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    Professional Golferss Association Championship,

    Sport related words Tiger Woods Birdie 位片山晋 Ishikawa Ryo 全米プロ選手権

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://ameblo.jp/emikazukk/entry-11071455031.html
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    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

    • http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2011/09/13/michael-jordan-got-rich-with-rules-he-is-complaining-about/

    • ryou kun ���� nichime zeffuchou �� zenbei o^pun
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • 93rd All-American professional golf championships
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Hundred day crimson
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • 52 années superbes (_
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Do you feel sorry for Tiger Woods and missing the cut at the US PGA? | Poll, a liberal translation
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://ogawanobonbon.at.webry.info/201108/article_15.html
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    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • ���������� buchi kowashi
      These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.

    • It is regrettable,…
      Our Tokyo Yakult…Is the quagmire the [a]… which [mihairu] [shiyumatsuha] and f1 return abandonment…The presently it is regrettable, All-American professional golf… in on airThe Ishikawa Liao player, is the cutoff point difficult at present time?…It is reliance on others, but… [u] [u] [u] [u]…

    • Liao Ishikawa 3rd being honest, preliminary round breakthrough
      All-American professional preliminary round round of this year, now with tv relay of morning total 4 2 days being over, hole out to do, entire 78 rank Liao Ishikawa which is reported, with the Japanese kind of player whom it nominates passes with as many as 62 rank tie veteran Fujita 1 being over, because Katayama of entire 26 rank later, Konda fell preliminary round, because you can play deciding round from tomorrow at ease, because it is not to be good having expected greatly or, the top 7 under, has acquired 4 hitting differences to 2 rank with the tiger, if perhaps this way there is no considerably thingThe fact that it wins probably is the place where it does not have the mistake, if it wins, not only becoming participation 3 tournament successive victories, because with the total victory star and it comes to the point of rear two approaching to 73 victories of Nicklaus's of 2 rank and possibility of renewal it is not large with 2 rank advance with the total victory star during this season, or well nevertheless is not progress of Liao and the long foot or it is young, also absorption power of technology probably will be large, but rear 2 round persevering, there is that possibility of liking to expect that it eats within best ten greatly and is not or the photograph evening of yesterday sceneBut with now month of morning, to that the Aichi pond before the dawn, it seems that the weather of expectation of the king's weather continuation which is stabilized from around last night is again becoming unstable

    • Liao's Ishikawa popularity!
      As for present holiday, the flattering Tako river paralleling which in lsd of 120 parts is hot after a long time from starting morning round trip to the Ueno entrance, from morning it was full by the car of river play, still, the left foot you wipe, and others there is Hari of the joint meat leaving, but somehow watching at the television of the morning when it is lsd end of 120 parts, when it increases, the Ishikawa Liao regular use which now when it is being attached to Liao's Ishikawa of the professional golfer popularity, Liao who participates in All-American professional golf championships, the cutoff point it is now the way, during degree of good impression popularity rising, with cm the popularity which it comes after [kimutaku] it puts out and isAs for Liao's fan which with [yonetsukusu] of golf wear, Liao fashion puts out and is popularity not only the young person, woman that there is popularity in the middle to elderly-aged woman, so as for popularity of [obatarian] to Liao who is, [yon] like the sonata of the winter and the trust rice field which the notion that where, it is the common point with the popularity to the university baseball Waseda large Saito pitcher, some days ago was read the child book it was in “the men who are chosen”, the accomplice “[ikemen]” which [obatarian] heart the [ku] is done and “yes it is lovely”, with [ubu] with like the pure prince, sexual desire of [obatarian]The trust rice field of the author whom the existence which is filled up securely it puts out and has called the middle to elderly-aged woman who passes 60th birthday “[arakan]”, but as for those where it is popularity in [obasan] of [arakan], in Liao very, very plus as for the target of [obatarian] which has been fixed to the sonata series of the winter probably will be it probably means that also it is good to face to golf, in various industries? But the women of [arahuo] also vigor also [obasan] of [arakan] being vigorous above that, the money having, don't you think? from the [ru]!

