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    Satsuki Katayama,

    Politics related words 郵政 Democratic Party Ichiro Ozawa Jicho Kacho Junichi Kawamoto Posts and Telecommunications Minister Noda Seiko Yukari Sato Democratic administration Kiuchi Minoru Hatoyama Cabinet established

    • http://88853368.at.webry.info/201111/article_107.html
      12: Name it is not @12 anniversary: 2011/11/25 (Friday) 18:44: 53.77 id: The road which dismantlement only is belkl1+70 NHK and, very dismantlement, NHK it is correct traces collapse quickly, annoyance NHK 13: Name it is not @12 anniversary: 2011/11/25 (Friday) 18:46: 44.02 id: glniackm0
      12 : 名字它不是@12周年纪念: 2011/11/25 (星期五) 18:44 : 53.77 id : 仅拆卸是belkl1+70 NHK,并且的路,非常拆卸,它是正确踪影的NHK迅速崩溃,心烦NHK 13 : 名字它不是@12周年纪念: 2011/11/25 (星期五) 18:46 : 44.02 id : glniackm0

    • http://88853368.at.webry.info/201205/article_74.html
      240: Name it is not @12 anniversary: 2012/05/27 (Sunday) 13:47: 09.55 id: It seems like, whether you committed the crime the pozqzmyz0 burst of laughter problem Ota @tbs radio outrageous way of, as for making the tendency which it can have in without being desirable and receiving for member of the Diet to publicize this of the [wa] [gi], good twitter using, as for Sekou “Arabian spring” every it comes and fans and the [ru] which is sown purely only the [ke] the people who are viewed the achievement impression like whether as for Katayama to change the life insurance which has been utilized, there is no this method it is not, or disclosed large badness of, strange feeling it must receive truly in Katayama who are done, the road to be the people the narrow [me] [te] 3 degrees which put away, whereIf to trouble you do not see, it is not circumstance or the drill, a liberal translation
      240 : 名字它不是@12周年纪念: 2012/05/27 (星期天) 13:47 : 09.55 id : 它似乎象,您是否犯了罪pozqzmyz0笑声爆发问题Ota @tbs收音机粗暴的方式,至于为做它可能有,无需是中意的和接受饮食的成员的公开此的倾向[wa] [美国兵],好慌张使用,至于为Sekou “每阿拉伯的春天”它来和风扇和[ru] [被播种纯粹只有的ke]人民是否被观看成就印象至于它不是的Katayama的能改变人寿保险运用了,那里没有这个方法或者被透露的大不善 它在Katayama必须真实地接受做的奇怪的感觉,是的路人民投入的狭窄的[我] [te] 3程度,麻烦您的whereIf没看见,它不是情况或钻子

    • http://88853368.at.webry.info/201110/article_9.html
      252: Name it is not @12 anniversary: 2011/09/29 (Thursday) 10:26: 45.63 id: 0qyig/qt0 If 'appropriate radio wave rent' is taken, as for tax increase of consumer tax completely there is no necessity
      252 : 名字它不是@12周年纪念: 2011/09/29 (星期四) 10:26 : 45.63 id : 0qyig/qt0,如果‘适当的无线电波租’被采取,至于消费者税款税增量的完全地那里是没有必要

    • Evading “wolf middle age”? Masuzoe main point one person to our people secession and new party formation
      2010 April 21st (Wednesday) 22:3 transmission Yomiuri Shimbun Company
      4月2010日21日(星期三) 22:3传输读卖新闻公司

    Satsuki Katayama, Politics ,

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