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    • Weekend of the adult
      Densely it is, it is being more and more October which is katy perry and classmate I, stripe now to do, the shelf it is unintentionally yesterday, “this year it will make what kind of one year”, that the air which you think does, however it is, to be, because with consequence of the air shank yesterday as for the night it had gone to seminar to inside capital, when it returns, it does not do either the forgetting which is exhausted, the fatigue of the adult, remembering clearly, yo. then everyone whom it increases good weekend

    • Katy´s Birthday
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] pleasantly so. . .
      Because the photograph of b'day party of katy perry very pleasantly so was from the sight of the cobra snake, because the picture which is placed it is overplentiful when it is from carrying, perhaps, it is vague, (when from everything the cobra snake we borrowed) you think as appearance with the clothes of everyone Makoto [tsu] white, already we would like to do the picture with the paint, at will the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] pleasantly so and not to be, or [] be!!! Looking at this photograph, at the cod preschool doing the body paint with everyone underpants one, the memory that as for the photograph on ww [are] which remembered that you played was pleasant the rag does to have the underpants in ~ certain teacher, at just part there being many photographs in other things, don't you think? after all the direction the other side where you can see the circumstances whose party is pleasant doing is different becoming however many, like this doing, as for thinking and the [tsu] drill enjoying being cute, the shank

    • Rock
      As for music there is no so more detailed one, but it is And being the [tsu] [pa] lover suddenly with rock the shank--- Applying the fire to the word, oh love, it burns and the top and others inhales and ohi want you where it becomes favorite future, as for the baby person living in order to meet dearly, the [ze] perhaps whether the saddle the [ru] [tsu] [te] the rumor truth which you say --- Don't you think? this rust part it utilizes, don't you think? already one tune - introduction chaos the [tsu] [tsu] densely good [tsu] [tsu]!!! Also dandelion whose also sea side jet city is groovy and is less crowded and therefore nineties, somewhat it is the old [me], but being different from the favorite is it is favorite music [tsu] [te] book, there is no taste bending, being, you do not hear, rubbed - the [wa] - >< where the tune which becomes the ipod saw palm is about a mountain by the way now inquiring about katy petty, well this which is done when the [ro] it is the framework of pop - it is the girl [wa] plane chair, when the entrance [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] - so it does from [vuijiyuaru], it is too simple the fact that it is preponderantly attractive is ocean easy reason being, the child whose [vuijiyuaru] is lovely, it sprouts beingIt does, the [yo]! You connect directly with fashion or entire atmosphere [tsu] [te] music, die! As for ikissedagirl you call the favorite topic work, or but the problem work you hear the coming ♪ music whose also pv is sexy in order for you to tune by your! With you sleep with the notion that where you say, *

    • Overfull tutu and [jieimireihatsuto] ♪
      Having presenting favorite from the overfull tutu, and jamie rae hats ([jieimireihatsuto]) friend furthermore as for [hurihuriburuma] packing of the overfull tutu which everyday is [runrun] with such feeling [hurihuri] panpantutu (overfull tutu) of the [i] [i] dresses lovely in the rear end which is and the bouquet like changes and the hat is large, the flower is an important point! It can replace the flower, it is! mama it is possible slowly to also the [ro], still and the jamie rae hats ([jieimireihatsuto]) sun hat/as for the candy lime dot, already the head where combination of this lime × pink is too cute sees and starts is small you want it is [pu] or [pu] kana attaching quickly, we would like to do to go out packing becoming this way, the [te] it was lovely, the store which is dresses changes store here where it is platinum baby [i] panpantutu (overfull tutu) lovely and hat katy ¥3360panpantutu (overfull tutu) [chiyuruhurihuribotomuiero] ¥3255jamie rae hats ([jieimireihatsuto]) sun hat/candy lime dot

    • Miley Cyrus
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • The karaoke it went, - - - - - - - -!!!
      Becoming slow, [sumimasenkaraoke] it went!! As for the tune which you sing- Touch - Subject song of [konan] (vision [misuteriasuaizu] either of the summer garnet Crowe) ●womanizer●toxic●if u seek amy●baby one more time ●breakout●fly ON the wall ●hot n cold●ur so gay●thinking of you sang you and the like and the like, 50 tunes! However it is the participation red sandal wood in ranking, only 5 people or 15 people almost 1 rank you took the tune which does not participate! So, so, britney or katy as for 1 rank of tune 'as for the Sato Ken we wife' just is the monopolistic laughing [do] ocean ease to be less crowded, something the [i]! The name which the rear 'seal' you say and acts playfully 'as for touch' although 89 points you took, at ranking even the rag being defeated the participant to be too many is it is on higher rank! 100 points it does, the nineties multi it does the subject song of [konan] which is not the side [ya] which it can win! The person who is in best edition of [konan] the pickup! 2: When the sound park it goes from 00, dam it is less crowded unless, the [so] it is with 30 minutes waiting, at last start - - - -!! However at 6 o'clock it dispersed, after you sang completely and were not enough and being from 'the [a]! [ano] tune you have forgotten!'With being the hippopotamus [tsu] temporary, you sing laughing this time and in order there is no leaving, you strive, [tsu]! regina

