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    Shoujo Lolita 23ku ,

    Music related words Shoko Nakagawa ViVi Yusuke Kamiji Irokui Nozomi Tsuji Visual Kei Water lily Skyscraper Opera Marlboro JULIA
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  • ○■ ロリヰタ

  • ○■ これからまた賛否 論、いろんな... However you think that and for and against both theory, there is a various thing from now on, we want persevering

  • ○■ Expecting carrying it tri ed changing, (Ω) it made [nororiwita]! [yaba] it is and don't you think? - the pond passes - (the *´д `*)

  • ○■ ☆少女-ロリヰタ-23 区 →ホ... * Girl - [roriwita] - 23 Ku -> [hoshinokakera, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ■dvd1, Milky Way no win g - galactic wing--Locus of new life [roriwita] - special making movie recording, a liberal translation

  • ○■ v-rockとは、メイク 髪型... v-rock, it is named generically of the band where the make-up and hair type are feature, it is one of naming the “[vuijiyuaru] system” and it is loved in the world as a unique music culture,

  • ○■ holiday osaka■2nd dyz T omei 阪 tour final one-man live 'rebellion against fate' performance: Sale ticket before the 2nd dyz (one-man) open 18:30 /start 19:00: Day ticket classified by ¥3,000 (d): Inquiry classified by ¥3,500 (d): holiday osaka 06-6362-5288 the Nagoya livehouse@-hill■cu [be] cd sale commemoration one-man 2days “box in the Schrodinger” performance: cu (One-man) sale ticket before the open 18:00 /start 18:30: ¥3,000 (the ¥500 classified by d) day ticket: ¥3,500 (the ¥500 classified by d) inquiry: Nagoya livehouse@-hill 052-693-7772 Hakata drum son■ flower boy [badeizu] independent performance [watsu] 2011 fall 'boys ride bicycle - 16 sentence kick of happiness -' performance: Sale ticket before the flower boy [badeizu] (one-man) open 18:00 /start 18:30: ¥3,300 (the ¥500 classified by d) day ticket: ¥3,800 (the ¥500 classified by d) inquiry: enter brain 052-760-2477 the Nagoya music farm■crazy doctor Japanese vertical independent jungyo rolling special 11 Performance: Sale ticket before the sex-android (one-man) open 18:00 /start 18:30: ¥3,500 (the ¥500 classified by d) day ticket: ¥4,000 (the ¥500 classified by d) inquiry: Nagoya music farm 052-772-2314 Takeda Baba area■toy's in the attic performance: %, a liberal translation

  • ○■ bgm:流星とメトロ リス/少... bgm: Meteor and metropolis/girl - [roriwita] - 23 Ku

  • ○■ 2011 January 26th sale ¥ 3000 (tax in.)

  • ○■ 1人でチキン1人で チュー1人... With 1 people with chicken 1 with stew 1 person cake (*´д `*)

  • ○■ Whether they are 1 number s, or are 2 numbers, the constitution mistake [tsu] of tune it is it seems, (laughing) ←a [mero] throwing, the rust it is suddenly and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] passes and (゜ω゜) the [ge] - it does that with that, - with the shank (゜ω゜) <- the [a]; The pasteboard dump there was no today, - (Ω)* The girl - [roriwita] - 23 Ku at last is, - the [tsu]! How it waited from the session which is in February?…However (the д `&) * [setori] & [supanovua] pheromone cherry unique Othello - importance announcement - the Milky Way no wing - galactic wing- (new tune) 睡 - the pond lily - also the room last time of the lotus so was, therefore the anti- board being, is the drum of the cartridge there is no two bus, the [te] just a little it was lonesome, (the ' Ω `) why member other than [kogoe] was appearance with the t shirt, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ストラップ | 記事 一覧... Strap |Article summary |The love which becomes the mother

  • ○■ - music-visual system

  • ○■ 取り敢えずばんた 可愛いまじ可... Taking Ae you do not obtain and it is the cartridge now the [ji] (the *´д `) the stick do reaction try doing lovely and/or lovely round and round one by one with mc and/or from always stands the air does yesterday

  • ○■ But as for [peta] of the [riyowo] 丞 reader register [peta] being it has come you know it is other everyone [peta] have done to turn probably are or,…? (; Ω)

  • ○■ ユ≠キプロデュー のブランドx... It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

  • ○■ To learn more, ask blogg ers to link to.

  • ○■ 【殿堂】 上地雄 【殿堂... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ geinoujin �� yuumei jin toppu

  • ○■ 新生少女-ロリヰタ -23区のア... shinsei shoujo - roriita -23 ku no arubamu kii te omotta kotonandakedo dokutoku no sekaikan ga suki kamo

  • ○■ These are talking of Ja panese blogoholic.

  • ○■ 国フォ来てたんだ !書き溜めて... recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ �� ryowo jou sanga ichiban onnanoko ni motome rumonohanandesuka ��

  • ○■ 10日の仙台、そし 11日の東... In order Sendai of 10 days, and Tokyo of 11 days furthermore to become live it is good, it perseveres!! * [riyowo] 丞 (still and the [tsu], -! ) * [Formality] girl - to [roriwita] - 23 Ku ⇒ [ku] ゙ [ru] [tsu] [po] [totsuhu] ゚ ★9.23 (celebration) Akasaka blitz one-man '- neo tokyo empire-' opening!! * Ticket secondary preceding acceptance start ~7/4 (mon) 18: As for 00h.i.p 03-5412-7501■twitter this! * Girl - [roriwita] - 23 Ku official web site * girl - [roriwita] - 23 Ku official youtube channel

  • ○■ From [he] ゚ [ta] it has come [roriwita] 23 Ku [riyowo] 丞 the [tsu] (_)

  • ○■ supportertag='... support ertag= ''; supportertag+= ''; supportertag+='[burogusapota]'; supportertag+= ''; for (i=0; i< supporters.length; i++) {supportertag+= '' + supporters [i] .nickname + ''; } supportertag+= ''; supportertag+= ''; supportertag+= '';, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The present which becomes [amenba] which sends message is sent

  • ○■ 記事一覧 | 限界バ ーゲン... Article summary |Limited bargain

  • ○■ You become the reader of this [burogu], (check)

  • ○■ あの話題の芸能人 ブログやって... Also the show biz celebrity of that topic doing [burogu], the [ru]!? As for [ohuishiyaruburogu] register desired one this/amoeba member register (no charge! )

  • ロリヰタ

    Shoujo Lolita 23ku ,

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