    • Most young cutoff point in 17 years old history
      2009 August last overseas measure “All-American professionals Liao golf championship” 2nd day Ishikawa, it was in the position where the cutoff point is delicate, but passed preliminary round (^-^)/that, renewed the most young cutoff point record in “All-American professional” histories with the ・・・4 over 62 rank tie, so is, (^o^)/and one record is made and the better seed Liao is enormous truly, is! [a], rear 2 day persevering 17 year old (^-^)/Liao Ishikawa (2009 [segasami] cup)

    • 'Worldwide overland' commencement!
      Start better seed -!! (The ≧▽≦) discontinuing compilation job already, because compilation just a little is harsh during the period when we videotape and we check don't you think? there being a boy 100m suddenly, the volt/bolt vs gay running of attention is the pleasure and as arm [huechi] don't you think? check of the arm of the medium range player (¯m¯*) before the [muhutsu] ♪ however it was the player of 400m, as for here several years that the arm of the player above 800m calling - being able to think, - broadcasting and expecting, it increases, it is with! (. + `д.)As for the witness's accout where [kiran] the worldwide land may become for a while main, is however you do not write,… (The [tsu] [te] which before is written even with worldwide swimming you say it seems the way…Because) the [a], also the All-American professionals broadcast from 3rd day, videotaping that of course, it checks!

    • Morning glow
      Because you say that Liao Ishikawa remained in All-American professional decisions, the after occurring early morning, regrettable you turned on the switch of tv it had ended Liao's play, when (+8) you look at outside the window suddenly, because the clean morning glow had done, it kept cutting the shutter 5 minutes, “as for early rising there is a proverb, profit of three sentences”, but the upper left which can get wise refreshing morning (4: 55) In (5:00) the right (5: 09) The lower position left (5: 10) In (5: 25) The right (6: 30)

    • Ishikawa good fight, as for last day 72 golf All-American professionals
      Ishikawa good fight, as for last day measure last game of Ishikawa Liao = Reuters boy golf which 72 golf All-American professional 2009 August 17th 3:9 turned last round in the per play, All-American professional championships on the 16th, [hezerutein] national gc of Minnesota (7674 yard = per 72) with is last round, in conference history most it is young and Liao the Ishikawa of 17 years old where it advances to deciding round (it turns in Tokyo Suginami institute high) 4 birdies and the per play of 4 bogies and total 8 it is over and Ishikawa which finishes competition it starts coming out, with 4 holes score three drops it is painfulIt became development, but it recovered from there, marked oneself the highest 72 in 4 days

    • The T woods, it does not become V regrettably,…As for Liao 56 rank of the Japanese party top tie/All-American professionals
      The tiger probably will for the first time put out the fact that reversal it is defeated in last day, is, being enormous, as for shank Liao, nominating breaking, the next year we would like to appraise that 4 days it could turn, in order to be able to go within top 20 with either one of measure, furthermore we want devoting, below the shank, from sun Kay sport quotation--------------------------------All-American professional championships of American boy golf on the 16th, [hezerutein] national gc of American Minnesota [chiyasuka] (7674 yards, per 72) with do last round, Liao Ishikawa which comes out at total 8 over 70 rank (17), turn with 72 of 4 birdie 4 bogies, as for the source which is 56 rank of total 8 over this

    • [a] [chi] [ya] -
      Even during 4 large measures that you think and start and whether complete victory of the minor All-American professional tigers and the Korean player reversal victory as for the tiger of this year with 0 victory tours has won after all well enough with measure, however you think that it is with there is no meaning where power becomes weak, the preliminary round falling in all England just a little not being able to think still you age and or the powerful rival it is not even at the year when it is packed, we would like to look at the kind of shot where and worldwide ranking 1 rank continues for a while and kana is surprised is

    • As for after a long time work…
      y e [yan] (Korea)! In order All-American professional victory [omedeto] Ishikawa, for Hiroyuki Fujita to produce to be the total 8 over 56 rank tie together and tired work after the ~ 1 week cannot grasp pace, throws from the 2nd day which becomes tired, the ~~

    • Myth of 41 steps
      issue , original meaning

    • Golf it began, (? )
      belief , Feel free to link

    • Supper August 25th
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Golf rule
      All-American professional golf championship old golf club golf-course reservation gora golf golf shop two wooden golf golf wear golf lesson golf ball golf supplies golf shoes golf reservation [goruhunetsutowakuakodeiagoruhugoruhusukuru] chords and golf park golf golf bar putter golf vw golf pgm [goruhuburijisutongoruhuadeidasugoruhugoruhururunaikigoruhugoruhu] beginner golf concentration golf grip