    • Reply
      The [me] it is do the ▲katy perry mail and the rice returning (>_

    • Amar sin ser amada
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • In INROCK
      It is the continuation to be, fergie as usual it is lovely, beyonce!! Privately, [gurami] prize coming, you think as the [ru]! It is your katy perry doll…. It waits, the ~! leona!!!!!! Please visit Japan…. As for end with johnny depp* After all ocean where the ocean it soaks after a long time so easily ease is the tomorrow 3 person surface talks which are highest….

    • Dictatorial principle person
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • The [gurami] prize nomination which is learned from Les Mills
      When today only attack continues to Friday and watches at the television which is the sequence of 55 some time ago, with cm what the music you have heard… the audition which is the cm of cd, [guraminominizu] 2010 when you try hearing with the sight which it is possible being used with les, mills [ru] tune well enough by your is you knowing, when introduction track2 pokerface lady gaga (ba65-10) track3 use somebody kings of leon (bc40-10) track9 my life would suck without you kelly clarkson (bc41-1) track10 hot n COLD katy perry (ba64-5, bc40-1 and bb43-2) track11 halo beyonce (bc41-10 and bh47-8) les mills it is not done with limited to the [ru], the ocean interest it probably does not have at all easilyDon't you think? with saying, “it is tune of the [a] and this abdominal muscles” only the image that it can have, it is, but

    • [gurami] [nominizu] 2010
      Unusually ocean easy cd purchase (゚ д ゚) '[gurami] [nominizu] 2010' truth it has been attached on the cover of the paper attaching, however you tried copying [me] probably to take… the reverse side is such becoming, tears very [te] this time not to be wrong, because by your you are clumsy, <- it sets aside the story of the jacket, as for this cd the optimum to the ocean easy beginner! When it becomes [tsu] [te] my sometime, it escapes from the beginner, whether it is, (; ^ω^) Ocean. It is like the batting average of the willow under ratio .015, (it is higher or, your w favorite is, p the line of 8~10 number! nk “sober” kelly clarkson “my life would suck without you the” being katy perry “hot n COLD” ocean easy, after all, whether the woman vocal (the no ´∀ `*)

      Today, now you encountered to coolest woman [madomoazeruyuria] accidentally with subculture: Even urea you knew directly with [tsu] [pa] style whether) the hair where the w trademark is blue with 39 [mato] of Harajuku it is distant! So becoming aware, the [a] of the [ru] it is it was crushing? Everyone just you do not know? Temporarily, voice even the ^^ which was applied is lovely, it is it is to be recorded before also nylon and the umbrella and the magazine, the [tsu] [te] which sows it is she who is, but when it tries speaking little bit, at all lovely reaction!! Also her [burogu] it is lovely from contents, starting overflowing, in the kana ~ [tsu] and ^^2008 year August which will try introducing to this opportunity which it increases little bit mixed album neon spread as for the dj style which release mc and song is sung one. Also many artists such as differing, katy perry and m.i.a which are pulling in contest fashion magazine “nylon” while writing utilize discuss, dj participates in the album of music production, teriyaki boyz® and towa tei and krazy as Singer of course baldhead the column as [huichiyaringuateisuto] now when itself connection to the various parties, with the domestic artist the [a] which and manages also the design of itself accessory brand, giza with new program “[madomowarudo]” of space shower tv also first vj serves (quotation origin) it is to do, the time where justice heat is dangerous, the [te] [yu] [u] social electro- heatWith the opportunity where it knows urea that in such as 2007,8 years which rise at a stroke with [tawareko] this album is viewed to fergie of [hu] black eyed peace! The live of the gossip it had gone, it seems! It was highest, it seems! If it should have gone after all! vivienne westwood! Don't you think? even [wa] Halloween, the designer of lovely cassette playa, also carry is like the friend calling the bean jam, the way of the close friend of this busy p!! Not to be wrong when it is COOL, well, as for ♪ that it receives the flier of the event from such a her with the following article when of the ^^

