being raw in [burogu] around the day before yesterday, Tokuyama which performs would like to see!”However the [te], you wrote,… the following stage, the stage “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy where never the stage is true with Tokuyama performs 控” [gakuto] (gackt) as for the cast other than [gakuto] of stage starring of starring, yesterday, the reporter, however among those of the article ↑ of the reporter kind of announcement which is announced Tokuyama Tokuyama performance something only of Tokyo performance, enormously so is the stage the ~!! Furthermore but the proper the [tsu] whose also price is enormous!! Because as for the ticket being already sold extremely from before, the [ru], it remains and barely circumstances this is perplexed as expected, - Tokuyama and seeing with the stage, however like don't you think? however as for Tokuyama which, performs with show of the ~ go on jar you saw (laughing) being real and the [tsu] [pa], view you want! In anticipation of the [tsu] [te] thing me, it will work this time, the ticket taking [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]? However also you thought, as for that the excessiveness! Because theatrical company four seasons just a little there are times when we would like to go to in addition to, “sleeping mania four 郎” already it tries thinking a little, is good, it was the ~ and optimistic I where the ticket becomes and probably will be how,*

    • Japanese weblog
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    • Neighboring cherry tree… Yutaka country 廟
      As for here, Yutaka country 廟 3 years in Keicho when there is a place where from Higashiyama seven provision it keeps climbing the alias gentler slope to east (1598) as for Hidekiti Toyotomi with the will which dies at the Fushimi Momoyama castle, Amitabha it was buried in the medium stomach of the 峯, however 廟 with the shrine was erected, original harmony first year (1615) Toyotomi ceases to exist, the 廟 is destroyed, 1897 does not have either the person who is defeated in the grave (1897) as for the shrine which is reconstructed in 300 year 忌 of Hidekiti's, in 1880 in area of the old one wide temple Daibutsu lord, this Yutaka country which is reconstructed as the Yutaka national shrine 廟Also the people of the sight-seeing which is tremendously soon are few, the [do] where the top scene of the sleeping mania four 郎 series second work 'sleeping mania four 郎 game which can enjoy the cherry tree well enough' was photographed with the Yutaka national 廟 one the person who saw the kana which is… well, are too close in walking in morning, but the Goshiki camellia which it has teaching that so so, there is a clean camellia in the uncle of management, just a little, temporary however it had passed, pleasure kana purple field source water “spring of the next year when it has bloomed the [u] and others and others” 煉 ardently make, the one where we would like you to view the white azuki bean filter bean jam entrance past articlePlease from this the ↓ * to “capital man notebook 1”, when this character string is clicked, however excessively the [bu] and to serve frequently does the news /twitter start which is moved,

    • You saw! Sleeping mania four 郎 bad woman hunt (large thunder warehouse festival! K
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • * Sleeping mania four 郎*
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • When you see from others, severity. When you see by your, happiness…
      The coming [ge] it is the way, the hospital going from morning, although also 4 hours it was required, cause was not recognized, furthermore because the cause of being wasteful what of the times when how you say it is not understood Osamu it will do nothing saying, you say; “Whether fatigue cause” however with it was said, so it is not hard every day, but it is, the left chest is painful, but it is, grave ease. - It is with the bookstore you bought to the combining (wry smile) return which is consequence of dependence!!!!! Don't you think? and [tsu] [pa] l'[san] it is good, the birthplace [tsu] [te] you feel and settle being the deterioration of hyde was felt, but it is; [yutsuki] is young, returning, “nowing” of Nikolaus [keiji] you saw, but it is, therefore in the kana which with this month release [tsu] lever which cries with notice of several parts where “hachi” passes will borrow… (- _-) the Richard gear lover you saw, however to be, crying it is and the [chi] [ya] [u] however it was funny normally, end says… “it obtains, “nowing”,” the [tsu] [te] soon, [chi] [ya] [tsu] it recommends, if either the “Bick fish” and the “dark knight” do not borrow! Today reaches the byte perseveres from this and the better [yo] [a], sleeping mania four 郎 ends also last precedence with defeat and the following expense which… my participation may decide in 13 performances, is vamps to be, the oak it is troubled, -!