    • Topic of sport
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • Ireland's Harrington takes lead at PGA Transitions
      ireland's padraig harrington, who has not won a sanctioned event since the 2008 pga championship and fired a six-under 65 to seize a one-shot lead at the transitions championship.harrington moved to eight-under 134 after two rounds of the 5.4 million dollar pga event at the innisbrook golf club.he used a pair of late birdies to fire his lowest score of the year to go with the 69 he shot thursday. As for Irish [padoreiguharinton], ever since All-American professional golf championships 2008, movement - in the event which is approved under 134 as for golf event, that lowest score fire 69 of this year as for him to go with Thursday chute, pair of birdie is used for the layoff 8 which with 6 under 65 confiscates the premier position in one transition championship.harrington slowly with two round tamper bay golf club.he of 5,400,000 dollar to after the thing which victory is done

    • 570.masters2010 last day (2)
      Because that time when the tiger keeps deteriorating in the same way as the time of the All-American professionals of last year and now it is different the 捩 [ji] it turns over golf boundary where the hero filling discrimination…, how unshapely to be defeated above this without doing, and the illness and the fighting [u] wife, lovely exhibits the children and family love, many complexes does not make feel with the white is strong intently it is extreme, it continues to fight with strength, immediately before overtaking Nicklaus to, coming, and the tiger which lets stand in adversity already, filling wins certainly, however probably will be, however and criticism probably will be concentrates on the tiger, the following in the All-American be sure to have supported from before the conference which is wanted winning [riuesutoutsudo] higher rankTo end becoming to however many it is not, like the boy the way of gentle play regardless we want the scene like the zone which it visits in everything of the player who has come carrying out unsullen in all England, it leaves, the rear 2 holes

    • American idling 9
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • [zenbeeopun
      On tray day off midst August 14th, water caltrop house virtue soldier. This year when usual “Zenbee open golf” is held, impudently, doing All-American professional golf championships and the day when it is held in America similarly, it included customer related to head office business which always becomes the care which is held and the acquaintance friend it was done and the latest most young participation, even in me of 16 year old super beginners, received the voice applying to participation, but because he is transferring the mark, making the rain fall, serious being modest, this year when it receives for weather irregularity, weather became matter of concern, but first worried uselessness whether 賑 and! Everyone recognizes, the president “of the man” participates because!! With being the case that it is said, it is to try opening the cover but everyone and with very the out of order way because, the filter which also the kind of wind which has become rough does there was a score, it seems that the excessiveness is not, but there is an excuse respectively and the better seed so-so, such a play event what puts out and with it is to think, but don't you think? the complicated thinking seems a certain way, everyone whom safely the stripe which the end is it did anyhow without the physical condition defectiveness and the wound the wooden pail participated, grateful the ~ store manager ~

    • Japanese talking
      Occurring 4:30, ([tsu] [te] weekday and the strange cup don't you think?) tv point [ke] [ru] 91st All-American professional golf championships the middle which you see it may sleep, because is, whether video recording k j [chiyoi] when it has, y e [yan] present y e [yanbesutodoretsusa] When carefully you see as Sintarou after being same [rukotsuku], it does also 1 weeks, properly f town Toshi jr. Although with they are 2 round, being hot, it does not go to either practice, this time of today when either Imai [chi] golf heat does not rise with future schedule August last week Hakata the tastiness potato it is [te] vanah cup kbc Augusta 3r which is eaten last Nitikan game Asian Pacific Panasonic op 3r last Nitikan game

    • All-American professional also ♪
      Everyone, neck* This reported, it is and the [chi] is white and still in about ~♪ future week, is it is it is to buy with [omiya]Because * because the regular to be white from the [ma], tastily - with most young record on Liao Ishikawa which it increases in offering/accompanying of ♪♪ All-American professional observations and history, scene was advanced to deciding round, to support, the oral [ya], relay from 12 where is o'clock it was, long ago you have stood by, but it isFor the present, don't you think? the ~ golf network [tsu] [te] which does not appear also briefly, only international image is, if it waits for the relay of tbs, the good oak and others? Bringing the individual “Liao camera,”, don't you think? from the [ru] the ~ but 4:40 start of broadcast from how, it cannot wait at all,…If you say that it does not appear, the portable camera [tsu] [te] picture of television does not appear, don't you think? is, you did not know…The cooler turning off, opening the window, when the [ma] you eat white, feeling ♪ for a while between may be cool, win sleepiness it may, is being, the ~~~ which Liao projects and the ~ it asks