    • Kurume POP GROUND!!!
      Because some days ago boss in Kurume was called with guest, it went to play!! 12 o'clock it arrived before, it is, but in such you feel!! Exactly local end it was in live!! sho y.s.n!!! t-[shiyatsu] of opie×defcult it had worn!!! The bruise - it does!!! takuya tng exactly the quasi- Bicchu place!! In the 餃 child house, [matabee] of the reverse side alleyway which then this time in [sekitakeshi] of sponsorship side in the boiled rice it makes keep accompanying the point reaches, Showa smell drifts!! The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was tasty, is!! Thank you as for hiroki you ask what, you are troubled, in!! ayumu you are troubled, in!! With you thought and started and, everyone you had been troubled!! (Laughing) 餃 child katsuya of [matabeeosusume] mood!! Commemoration photographing!! katsuya in Showa wind!!! You discover her of the stone!!! katyuya 2shot is obstructed!!! When it returns, Kitakyushu coco was in play!!! You carve tng and carve in!!! m.a.o, boss, sho, y, s and nushi-u with [hakaihayabusa] ×defcult-tee paste paste!! eri and takuya, katsuya boss and y.s.n and step lightly which comes!!! As for floor [motsushiyu]!!! The person who is dived from the speaker!!! And it is unable to wait, bossk, o katsuya and the dangerous eye of guest does and increases, but, still it was vigorous!!! hiroki and taka-bo paste paste!!! With everyone!!! katsuya and the eye starting closing, your chanpeng [chi] which it increases so was!!! It is takuya fatigue!!! takuya and boss, also the y.s.n 2 person wearing, hellaca it increases!! After all the first number was he!!! He being the whereabouts unclear, when you have searched, it had done to be completed cripes at outside!!! You extending the foot to boss, the place where sleep talk is said!!! Wearing the hat and the glasses, it does not occur rising, it was sleep talk!! (Laughing) also the return slept to be chummy!!! (Laughing) it went to play for the first time in Kurume, it is, but the boiled rice is tasty and, the [chi] [yo] - it was pleasant, is!!! It was everyone fatigue of Kurume!!!

    • [kachiyushiya]*
      * Before this < stripe unevenness > being similar, [kachiyushiya] which 200 Yen [chi] [yo] is and with it finds* Wearing thing love is, coming densely to be, don't you think? the [tsu], [kachiyushiya] of the mother having, because the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it does not return, presenting, because the ^^ which you saw it was cheap that the ♪ (the ¯ - +¯) the mirror showing, with the girl ♪ the exultaion ♪ you attach and/or the ~ remove and/or the ~ and attach and/or the ~ with like it is delightful lovely the ~ [tsu] [te] to be said, the plain gauze is and with it increases shank ^^ katyu-sya create a free slideshow with picnik! Although you bought with the matching, being thrown, it finished, even in the brother (laughing)… il||li _|¯|○ il||li already a little it does not become large with the excessiveness the [a] ~ recently the hair it does not make touch, it is, don't you think? regrettable & present boiled rice & [bataraisu] [menchikatsu] snap pea tomato & ↓ usual support [pochi] the one which is done! It is delightful enormously, is and ♪ Japanese [burogu] village Japanese [burogu] village which thank you the ^^ where support it receives becomes recently in Sawayama's one and encouragement

    • With Vista very troublesome [are] is improved with Windows7
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Reduction exclusive use?
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • So much, because not to be fast also the [te] is all right
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • * The God way it passed
      En japones , original meaning

    • All the deadliest and strongest earthquakes since 1900, including coordinates

    • Polish president killed in plane crash in Russia and pilot error suspected (3)
      russian president dmitry medvedev has sent minister for emergency situations sergei shoigu and to the crash site and ordered the establishment of an investigation committee headed by prime minister vladimir putin to investigate the air disaster. kaczynski had been flying to russia to take part in ceremonies commemorating the 1940 mass executions of polish military and public service staff by the soviet security police and was scheduled to deliver an address in katyn. around 22,000 polish arm… Russian president [medobejiehu] crash of the sight cell gay shoigu to do urgently in the circumstance of sending and others minister of state, [kachinsuki] disaster note of the air. [puchin] prime minister the prime minister commemoration ceremony was done participates in the panel investigation which leads establishment flying, in Russia the Soviet Union. Around the arm which is the security police troop and the Polish 1940 mass executions by the staff of piblic services, and the schedule which offers the address of [katein] 22,000 Poland…