    • God dignity XXMAL body [itsuku] on paradise snow!! Opening decision of festival 2010!
      From deras info renewal silver body [itsuku] on snow!! It became festival, it is, when - nevertheless * only at the time of Noboru leaving school similar to paradise festival, asks with the characteristic clothes, it came, as for this the characteristic vain, baggage which participates becomes very much, it is it is not, is? The feather weaving down even when in the it is possible oak and others road to keep, with the mini- skirt coldly so is, the [a] [tsu] [te], body [itsuku] on the [wa] snow which is worry even with me who do not go!! When festival ends, also gackt more and more “sleeping mania four 郎” usually 2 months probably will put out the combining dress rehearsal which is dress rehearsal, is, those where still also the actress of partner part and the orator at all it does not become announcement become matter of concern, but you become someone, don't you think? it is probably will be, well, present gackt from morning as usual the best condition “[gakuto] school morning kneading” was at 5 second level

    • GACKT first starring stage 'sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控', in nationwide 102 performance
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      Just a little it became slow, but the Christmas of gackt and thing of the sleeping mania four 郎, paradise festival, bosom it forces rock star this time reads through and, and so on concerning school life, color it is talking, it increased, with theme when at the time of the worst Christmas rebirth of gackt which just a little excerpts the part where first, I impression am deep (^-^) the [zu] - the [tsu] and recording it has done it is even with, in the beverage buying you and you go out with 2 people, walking, [ru] with the couple being lazy, 'something the couple is not many?'When the [tsu] [te] you heard, you became aware, '[gaku], today, in Christmas and' with [tsu] [te] that, [e] - - the [tsu] [te], every day when it seems and is it is busy don't you think?; Very much while (_) [tsu] [te] composition reading very much, the you Bali Bali Kansai valve and! However the story word of you you have written on [tsu] [te] in addition to, the Bali Bali Kansai valve to tell the truth usually also gackt Kansai valve something, -? While thinking (laughing), affinity side reading, then it increased (laughing), then concerning the age release of example, however there is no reason which is not published separately, after mc with 'by himself is born 1540' [tsu] [te] calling that with joke, that before the is music magazine being recorded…Spreading to society… That it decided that of daemon small end I have lived long next (laughing)

    • Takao Kataoka
      Imperial Prince (the imperial child of Emperor rear Daigo) = embankment large Jiro 7 broom. Clear. When the person of the sightseer whom 涛 and, after the broadcast ending, it tries probably to go round this area increased - being 3 versions in 1 musical edition straight editions, it may!? And, he is surrounded, [onna], [onna] and [onna]… as for the visitation underground gallery year the person who the pickup is done being made the enlargement panel, Takao Kataoka nearly of 20 years ago having come out as Takao Kataoka still, large was satisfactory with why, Kataoka benevolence Saemon truth would like to see with the Kataoka Takao [tsu] lever, the face as for black coating search several staffs, as for the Ashikaga valuable person as for Emperor Daigo of the wide 之, rear Sanada Takao Kataoka, as for camphor tree wooden correct forming Tetuya Takeda, as for the north 畠 parent room the movie '[wa] [ru] where current Kataoka benevolence Saemon height stars in Takao dayWell because and others' it is the story which recently is written, approximately Kabuki it seems the story word 64 which does not drive “the substitution contemplation” ○●○ 2010 March 14th ○●○ Because farce has become the cause, rice D touch 7.7% happiness four 郎, the Oto shrine Mrs. tongue berth where is the Kondo Masashi retainer of dyeing five 郎 parent and child contest and north 畠 Akiie Kumiko etc Goto, the Akiyama greens Tsu child! Even if so why while keeping seeing as the search language which stops wanting to see, that hot water wood 貞 random woman 30.8% Matsumoto which also one is with the Hari original, benevolence Saemon has played lover doctor clearly the [ri], when Takao = Kataoka Emperor 5 sexy rear Daigo (reality, benevolence Saemon Kataoka) 15.4%23.1% Chinese actress well this person is cook what of legend, after that. . . The 侠 傳 father is the north 畠 parent room. . . The shadow with gullibility and in the past, the flax bear fruit to be, summer the wooden Mali [tsu] [te] calls is to see the plain gauze Takao graph Kataoka! North 畠 as for Akiie sleeping mania four 郎 benevolence Saemon who fought with the Ashikaga troop (Takao Kataoka, in 06 benevolence Saemon attacking name) the flattering. The charge child (rear Daigo 寵 Princess) Mieko = Harada “the Kodaira next o land protection which has lived” it is good │ whim