    • All-American professional golf championships
      Finally it became development of the disturbance that (it was the same record as the Fujita player, victory) last game 'All-American professional golf championships' of the worldwide 4 large measures which are the Japanese highest rank tie with 56 rank tie the t woods which end are done let escape, that was shocking with that, but Liao Ishikawa in history most being young, as for the last day which achieved the heroic deed, cutoff point and attracted attention the world

    • Liao it cannot call
      The victory present term 4 victory eyes, the prize and the high school student professional of 18 years old where it exceeds 100,000,000 with 2 year continuation say with the Coca-Cola Tokai classic of 4 days, as for this strength in this person who is the real thing circumstances of pride not to be visible, this week when you become the player who represents Japan those where it nominates breaks with the All-American professionals of August which appears in the American representation and the tournament worldwide selection (Europe is excluded in San Francisco) as became self-confidence because? Isamu the Ikeda of 23 years old thickly the present term 2 victory prize ranking 2 rank and Katayama Shin Kure which advances rapidly although master's 4 rank and perfect start it finished, although in the country not yet victory, also last day of 4 days had lined up into the premier position to the middle, fall off with the 16,17th continual bogie

    • Kansai open last day
      Last day end start 1st 2nd 3rd and 3 continual birdies 6th also was birdie with the Liao 5 under 31 rank ties, but 9.10th and the continual bogie, 16th [daburubogi]… there was a regrettable part certainly with, but today when you think that it was large good fight, as for the last day wear red of the game clothes<[sansupo]> Don't you think? pouring color of the silver… also today, was refreshing in the belt and the shoes, next week, in Fukuoka in the shank sky the combining which is from 8 of the morning when live broadcast enters from 3rd day o'clock We would like to have passing preliminary round safely, is with the notion that where, today as for practice of golf and, you will support before the television, today when we go to bed, at the house practice of manner tomorrow, as for Liao color of wear yesterday of the pleasure enjoying pursuit Noboru All-American professional tigers which are golf classroom however it is different somewhat,…<[sansupo]> Character already tiger class

    • Liao the Fujie and observation manner and Ishikawa of 2 times
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • Golf
      Well, the [a] it is funny, is, don't you think?! Reflex tea feather river Yutaka of the world of our company post saying in 2007 January is this…(At that time the woman professional with boom the boy compared to winning [dantotsu] even in audience rating, hurting, it does) 'the current golf boundary (the boy) are necessary those… whichThe fact that it appears, is May of that year of knowing Ishikawa Liao professional as though it is the comet fresh taste interest promising' there, don't you think? having taken charge of explanation, to tell the truth feather river Yutaka…And there is a current golf boundary, it is, don't you think?… This year it relayed after a long time to the All-American professionals, but this reality imitating, that if you say whether it starts from something you think that everyone knows the place where and in new item of the Olympics golf! With by your is also the story which is said, from the feather river the iroha of golf? Elementary rudiments! Teaching, it is the human whom you receive it was said well, don't you think? it is impolite to have such a thing for the feather river professional say in the person of the [e] - around! Like…Well problem and the automatic cart seeing really, because the fact that you are astonished is actuality don't you think? the cup (the hole) changes! Observing at that the feather Kawamoto person has thrust the green???? (Green fork)…Golf [tsu] [te] you are funny even such a by your, the [tsu] [te] is thought golf… whichWe like!!

    • While it is the Ishikawa Liao professional, the teacher, the tiger and jumbo.
      Until now, seeing, also the mass communications which do [huri] which you do not see are bad, but 'with the All-American professionals' 1997 becomes most young prize king in pga history, the short pad without being decided, 'trick of attitude of jumbo with of the Suntory Limited where graham Marsh wins in Narashino country of the tiger and 1976 have been accustomed to hitting club opening'

    • If you lose the taking dropping of the long hole! Next year higher rank ~ (laughing)
      All-American professional last day [mikeruson] the bogie triple to take the 15th 16th continual bar day which was hit with, in the audience large appeal! You reset to per play, total as for 8 over 11 people attending afterwards, the provisional 63 rank tie! This way, because it ended in the per play, don't you think? and it becomes the enormous self-confidence where also ranking rises from now on more! But, because the bogie of the long hole 5, as for bar day 4 is in 4 days, completely bringing up! By the way as for the tiger woods, as for the long hole the bogie it is not in 3 days bar day 5! If either Liao, the bogie does not hit with the long hole, 3 being over, 38 rank tie! If long hole securely 1 day 2 bar days 1 under! So when it did, it was 13 rank tie! But attacking greatly well enough what spirit being left over, being the green over, don't you think? the bogie the ~ (wry smile) even the eagle of cup in which decides British Open participation is dangerous the bogie! [nozuro] how so it is not, therefore it is, reflecting, although approach should practice! Future with topic shank!