    • Poland and Russia: reconciled in tragedy | Jarosław Kurski
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • Poland's tragedy and in which we all share | Denis MacShane
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • Polish air crash: Curse of Katyn | Editorial
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • #91 - Kelly Clarkson - I DO NOT HOOK UP - PV
      i do not hook up is a song by american singer kelly clarkson. it serves as the second single from her fourth album all i ever wanted. the song and in addition to another track ON the album (long shot), was recorded by katy perry for her unreleased album (a) katy perry (previously just called hook up). i do not hook up was sent to american radio stations ON april 14 and 2009. the music video was directed by bryan barber and was shot march 25 and 2009. [hd] kelly clarkson ~ i do not hook up ~ official video tag: kelly clarkson i do not hook up pv 2009 #92 John legend feat… #93 billy currington… #94 zac brown band -…

    • Polish PM pleased over Putin's Katyn invitation
      kanji character , Feel free to link

    • School Garden: Vigorous A flower bed Spring 2010
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Letters: We must not renege on war crime laws
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • http://umikarahajimaru.at.webry.info/200912/article_38.html

    • 神は我を見捨てなかった!
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • ベストッ
      [Your own mark best with it is] * smell your favorite of the fragrance best3 bleach [kashisusoda] candy * favorite magazine best3 weekly boy [jiyanpusebunteinhuerishimo] * best3 queenmarilyn manson rough lumber Hirohiko favorite artist * favorite the famous person (the woman) best3 Tanimura beauty month companion Yuki Megumi katy perry * favorite the famous person (the man) the type which we would like to make best3 freddie mercurymarilyn manson main point Jun & the friend (the woman) best3 adult [sabasaba] it has done, it is kind, * the type which we would like to make the friend (the man) story of best3 [jiyojiyo] the paste which it is possible is good and it is kind how type best3 to eat & it dislikes is dirty the senseless unsociable & favorite novelist best3 Isaka Koutarou quaintnessAfter one the lightning library liking, when the shank * the strange venture mask rider spirits devil favorite of cartoon best3 [jiyojiyo] * favorite [jiburi] work best it makes the God hiding ear of 3000 and Chihiro be completed and thing removing princess * favorite drama best3 trick random walk r criminal mind, csi * Rocky load cheese cake system of flavor best3 chocolate mint 31 favorite of the ice * national best3 Rumanian English Germany which would like to go * favorite car best3 mini- Kuu per it is huge lightly hateful & favorite motorcycle best3 Kawasaki [zehuaharehonda] being black, the huge person * favorite word best3 discernment mirror dead water naivety full-blown England. When generosity (you obtain and Imai you apply) = intelligence is superior very, heart carries about to be wide being magnanimous * favorite sport best3 high jump short range Aikido * the region best3 lip foot abdominal muscles of the body which sprouts * and [ru] thing best3 paragraph portable [saihu] * brand best3 unlabeled we like non-defective item cactushoneys * name speech best3 D [morutobeneborare] [vuia] of the cartoon drama you have used * by your you like, when densely the best3 left eye left hand right brain * by your you dislike, densely the best3 right eye right foot ear * the upper library aquarium favorite of the place best3 bed * doing, like thing best3 bungee jump airplane operation marriage * the favoriteThis book of brand best3 of the tobacco it is and the [ro] w which is the [chi] [ya] useless * as for brand best3 brand favorite of the liquor however it is not, as for [kashisusoda] it is tasty, don't you think? * the human best3 chestnut ayu which pushes the baton the [hu] which is questioned

    • 曲名バトン
      [The tune name alphabet baton] it is the baton which keeps burying the tune name which starts from the initial of alphabet, if it is not understood, throwing, a⇒arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddonmarilyn manson b⇒bounce bon jovi c⇒crawl back in dead by sunrise d⇒decode paramore e⇒electric barbarella duranduran f⇒faint linkin park g⇒girlfriend avril lavigne h⇒hung up madonna i⇒i was Born wo love you queen j⇒jerk it out caesers k⇒knock you down keri hilson + kanye west + ne-yo l⇒love song sara bareilles m⇒mobscene marilyn manson n⇒new divide linkin park o⇒over you daughtry p⇒personal jesus marilyn manson q⇒qwerty linkin park r⇒remedy little boots s⇒stronger kanye west t⇒thinking of you katy perry u⇒u+ur hand p whom it does not take care of! nk v⇒viva la vida coldplay w⇒what i've done linkin park x⇒ y⇒you belong with me taylor Swift z⇒ the [hu] handle which the chestnut ayu questions 3 partners who are turned next please, you read [darii]… by your the hitting [tsu] solving, but what

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