    • Daily [saizo
      “It escapes from gold defect life finally!”With coffee cm& masterpiece stage wolf smoke of gackt revival! - Finally it escapes daily [saizo] “from gold defect life!”With coffee cm& masterpiece stage wolf smoke of gackt revival! You say that gackt of the musician, Karasawa 寿 discernment, with Ichihara Hayato because of this as for the it is announced that you perform to cm of can coffee “wanda” of the Asahi beverage, authorized personnel “finally it can sneak away from gold defect,” that strokes the chest and lowers “gold defect' being announced by the part weekly magazine and the sport paper, 'it is gackt which raged, denied, but really, that office is the car of the fire, the latest cm and the stage 'sleeping mania four 郎 villainy which is started from May 控' with it is the shape which is rescued”, (the entertainment authorized personnel) in the June last year the woman magazine, gackt 1To lay off the black body guard which has employed with daily allowance of day 50,000 Yen, that to convey conservation life, gackt “it is the factual non root”, that doing the potsticker of 1 times and 300 Yen in week vis-a-vis that you announced that 'gold defect' is, it denied from front, “because as for denial although it did, really with sideline and the wasteful habit of gackt as for the office as for him who is gold defect state, it is disliked even in the person who is called Don of the entertainment world, no one helps, e.g., it has gone to eating, it is, don't you think? the office was large pinch economically”, (The entertainment authorized personnel) those where it drops in such a gackt, 'sleeping which is the representative work of the Ichikawa thunder warehouse mania four 郎' were the stage, “although the place was raised, story once, the Shibata which is the original author 錬 the problem where permission does not descend from Saburo's bereaved family, easily becoming finally clearing, that furthermore it decided also cm of the Asahi which with this where the stage starts from May it can have prepaying guaranty from the event company beverage, don't you think? it seems that finally tail wind starts blowing in the office of gackt”, the payment in advance dvd which is unsolved question (article reference) finally it looked at completionGackt which we would like to expect to amount and participation which [yakimoki] it could point the gackt fan which you say from this it comes splendidly and kana life 3 it is to make worry is the [tsu]!

    • Also NEMURI GACKT PROJECT orator announcement ♪
      Don't you think? the sleeping mania four of gackt 郎 the orator also of Tokyo performance was announced!