    • Tray day off end!
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • Yesterday…
      So, in here Misaki in drive… the parents and the daughter tuna cooking in eating the father and everyone seeing in the shade here with takeout permanent link comments peta All-American professional items of information | entries | Seeing common sleeping form comments [publish your comment] add your commentlet's send a present! summer letter/talent design/joke/congratulation All-American professional items of information | entries | You become the reader of this [burogu] of the seeing common sleeping form, (check) calendar August day month fire Mizuki gold earth inf theme [burogu] (96) present minami (222) present mama (41) archives2009 year August (53) 2009 July (135) 2009 June (136) 2009 May (35) recent entries All-American professional information yesterday… you see and the common sleeping form Liao All-American professionals… bolt 釣 fruit All-American professional reebok easytone [momonga] and everyone you see with the All-American professional television observations which are ended and [more] favoritesprofile [look at the room] nickname: South mama self introduction: In the family which from the love dog “everyone you see and” lives separated… “only today [burogujiyanru] which is common”: The present which becomes [amenba] which sends the occurrence message of the dog/everyday life is sent, [publish] it can meet to the show biz celebrity whether?! Concerning [pigu] & copyright note

    • Japanese talking
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • Rookie Prugh seizes lead at rain-hit Bob Hope Classic
      rookie alex prugh, who is playing in just his third tour event and fired a seven-under 65 saturday to take a one-stroke lead after three rounds of the rain-hit bob hope classic.prugh moved to a 21-under 195 total for a slim lead in the five-million dollar event over fellow americans bubba watson - who shot 68 ON saturday - and martin flores - who carded a 65.prugh is in his first season ON the uspga tour after finishing 16th ON the nationwide tour money list last year. his nationwide season included a win in new zealand where he shot a closing-round 64. When with just the [aretsukusu] prugh person of the rookie is performed in the event of 3rd tour, with under 65 7 to lay off the lead/read of 1 hitting differences 3 round later of the Saturday rain, as for the number of hob hope classic.prugh hits under movement - 195 total in 21, the event of dollar above [amerika]人[babawatoson] of 50,000 companions - Saturday 68 shots - being slim of [mateinresu] -, finishing nationwide tour prize ranking 16 day with All-American professional tours, last year in that first season of everyone's 65.prugh under that nationwide season, in New Zealand, in him, the end round 64 shot in victoryIt is included

    • 今日の新潟競馬・月岡温泉特別は 8/15
      To ★☆ living, with [kurashie] ☆★ tbs large popularity! Pelvis Walker belt /a All-American professional golf: Liao Ishikawa, also your wall exceeding measure preliminary round breakthrough father probably will rejoice already, stopping the company, because the gold which the son makes in trading the next it seems that is packed as for trading there being however much gold, the three-sided crest of the Niigata horse racing month Oka hot spring special [waruto] ゙ [konha] ゚ [su] [harika] [asahiha] ゙ remaining overnight which is not enough

    • 米ツアー本格参戦?「RYO争奪戦」に日本側は戦々恐々
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 日本ゴルフツアー機構 表彰について
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 放送無いの!?
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • 「総理大臣になってほしいアスリート」1位はイチロー イケメンベスト3は石川・入江・ダルビッシュに関して
      The [toreshi] method being popular, it increases, don't you think? unless - well enough like I who have also the effect exercise, - it sets aside [tsu] [te] that, ““as for the athlete” 1 rank where wants becoming Prime Minister as for [ichiroikemenbesuto] 3 the contents which find Ishikawa inlet [darubitsushiyu]” [te] [yu] [u] news: Investigation the man and woman of 15 - 69 years old of the national capital region and capital Osaka and Kobe sphere residence targeting was done in July, as for the image comprehensive ranking which obtains the reply of 600 cases with as follows, both popularity capability 1 ranks “[ichiro]” where the athlete who is recognized occupies higher rank (the baseball) 2 ranks “Asada true middle” (figure skating) 3 ranks “Kitajima healthy mediating/helping” (swimming) “Liao 4 rank Ishikawa” (golf) 5 ranks “[kurumu] Date public child” (the tennis) in the athlete who “feels spirit”, British Open, fought bravely with the All-American professionals “Liao Ishikawa” Reached 1 rank, 2 ranks “Isao “[ichiro]” and 3 rank Sakamoto” (the baseball), 4 ranks “inlet mausoleum mediating/helping” (swimming), 5 rank “Ishikawa the purity (the ping pong) and others, the player of attention gathered the face good” and, with “the athlete where wants becoming Prime Minister”, 1 ranks “[ichiro]”, 2 rank “Nakata Suguru 寿” (the soccer), 3 ranks “Kitajima healthy mediating/helping”, with the “[ikemen] man athlete”, “Liao 1 rank Ishikawa”, 2 ranks “inlet mausoleum mediating/helping”, 3 rank “[darubitsushiyu] possession”(The baseball) with it became, the existence impression and height of popularity it became the result which is made to infer

    • 初のグランドスラム!!! 達成できちゃいましたぁ♪
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • 【Big Wed】トピックス,8月9日(日)~15日(土)
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    •  Man&#39;s evolution is infinity. ☆
      British Open, follow to the All-American professionals, it is highest [rote] the worldwide land and in sport lover, but because broadcast is midnight, as for the running early morning of the volt/bolt player as for 100m which is highlight, that when you think rather than a little lack of sleep last night, whether it put out 9.58 of threat, with 200m decision, 19.19 seconds new record of the Beijing Olympics as for dream it continues to renewal Berlin lightly…Being the world new with boy 200 meter decision, the [usain] volt/bolt player who wins (cooperation communication: Offer) ' the writer of this book of the haze style which barks in the present one volume `platform one works has left such a word, the naming, “[misuteri]” is used extremely naturally, but, true to its name it is general to call the “detective novel”, as for this book which grants the book-reading experience of happiness from the numerous work which makes the interest have enough which is inferred the small gratitude and, about reinstatement of the “detective novel” is lectured the time where I in this genre start becoming absorption toward said the absurd thing which is the intention of aiming “real [misuteri]”, but with easeBecause please reads very that is to be enjoyment of the “detective novel”,…As for Daigo taste of the mystery, there is the puzzle solving, but puzzle of this book, real railroad inference of according to of the word of the shank, well, story last night of the go which is the mystery novel, for a while, with straight ball game like the Enatsu pitcher of zenith period go/shogi of inclination (white turn: The partner produced and while the Korean one) taking the eye of black of the right-hand side, [tsuki] of the surface after this it strikes, repelled in 17-5 and [kou], attacking continuation after all, the white which becomes the white 16 eye victory in the board surface lost somewhat in the lower side, but there is no influence in the multitude

    • アラカルト
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    • 番狂わせ
      The worldwide land which is done in Berlin it is risen very around 3 o'clock in the morning, starting occurring some time ago, leisurely when it tries attaching tv, was the place where the queen [ishinbaewa] player of polevault has been present exactly, e.g., yesterday, fearfully a [ru] the [usain] volt/bolt player of Jamaica of 9 seconds 58 in the boy 100 meter running the world record which should is produced, “the [tsu], the good place,” that it is to think, but the real condition of tv “[ishinbaewa] which is cornered -!”And so on with you have screamed, “that? Very, circumstances think the strange shelf”, rather than prompt, the [ishinbaewa] player started approach run, whirled space but even cruelly the bar was that the upset that occurred the [ishinbaewa] player whom [ishinbaewa] player everyone who covers the face with the both hands which fall thinks as the invincible queen is defeated, after all, it is not without fail in game, the very unusual spectacle it was developed and, cruelty of the world of game are with even with All-American professional golf championships of shank yesterday the tiger woods get the reversal being defeated in last day, they were these several days which peep through intensity (out of order) the personal computer is out of order latelySo, about one week without renewing it was, but because today, how, because moved, the personal computer to which after a long time has written the article being out of order, while cannot write the article, Osaka and Kobe in the giant winning, because is something where very well does not go don't you think? recently, around Koike to consecution out of order has happened, that was troubled, but is about intends probably will be only, when condition does not rise, will not be wriggly, that motionlessly waiting for the fact that condition returns is upper step tries sooner or later the current rip which changes, between to that with [gaman] the shank “the human, it is perserverance”, (the flower rice fieldVictory Osamu: The original sumo champion it is young 乃. Trunk loyal retainer)

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