    • GACKT information 20100412
      With main business, in the stage busy gackt everyday life it is the memorandum which collected the information which is checked in the movie, because (it is the renewal from pc, when it cannot fly to the sight, excuse it is not) from today start of wanda new cm broadcast 4/14 (the water) 15: The 00~ yfc ticket this it falls, verification 4/19 (month) 12: 00~ sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控 this it falls, verification 'anumelo summer live 2009-re: brige-' digest April 17th (Saturday) 26: 00~26: 30 sky perfect tv! [animatsukusu] April 20th (fire) 24: 30~25: 00 sky perfect tv! Kids station '[asa] and strange country of [minimoi]' 4/29 (celebration wood) morning 8: 00~ TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. system 5/3 (celebration month) morning 11: 59~bs Japan 'my age' 4/25 (day) 7: 00~7: 30 [huji] present harvest gackt official sight /gackt.com news renewals (the 4/13×2) dearsinfo renewal (the 4/13×2) the gackt official community sight news renewal which note sound does (the 4/13×2) carrying sight /gackt [undarando] news renewal (the 4/13×2) dearsinfo renewal (the 4/13×2) [dekomeru] ~ part renewal (4/13) opposite of sleeping mania four 郎 villainous 控-related Tokuyama 秀 model embankment large Jiro second-hand book new 乃 輔 [asa] and devil [marutazaru]. Something 4/07 related to related barks corpse ogre-related being excited animation news magazine “inred” May edition (get) 4/08 “pati-pati” (browsing) 4/10 “arena37℃” May edition (get) 4/12 “cutie” 4/23 “beautiful” 4/24 “silver access tile magazine” vol.10 4/24 “[sukapa]! e2tv guide” 4/24 “tv taro” 4/26 “engine” 4/27 “arena37℃ special” June edition cover beginning large special edition 4/27 “musiq? special out of music 8” 4/27 “b-pass” June edition 4/27 “numero” 4/27 “the woman herself” coming out, [ru] 4/14 'anan' 1705 'good morning the lady' (browsing)

    • GACKT information 20100413
      With main business, in the stage busy gackt everyday life it is the memorandum which collected the information which is checked in the movie, because (it is the renewal from pc, when it cannot fly to the sight, excuse it is not) from today start of wanda new cm broadcast 4/14 (the water) 15: The 00~ yfc ticket this it falls, verification 4/19 (month) 12: 00~ sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控 this it falls, verification 'anumelo summer live 2009-re: brige-' digest April 17th (Saturday) 26: 00~26: 30 sky perfect tv! [animatsukusu] April 20th (fire) 24: 30~25: 00 sky perfect tv! Kids station '[asa] and strange country of [minimoi]' 4/29 (celebration wood) morning 8: 00~ TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. system 5/3 (celebration month) morning 11: 59~bs Japan 'my age' 4/25 (day) 7: 00~7: 30 [huji] present harvest gackt official sight /gackt.com news renewals (the 4/13×2) dearsinfo renewal (the 4/13×2) the gackt official community sight news renewal which note sound does (the 4/13×2) carrying sight /gackt [undarando] news renewal (the 4/13×2) dearsinfo renewal (the 4/13×2) [dekomeru] ~ part renewal (4/13) opposite of sleeping mania four 郎 villainous 控-related Tokuyama 秀 model embankment large Jiro second-hand book new 乃 輔 [asa] and devil [marutazaru]. Something 4/07 related to related barks corpse ogre-related being excited animation news magazine “inred” May edition (get) 4/08 “pati-pati” (browsing) 4/10 “arena37℃” May edition (get) 4/12 “cutie” 4/23 “beautiful” 4/24 “silver access tile magazine” vol.10 4/24 “[sukapa]! e2tv guide” 4/24 “tv taro” 4/26 “engine” 4/27 “arena37℃ special” June edition cover beginning large special edition 4/27 “musiq? special out of music 8” 4/27 “b-pass” June edition 4/27 “numero” 4/27 “the woman herself” coming out, [ru] 4/14 'anan' 1705 'good morning the lady' (browsing)

    • V system which becomes matter of concern.
      kagrra. Coming out the koto which is [a] p can what where [tsu] [te] ones become matter of concern whether voice lover clean voice vocal, being Japanese-style will not sing this the 摩 heaven tower opera the [a] guitar the groovy moi dix mois [mana] way don't you think? it does not change, don't you think? the year you do not take, the ~ the kana which is done a little portly? The [ge] which is beautiful as usual and does - pronunciation it is good, that when you think, the negative impolite stripe which is native it does and the shelf is it was visible putting on make-up in everyone same feeling, the [re] everyone v system? Whether or not the voice of vocal likes and in case of shelf me also the [a] face changes story at all, but it is, the stage “sleeping mania four 郎” the premium seat 30,000 Yen ss seat 20,000 Yen s seat 15,000 Yen a seat 10,000 Yen it is [te] too high, this which is what the excessiveness which does not go! Whether extent Versailles which becomes granrodeo which you think that the [a] 彩 the favorite guitar which becomes cold is lovely, it is good, whether the base now why it is, you died in August, don't you think? therefore the jasmine (tear) the [a] - this live October when being active starting the 摩 heaven tower opera repelled with the support which is whether it is to - this month with measure album it puts out, memo memo Φ (.)The day after tomorrow is even memorial ceremony of the jasmine place meandering before this of the Shibuya o-east came in [a] 1/4, - it is and when this the gazette… being moran which fears the good seat, it was like present [tori

    • weblog title
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • 賀春
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • 狩野探幽の墓
      If you mention this gate temple, very much it is famous to be Rikidouzan's grave, but it is many to in addition to the graveyard of the work expert, don't you think? it is, as for this, Tanyuu's Kanou graveyard not saying the barrier picture inside the Edo castle which shakes that arm as a leader Kanou school from the first in many buildings of the shogunate business painter shogunate which can be known spirit of the Tokugawa Family. Decoration, on two provision castles and the Nagoya castle. Don't you think? the lord, the barrier picture which is released, in special release of the temple where the many of them are production Kanou school such as barrier picture of the Osaka castle and many large temples of Daitokuji and the like how, they are most Kanou school it is, - it is appointed to also the cultural assets of capital, in addition, there is also a graveyard of the Kanou whole group, so is, but very being decipherment impossible, because in the grave [urouro] it is not possible excessively, it is removal around this, why, it probably is to be a grave Kanou school in this gate temple? This gate temple is to be a relationship in that which receives the outside protection of the Tokugawa General's family in the Edo era or, “the Taketora figure” of the wild person Tokugawa Yoshimune work is displayed in the spirit treasure lord of this gate temple, as for “Taketora” as for the posthumous Buddhist name which is one of those which Kanou school makes proudest “law before the 玄 virtue institute lord. The Mori Makoto month road” by the way, there is also a grave of such a one in this gate temple, “but as for the monkey falling from the wood, the monkey, the representative if it falls to election, is the simply person”, the Liberal Democratic Party Vice President Ono accompanying which leaves dictum. You do not understand well whether why before the graveyard graveyard of the teacher, the tiger is, but…Accompanying. The teacher, also the Japanese professional wrestling commissioner is served in Rikidouzan day Even, with Yosio Kodama Kodama in addition such as the Japanese mastermind and the Kabuki performer the Ichikawa thunder warehouse which adapts with fourth generation Onoe pine help and the seventh generation Matsumoto happiness four 郎 sleeping mania four 郎, the work of novel “quintuple tower”. It was this gate temple where, the work expert of all sectors of society such as such as the Kota dew accompanying sleeps

    • GACKT
      Stage 'sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控' writer Shibata 錬 as for the typical Sakuto capital Hinase theater 2010 May ~ performance start protagonist of Saburo's as for gackt age next year 37 years old < back number > gackt

    • 今を目指すL'Arcと過去を呼び起こすVAMPS。
      Opinion , Japanese talking

      A little and, at last, “sleeping mania four 郎 villainy 控” fc precedence you applied, was troubled even the truly high ・・・1 performance where… well -, you were troubled is high; However you tried that will make just premium and the ss seat, as for the [ze] Tokyo performance which only inserted either the s seat all Nagoya was applied, don't you think? it is (´ω `) another, don't you think? becoming terrible thing, it increases the amount of total,… for the first time, with such a [chike] generation the large sum! In f “you applied also 14 performances!? When it hits, the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] large expense [ji] [ya] it is; ” The [tsu] [te] it was said (laughing) entirely together lightly 200,000 to exceed, don't you think? with something, you are surprised, don't you think? once…… 14 performances applying, with 8 percentage s seat with 1 percentage ss seat the shank perhaps, it does not hit entirely with 1 percentage premium, only 1300 it enters, it is it is on the other hand to enter to here, when numbers it is few, either 1 performances do not hit, that even you think whether it is it is not; So, hitting, you held down inside the amount which you can pay it is with steadily we would like you to hit! First you pay and are good being the card it is? With you thought, but it is, because there is a limit amount, you cannot use the card, it is the amount amount which is more than the [tsu] shank credit balance this it is [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] cod to pull, you cannot drop and in [te] all cancellation either the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] is checks in cash payment yo which is not obtained! Cash payment it can trust to just amount amount because and you ask, way it hits with schedule of the feeling which is good! The result [dokidoki] we would like to wait with 21 day something, - how you say, [otakuchiroru]… (laughing) yesterday, you received in the child of the byte, but it is, all I received [shiyaa] with, at all the… distasteful to be (wry smile) first number machine was tasty (´∀ `) temporarily, today when [shiyaa] is surprised with to 20 year old [tsu] levers with “Tokyo dogs” something to enjoy!!!! When view it ends, the storm reserving, because also weekday is the byte from the current weekend which to the Wednesday which sleeps it makes in any case going to bed early it perseveres and the better [yo] is! The [ze] which is made all the way because of the sleeping mania four 郎!

    • 先行予約!
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • ラジオ♪
      So it probably is cute what, with gackt way voice [tsu] [te] something (the ●´∀ `Don't you think? -) [yabai]…[dokidoki] it did, (laughing) being like the fat is squeezed rather for the part making of the sleeping mania four 郎,…Although the [tsu] [te] originally there is no fat, the [tsu] (the ¯ oral ¯;)As expected it seems the gackt way! And the question fish story where your own thought change with the encounter with the person who at the time of 19 years old is, as for that thing kana of the person who is written on admission?? Because you know weak by your, very you would not like to be defeated such a by your, the [te], always life bet in order being able to charm the real thing gackt, truly you are groovy! It is the samurai like, don't you think?, the gackt way don't you think? as for how to live the [a], in the snow month flower taking the 逝 [tsu] [te] the place where with ♪♪ last everyone who comes it is stationary the [ho] it is with cg like (* ゚ a ゚ *) the [suko] ゙ [ianarogu] [tsu] [te] it is good*! New 弥 cute something it was similar to j, don't you think?! If 30 it passes, it keeps becoming the more and more good China, it is probably will be (^-^) then everyone mood way, the ~

    • 眠狂四郎 カウントダウンブログパーツ
      When the [burogupatsu] sleeping mania four where countdown and up-to-date information to release are indicated 郎 (nemuri×gackt project) new arrival information of [burogupatsu] lower part is clicked, that page opens

    • 『甘い生活』
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • 「ご機嫌よう」 と 「かしこまり」
      The greeting manner of God dignity school it probably will put out, is, it seems being, as for shank school festival rest enters midway, gackt and as for kind of job where is with in that break of the shank job appears in the stand, the friendly scene is numerous midway change? A certain [tsu] [te] you heard also story, anyhow it is pleasant, the [me] [chi] [ya] it was good, being the [tsu] temporary, contents leaking, [] it is densely and also start is quick, if this whose also end is quick it can return on the same day also the campaign uniting, don't you think? sellout of the goods coming out, the [ru] so is, but you prepare fully to the daybreak and when desired [wa] today hits “sleeping mania four 郎” dm glare the [tsu] filter, thinks of participation day entirely, in the enormous amount the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] > with, it is to be able to be the money which is used in the daybreak there is a due date for payment up to 12/2 and, the wherewithal is harsh, if you do not consult either the friend

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